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Story time now…..

Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya in each other arms…after some time they came back to their senses and Pragya relieved herself from Abhi’s arms…she started stammering the same with Abhi…

Pragya said…so..rry..that is….i ..i.. don’t ..know….how…I am… am… am sorry

Abhi: I am too and he excused himself from her and went out of the closet.

Pragya slapped her head for not being in control whenever she is near Abhi. For doing crazy things. She decided to control all her enthuse and stay calm…

Abhi to himself, ‘she is really crazy. Understanding. Feeling good when I am around her. Felt like some magic on me while she hugged… did she had the same feeling? But l really love that feeling… Is she felt the same? No, shouldn’t expect all these from her so soon… she hugged me out of enthuse… anyway let it be…’ moving aside his thoughts he left his room…

It’s been a week Pragya came to Mumbai…Next week is their reception…Pragya family will reach Mumbai in three days…Preparations are going in full swing…

Days rolled…Pragya family came… They also helped in reception [Friends, Pragya family also know about Abhi’s profession as Pragya informed them on the day she came to know about him]

It’s day before Reception day. Tanu family also arrived… The house is fully decorated with laughs and happiness of their families…

It’s reception day… Paati asked Pragya to get ready in Aaliya room and Abhi in their room…

It’s the time for reception… All the guests arrived… Abhi also came to the hall and started talking to the people who has arrived…

Since afternoon he didn’t even get a single glimpse of Pragya. He was desperately waiting to see her. He was talking to Purab. Suddenly he felt her presence and turned back, there she came along with ‘Aaliya and Bulbul’. She looked stunning. He is not able to take his eyes off Pragya. Pragya came and joined Abhi. Abhi whispered in her ears, ‘beautiful’. She smiled and replied ‘Thank You’

Everyone congratulated them for their marriage… Aaliya went to the stage and announced,

‘Thank you friends…Thanks for coming to wish my Anna and Anni for their marriage life…Hope you all enjoying the party…Now it’s time for dance…Our lovely new couple will dance now….Anna, Anni stage is yours…’ saying this she stepped down from the stage.

Pragya said to Abhi, ‘What is this? No, I won’t dance…’

Abhi: You don’t wanna dance with me…

Pragya: Nothing like that. I don’t know to dance.

Abhi: No problem, I am there na. You will dance well, come…

Pragya: No, what if I slip…

Abhi forwarded his hands towards Pragya and told her, “trust me, you won’t fall. Just follow me and don’t leave my hands.”

Pragya nodded ‘Yes’ and holded Abhi’s hand… Both went to stage.

‘Unnale en Jeevan’ song from ‘Theri’ played. Abhi holded Pragya by her waist and started dancing. Pragya too danced following the leads of Abhi. They looked intensely into each other eyes. They forget the surroundings… Both were too close to each other… [Remember the way they danced in Aaliya’s Sangeeth in KKB same way but now they danced with happiness]… The song ended but they were still lost in each other. They came back to their senses after hearing the claps by everyone.

After that everyone danced as a couple…

Abhi and Pragya were enjoying the party. At that time Tanu came from nowhere towards Abhi and Pragya. Tanu shake hands with Pragya to congratulate her and the next thing which she did irked Pragya a lot. Yes, Tanu hugged Abhi and even Abhi reciprocated the hug. Pragya got irked more. She saw Abhi talking to her casually. Tanu stood with them she didn’t moved from there. Whenever Abhi turned towards Pragya for saying something Tanu came up with one or other topic to divert Abhi….Pragya got angry but she remained silent not to create a mess and she know that Abhi was feeling grateful towards Tanu for taking their marriage very lightly. Pragya thought it is normal so she left it just like that.

After a while Tanu came once again towards them and asked Abhi for a dance. Abhi turned towards Pragya and she nodded her head as ‘Yes’. Then he went along with Tanu and they danced for a minute… All the time he kept on looking Pragya. Pragya felt happy….

It was almost time for the party to end… Guests started to leave from there. After everyone left Parvathi called Abhi and Pragya and gave them her gift. Abhi got it from his mother and gave it to Pragya. Pragya opened it and saw. Its flight tickets to France. She gave that to Abhi and looked at Parvathi. Abhi saw the tickets and asked her mother,

Abhi: Amma, what is this?

Parvathi: Tickets to France. It’s for your honeymoon trip. Free yourself from all the meeting for a week and go.

Abhi: Amma, how can we go now? You know na how we got married.

