Destined to be yours!!! Episode 18

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Friends yesterday I haven’t written any pre-cap. Actually that is Pragya’s reply to Abhi. I don’t know how that got highlighted. But let’s hope for double happiness if not now then later.

Rajesh – Thank you my friend. Actually I haven’t forgotten to post pre-cap. To say truth I mostly don’t know what I will write the next day. That’s why mostly my pre-cap’s are empty. I will try to think about the next day story and give a pre-cap. And regarding the timing, yesterday I submitted the article by 3:30 PM itself. But to get posted after review that completely depends on the admin team as far as I believe. Still I will try to post before 3:00 PM and let’s see when it is getting posted. Thanks again my friend.

Prathi – First my wishes for your OS and sorry for not writing comments to your OS. I read your OS ‘So, Do you love me’. Actually I first got confused with the Buddhu to whom it is pointing to as this was used by Pragya in another FF to refer Abhi. Finally I got clarified when Abhi called her Fuggi so Buddhu referred to Pragya. And I loved your OS. And I am waiting for your OS ‘When the clock strikes 4’. I know you will definitely rock my dear. All the best… And yes I accepted to your deal but don’t ask difficult questions if you want to ask any???? Deal?

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Krithika – Even me too… But let’s wait and see what’s written in our destiny….

Thank you so much for all the friends including the silent readers for spending time to read my FF….

Ok let’s get into the story…

After a week Abhi and Pragya travelled to Chennai. They reach Ranganathan’s home. Sarla cried by hugging Pragya. Even after Pragya saying that she is fine, Sarla is still crying. All talked for a while and enquired about her health and everything. Sarla asked both Abhi and Pragya to rest for a while. Abhi and Pragya nodded ok. And when they headed to Pragya’s room again Abhi holded her by her waist. Pragya just gave a killing look to Abhi as she felt embarrassed before her Parents. Abhi stammered and said, ‘no actually I thought you were about to slip’.

Pragya: Really?

Abhi: No Actually

Pragya: Actually what?

Abhi: Leave it Pragya. You know na I am worried. Let me help you.

Pragya: Maams don’t embarrass me.

Abhi pout like a child and let her walk on her own.

Sarla and Ranganathan were happy about their daughter as her husband was taking care of her like a child.

Even though it’s been nearly two weeks after that incident Abhi still worried about Pragya. Pragya even though she enjoyed it at times Abhi’s behavior irritated her. But she feel like a Princess while Abhi pampering her.

It’s been two days they were staying in Pragya’s home. Pragya was able to feel that Abhi is feeling uncomfortable to stay there. She decided to ask him. It’s their second day evening in Pragya’s home.

Pragya: Maams, are you okay?

Abhi: Haan I am fine. Why are you asking like that?

Pragya: No, I am asking whether you are comfortable here.

Abhi: [without looking into her eyes] yeah

Pragya: look at me and say maams.

Abhi: Bujji, nothing like that leave it.

Pragya: Answer me na?

Abhi: Ok. But you shouldn’t feel bad. Yeah I am feeling little uncomfortable as this is new place na. But don’t worry I will be comfortable within few days.

Pragya: Shall we go to your home then?

Abhi: Arey Pragya no problem at all. It will be for few days. I will be fine after that. Did I asked you this question when you came to our house the first time? No na. Because I know you will be ok after few days as it is your house. The same way this is also my house na so don’t worry. I just need to adapt.

Pragya: But

Abhi: No but’s and if’s. Just leave this topic. Let’s go for dinner.

Days rolled. It’s their fifth day in Chennai. Abhi informed Pragya and her Parents that he needs to go out to meet one of his friends and he will come only in the evening and left. After sometime Pragya also left the home just informing Bulbul that she will be back. Abhi came back in the evening by 4:00 and asked Sarla about Pragya.

Sarla: She went out. She will be back anytime soon.

