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The episode starts with Abhi standing there with a hell shocked face and traces of tears are rolling down through Pragya’s eyes.

Abhi broke the silence by saying, ‘what the hell?……’

Abhi: Pragya are you out of your mind. How can you think that I was in love with Tanu. And you believed her just like that?

Pragya: No maams. I didn’t believed her when she said that to me. After seeing this I can’t ignore the truth. [she said this to him by pointing towards the ring in his finger.]

Abhi: Pragya, it’s just a ring.

Pragya: No it’s not any simple ring. It’s your engagement ring. You had kept it in the memories of your love.

Abhi: I am really getting frustrated. I am telling you right. Believe me.

Pragya: You know one thing when I broke my wedding with Suresh, the first thing I did was, ‘I removed my ring and gave it to him’. Because that doesn’t belong to me. The engagement ring indicated that I was engaged to him. When the fact becomes untrue I just gave that back to him. You know maams we won’t keep few things just like that, unless or until they have some memory or meaning. As like you are still having the ring in memory of Tanu.

Abhi: OMG. You should be definitely a screen play writer. What a wonderful dialogues?

Pragya: [in angry tone] those are not filmy dialogues.

Abhi: whatever! If you think this ring says I am still having Tanu’s memory, here have this with you. [saying this he removed the ring and gave it to her….]

Pragya: No need to remove after I said and also, see maams you agreed na, that you loved her

Abhi: [sarcastically] when that happened?

Pragya: just now you said na, ‘if I believe that you still having Tanu’s memory’! what does that mean?

Abhi: that doesn’t have any meaning Bujji

Pragya: no you said her memory. Which means you are accepting that you were in love with her

Abhi: Bujji please!!! That came in a flow. Don’t stick to that point and argue

Pragya: No maams. You only arguing with me. I am telling na. let’s get divorced and you marry her, so that you will be happy

Abhi: Pragya I am warning you don’t again say divorce. Definitely I am gonna kill you for that.

Pragya: I am telling only for your good life.

Abhi: Arey stop it yaar. Why are you keep on talking about that. I am telling na I don’t love her

Pragya: no you are trying to convince me.

Abhi: If you think I am trying to convince me, then why you are not getting convinced. Pragya, I want to live with you that’s it. No more arguments. You got it [he said angrily and almost shouted]

Pragya: No maams. I don’t wanna live with you. I wanna go back.

Abhi: Pragya, are you nuts? Everyone wants to save their life, here what you are doing? You wanna ruin your life.

Pragya: Maams. That’s [Abhi cut’s off her and continued]

Abhi: Are you a serial heroine? [Pragya gave an angry look]

Abhi: please don’t take it wrong. In serial only heroine will do all sacrifices to make others happy. Here you are doing the same. Everyone is ready to do anything to hold their husband’s from moving away from them. And you?

I have a doubt. Am I married to a normal person or a person who is famous for sacrifices? If so, I don’t want my wife to do any sacrifices to let me go to my love and all….

Pragya: Maams don’t talk like

Abhi: I am not done yet. Don’t interfere until I complete. [he continued…]

Bujji listen…. Everyone is ready to do anything to save their marriage life. Even if they know their husband love someone previously they will try their best to not let the husbands go away from them.

Bujji instead of letting me go, try to live with me. Give me the happiness I deserve. Instead of going away from me, stick to me. Love me. Live with me. Irritate me with your fights. If someone says that I was in love with them, tell them ‘is that? That’s ok. He is mine alone now and forever. I won’t let him go. I will be with him always’ you got it

Pragya: Maams.. why all this

Abhi: B’coz… I was never in love with anyone. You are the first I was in love with. You are the one whom I am in love with and you will be the only one whom I always deeply, madly love. Don’t ever forget this…..

Pragya looked at him confusingly……

Pragya………… you know where I went today morning. I went to arrange the place which I have chosen for proposing you. I know you love me. I don’t know when I started loving you but I realized my feeling towards you on the concert day which you have arranged for me. It was hard for me to control myself from showering my love towards you. Whenever I tried to let you know my feelings I got fear of losing you thinking about your reaction. When I get to know, that you too love me then I have decided to share my feelings with you today. I arranged a place for that even. Holy fire, marriage vows… everything…. But you being yourself ruined everything….

