Destined to be yours!!! Episode 20

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Episode starts with Abhi hugging Pragya tightly. Suddenly Abhi felt someone patting him hard in his cheeks…

He opened his eyes and saw Pragya staring at him…. Abhi asked her, ‘Bujji, what’s your reply?’

Pragya: Reply? Reply for what maams?

Abhi: Till now I told you na Bujji for that? I won’t force you. It’s your wish completely

Pragya: [touched his forehead to check whether he is having fever] have you gone mad maams? For the past 15 minutes I am talking to you and you are simply sitting like lost somewhere. Now you are blabbering something.

Abhi: What??? Till now I didn’t talk to you anything???????

Pragya: Maams definitely something happened to you. Have to check with doctor. Now tell me what you don’t wanna force me and what reply you want me to say. Hmmm, tell me!!!

Abhi got shocked. Now only he realized everything is his inner feelings. And all are his imagination. He replied her, ‘Bujji , noth…nothing…. I … I got a dream…. It looked like it’s completely real…that’s why I asked you for reply.. ’

Pragya: Unbelievable. First time seeing a person dreaming about something with his eyes opened.

Abhi gave a sheepish smile. Pragya contd….

Pragya: So maams you dreamed about me? [She asked him tauntingly]

Abhi: No….not at all….how do you think that I dreamed about you? Is..Is your torcher is not enough for real so that I need to bear it in my dreams…

Pragya: O…Apdi…[like that]… I am torturing you. Leave it. Then why did you asked for a reply then…..

By that time they reached their home and Purab stopped the car.

Abhi: Adu …adu…adu…. [that is] ….. Bujji veedu vanduruchu…. [Bujji we reached our home]

Before Pragya could say anything he got down from the car and went near Purab and said, ‘Thanks a lot Purab. I really mean it. It’s my dream. Today it has become true because of you…. Thanks a lot, I can’t forget this help…’

Purab: OMG Abhi… how much time you will keep on saying Thanks… I did nothing big… You are my sister’s husband… It’s my responsibility. Right sisy [he asked Pragya]

Pragya nodded happily yes.

Abhi: So you did this for your sister not for me… [Purab and Pragya laughed at his question]

Pragya: Grow up Rockstar!!!

Saying this Purab and Pragya gave hi5 to each other… Abhi stared at them. After the trio had a casual talk. Purab left after sometime. Abhi and Pragya came inside the home… Sarla stopped both at the door and did aarathi for removing all the evil eyes [I mean Drishti Dosha/Kan drishti /nazar] and welcomed them in…

The family had dinner. Pragya and Abhi went to sleep early as they were tired. Soon Pragya drifted off. But Abhi is not able to sleep. He is laying beside Pragya in their bed. He started thinking about the imagination he had… He thought to himself, ‘How I got that imagination? I felt I am really proposing her. I hugged her tightly… Why it happened like this…wait a second….I asked a reply for her after coming back to senses….Is that I really want her to love me? Did that mean, ‘I love her?’ OMG…. Am I in love? Is this love???’ he unknowingly smiled when he thought like this. He slowly towards Pragya side and saw her….

She looked so beautiful…..She looked so cute in his eyes….A hair fall on Pragya’s face…He slowly tugged the hair behind her ears without disturbing her sleep.


Dhoorathil thondridum megathai polave

Naan unai paarkiren anbe

Saaralaai oar murai nee ennai theendinaai

Unakkathu therinthatha anbe

En manam kaanalin neerena aaguma

Kaigalil seruma anbe

[I am seeing you like a cloud that appear in distance

Once you touched me like a drizzle, did you felt that?

Will my love becomes a mirage delusion or it will reach your hands?

Will this moment of my love becomes waste, I am saving it as a memory

Yet I am voluntarily prostrating in the hands of Love, my dear]

He moved close to her and kissed her forehead and said to himself ‘I love you Bujji!!! Yes I can’t live without you!!!’ and smiled. He felt so complete after realizing his love for Pragya… He is not able to sleep. He decided to talk to her once she woke up in the morning. He waited for the dawn to come… He is not able to pass each second. Each second passed like hours… He was impatiently waited…

Finally it’s morning 6:00 AM… Pragya woke up and she saw Abhi laying besides her facing opposite side. She thought he is still sleeping so she left to freshen-up without disturbing him. After she left, sometime later Abhi turned towards Pragya side but he felt disappointed on seeing her missing… He got up and sit in the bed by leaning his back in the backrest.

