Destined to be yours!!! Episode 22


Hi friends first of all really really really sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!! A big sorry!!!!!!! I tried a lot to update… But one or other thing came in the way….. I will try to update daily at least weekdays…..

And I hope you all still remember me…..

Abhi and Pragya are spending their days by staring at each other without the other knowing it. Both badly wanted to propose but at the same time they are afraid of the other’s reaction.

Pragya is arranging their room while Abhi came out from bathroom after his shower. Pragya and Abhi sat in the couch in their room and talked about random things. Pragya kept on talking. She told him everything she did in his absence. Abhi just admired her cute antics…. He kept on smiling at her. Suddenly he wanted to hold her so he moved his hands towards Pragya’s cheek and holded it. Pragya is taken aback by Abhi’s activity. She started stammering. She don’t know how to react but she felt happy. Abhi didn’t noticed anything… He was so lost in Pragya… same with Pragya… she lost in his eyes…

After sometime Pragya came back to her senses and she felt happy to see Abhi still holding her. She waved her hands before Abhi and he came back to his senses. She gestured asking what…. He stammered and said, ‘something in your cheeks’ and he rubbed her cheeks as if removing the dust..

Abhi: Bujji, I am feeling sleepy…..let’s sleep…. [he simply said to avoid further questions from Pragya]

Pragya nodded her head smilingly….

Next Day….

Producers are working to arrange the success party for Abhi’s concert……

Three days before concert day…. Tanu along with her parents came to Mumbai as Tanu had joined a college in Mumbai…. It has been decided that Tanu will stay at Abhi’s home to complete her studies.

The episode ends here…..

Hi Friends, I know the episode is too short… But I started it off to complete where I left disappointing you all…. I will definitely update from now on. But I can update only on the weekdays…..

Please review and let me know your comments……

Thanks to all the readers who are supporting me through your comments and including my silent readers for spending your valuable time…. Hope I won’t disappoint you again….

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  1. Ok sis no problem I hope the episodes will be interesting ????????

  2. RiyaDcruz

    Aftr such a lng time yaar……… Nice epi Pls try 2 update regularly……….

  3. hi friend how r u ?

    how long waiting 4 u naaaaaaaaa

    miss u badly dear as lot this ff

    nice epi………….

  4. RiyaDcruz

    Aftr such a lng time yaar I thought u forgot tht u r writing a ff bt thts k at least nw u uploaded a epi na so ok……… Nice epi Pls try 2 update regularly……….

  5. Thank God u r back I really missed your ff a lot ………plz update regularly……today is nice…….but long

  6. superb……

  7. Nice but plz update regularly

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    At last, You R Backkkkkkk!!!!! I missed it a lottttt yaar………& No problem, Take your own time………..& This EPI is NICE!!!

  9. Asmithaa

    Oh my god!!! After such a long time…. Finally u have made up the will to write this… Do you know how much I was waiting for this cute episode??? ?????????

  10. Loli

    Pls update it regularly ya…..bcoz your ff is very interesting…..

  11. sheerapthinisd

    Desperately waiting

  12. Finally i think my wait is overrrr updated after a longgggg time cute episode so please try to update regularly i cant wait anymore yaar waiting to the core for ur nxt epi

  13. finaly u back………….
    we badly miss u dr….

  14. Finally u uploaded! I missed ur ff a lot!!and today’s episode was a cute one! Waiting for the next part!

  15. Superrr….. I am a silent reader…. I loved it to the core…. Really I waiting for this ff badly….. Please update regularly… This is my kindly request….

  16. Hi plz try to upload regularly , really awesome track yaar, waiting tfor next update, keep rocking

  17. Prathi

    I am so very angry at you!!! ???Punishment read all my shots and you will go mad reading then?? Welcome back Veni missed you a lot.

  18. Aditiroy

    I was waiting for your ff there days..short but sweet…

  19. Finallllllllyyyyyyyyy! After A Longggggggggggg Break U r Back! Krishu Didi Hope u did not forget your kutti Riya.
    Epic Episode. Loved ittttt.
    Missed U sooooo Much Krishu di!
    Hope u r Fine! Very Happy that u r back As usual in a Superb Manner.
    And no probs abt updating your Ff only on weekdays….
    Take Care Di. Love U Loads..
    And u made me super happy by your surprise re entry.

  20. Trisha


  21. Ohhhhh god after a long long long long long long longgggggggggggggg gap yaar I thk tat u discontinue it nu… Really feeling happy tat u r continuing… Nice one bt short…

  22. nice dear

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