Destined to be yours!!! Episode 17

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Let’s get into the story…

The episode starts with Abhi taking Pragya in his arms. They soon came out of the bunker. Aakash got worried and came towards Abhi and asked him ‘what happened?’

Abhi told him, ‘nothing to worry. We need to take Pragya to hospital. Get the car’

Aakash helped Abhi in taking Pragya inside the car. Aakash and one of the police men sit in front of the car. Abhi and Pragya were in back seat. Abhi kept Pragya’s head in his lap. They drove to a nearby hospital. The Policeman helped them in admitting Pragya in the hospital. Pragya was taken inside for the treatment.

In the meantime both Pragya’s families came to know about Pragya’s kidnap through the news. Abhi and Aakash started receiving calls from Paati and also from Ranganathan. As Abhi was not in a position to speak he just asked Aakash to talk to them. Aakash talked to everyone and said them that Pragya was rescued and she is safe. But still they are not convinced. They wanted to talk to her. Even after explaining the situation they still wanted to talk to her. Somehow Aakash convinced and promised them that he will make them talk to her after she gain conscious. Somewhat they agreed.

Doctor came out after an hour after treating Pragya.

Abhi: Doctor how is she?

Doctor: She will gain her conscious after sometime. The abductor has treated her badly. We were able to see wounds in many places. Her legs have bruises. He should have hit her leg. But don’t worry it’s not a severe injury. She will find difficult to walk for two days. Apart from that nothing serious. And we believe she was not given any food and also she is too weak. You can see her now but don’t disturb her. We will see her once she gain conscious.

Abhi didn’t had any words. He is not able to control himself thinking about the pain that Pragya had under gone. He is completely shattered. Aakash said Thanks to the Doctor as Abhi is not in a position to talk. Aakash asked Abhi to go and see Pragya. Abhi moved towards the room where Pragya is being treated. He went inside and saw Pragya. He went near the bed and saw her legs. The legs were swollen and reddish. Tears started rolling out from his eyes. He touched her leg and gently caressed it. He saw the slap marks in her cheeks and a small wound near her lips. And bandages in her hands near the wrist. Pragya looked so fragile and weak. He sat in a chair next to the bed. He just holded her hands and cried. He blamed himself, ‘I shouldn’t have left your hands Pragya. I had an intuition something gonna happen to you, but I was very careless. I should have taken care of you. It’s all because of me. If I have been more careful you wouldn’t have suffered this much.’ He cried slowly without disturbing her.

After an hour, Pragya started gaining her conscious. Seeing this Abhi immediately rushed out of the room to inform Doctor. Doctor arrived and asked him to wait out as they need to check on her. Within few seconds he heard Pragya shouting. He got panicked and rushed inside the room. There he saw Pragya pushing the Doctors hand. He went near her. As soon as Pragya saw Abhi, she immediately hugged him tightly and asked him, ‘Maams, don’t leave me. Don’t go away. Where you went?’ She cried a lot hugging him. Abhi caressed her back. He is not able to see Pragya in that stage but he composed himself for the sake of Pragya. Because if he break down then it would be very difficult for him to ease Pragya.

Abhi: Pragya, sshhh..ssshhhh..ssshhhhh… See I am with you. I am not going anywhere. See they are Doctors….

Pragya didn’t wanna take her face from Abhi’s chest. She just hugged him and cried. Soon after sometime her sobs subsided. Then Abhi took Pragya’s face in his hand and kissed her forehead. He said, ‘Pragya see, I am here. Nothing to worry.. Nothing will happen to you.’

Pragya just nodded. Abhi continued, ‘see Pragya he is a Doctor. Look at them’. Pragya nodded No in fear.

Abhi: I am here with you only na, look at them.

Pragya looked at them and after she confirmed that he was Doctor she got relieved.

Abhi: Pragya, they have to check you. I will wait outside. After Doctor checking you I will come back in.

Pragya: [holding Abhi’s hand] please don’t leave me alone… [a lone tear formed on Pragya’s eyes.]

Doctor told Abhi, ‘It’s fine Mr. Abhi, you be here she will feel better.’ Abhi agreed. Doctor checked on her wounds. The whole time Pragya holded Abhi’s hand tightly.

Doctor: Mrs. Pragya you are completely fine. Nothing to worry. You can go home after two days as your legs are bruised. Mr. Abhi we need to talk to you. Come to my cabin.

Abhi: Ok Doctor.

