Destined to be yours!!! Episode 25


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Let’s get into the story….

Tears are rolling down through Abhi and Pragya’s eyes….. There was complete silence….

Abhi’s thoughts about the flashbacks…..

“Both were always lost in each other. Staring at each other. Spending almost all the time with each other. Very comfortable on the others presence….”

Rewinding back to two days before…..

It is the time when Abhi playing with Pragya… The time when they were arranging the bed. And Abhi holds Pragya in the pretense of helping her and when they were hugging each other lost in their own world….. [Hope you all remember this part]

When Pragya pushed Abhi and went out, he saw her blushing and a smiling face in the mirror while going out….. He was very happy to know that his love….his everything….his Bujji too had the same feeling for him….

Abhi to himself: Yes, she loves me tooo… OMG OMG OMG…. I am the happiest man in the world. I can’t stay away any longer…. I can’t hold myself after knowing she too loves me. What I will do, what I will do now? My God….

He jumped like mad… He saw Pragya’s photo in a frame. He took it and started talking to it. “You know Bujji, I am very happy. Till now I was thinking how to propose you and how you will react after I propose… I don’t want you to hate me. I was afraid about your reaction. I don’t want to lose you as a friend even. Now I know, you too love me…… I will propose you soon and I will make you feel that you are the happiest person in the world… You know Bujji, till now after I get to know that I love you, I am not able to control myself when you are around me, what I will do now……. No Abhi patience. You have to plan her a surprise for her…. She should feel that my proposal should be world’s best………… Bujji wait for some time I will let you know how much I love you on the success party”

Today’s morning………

Abhi decided to take her to a beach resort where he had planned a dinner for her…. He made so much effort to decorate the place… He made sure that all foods are her favorite. He decorated the place like a fairy land……

He planned to take the oaths of marriage again. Even though they were married with all the rituals perfectly but that time they weren’t in love with each other. Therefore he wanted to do it again with love….. He decorated the place with a small place for holy fire for that too.

He made sure all the arrangements were perfect and came back to home. He came to his room and mesmerized at Pragya’s beauty. When he came back to his senses, he saw Pragya smiling at him lovingly.

Pragya offered him the dress. He delightfully agreed to it. But that is the time Tanu came and asked him to wear blue. Abhi had no other choices and he agreed to it. He felt bad for not able to wear what his Bujji chose for him. He know she has selected this dress as it is matching to her saree. He too wanted to wear something that would match her outfit. Suddenly an idea sparked at his mind and so only he asked her to wear something in blue. But Pragya ignored everything saying ‘it’s fine’. Abhi felt disappointed.

After sometime he saw Pragya coming out from the closet and he saw her eyes were red. He know she had cried. When he asked about that she ignored saying foam. Abhi believed it.

After she left the room, Abhi decided to make everything right by proposing her. He thought, ‘Once I talk to her and take her for the surprise everything will be fine.’ He consoled himself. Party ends.

After the party he searched for Pragya as he decided to take her right away to the destination where he planned all the surprises for his Bujji to see the lost smile which he was not able to see for a long time….

Finally he went to his room and saw Pragya there. When he was about to ask her to come out with him that is the time when Pragya gave him the shock which almost killed the soul inside him….

Now…….. Both were in tears and the room is in complete silence…..

Abhi decided to break the silence….. He pull her towards him and his fist in her arms were too tight…

Abhi: Bujji look at me…. Are you in your senses? What the hell you are talking? Do you at least know what you are saying ? Bujji I am asking you……….. [Abhi’s eyes are filled with tears. He is not able to control his tears.]

Pragya: Yes maams…. I don’t want to live this loveless life anymore. I don’t want to give you any burden. I know we were good friends but how long we can continue our life just being friends ? Both of us don’t feel love for the other. I have decided if I go away from you at least you will find the love of your life.

[Pragya told this in a single breath]

Abhi: Bujji what you are thinking… Is our life is loveless to you? Don’t you feel love for me….

Pragya: [without looking into his eyes] no!!!

Abhi: Bujji really you don’t feel anything for me?

Pragya: No

Abhi: Pragya!!! You are telling lie…. I know you love me. I can feel that. You know one thing why I came in search for you? To let you know that I have decided to start our life. I came to propose you… But how are able to say you don’t feel love….. tell me Pragya

Pragya: No maams, I never had such feeling for you. Maybe you are mistaken. You should be confused about our friendship with love…..

Abhi: So you never loved me…..

Pragya: [just nodded her head as no]

Abhi: You don’t love me

Pragya: no

Abhi: no????

Pragya: no

Abhi: If you don’t love me then why you are not looking at my eyes? Tell me that you don’t love me by looking into my eyes.

Abhi hold Pragya’s face to look into his eyes.

Abhi: Now tell me ….. you don’t love me ??????????

Pragya: [wanted to say no…..] no … .I don’…… ‘I love you, I love you’

She said that continuously by hugging Abhi and she is crying hardly. Abhi too hugged her tightly. He consoled her by patting her back. After sometime Pragya came back to her senses and pushed Abhi and turned back…..

Pragya: Maams…. Please let me complete… Don’t interfere……….I agree, I love you… I love you more than myself. I can’t live without you. But…….. but at the same time I can’t be with you….

It’s good for you if we divorce….. I know I love you for that I can’t make you sacrifice your love and your life to live with me…. Living a loveless life will be hell for you…. I know you don’t love me and you want to move on with your life and start a new life with me….

But…. I don’t want you to sacrifice anything for me………….. I want to let you go, let you go to your love……..

Abhi was standing clueless about what she was talking………….

Even I am too clueless about what she is saying………………………………………………

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