Destined to be yours!!! Episode 2


The episode starts with the restless face of Abhi and Pragya. The crowd is still cheering Abhi…Abhi..Abhi…

Abhi starts singing…

Unnai kaanum oru nodi ingu ennakillaye
Theadugiraen en kanavugalil…..
Unnai kaanum oru sugam ingu enakillaye
Thaedugiraen en suvadugalil… [Tamil version of Tum Hi Ho..]

“I do not have a moment to see you
I am searching that in my dreams
I do not have the pleasure to meet you
I am searching for that in my foot steps”

While the song was going on both faces of Abhi and Pragya were shown..
The concert is ended. As usual it’s a hit one. After everything Abhi started to his home…..
Abhi’s Patti and Parvathi is sitting in the hall while he entered the home. Both are happy about Abhi’s concert and the family spent some time in their chit chats. [Aaliya is not here because she is studying in Chennai staying at hostel. She loves Chennai so she prefer to study at Chennai] After a while, they had dinner and before going to sleep patti and Pavithra asked Abhi to stop saying that they need to talk to him. They are now sitting in the living room. Patti started the conversation. Patti: Abhi, I need a favor from u..
Abhi: Patti, y r u asking and all? U know right whatever u say I will do.
P: I know Abhi, but..
Abhi: Amma, at least u tell me na what’s the matter?
Amma: Abhi, adu vandu [Abhi, vo] Abhi, doesn’t know what they wanted to ask him.

Finally Patti said.
P: Abhi, we want you to settle in your life.. I mean we want u to get married now.
A: Patti, why now all of a sudden.. I am not interested… I just want to focus on my career right now..
P: No Abhi, I doesn’t know how long I will live. Enaku ore oru aasai dhan.. Naan kanna moodradukulla un kalyanatha pakkanum.. {I have only one wish. I just wanted to see your marriage before I die] A: Patti, why u are emotionally threatening me. Just think about me, I want to focus on my career, please understand. Definitely I will get married, I am not saying no for that na… But I need some time for me. May be 4 to 5 years…
P: Abhi, understand about my health issue… I am not sure how long I will (before Patti could say anything Abhi cut her and says)
A: Patti, please don’t say anything.. nothing gonna happen to u.. And pls, I am not gonna married now. Saying this he left to his room
As for Patti, this is the first time Abhi said No to her even after saying that’s her only wish. She is finding difficult to accept it. Pavithra is consoling her and she takes Patti till her room and made her rest..
[Next day morning…..] Abhi got up early morning because he was not able to sleep properly as this is the first time he said no to patti. He wanted to talk to her. It’s 7:00 in the morning.
He went to Patti room and knocked her door. She didn’t respond. When he pushed the door it opened. He went and asked Patti to get up, still no response. He tried to wake her still no response. When he touched Patti he felt that Patti is too cold. Tears started to flow from his eyes. He begged patti to woke up, all his efforts were vain. He started shouting amma…amma…amma..
Pavithra: Eduku kalangathala kathura Abhi..[Abhi, y r u shouting at this early morning] A: Amma, patti is not responding.
Pavithra also checked patti. Her eyes filled with tears…. Finaaly they take her to hospital and patti is in ICU now. Doctors are checking her. Abhi kept on blaming himself for his patti’s condition and Pavithra is consoling him. Even she doesn’t know what to do now.

Finally Doctor came out…
Pavithra asked doctor what happened to athai…
Doctor: she is stable now. It’s a mild heart attack. Thank God you bring her in right time. Otherwise, it would have become critical.
Parvathi: Shall we meet her now.
Doc: Not now.. pls wait for 2 hours then you can go and meet her. She will gain her conscious by that time.
Abhi is shattered to know that his paati has suffered a heart-attack… After two hours……
Abhi and his mom went inside to see Patti..
Patti was connected with some machine and she is breathing with the help of oxygen mask. Tears were continuously flowing from Abhi and Parvathi’s eyes.
[[As for Abhi, patti is so sweet, she took care of him and Aaliya like anything and supported them always. While he was kid, if Parvathi or her husband was about to beat Abhi or Aaliya for their mischievous, patti is the one to save them. He is so much connected with patti.
As for Pavithra, she is her moral support always. Patti always treated her like her own child never ever shown her any kind of attitude. While Abhi’s dad passed away, patti is the one gave complete support to Parvathi to come out of her trauma…]] Abhi and Parvathi went to Patti and kept on crying. Patti tried to say something..
Abhi : Patti, pls pls eduvum pesadinga. [Pls, don’t talk anything] Parvathi: Haan athai , please don’t try to talk..
Abhi: Patti, you scared us a lot. Just because I said no to marriage you will threaten me to death haan ? and cried by keeping his head down in the bed next to patti’s hand.

Slowly patti caressed his back.
Patti : It’s ok Abhi.. I am sorry.. Leave it..
Abhi: Please don’t say sorry. After few minutes his sob’s were slow down and said.. Patti I am ready to marriage.
Patti: No Abhi. Enakaga nee othuka vendam. Ellam sari aagidum. [Don’t accept for my sake. Everything will be alright] A: No patti, I decided. I am getting married. Just marriage na. I can’t lose you or amma for this. Don’t say anything else.. pls
Parvathi: Abhi, it’s not right decision. You can’t marry a girl without interest. Yeah, I know you love patti a lot. But, marriage has to be done with [Abhi cut’s off Parvathi and says] Abhi: I know amma. I decided after thinking a lot. Even I went to patti room to say that only. Aana, inda patti enna ippadi bayamurithiruchu [But, this patti threatened me like this] Abhi convinced both that he is ready for the marriage. Next day patti is discharged. Both patti and Pavithra called Abhi and asked his decision for one more time. He said ok. Then patti asked Pavithra to show photo of the bride to Abhi. But Abhi said, I don’t want to know anything about her. I will see her directly in the engagement.
Pavithra and Patti were surprised by his answer..
Patti: Abhi, then book three tickets to Chennai
Abhi: Why three tickets only, what about Aaliya… and realized it’s Chennai and asked… wh…what??? Why Chennai??
Patti: If bride is there then we have to go there only right..
Abhi : Chennai?
Parvathi : Yeah Chennai
Abhi: Ok. When I need to book the tickets.
Parvathi: Day after tomorrow.
Abhi: Why
Patti: Your enagement is within a week and bride’s family agreed for that..
Abhi: Starred at both of his lovely ladies and said, oh pre-planned?

Parvathi and Patti looked at each other and laughed…
Abhi: Unbelievable. Anyway, I will book the tickets and went.
Abhi thought “It’s all My Fate!!!!!”
Yes, it’s all their fate. No one can win against fate. If they like or not it has to accepted. Is path to Abhi and Pragya’s destiny has opened? Even if it is opened will both the path meet at same destiny???? Even I too don’t have answer for that. But I hope for that.

Grand Mother – Patti
Mother-in-Law – Athai

Precap: Abhi’s and Pragya’s engagement…..

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Credit to: Krishnani

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