Parvathi: I know all Abhi. But you are going. You both can know about each other and understand. You both need some space for yourself. So just go.

Abhi: Amma pls… not now…later

Parvathi: Abhi, you are going. Pragya I know it will be difficult for you to go on a trip but you both will understand each other. So please go ma.

Pragya: Ok Athai.

Sarla and Ranganathan were also present there. They were very happy. They blessed Abhi and Pragya and went to the guest room. Pragya moved towards their room. Abhi followed her. Abhi thought to himself, ‘how can we go on a honeymoon trip now? She is not yet completely comfortable with me. She should be feeling bad inside. How she will manage all this. I should talk to her and console her’. Both entered their room. After a brief thought Abhi said to Pragya,

Abhi: Pragya I know you should feel bad for this trip. But I am sorry I do not have choices to cancel this trip.

Pragya: I know maams.

Abhi: Maams???

Pragya: Yeah , I will use all the names that I like to call you. Do you have any problem?

He just nodded ‘No’ and he laughed at her cute antics.

Pragya: Don’t feel maams. Don’t think it as a honeymoon trip, think it as a friendly trip. I mean two friends going on a trip. See maams, if we are here na we will be formal in approaching each other and then to share friendship and all it will take some time. But if we go for a trip na, without any work without anyone we know surrounding us we will get complete time for both of us alone. So we can roam a lot, we can get to know about each other, we can play and maybe we can become the best friends forever. Think that way na…

Abhi: Yeah bujji, I think you are right. We can spend time for each other alone. It would be really nice.

Pragya: Bujji?

Abhi: Haan, it’s you. If you can keep name for me I also can na. By the way it’s nice to call each other with other names.

Pragya: Yes yes

Abhi forwarded his hand and asked, ‘Friends?’ Pragya holded his hands and said, ‘Forever’…

Pragya: Ok ok enough of everything maams… Do ten sit-ups…

Abhi: But why Pragya?

Pragya: You really don’t know maams? I tell you, for hugging that ‘Vella Paachchan’ [White Cricket – it’s a insect]

Abhi: Vella Paachchan??

Pragya: Your Tanu!!!

Abhi: Bujji, don’t say My Tanu…. You know na… We are just friends nothing more than that. Even she moved on with her life..

Pragya: I know Maams. Stop diverting me. Do sit-ups now.

Without any way to go he did sit-ups… Pragya was counting and laughing at him… After a while, due to tired they decided to sleep… day ended…

It’s day for Abhi and Pragya to go for their honeymoon…sorry sorry friendly trip…. Sarla and Ranganathan stayed in Abhi’s home as they decided to go to Chennai after giving a sendoff to Pragya and Abhi. Luckily their flight to Chennai is also booked on the same day…

They reached airport. It’s time for Abhi and Pragya’s flight. Till that time Pragya didn’t feel bad. After hearing the announcement for their flight she hugged Sarla and cried as she will not be able to see them daily… She hugged Bulbul and Ranganathan…. Sarla asked her not to cry and blessed her to live happily… Abhi Pragya went inside the airport to board their flight after waving bye to their family members…

They heard the announcement for Chennai Flight. Sarla and Ranganathan said bye to Paati and Parvathi and started to move along with Aaliya and Bulbul. Yes, Aaliya is also going with them as she need to join the college as she have taken lot of leave already. Paati and Pavithra left the airport after everyone left.

Pragya is still in tears and she is controlling her tears. Abhi know it would be difficult for her to console herself. He didn’t asked her anything. He knows if he ask her something definitely she will cry a lot. They boarded the flight and got seated in the reserved places. Abhi just holded Pragya’s hand and said, ‘I know bujji it will be difficult to stay away from your Parents. But I promise you whenever I get time we will go to Chennai and spend time with them. Don’t cry please… I am not able to see you crying…Please na…For your friend’s sake’

Pragya just leaned on his shoulder and sobbed without making noise. Abhi, patted her back. She composed herself and they started talking to each other and slept on each other’s shoulder….

Let’s see what destiny is holding to play in their lives… especially in France… Will they fall in love with each other? Or as decided, will they become the besties? Or will they get separated??? France holds the key….

Precap: Pragya gone missing. Abhi filed a police complaint

How is the episode????? Is that good? Or bad? Friends let me know your comments…..Even if it is negative so that I can improve next time. Hope I haven’t disappointed you… Thanks again for your support friends…

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    U did not disappoint your sis …..Very Happy Reading your update…..
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