Destined to be yours!!! Episode 15

The episode starts with Abhi explaining everything to the Police officials. They tracked the number. They found the location. The police along with Abhi went to that particular location. The police squad surrounded the building. Slowly they sneaked into the house. There was no one inside the house. Slowly moved inside a room and they saw a chair and rope there. Abhi moved inside the room. He saw a piece of cloth in the chair. He identified it as Pragya’s and informed the Police. They were able to see blood stains in the floor. And the rope also had blood stains. The police told him that, ‘ your wife should have struggled to free herself and her hands should have wounded as a result’. Abhi was shattered to see the blood stains, he was not able to think how Pragya would have struggled. He just wanted to see her immediately. Lone tear fall from his eyes. He determined find her at any cost.
The police tried to find a clue about her. They failed in all their efforts. They waited to receive a call from the abductors. It was evening. Still no traces of Pragya. Abhi was in police station and he was worried. Aakash came by that time. Abhi saw him and immediately hugged him. He vent out all his sorrows. He cried a lot. Aakash consoled him.
Abhi: Pragya…. Aakash Pragya….. tell them Aakash I can’t live without her. He cried a lot.
Aakash was not able to console him. He just patted Abhi’s back. After a while Abhi composed himself and told everything to Aakash. Aakash told him , ‘ we will find Anni, don’t worry’. Abhi just nodded. Aakash and Abhi are still in Police station waiting for news about Pragya. It’s more than 24 hours Abhi lost his Pragya.
While at Police station Abhi received a call from an unknown number. He received the call.
Abhi: hello??
Man: hello Mr. Rockstar… your wife is with us.
Abhi : please..pls give her back to me.. I will do whatever u wanna in return
Man: we don’t need your wife. We just called you to inform u that she is with us..
Abhi: pls I wanna talk to her.
Man: u can talk to her but not now. She is not in conscious now
Abhi: what… what you did to her..
Man: we didn’t do anything. She tried to escape. So a tight slap and chloroform. She is sleeping now. Not to worry
Abhi: how dare you to slap her. I will definitely kill u [shouted in anger]
Man: calm down Rockstar. Be happy that she is alive.
Abhi: please pls don’t do anything to her. Please tell me what u want
Man: we won’t do anything to her until u not act smart. We just need money. Arrange that. We will give ur wife back to u. Giving you one day time. Arrange one crore. We will give you call when, where and how to give…. [Call disconnected…..]
Abhi::: hello hello hello
Abhi explained returning to Aakash and Police…. Immediately the Police traced the call and found the location. All rushed to the location. In the meantime Abhi asked Aakash to take the help of Embassy to arrange money. Aakash agreed. Abhi along with police reached the Police. They were not able to find anything there.
They saw a pipe kind of thing in that place nothing else. It was a 6-foot by 8-foot underground bunker. They found a note on the bunker. It was written, ‘Mr. Abhi u acted too smart. No problem ur wife is gonna pay for that. Anyway, ur wife is with me in underground. This bunker was equipped with a ventilation pipe. If anything needed u can use the pipe to communicate with me. Don’t try to act smart now at least. The bunker is stored with homemade bombs. So I hope u can understand. Abhi pleaded the man not to do anything with Pragya.
Police cooperated with man in an attempt to obtain Pragya’s release and to bring the situation to a favorable condition.
They tried to talk to him through the pipe a lot. But he talked to them only when he wanted. Aakash after three hours. He said Abhi that the money has been arranged. Abhi decided to inform the abductor as he doesn’t want to waste time. He talked to the man.
Abhi: Hello, are you listening.
No reply from the man. But Abhi continued…
Abhi: please reply, I have arranged the money you have asked for. Please send my wife back to me.
Man: Good Rockstar. But there are few things to be done before I could release ur wife. So wait
Abhi: pls , I beg you. Send her back.
Man: I am not telling u to wait. I am ordering u.
Abhi doesn’t had any other way to go rather than waiting.
Abhi: ok, I will wait. But at least I wanna talk to her. Pls. Let her talk to me. I will feel a little relieved.
Man: ok, why not..
Man removed the cloth from Pragya’s mouth and patted her cheek. She slowly gained conscious.
Abhi: Bujji,… bujji pesu pls (talk pls)
No response for a while.
Abhi: Bujji?????????
Pragya: she just cried out a lot. Maams it’s paining…
She is not even able to talk properly. He was able to hear her cries. Tears started rolling from Abhi’s eyes. He fell on his knees and cried. After he was not even able to hear her cries.
Man: Rockstar wait now.
Abhi was crying. Police were waiting for right situation as they don’t want to risk Pragya’s life. Aakash was consoling Abhi.
It is next day morning. It’s been nearly 48 hours Pragya got kidnapped. Everyone is waiting to hear from the c abductor. Police tried to talk to him.
Police: please let us know what you want we will arrange for it.
Now the man replied.

Man: I need a news reporter with a camera to enter the bunker and broadcast me live on the news. I need Rockstar and one police man alone to come inside. No one else should come.
Every one got confused with his demands. But they know they don’t had time. So they made a armed police man as a reporter and decided to move inside the bunker. They don’t know what was held for them inside.
Police got approval from the abductor to get inside the bunker. Abhi holded the cash bag. The trio went in. Abhi along with police men went in. They carefully moved in. They entered the place where Pragya and the abductor was.
Pragya was not tied. She was holed by the abductor in gun point. Abhi saw her and tried to move front.
Man: don’t come near Rockstar otherwise she will be dead
Abhi: no don’t do anything. Here , here is the money u asked for.
Man: good. [By this time the man removed Pragya from his hold just he aimed gun at her head.
Pragya looked so tired. She had lot of wounds. She was beaten like anything.
Abu got tears looking Pragya’s condition. He shouted at man
Abhi: I told u not to do anything na. I have arranged money also right then y you beat her.
Man: Rockstar still u r not getting the point. Still ur wife is with me. Don’t forget
Abhi controlled his anger.
Police: what u want? We have all u asked, money, reporter? Send her to us.
Man: do u think I will release her so easy?
Police: what u want then ?
Man: nothing but publicity
Abhi: publicity? For publicity u treated her like this. U know u can’t escape right
Man: I know Rockstar u will not leave me after I release her. I am popular now. I got what I want. I don’t want your wife now
Abhi: them please send her to me
Man: I said I don’t want her that doesn’t mean I will release her
Police: means????
Man: I will shoot her. And she will be dead. Once I release her either u will kill me or execute me based on the trial, then what is the benefit of leaving her
Abhi: pls …. Please leave her. I will make sure nothing happen to u. Pls…. I beg u….
Man: sorry Rockstar … it’s already decided….
Saying this he triggered his gun to shoot……Pragya fell down. police shot at the abductor… he fell down died. Abhi shouted, Pragyaaaaaaa…
Episode ends here….
Precap: twist in the tale

Friends i am using my mobile to type. So I am not able to reply to u all. And also very difficulty in typing. Thanks for all your support… thanks for all the friends including the silent readers for spending your time in reading my ff….
I am not able to reply to u all….. I will reply to u all tomorrow….

Please don’t through tomatoes or don’t scold me. As I said there is a twist in our tale… guess that twist… please let me know ur comments….

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    The way u wrote the situation is PERFECT!!!! Eagerly Waiting for UR next Episode…..

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