Destined to be yours!!! Episode 19

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Let’s get into the story…

Episode starts with the spot light highlighting Abhi in the crowd… Abhi was dumbstruck. He was shocked and he is not able to guess what’s happening.

Host said, ‘Before we could invite Mr.Abhi to stage, we wanna show you a small AV about him.’ The AV got played. It’s about him from his childhood till his stardom. It even had his struggled part. Abhi was over-whelmed with the AV. There was a huge applause after the AV is completed. He had happy tears. Host said, ‘Mr.Abhishek please come to the Dais’. The crowd cheered for Abhi. Abhi didn’t expected this. His dream is to perform in Chennai but he haven’t did it so far as he was waiting for a chance. But this one is really an unexpected one. Abhi is speechless. Again the host welcomed him. Pragya is in all her smiles and she asked Abhi to move. Abhi looked at Pragya and moved towards Dias.

Host gave a bouquet of flowers to Abhi.

Host: So. Mr.Abhishek how is the evening?

Abhi: I am speechless. It’s my dream to perform here but I didn’t expect that I will be a guest for such a wonderful art event like this. Thank you, thank you so much…

Host: Well Abhishek that Thanks have to go to other person who only deserver that. We will reveal about that person later. And moreover we have a surprise for you…

Abhi got puzzled. Even though he did so many concerts before he was bit tensed. Everything was clear from his gesture. But he managed.

The host did something a curtain came down as a back drop of the Dias. It’s written welcoming our chief guest ‘Abhishek – Our Rockstar’. Abhi was surprised because he thought he is a surprise guest but after seeing the screen it looked like a pre-planned one.

Abhi asked the host: I thought I am a surprise guest but looking at it seems different

Host: Yeah Abhishek. We tried to invite you as a chief guest to grace our cultural event and tried. But we didn’t even had a thought that we will get a chance to surprise you. We heard from a special person about your wishes and everything happened so surprisingly. But to know everything you have to keep patience…

Abhi: Well in that case fine but I you should tell me who is that…

Host: Of course we will…So Abhishek will you perform for us…. For ur fans in Chennai

Abhi: I will do…It’s my pleasure. I should be the one thankful to you for this opportunity…

Host: Thanks lot Abhishek, the stage is yours now…Audience can we hear a huge round of applause for our Rockstar

Audience cheered for him. Before starting his performance Abhi addressed the audience.

Abhi: I really doesn’t expect something like this. I mean your acceptance. Thanks a lot to you. I am the happiest person in this world now. So here we go…. Let’s sing…Saying this he started singing

Paatu Un Kaadile Thaene Varkum

Paatu Un Kangalil Neere Varkum

Udal Bhoomiku Poghatum

Isai Bhoomiye Alathum – from Dasavatharam

and he performed various songs. The crowd looked like addicted to his voice, to his performance, to him as well… it was completely mesmerized with the performance and he finally ended his performance with

Idhayaththai yedho ondru

Ilukkudhu konjam indru

Idhuvarai idhu pole naanum illaye. – Male version

[Something in my heart

pulling me a little today.

never been like this before.]

The performance is completed. The audience cheered and shouted him name. Pragya was happy. Abhi too. Host came near him and said,

Host: So Abhishek, we would like to call upon a person to stage if you agree.

Abhi: Of course, you can.

Host: So far we now heard a mesmerizing performance from Abhishek. So it’s time to say thanks to the person who gave us this opportunity. On this note I would like to welcome Mrs. Pragya Abhishek who is the reason behind this successful even and Mr. Purab who supported is in managing the event…

Pragya mentally cursed the host to reveal everything. Abhi was shocked to know that Pragya was behind all this. He looked at Pragya lovingly. First time something sparked in his mind. Pragya came towards the Dias and Purab came from the backstage. He kept on looking on Pragya. Pragya came and stand next to Abhi. The host was saying something and talking to Pragya. Nothing registered in his mind. He came back to his senses when Pragya patted him in his hand.

