Destined to be yours!!! Episode 16

Friends I am again using mobile to update. I am sorry that I can’t reply to u all separately. Thanks for all your comments and support. Thanks for all the friends including the silent readers for spending their precious time to read my ff.
Sorry time…
Episode starts with Abhi falling on his knees and crying shouting Pragya’s name…
Soon the Police man came near Abhi and placed his hands on Abhi’s shoulder.
Police: Thank God Mr Abhi , ur wife is safe.

Abhi looked up immediately at the Police with a pleasing eyes and in a desperate state. Police explained, ‘Mr. Abhi ur wife didn’t get the shot. She fainted few seconds before he fired the shot’.
Few moment back:: “the man just aimed the gun at Pragya’s forehead and he had already released his hold from her hand already. As it was already more than 48 hours and due to the wounds and her cries she was completely exhausted. She was feeling dizzy. But she tried to stand. Just before the man tried to shoot her she lost all her strength and missed her balance. The man shot at her. Just few seconds before she started to fell down. Both happened at the same time. The shot got missed in a fraction of second as Pragya fainted. But it looked like she fell down because of the shot for Abhi”

After Police explained him only Abhi get to know what exactly happened. Abhi was on cloud nine. He was on the top of the world. He immediately went near Pragya. He took her head and placed her head in his lap. He holded her in his arms and hugged her tightly vent out all his sorrows. He cried out loud. After a while he consoled himself and kissed on her forehead.
He called her name out. But Pragya didn’t responded. He patted her cheek. No response. There he saw a water bottle. He took it and splash water on Pragya’s face. Pragya slowly opened her eyes. Abhi become very happy on seeing Pragya gaining her conscious. Pragya saw him and cried. And she hugged him tightly by burying her face on Abhi’s chest. She sobbed continuously. Abhi took Pragya’s face in his hand and kissed her on her forehead. He kissed her allover on her face and again he hugged her. Soon Pragya fainted again. Abhi got panic.
Police told to Abhi, ‘ let’s go out from here. Ur wife is completely exhausted. She needs medical attention.’. Abhi agreed and carried her in his arms.

Episode ends here..

I know friends the episode is too short. I am sorry for that. I just wanted to tell u Pragya is safe. So I updated today. Hope I haven’t disappointed u friends.
Please let me know ur comments….


  1. rajesh

    Ha ha ha ha v all know u never kill out pragya so it is not interesting yar…any way gud 1…next ff update it long ff…

  2. Riyashri


    |Registered Member

    Thanq krishu di….U seriously saved me from further damage of my head…as from morning till now I was breaking my head thinking what would happen to pragya..
    You r really took good Didi…. Keep Rocking!! Thanq once again for this update!!

  3. Vaishali


    |Registered Member

    oh sorry akka pls forgive me actually i read ur episode in phone so only couldnt comment so so so sorry pls the episode was awesome akka it was sueprb glad to know that pragya is ok thank god love u akka waiting fr ur next episode

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.