Doctor left from the room. Abhi turned towards Pragya and said, ‘Take rest. I will be back after discussing with Doctor.’

Pragya hesitantly looked at Abhi… Abhi just smiled to ease her fear and said ‘Don’t worry, Aakash is here I will ask him to be with you.’ Pragya just nodded ‘Ok’. Abhi asked Aakash to take care of her until he comes. Aakash agreed and went inside the room. He asked Pragya about her health and talked to her about random things to make her feel good. Initially Pragya didn’t talked much but later she forget her fears and started talking with Aakash.

In the meantime Abhi went to Doctor’s cabin. Doctor asked him to get in and sit in the chair.

Abhi: Doctor, Is she alright? Why she shouted when she saw you?

Doctor: Nothing Mr. Abhi. She is perfectly fine now. She got fear as she saw us immediately after opening her eyes. Because she thought we are the kidnappers. Now no problem. As she saw you she got comfort. Now she understand that she is safe. So no problem.

Abhi: Thank you so much Doctor. When we can leave? Is that fine to travel as we need to go back to India?

Doctor: We will discharge her after two days. And after that stay here for a day and then you can travel. It is just to confirm she is okay. And one more thing as I said earlier she will find difficulty to walk for two to three days. She need someone to support her while walking. After that she will be able to walk. But pain will be there for some days. If needed you can discuss with the Doctors in India after you reach there. She just needs some care and attention. Take care of her well.

Abhi: Sure Doctor. I will take care of her.

Saying this he left the Doctor’s cabin by thanking him once again. He reached the room. He saw Pragya talking to Aakash normally and he felt relaxed. He went near Pragya. Aakash got up from the chair so that Abhi can sit near Pragya.

Abhi: Pragya, how are you?

Pragya: Feeling better. Only pain in leg.

Abhi: Yes Doctor said, it will take two days for you to walk without anyone support. But no problem I will be there na.

Pragya: It’s ok

Then silence prevailed in the room. Aakash informed Abhi, ‘that he will be back in a moment’ and went out to give the privacy. Abhi was the first to break the silence.

Abhi: Pragya what he did, tell me?

Pragya: Leave it na. I don’t wanna think about it.

Abhi: Please tell me

Pragya explained everything how he treated her. Abhi just holded her hand and said, ‘I am sorry Pragya. It’s because of me. I should have holded you strongly. If I holded you properly nothing would have happened like this na.’

Pragya just kept her finger in his lips and said, ‘don’t blame yourself maams. Nothing like that. This has to happen and it happened. We won’t discuss about this hereafter, ok?’

Abhi just nodded ok and hugged her. Pragya was taken aback. Yes till this moment both hugged each other for comfort or ease their pain. But now everything is fine that’s why she felt different. But, she didn’t released herself from the hug nor she hugged him back. Realising Pragya didn’t hugged him back Abhi break the hug. He didn’t looked at her. Then he remembered that they need to talk to their family. So Abhi called Aakash as the mobile was with him. He made calls to his family and Ranganathan and asked Pragya to talk to them.

Few hours later, Aakash brought dinner for both of them. He took the food and tried to feed Pragya. But Pragya said, ‘It’s fine, I will have it by myself’.

Abhi: No problem. I will feed you. You are having wounds in your hand.

Pragya: Only in my wrist not in my palm. I can eat by myself.

Abhi: Still I will feed you. It’s not good to strain your hands.

Before Pragya could protest Abhi just took a bite and placed in her mouth. With no other way go Pragya had the food smilingly. They had their dinner. Pragya wanted to use the washroom. She get down from the bed and about to get up. Abhi saw this

Abhi: What are you trying to do?

Pragya: Nothing actua…lly

Abhi: what?

Pragya: I…I need to use the washroom.

Abhi: For that you will strain yourself. Come I will help you.

Pragya looked at him with a shock. Then only Abhi realized what exactly Pragya needed. Then he said, ‘I.. I will help you till door. You can’t walk now without any support. Come here’

Saying this he helped Pragya to stand and hold her around by her waist An electric current kind of thing passed over Pragya’s body and she just closed her eyes with that feel. Abhi without seeing her face asked her to step slowly. Pragya came back to her senses after hearing Abhi. Abhi’s whole concentration was on her leg. Pragya tried to take a step but it pained a lot. She finds a lot of difficulty to keep a single step. Abhi not able to see her in pain he just took her in his arms without even giving time for Pragya to protest. He carried her till washroom’s door and asked her to just close the door and not to lock it so that if anything happens he can help her. Then he carried her again till bed once she came out. They slept.