Abhi just nodded Ok and went to their room to freshen-up. It’s been one hour after Abhi came home. But still no signs of Pragya. He again asked Sarla about Pragya’s whereabouts. They too don’t had answer. Abhi became restless. He tried to reach her through mobile but it was switched off. He was worried. Seeing Abhi, Ranganathan, Sarla and Bulbul also worried as this is the first time Pragya went out without informing the exact place. Abhi asked Bulbul to call Pragya’s friends and check for Pragya. Bulbul asked all of her sister’s friends but no one had proper reply. Abhi was losing all his patience and doesn’t know what to do. He can’t say anything to them also. He just controlled himself.

It’s 9:00 PM. They heard the sound of auto horn. Abhi desperately wanted that should be Pragya. And that was Pragya. Pragya came inside the home and saw everyone’s worried face. She saw Abhi. She went near him smilingly and asked, ‘Maams when you came back?’ That’s it. Next minute Pragya received a slap from Abhi. [The slap is not forceful. Everyone was shocked. Sarla was about to move towards Pragya. But, Ranganathan stopped her. He gestured Bulbul to go to her room. Bulbul went to her room. Tears started rolling out from Pragya’s eyes because of shock. The slap is not a painful one. Pragya looked at Abhi and said, ‘Maams…’

Abhi: Where the hell you went? Why the hell your mobile is switched off?

Abhi shouted in anger. This is the first time Pragya seeing Abhi’s anger. She was in complete fear.

Pragya: I went to my friend’s home. My mobile battery is dead so only I am not able to inform.

Abhi: Can’t you inform anyone here about where you are going? Why didn’t you called me to inform? At least you could have messaged me before going right? You will do whatever you would like to do. Don’t think about people who are worried for you. That and all not necessary for you right. I am madly thinking, what would have happened to you? It’s been more than four hours I am waiting for you. Did you even had a thought I will be panicked without knowing your whereabouts? Even after your kidnap can’t you think how much I will be worried?

Pragya stood silently as she doesn’t had answers.

He again contd. but still in anger, ‘Go have your dinner. I am going to terrace now. Don’t come there or call me. I want to be alone for some time. I hope you understand’ He didn’t even waited for Pragya’s answer. He moved to Sarla and said, ‘Aththai I am sorry. I know I shouldn’t slap her. But I was so worried. I was panicked that I will lose her once again. I slapped her out of my control. I am really sorry’. Sarla just nodded ok.

Abhi: Uncle please forgive me.

Ranganathan: Let’s talk about this later. Come have your dinner.

Abhi: No uncle, I don’t want to have now. I just want to be alone. I will be in terrace and will come sometimes later. Don’t wait for me. You all have dinner.

Saying this he turned to move but stopped and turned back towards Pragya and said, ‘Have your dinner don’t make me angry again.’ and then he left to terrace. Once Abhi left, Sarla went near Pragya and kept her hands on her shoulder. Pragya reacted like she escaped from a storm.

Sarla: Pragya

Pragya: Amma, dinner?

Sarla: what?

Pragya: yes Amma give me dinner otherwise Mr.Rockstar will again shout at me.

Sarla: Pragya don’t you get angry on him for slapping you and why are you calling him as Mr. Rockstar.

Pragya: Amma mistake is mine. I should have informed you properly or I should have told him. He was already blaming himself for the kidnap just because he is not able to hold my hands properly in the crowd. After my kidnap he was completely worried and never let me alone. Think once how much he should have worried without knowing my whereabouts for more than four hours. He shouldn’t have slapped me. This time fine but, next time I will not accept it. I am angry on him so only calling him Mr. Rockstar

Sarla: why are you angry on him?

Pragya: He didn’t asked me the reason… leave this Amma I will talk to him. Please don’t be angry on him. He is worried.

Sarla: Hmmm ok … Pragya

Pragya: Come let’s have dinner.

After dinner Pragya asked her parents to sleep and said Bulbul, ‘Not to worry’. Everyone slept except Pragya and Abhi. Pragya waited for Abhi but he didn’t came. She went to terrace and checked on him. She saw him lost somewhere. She came back to her room not want to disturb him. She slept unknowingly.