He thought to himself, ‘Abhi, if she says that she didn’t have a thought like that then what you will do? Will you be able to accept it? If she says she is still considering you as a friend then what you are gonna do? No, Abhi this is not the right time. You can’t bear the pain if she says no to you…..what should I do????? Abhi if you propose her she will feel uncomfortable to talk to you after she says ‘No’. You can’t be without talking to her. What if she says ‘Yes’? Then I will be the happy person na. No I can’t take risk…’

Abhi: OMG!!! why I am getting confused like this. I am in love with her. I want to share my feelings with her. But, I can’t lose her friendship also…. It’s really killing me…

Finally Abhi decided to wait till he find some clue that she also loves him… He decided to keep his thoughts aside and continue the day… But, his feelings is killing him….

Pragya came out… She said to Abhi, ‘Maams you got up? Go freshen-up, I will bring coffee’. Abhi just nodded ‘Ok’.

After sometime, Pragya came with coffee and gave the cups to Abhi. One with coffee and the other one is empty for to share the coffee. Abhi gave her the share of coffee. While having their coffee Abhi ogled at Pragya. Pragya felt his looks strange. He gazed at her sharply. Pragya is not able to look into his eyes. They shared the coffee with complete silence. Then she left down to prepare breakfast. They had breakfast with their family.

All the time Pragya was able to feel Abhi ogling at her time to time. She felt uncomfortable as he didn’t even think his in-laws presence. Whenever they were in their room or talked to each other Abhi sit very close to her. He mostly holded her hands. Pragya felt everything strange.

It’s night. Abhi and Pragya came to their room to sleep. When Pragya was about to sleep she turned towards Abhi side and saw him looking at her smilingly. Seeing Pragya, Abhi acted like looking around.

Pragya: Maams, shall I ask you something?

Abhi: Sure Pragya…

Pragya: Did something happened to you?

Abhi: No. Why are you asking like that?

Pragya: Maams I am feeling strange with your behavior. I feel like you are ogling at me. I feel some indifference in your behavior towards me. That’s why asking you.

Abhi: [got shocked as he didn’t expected Pragya will find these differences] No…Not at all Pragya. May be you are imagining like that. Why I will do all this…

Pragya: Maams sorry if I asked you wrongly. I felt so asked you. Don’t mistake me.

Abhi: It’s ok Pragya. I didn’t take it wrong. Wait I will be back. I need to use the washroom [saying this he left….]

Pragya was not satisfied with what Abhi told. But she decided not to take that to her mind. Soon she drifted off.

Inside washroom, Abhi slapped himself mentally for not controlling himself when he is around Pragya. Abhi thought to himself, ‘Abhi, you are really a stupid. Can’t you control yourself? It’s not even one day completed since you realized your love for her but what you are doing around her? Thank God she believed whatever I say, but what I will do if she didn’t believe me. Ok Abhi, control! Control!! Control!!! Yes, controlled. But how can I control myself being next to her. Her eyes are attracting me. She is so lovely. What I will do. Nothing doing Abhi, few more days. Once you find that she loves you, everything become alright.’

He gave a Sigh of relief and went back to their room. Soon he drifted to sleep.

After two days they decided to leave to Mumbai. The day came. Both Abhi and Pragya bid good bye to Pragya’s family and they left to Mumbai.

They reached their home. Paati welcomed them in. Parvathi came and hugged Pragya with happy tears and blessed her. Pragya got puzzled with her reaction but she got to know the reason when Paati told thanks for the concert in Chennai. They had some emotional talks.

Days rolled… Abhi has to go to Delhi for a concert the next day and he will be back only after three days….Pragya is not able to accompany him because Paati is not well and Pragya said that she will stay back to take care of Paati… Even after Parvathi and Paati asked her to go she didn’t agreed…….

Episode ends hers….

Please let me know about your comments… I know you wanna kill me na!!! Just for fun….

Friends two to three day’s storm gonna affect Abhi and Pragya but that will end up in confessing their love….

Thanks a lot friends for your support……

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  6. Vaishali

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