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Let’s get into the story….

It’s the success party today. Party has been arranged for that day’s evening.

Everyone is getting ready. Pragya chose a beautiful sandal mixed saffron color saree to wear for the party. She wished Abhi to wear something matching to her saree. So she chose some sandal color shirt for him and kept that in the bed and went inside the closet to get ready. She came out of the closet after getting ready and noticed the dress she selected for Abhi was still there in the bed.

The same time Abhi came inside. He is mesmerized by the beauty of Pragya. He lost in his world and kept on staring at Pragya. Pragya smiled at him. He came back to his senses.

Pragya: Maams, I just picked this dress for you. Is this fine or should I select something else for you?

Abhi: No this is fine Bujji and….

Abhi was cut-off by the knock they heard from their door. They both turned to see who it is. That is Tanu.

Tanu: Hi Pragya.

Pragya: Hi [in mind voice. ‘Stupid. Don’t you have some other time to disturb us. Pisasu (chudail)’]

Tanu: Abhi, have you decided what to wear for the party?

Abhi: Not yet. But Prag…

Before he could complete his sentence, Tanu said, ‘Fine then. Abhi wear something in blue’

Abhi: why ? have you all planned any dress code for the party???

Tanu: Oh Abhi! U forget???? Too bad

Saying this she murmured something in Abhi’s ears. Pragya felt very bad. Abhi just smiled on hearing for what Tanu said.

Tanu: Ok Abhi. U now remember na. As I am gonna wear blue, you too have to wear that…

Abhi: Deal!!!

Pragya felt disheartened… Her eyes filled with tears. She controlled with her utmost will power not to shed tears before them.

Tanu: Ok Bye Abhi… I will be waiting for you downstairs…. Bye Pragya.

Pragya just smiled…

Abhi turned towards Pragya and said…

Abhi: Bujji you also change to blue. It will look good. You will also wear the same color as mine and Tanu.

Pragya: Illa ma.. [no ma… she don’t feel like calling him maams. That’s why she stopped in the middle. ] Illa paravala… Enta blue color la saree illa….. [No it’s fine. I don’t have a blue color saree]

Abhi: No problem… We can buy some outfit in blue. We have almost two hours time for the party.

Pragya: [just smiled] No. It’s fine. I am ok with this. I will keep the one that I have selected for you in the same place where it was.

Before Abhi could reply anything, Pragya move towards the closet as she was not able to control her tears.

Pragya went inside the bathroom, turned on the tap and cried a lot. She shed all the tears she was controlling till that time.

Pragya to herself: He didn’t even look at the dress which I chose for him. He didn’t even tell Tanu that I have already chosen for him. Why he is ignoring me in case of Tanu?

She still cried. After sometime her sobs subsided. She washed her face, came out and did some touch up to her face so that other can’t find that she cried. She came out of the closet. Abhi was there. He was wearing blue color sherwani as Tanu said….

Abhi: You cried?

Pragya: [she stammered a bit and then asked] why you are asking like that?

Abhi: Your eyes are red.

Pragya: Is that? Let me see [she moved towards to the mirror to have a look at her eyes. She don’t want Abhi to know about how she felt.]

Pragya: Yeah it’s red. Maybe due to the soap. While washing my face, soap foam went inside my eyes. I washed it completely. That should be the reason.

Abhi: Are you sure?

Pragya: why are you asking repeatedly?

Abhi: really you are fine na Bujji? Nothing else na….

Pragya: nothing else… I have some work to do. Get ready and come downstairs.

Abhi: What work you are having… Don’t go…. Give me few moment, I will get ready and we shall go together.

Pragya: That’s ok Rockstar. I am going. You get ready and come.

Pragya just smiled and left the place as Abhi didn’t said anything. He actually didn’t had any words to say. In fact he was shocked to hear the word ‘Rockstar’ from her after a long time. He knows she will call him ‘Mr. Rockstar’ when she was angry. And also he knows how she will call him differently with the tone she uses depending on her mood. This time he felt like his Bujji was hurt to an extent as she was not expressing anything at all. He felt really bad. He got disturbed and decided to talk to her about it. He got ready and came down.

