Destined to be yours!!! Episode 26


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May your coming year surprise you with the happiness of smiles, the feeling of love and so on. I hope you will find plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever. Happy birthday Sandhya.

The episode starts with the confused Abhi… Everything seem to be blunt for him… He stood clueless about what Pragya was telling…. He felt she was blabbering something out of mind…… He didn’t know how long he stood there being confused to understand what happened and to put all the pieces together to find what’s happening… His mind is not working…

He turned Pragya towards him….

Abhi: Pragya what are you talking about? I do not have any idea about what you are saying?

Pragya: About your lost love!

Abhi: My lost love???

Pragya: Your love that you have lost because of our marriage…

Abhi: Even now I don’t have any clue about what about you are talking… Are you nuts? Tell me clearly about what you are saying.

Pragya: Your love, Tanu! I know how you are feeling bad… I found that only after she came here. You are not able to be normal. I have seen you so many times… Feeling hurt while looking at her. I know it must be really hard for you to be around me while she is here… I can’t hurt you, hurt you anymore for my love towards you….

Abhi: what , have you lost your senses? Me, in love with Tanu? When that happened? [Abhi was calming down little by little after knowing the reason behind Pragya’s decision.]

Pragya: No need to act. I know that. I don’t know when, but I know before our marriage you loved Tanu and now are trying on move on in your life with me. I know how much it is hurting you, how painful it is for you. I don’t want give you any pain.

Abhi: [he tried to put all the pieces together and he got why is behaving like this. He burst out in laughter……….]

He was laughing continuously………..

Pragya: why you are laughing like this?

Abhi: I am not able to control myself.

Pragya: Is whatever I said is joke for you to laugh?

Abhi: No I am not saying whatever you said is a joke? I laughing at you and your thinking….

Pragya: What I did so that you are making fun of me?

Abhi: Bujji, look at me…. Do you really think I am in love with you? I know you are confused with behavior towards Tanu… But that is something else not love!!!

Pragya: No maams. I know. It’s love. You are trying to make me feel better. But the truth is your love for Tanu can’t be forgotten…

Abhi: Bujji…just stop it… I am not in love with Tanu you get that… just stop repeating the statement…. It’s really irritating me.

Pragya: Oh!!! Here I am trying to help you to get your love but you are saying that I am irritating you

Abhi: Bujji, when I said you are irritating me?

Pragya: Just now… you said na really irritating you. Even forget what you said… Great!!!

Abhi: I didn’t say you are irritating me. I said about the thing which you said

Pragya: Both are same

Abhi: How both will be same?

Pragya: Because I said so.

Abhi: Bujji, you are impossible….. [he laughed at her antics] Listen I know I was being close to Tanu that doesn’t mean I love her. If you had doubts you could have asked me instead why you are jumping into conclusions that I am in love with her and you have to leave me for my sake….. bla bla bla

Pragya: Again you are making fun of me Mr. Rockstar I hate you. I hate you completely. I am not who jumped into conclusions… You are the one…. You know you being close to her will hurt me but still you were close to her always…. In that dress thing also you chose her preferences over mine even after you are this big genius…

Abhi: It’s not like that Bujji….

Pragya: I am not completed yet….

Abhi: Ok continue……

Pragya: I thought there should be some reason for you to move closely with her. So many times I tried hard to ignore them… I ignored everything by consoling myself because I love you that much… But.,.,

Abhi: But…

Pragya: [she hold Abhi’s left hand pointing towards a ring in one of his finger and asked….] tell me what is this ?

Abhi: are you blind? it’s a ring…

Pragya: I know that. What ring it is?

Abhi: A diamond ring….

Pragya: Arivu jeevi!! [genius]. On what occasion you wore this?

Abhi: [he stammered a bit] on the engagement function?

Pragya: tell me clearly [said sarcastically]

Abhi: Tanu made me wore this on our engagement day…

Pragya: You got it na. I just get to know about this and said what happened……


Pragya felt bad and moved from the place when Abhi and Tanu danced together. She went and sit in some place there. After sometime Tanu came in searching for her…

Tanu: Hi Pragya

Pragya: Hi Tanu

Tanu: Pragya I need to talk to you. Do you have some time for that?

Pragya: Don’t be formal Tanu. Tell me

Tanu: Pragya I am really happy for you after seeing Abhi… I know it’s hard for you to accept… We were in love. But destiny made you to get married

Pragya: Tanu

Tanu: I know Pragya. It will be really hard for you. I am able to see, Abhi trying to move on in his life. He really wanted give your marriage life a chance. And I can assure you that he is trying 100 % for that. You have to help him in that. I know Pragya he can’t forget me easily. Whenever I am around you guys he is trying to keep some distance with you. I am feeling guilty for that. But you can’t blame him also…. You really need to give him a chance…. Please Pragya

Pragya: Tanu how you are expecting me to believe you?

Tanu: Pragya, he is still not able to remove the engagement ring that I put in his on our engagement day. That tells everything… To help him move on I even told him that I am in love with someone else. But not sure whether he believed it or not. Pragya let go the past… I can assure you sooner he will start love you. Because such a wonderful person. I want you do a favor for me.

Pragya just looked pale after hearing all this…. Tanu continued….

Tanu: Pragya please give him all the happiness he deserved. Give him the love which he has lost. Take care of him. I trust you…. Think Pragya… I am leaving you alone….

Saying this Tanu left…. Pragya also find that ring in Abhi’s finger then only she decided to sacrifice her love for Abhi’s happiness….

Flashback ends……

Abhi stood there shocked…. Tears rolling down through Pragya’s eyes….

Episode ends here…

Due to my work I thought to upload a short episode today. But I am not sure whether I will be able to upload tomorrow. So only I decided to reveal part of the secrets for your happiness. Hope you all like it…..

Please let me know your comments. Hope I haven’t disappointed you. Thank you all once again for the support….

Sandhya darling…. Once again my wishes for this special day…….. Love you loads…

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