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Hi friends first of all really really really sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!! A big sorry!!!!!!! It’s been almost two weeks I updated my previous episode. Actually the first week I was busy with my project and travel. But this week the saddest part. Almost a week I am suffering from fever. Just now my fever subsided not the weakness. I am still recovering from my weakness due to fever. Today I decided to update at any cost…Hope you all will like it….

And I hope you all still remember me…..

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Abhi bid bye to Paati and Parvathi and he turned towards Pragya. He wanted to go near her and hug her but he stopped himself from going near her as he know he can’t control himself from blabbering something. He just said bye from distance and left to Delhi for the concert. Pragya felt really bad for that.

Abhi reached Delhi. He is busy with his concert so he didn’t called anyone. Here at Mumbai, Pragya is so restless as she expected Abhi to call her after he reach Delhi. But she got disappointed. She waited for his call impatiently. Time is not passing for Pragya. She did all the house chores, spent time with Paati and Parvathi or engrossed herself in something as she was feeling restless. That day passed.

Its second day evening. She is in Paati’s room. Parvathi is also there. Paati received a call from Abhi. She talked to him and then Parvathi talked to him. Before Pragya could talk to him he disconnected the call saying ‘sponsor came to meet him’. Parvathi said that to Pragya. Pragya got disappointed. A lone tear formed on Pragya’s eyes. She excused herself from them and went to her room.

She cried a lot without knowing why she is crying. She hugged a pillow and cried. Suddenly she felt someone touching her shoulder. She lifted her head and saw Abhi standing there to her surprise. She immediately hugged him and cried.

Pragya: Maams, why you left me alone here. I am missing you badly you know. You didn’t even talked to me. You talked to everyone but you didn’t have time for me na…

She pulled herself out of the hug and looked at him confusingly and asked, ‘Maams you said you will come only after two days na, then how you came now?’….

Abhi didn’t responded. Pragya touched his shoulder but Abhi vanished in air then only she came to know it’s her imagination. She sat in the bed sadly. She missed him a lot.

Again Pragya heard Abhi calling her….

Abhi: Bujji, why are you crying? What happened? [asked wiping her tears]

Pragya: Maams, I miss you. Don’t go pls…. [saying this she tried to hug him again he vanished in air…..]

Pragya felt very bad…. After a few moment again Abhi appeared before her sitting in front of her in the bed. Pragya very well know that’s her imagination so she decided not to touch him so that at least his image will be there before her to feel his presence….

Pragya to her imagination, ‘You know maams, I think I love you….. I never missed anyone like this…. When I left Chennai and came with you I didn’t even missed my Parents or Bulbul like this…. Even though I can talk to you now but I want to see you…. If I hear your voice definitely I will break down into tears… I am missing you badly….. Come soon na… Do you miss me the same way I miss you… Who knows? If you missed me you would have called me na? I didn’t came to your mina right? I really hate you maams………. Please come soon….. I love you maams………’

After few moments again Abhi vanished in air…. Pragya felt really happy that she realized her love for Abhi. But she got a confusion about Abhi’s feelings and about his reaction when she confess it to Abhi…. So she decided to wait till Abhi return….

Three day concert has been changed to five days due to promotions…. Here Pragya was missing Abhi badly. There Abhi was trying to immerse himself in the work as Pragya thoughts are disturbing him a lot…

Abhi to himself, ‘Why she didn’t called me even once? I know I haven’t called her. But she could have called me to wish for the concert at least. Whatever, she could have thought not to disturb me. Oh God! I am not even able to concentrate here. It’s ok, let me give a call to her….’

Abhi called Pragya on her mobile…. Pragya picked the call in first ring as like she was waiting for his call.

Abhi: Madam too busy?

Pragya: Me? No maams…. Why are you asking like that?

Abhi: Then why didn’t you called me even once…

Pragya: Mr. Rockstar I can ask you the same question!

Abhi: I was busy in concert na so only I didn’t called u

Pragya: Same maams. I thought you will be busy in your concert, so I thought not to call you

Abhi: Ok leave it. How are you ?

Pragya: Yeah maams. I am good. But I miss u badly…

Abhi: [happily asked her] You really miss me?

Pragya: No maams, actually I wanna go to Chennai. You are not here, then who will take me there. So only missing you [she controlled her smile]

Abhi: Very funny.

[they continued their chit chat for some time and they hang up the call.]

Five days over. Abhi returned from Delhi. He will reach by afternoon. Pragya prepared all the favorite dishes of Abhi by asking Paati and Parvathi. Since morning she was running here and there to do everything in favor of Abhi. Parvathi and Paati were happy to see her like that after a week because she was always lost somewhere in these five days.

Finally Abhi came. Pragya was in kitchen so she didn’t notice Abhi. Paati asked him to freshen up and come for lunch. His eyes looked for Pragya but she was nowhere to found. He left to his room in the thought of finding her in their room. He searched the room for Pragya but she was not there. He got disappointed. He decided to freshen up and have lunch as he was very hungry.

Pragya came out of kitchen as she felt the presence of Abhi. But he was not in the living room. Paati informed her about Abhi and asked Pragya to arrange for lunch. Pragya nodded her head ‘Ok’ and went inside the kitchen. She arranged everything in the dining table. Pragya was waiting to see him. Finally he came.

Abhi and Pragya finally saw each other. Both saw each other happily. Everyone sit in the dining table to have food. Pragya served them. Abhi ogled at her lovingly. Pragya noticed that and she felt happy. Paati asked her to have food. She sit next to Abhi…. While having food Pragya coughed and she was not able to control it. Abhi patted her back and gave water to her. She had it looking at him.

Abhi took food from her plate and started feeding her. Pragya had it. She was very happy. Suddenly she heard Paati asking her to have food. She came to her senses and realized Abhi feeding her is dream. Finally they completed their lunch….

The family had a chit-chat. Abhi informed them about the party which the producers have organized for the concerts success as part of promotion…. Everyone was happy about that……

The episode ends here…..

Friends as I said earlier a problem gonna affect Abhi and Pragya but they won’t get separated.

I will try to update the next episode as soon as possible. Please review and let me know your comments.

Hope I haven’t disappointed you all.

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