The party started once Abhi came down. He tried to speak to her. But all the time someone was with her and he is not able to take her alone as well. Party was going on full swing with producers praising Abhi and also with promotional events for the new album. Abhi is not able to whole heartedly participate in the events as he is not able to talk to Pragya.

Pragya felt a bit relaxed after being with Paati and Parvathi. Sometimes she smiled on the performances. Seeing this Abhi felt relaxed and decided to talk to Pragya after the event.

As a part of the event, producer requested Abhi to dance with Pragya. Abhi accepted as he was dying to comfort Pragya by making her feel that he will be there with her always to console her from whatever she is feeling bad for or whatever it hurts her. [As he is not aware he is the reason behind everything]

Abhi forwarded his hands to Pragya. Pragya wanted to say no but she can’t as everyone is there so she just held Abhi’s hand. They started to dance on the song,

Mounam Pesum Vaarthai Yaavum
Ethetho Aasaigal Thoondiduthae
Kaalam Seiyum Maayam Pothum
Soodaatha Pookalum Vaadidutheae
Pirivendru Yethum Illai
Uyir Endru Aana Pinne
Nee Endraal Nee Illai Naane Naanethaanae
Methu Methuvaai Thiru Uruvaai Aanaai Aanaaiyae….

While dancing Pragya ignored to look into Abhi’s eyes. As she know she may cry if she looks into Abhi’s eyes… Abhi managed to make her look into his eyes… Her eyes filled with tears but she controlled herself. Abhi soothed her by gesturing her not to. She felt comfortable while holding him. She forget whatever happened. They danced forgetting the surroundings…. From nowhere Tanu came in front of the crowd. She tried to grab Abhi’s attention. That is the same time Pragya laid her head on Abhi’s chest. Abhi comforted her… Tanu finally succeeded in grabbing Abhi’s attention and told something. Abhi reacted like he remembered something and slowly hold Pragya’s hand and gestured her not to cry and they stopped dancing.

Pragya felt better and happy. Her happiness didn’t stayed long as Abhi moved immediately towards Tanu once the crowd finish clapping their hands. Pragya consoled herself saying maybe she asked him something.

After five minutes, Tanu and Abhi danced together romantically. Pragya is not able to see anything. She just moved from that place. Party ended after few hours…….

Abhi came inside the room…

Pragya was sitting in the bed and Abhi was able to see her back only..

Abhi: When you came here Bujji? I searched for you in the party.

Pragya: Ten minutes back only… [she didn’t turned towards Abhi]

Abhi: Party was nice na. I want to talk

Before Abhi could say something….. Pragya cuts-off him and said

Pragya: Maams, I wanna go to Chennai..

Abhi: [he is able to hear her crying. He panicked and asked her] Pragya what happened?

He went and stood before her

Pragya: Nothing happened. I am missing my parents and Bulbul…

Abhi: Did anyone said anything?

Pragya: Please maams…. I wanna go

Abhi: Ok… Give me two days. All the promotions will be over and then we can go…

Pragya: No maams, I alone wanna go…

Abhi: Meaning?

Pragya: I don’t want you to come. I want to go alone. Please book ticket for me.

Abhi: Pra…..gya. [Abhi stammered. He hold her cheeks and asked] Bujji, please tell me what happened….

Pragya: nothing maams… did I asked you anything. I am just asking you to send me to my home na

Abhi: Ok … when will you come back. I will book the return tickets also.

Pragya: No maams. No need to book return tickets. Just book a ticket for me to Chennai.

Abhi: Bujji,,,, what you are saying?

Pragya: I don’t wanna come back……..

Abhi: Bujji……

Pragya: I wanna go away from here………… from…….you…..

Abhi: meaning?

Pragya: [without looking at his eyes] I want a divorce from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abhi got shocked. Without able to hear anything from her and not knowing how to react, he just slapped her hard….

Tears are flowing continuously from Abhi’s eyes….. Pragya is also crying…

What could have happened as Pragya had taken this decision….

The episode ends here…..

Possible precap: keeeeeeppppppppp guesssssssing………….

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