Next day, police came to the hospital to inform Abhi about the kidnap details. Policeman told him that, ‘Mr. Abhi the kidnap doesn’t happen based on any rivalry or for ransom. The abductor wanted to get attention from people and he tried to kidnap people two years back. But it failed. A case has been filed on his name. Now also he wanted to get media attention and decided to kidnap some random people. Unfortunately you wife become the target. Thank God your wife is safe now. We have confirmed everything from our end.’ Abhi thanked them and they talked for a while and went.

Abhi pampered her like anything. Pragya felt so happy and enjoyed it too the core. But sometimes she felt little uncomfortable with his touches as those touches gave her some magic feel. She mostly lost in his touches. Abhi didn’t forget to notice her but he never shown it to her. He also felt something inside him. But he didn’t give time to think about that. He had only time to take care for Pragya not even him.

Pragya was discharged from the hospital and they reached the hotel where they stayed. Aakash also booked a room for him there to stay till they travel back to India. They decided to travel after a week. Pragya was able to walk properly but only with the support of Abhi as he never allowed her to walk alone.

It’s day they decided to travel back. As of now both Pragya and Abhi were very close to each other. Both loved each other’s company. Only issue is that both didn’t realize their feeling for other. They boarded flight and reached Mumbai the next day evening 7:00 PM.

Parvathi took aarathi for them as they came back safe after a lot of trouble. She asked the trio to have dinner and rest. Pragya with Abhi’s support went to their room after dinner. Due to travel tired they slept. Abhi slept by holding Pragya in his arms. Even Pragya didn’t protest as it become the habit for both after she got discharged from hospital. Initially when Pragya asked Abhi about that he simply replied her, ‘I don’t wanna lose you even in my dream’. Pragya was happy about what Abhi said.

Next morning, Abhi was the first to wake up. He got freshen up and came out of their closet. He saw Pragya doing something by standing on own. He rushed to her and holded her by her waist and shouted at her, ‘are you mad? Now only you are recovering little by little, then why are you straining yourself. Do you wanna get admitted in hospital?’

Pragya looked at Abhi angrily. She pushed his hand and said, ‘I am fine Mr. Rockstar. See I am able to walk fine. Only little pain is there. Don’t behave like that I have fractured my leg and hospitalized…’

Abhi knows well she will call him Mr. Rockstar only when she is angry at him. He gave an oops reaction and said, ‘still pain is there na. Why are you stressing yourself?’

Pragya: very little pain. Not big one.

Abhi: Still

Pragya: Impossible

Abhi: Impossible?

Pragya: Yes, it’s impossible to make you understand. Anyway I will freshen up and come.

Abhi: Come I will help you

Pragya gave a stern look at Abhi.

Abhi: Please Bujji ma for my sake.

Pragya smiled at his antics and agreed. With the help of Abhi she went to bathroom for freshen up. Abhi helped her till the door and tried to say something. Pragya cuts-off him and said, ‘I won’t lock the door. After freshen-up I will definitely call you…’

Abhi: That’s like my good girl and pulled her cheeks.

After sometime both came down for breakfast. Everyone was already there in the dining table waiting for Abhi and Pragya. They started having their breakfast. Abhi asked his mother,

Abhi: Amma, I would like to take Pragya to Chennai after a week.

Pragya looked at him shockingly. Abhi contd…

Abhi: Amma I haven’t told Pragya yet. I thought it would be good if I ask you first. Her parents are also worried about her. If we go there they will feel relaxed and Pragya will also feel better.

Pavithra: No problem Abhi. Even I decided to say that only. You can go there after two days na why after a week.

Abhi: Illa Amma. She is still having pain. After a week she will be ok. So only.

Pavithra: Ok Abhi. No Problem. Take care of her.

Abhi: Thanks Amma.

They completed their breakfast. In Abhi’s room.

Pragya: Maams I thought of asking you. But, you asked Aththai before I ask you? How?

Abhi: I don’t know. I felt you wanted to go so only. Happy????

Pragya: Double Happy!!!!!

Episode ends with the happy faces of Abhi and Pragya…

Hi friends. Please let me know your comments. Hope I haven’t disappointed you. Please let me know your negative comments too.

Thank you all once again for the support….

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