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Moving to the story…

Pragya and Abhi landed in France. They had booked a room in a hotel and they took a taxi and reached there.

Soon they reached their room both got freshen up and went to the restaurant for having their food. After having food they roamed around the city. They enjoyed a lot. While roaming either Abhi or Pragya holded the other hand unknowingly and whenever they do so they felt some magic. They were completely tired and went to their room. As soon as they reach the room they slept.

Next morning, Abhi was the first to wake up and he found Pragya sleeping by hugging him. She was sleeping happily placing her head on Abhi’s chest and holding him by his waist. Abhi tried to move her but he stopped seeing her getting disturbed in her sleep. He stayed just like that and observed her. She looked so cute. He felt complete having Pragya in his arms. After a while Pragya moved in her sleep. Knowing that she would wake up now he immediately closed his eyes and acted like sleeping to avoid Pragya getting embarrassed. Pragya woke up and shocked to find herself sleeping in Abhi’s arms. She got up immediately and checked Abhi. She felt relaxed after seeing him sleeping. She slapped herself mentally to sleep by holding him. She thought to herself, “thank god he is asleep. What he would feel if he found that I am happily sleeping hugging him. Definitely he will be irritated. I never hugged Bulbul or Amma in my sleep. But how I hugged him? OMG, why I am not even being whom what I was before with him. Every time I used to be so conscious. Why I am not being conscious around him? I am always end up in doing one thing or other. I should move out of bed before he woke up”.

She got down from the bed and went to bathroom for freshen up. Abhi after confirming that Pragya is not around him he got up and sit in the bed and thought to himself, “I am feeling more comfortable with her. I am getting close to her daily. I am loving everything of her. I loved the way she was sleeping today. Oh God, why she has to wake up so early. She would have been in my arms for some more time na. Is this love? Or just friendship. No it can’t be love. Even friends will hug each other. I like her because she has become my bestie and she is very fun loving girl. I am comfortable with her just because she never treats me like a Rockstar… Yes I moved one step ahead. She is not my friend anymore she is my bestie. What about me? Oh God. Please our relationship shouldn’t get complicated.”

Pragya came out after taking bath. And she saw Abhi sitting in the bed.

Pragya: Good morning maams.

Abhi: Good morning. I have ordered coffee. Have it I will come after freshen up.

Pragya: Ok.

Abhi left to bathroom. Pragya thought, ‘Thank God I didn’t blabbered anything. Pragya even thousand times you think you won’t be in your control.’ She slapped herself mentally.

After they went out and roamed a lot. They enjoyed by making fun of each other, taking funny selfie’s. Pragya was mostly jumping due to her excitement and Abhi is trying hard to control her. But he was in fact enjoying her antics too the core. Four days they enjoyed like this. All the while Abhi felt someone following them. Whenever he turned around to see he found no one. If Pragya asks him what he was looking for he simply replied, ‘nothing, let’s go…’ But both enjoyed each other company a lot. They felt some fond for the other growing inside them, both felt it strange but never talked about that to each other. They loved that feel. Both felt some magic being with the other. But both were not able to name what that magic is.

It’s fifth day of their trip…

Abhi and Pragya decided to go for shopping as they want to buy something for everyone in their family. They went to a mall. They happily shopped for everyone. Pragya has gone really crazy. Abhi never left Pragya’s hand while shopping. He left her hand only she was choosing what to buy. Apart from that he never left her hand because the mall is crowded that day. He doesn’t know why since morning he had an intuition that something gonna happen to Pragya. He tried a lot to move that feel aside but he was not able to do. So to save Pragya from whatever gonna come he was holding her hand always.

Suddenly fire alarm broke out. Everywhere it was a chaos and people were running here and there. Abhi and Pragya before they could understand what is happening they were pushed by the crowd. Both started to move along with the crowd. But he missed Pragya in the crowd. He was searching her everywhere. But he was not able to find her. After 15 minutes he saw her at the other end of the crowd calling him out. He sighed in relief and asked her to wait there. He moved towards her making way for him through the crowd. But when he reached where Pragya stood before, she is not there. Abhi got panicked. He looked here and there and saw Pragya handbag in the floor. Abhi searched for her in the whole mall. He informed the authorities of the mall. They also searched for her. She was nowhere to found. The authorities informed Abhi that, “We feel your wife should have been kidnapped”

Abhi: why?….how are you saying that [he stammered a lot due to panic]

Authority person: Sir, the fire alarm break out only in the floor where you and your wife were present. And also there was no fire in the building and also the security guard of that floor was found unconscious. We shouldn’t waste time. Let’s file a complaint… Wasting time will risk your wives life…

Abhi doesn’t know what to do…. He felt someone stabbed his heart… He know that he shouldn’t waste time…With the help of the authority people he filed a complaint in police… He even went to the Indian Embassy there. He just don’t wanna lose any point that will either help him or lead him to Pragya…

He didn’t inform anyone in his family…He called Aakash and informed him alone. He asked him not to tell anyone and come to France immediately as he wanted someone from his family to be with him… The police officials, and Abhi were searching her everywhere… There were not even able to find single trace of her…Even the Embassy tried a lot…It’s night…They asked Abhi to take rest… After they forced him a lot Abhi moved to his room… He didn’t get sleep….After getting into the room he fell down on his knees and cried a lot…. He remembered each and every moment he spent with her… He kept on crying… No one is there to console him..

In background,

Uyire uyire piriyaathe

uyirai thookki yeriyaathe

unnai pirinthaal ulagam kidaiyaathe

kanave kanave kalaiyaathe

kanneer thuliyil karaiyaathe

nee illaamal irave vidiyaathe

penne nee varum munne

oru bhommai pole irunthen

punnagaiyaale mugavari than thaye

aayul muzhudum anbe

un arugil vaazhthida ninaippen

arai nodi minnal pole sendraaye

pul mel vaazhum pani than kaainthalum thalai mel

thaangiya neram koncham aanal porkaalam

un arugaamai adi naan izhanthaalum

sernthe vaazhtha ovvoru nodiyin ninaive santhosham

kadal moodiya theevugalai kan paarvaigal arivathillai

athu pole unnil moozhgi vitten

un kai korthu adi naan sendra idam thannan

thaniyai enge vanthai endre ketkirthe

un thol saainthu adi naan nindra maram

nizhalai ellam surutti kondu neruppai erikkirathe

nizhal nambidum en thanimai

udal nambidum un pirivai

uyir mattum nambida marukkirathe

[Friends I tried to find translation for this song but I didn’t get.]

Abhi slept…Morning he woke up early…Got ready quickly and went to meet the police officials to ask them did they found any clue about her…Police officials were trying at their best to trace her…But they didn’t get any clue..

Abhi got a call from an unknown number while he was at the station…He attended the call…He heard, “Maams pls enna kaapathuga… inga irundu kootitu po pls” [Maams, please save me. Take me from here] she cried a lot…

Before Abhi could reply anything he heard someone slapping her hard and Pragya screaming… Abhi shouted, ‘Pragya, Pragya please say something’. But the phone got disconnected…

Episode ends here at the worried face of Abhi…

Precap: Pragya at gunpoint

Friends as I said earlier I can update only short episodes. Hope you don’t get disappointed with today’s plot. Please let me know your comments..

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