Host asked him, ‘So Abhishek, you are happy after knowing everything right’. Abhi doesn’t heard anything whatever the guest said but he said ‘Yeah. I am really grateful to you all.’

Host: So what you would like to say to your wife?

Abhi without saying anything he just sing the below lines and gave a side hug to her…

Anbe.. intha nimidam nenjukkul inikkirathu

Adada.. Intha neruppu mayakkamaai irukkirathe

Unnaal .. Intha ulagam yaavumae

Pudhithaai therigirathe

[Oh Dear the moment is a sweet bosom inside me

Oh the fire is knocked unconscious

All this world looks new to me because of you]

The crowd cheered them a lot… The event ended. They came out of the venue after talking to the press and his fans…

Purab drove the car and Abhi and Pragya were sitting in the back seat. Abhi waited patiently till they get inside the car. Abhi asked Pragya how she did it. Pragya replied him…

‘I read your diary one day and came to know about your wish. With the help of Paati I talked to Aakash to arrange a concert for you. As he was busy in Mumbai he introduced me to Purab. I talked to him through phone and agreed to help me. We were talking to so many producers to find the best one for your first concert in Chennai. After we heard about this event through a producer and we get to know that they even trying to invite you. Rest is all planned by Purab. After that my kidnap happened. After coming back Purab said shall we postpone the event. But as I recovered fastly we didn’t postpone the event. I thought how to take you to Chennai but you planned the rest maams. All the credit goes to Purab. Thank you Thank you so much Purab.’

She said everything in a while breathe.

Purab: Even you are a sister to me. Don’t say thanks and make me a stranger.

Abhi: I don’t know what I will do in return to you both. You both made my day. I should treat you both.

Pragya: Maams you need to give treat only to Purab. You already gave me your gift to me.

Abhi: [in a puzzled way] when?

Pragya: Oh Maams you forget your slap….

Abhi: Means???

Pragya: That day I went to meet Purab and the even managers to discuss about the event. I was thinking how to surprise you. But maams you surprised me with your slap.

Abhi: I am sorry Pragya, I didn’t know about that. But you know na I was worried that day too the core. Please forgive me.

Pragya: Leave it maams… But you know one thing you are making things easier to me knowingly or unknowingly…. Saying that she laughed a lot…

But Abhi didn’t paid attention to her… He was immersed in his own thoughts… Everything started to flow in his mind. The first day of their meeting. The problem he created in her so-called wedding with Suresh. Their wedding. Coffee sharing. The day she came to know he is Rockstar. Her punishment to him. Their first dance together. Saree connection. Their friendly trip. His intuition about Pragya. Her Kidnap. The way he missed her a lot. After rescuing her, the way he felt painful on seeing Pragya’s condition. Their hugs. The way they used to lost in each other. His slap. And finally, Pragya’s surprise to fulfil his wishes… He felt so happy to have Pragya in his life….

Without wasting a second he immediately hugged Pragya tightly… He kissed her in her forehead. He again hugged her and said,

‘Bujji, I am very happy today. You are the reason behind my happiness. You fulfilled my wish. Thank you so much Bujji… Whenever I holded you or hugged you I always felt a magic, I don’t know what that was. I never tried to think what that feel was…I was very happy whenever you are around me. You drive me crazily always. I always lost in your eyes. You always mesmerize me. I slapped you that day. I thought I slapped you because you didn’t worried about us. But now I realized, it’s because I got fear of losing you. Yes, Bujji I can’t lose you… I can’t live without you… I don’t know what you feel about me…. But…But… I Love you….I Love you Bujji…. I can’t live without you…. I Love you Bujji….’

Episode ends here…..

I think the proposal is not good to some extent. I tried my best. Friends I hope you will be able to accept this… Any tomatoes to be thrown? Heartily welcome!!!

Please let me know your comments….

Thank you all once again for your support..

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