Morning when she wake up she saw Abhi sleeping beside her. Abhi also woke up. Both didn’t talked to each other. Abhi felt very awkward to face his in-laws. Even though he apologized them he felt more uncomfortable. He decided to talk to Pragya. Whenever he approached her she just ignored him. Whenever a situation arises for Pragya to call him she just used the word Mr.Rockstar. Abhi very well know that Pragya was angry on him. It’s been two days. The environment in Pragya’s home becomes silent. No one talked to other properly. Abhi decided to keep a full stop for situation. He went out for some reason and came back home. He asked Sarla about Pragya. Sarla replied that, ‘Mapillai she is in her room’. Abhi went directly to their room. He locked the door and told Pragya, ‘I need to talk to you’. Pragya didn’t gave attention.

Abhi: Pragya I am talking to you only.

Pragya: Tell me [she said sarcastically]

Abhi: Pragya look at me. I am really sorry. I was worried so only reacted that way.

Pragya starred at him. Abhi contd…

Abhi: I know I over reacted that day but still think from my position once.

Pragya didn’t replied anything. Seeing this Abhi said, ‘Ok see I am doing sit-ups. Please talk to me’ saying this he started doing sit-ups. He counted till 25. After that Pragya burst out and laughed. Abhi stopped doing sit-ups and asked her, ‘why are you laughing?’

Pragya: looking at you

Abhi: are you not angry on me for slapping you?

Pragya: No.

Abhi: then why didn’t you talked to me?

Pragya: Because I am angry on you

Abhi: just now you said that you are not angry on me. But why are you confusing me now.

Pragya: I am angry on you for not allowing me to talk that day. You just left from there Mr.Rockstar.

Abhi: I am sorry Pragya. I don’t know why I reacted that way. Please forgive me.

Pragya: Ok I forgive you Mr.Rockstar, but on one condition. You have to take me to an event which is gonna happen tomorrow here.

Abhi: Sure I will take you.

Pragya: That’s good Mr.Rockstar

Abhi: I agreed to your condition na. They why are you still calling me Mr.Rockstar.

Pragya: You will be Mr.Rockstar still you take me.

After they talked for a while. Abhi told her, that he won’t slap her again and her to forgive him. They continued to talk about some random things. Later, they both came down hand in hand. Seeing this Sarla got relieved. She asked them to have some coffee. Abhi asked Sarla to forgive him. And they all had chit-chat.

Next day evening,

Abhi and Pragya went to the venue where the event is gonna happen. Pragya got a VIP pass for both of them and they were sitting in the front row. The event started. It’s some cultural event. Both Abhi and Pragya were enjoying the event. The host announced, ‘It’s really a great day. We want to thank our sponsors for arranging this wonderful event and we would like to thank the city police for helping us in arranging the security. Now it’s time to welcome our guest. He’s our surprise guest. And he came here for us. Now he will be performing for us as well’.

Abhi waited to see who that guest is. Host contd. ‘Before that I just want to give a brief intro about him. He born here. Yes he is from our Chennai only. He moved to Mumbai when he was a kid. Even though he had his own business to function he chose Music as his career due to his passion. Initially he struggled a lot to get an opportunity. He gave lot of auditions but didn’t get selected. He never give-up. He tried till he got his first chance. He worked hard for his first concert and that was a huge hit. After that he worked for all of his concerts as his first concert and all are hit. Now he is one of the famous Rockstar and he is none other than Mr. Abhishek ’

The spot light fall on Abhi. Abhi got shocked as he didn’t expect this. Yeah how he could guess that he was the guest.

Episode ends on the shocking face of Abhi…

Precap: Realization of love

Friends I didn’t get any idea how to make Abhi doing a concert in Chennai. I tried my best but having a small doubt whether, whatever today I wrote is convincing. Hope the episode is good. Please let me know your comments.

Thanks a lot once again for your support…

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