Bujji, if you still didn’t get what I am trying to say, listen carefully…. he hold her arms and looked into her eyes intensely and said, ‘I love you. I love you more than my life…. I can’t live without you Bujji….. Please don’t go, don’t go away from me…. My life would become meaningless without you.’ he become too emotional…tears are rolling down through his eyes…

Pragya: Maams, if you love me then why you behave weird with me when Tanu was around us and why you act close to her?

Abhi gave an impossible look to her..

Abhi: I am expressing my feelings so intensely. At least I deserve a hug as minimum. But, you are interrogating me. Doesn’t my feelings clarify your questions? You still need answers for them? Impossible you are

Pragya: Maams just answer na..


The day when Tanu came to Mumbai for her studies.

Tanu: Hi Abhi… Are you free now? I need to talk to you!

Abhi: Hey Tanu. Yep… Tell me

Tanu: I am in love with a guy.

Abhi: Hey, congrats Tanu!

Tanu: Thanks Abhi. But I have a problem.

Abhi: what problem?

Tanu: He is feeling insecure to tell me. I know he loves me. I heard him saying that while he tell that to his friend. I need your help.

Abhi: Tanu, how can I help you?

Tanu: Just act close to me. If I ask someone else to act like that he may feel that we were in love and he will suppress his feelings towards me. But if you act na, he will get angry because he knows that you are already married and about our broken engagement also, so for my well-being he will definitely blurt out his feelings towards me. Will you please help me?

Abhi: Tanu I am really sorry for breaking our engagement. You know right whatever happened. Past is past. I will help you considering this as my opportunity to mend the messed up things.

Tanu: Abhi, from now our play starts.

Abhi: But Tanu why from now?

Tanu: Because he is one of our cousin and don’t try to find who he is, I won’t say until our plan succeeds. And I don’t know when he will come here as he knows that I am here and also there is party na. So please don’t mess up everything. And one more thing don’t say to Pragya.

Abhi: Everything is fine but I don’t think it would be good if we hide this to Pragya. She will feel bad seeing me with you…

Tanu: Yeah I know Abhi. That will make him feel everything is true. So please….

Abhi: Ok Tanu done…

This is what they have planned behind Pragya…..

Flashback ends….

Abhi: have you got answers to all your questions? Or still you want me to clarify anything?

Pragya: maams.. I am really sorry. She smiled a little.

Abhi: Finally madam smiled.

Pragya: I am really sorry maams. I don’t know what to do. So I messed everything….

Saying this she hugged Abhi tightly and said, ‘I love you maams…. I love you….I love you so much… You are only mine… I won’t leave you…’

Abhi hugged her back… ‘I love you Bujji….’

After a while Pragya broke the hug and asked, ‘shall we go?’

Abhi: where?

Pragya: you have arranged for our dating na, there!

Abhi: No. You don’t deserve it. How much I have planned to give you a surprise. You spoiled everything. I planned to propose you happily but you made me express my feelings with tears…

Pragya: I said sorry na,…. But still I loved the way you expressed your feelings… please please we can go there. I want to see what you have planned for me….

Abhi: You said you loved it na… no need to go..

Pragya: so, you won’t take me there ?

Abhi: No

Pragya: for the final time I am asking you, will you take me there or not ?

Abhi: No… no no no

Pragya: Ok, Mr. Rockstar. No need to take me there. I don’t love you. I am taking back whatever I said. Do something to impress me. Until then, my love for you is put on hold. I have decided to reconsider my decision.

Abhi: Hey, you can’t do that!

Pragya: No, I can do that! Let’s start from the beginning [saying this she turned her face away from him]

Abhi: [he smiled at her childishness and said] Ok! Mrs. Rockstar. Lets go

Pragya: No need. I am angry on you…

Abhi: I am telling you let’s go….

Abhi knows her stubbornness, so he lifted her in his arms and took her outside their home. Pragya tried to protest but she loved him carry her. So she enjoyed it,….. Finally they drove to the destination place where Abhi decorated his dreams for the love of his life…..

Episode ends here…

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