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Hi friends thanks for your comments and support….I am feeling very happy on reading your comments..thanks for your support…. Thank you Deepika, Di, Durga, Shaanu, Hemu Sampath, Muffin, Abhigya, Monesha, Vaishali, Mukund Raj, Sriti, Krish, Sheerapthinisd,Somiya, Prathi, Rajesh, Sweety, Krithika, Sandhya, Durga, Nirmal, Nannu, Sugan….

Thank you so much for all the friends including the silent readers for spending time to read my FF….

Sandhya – No sorry between friends right. So no more asking sorry’s, ok? All the best for your studies. And regarding villain of course they are there. But they won’t come now… Let’s wait to see what they are gonna do. Thanks for your comments.

Rajesh – Thanks for your comments. It’s because of laptop issues. I will try to update regularly. And regarding pre-cap I will try to post that as well.

And to all – regarding the word ‘Aththan’. I really loved that word. But still no issues. I will soon think of a name for Abhi and will use that. Is that ok ?

Ok let’s get into the story…

The episode starts with the happy face of Abhi and Pragya… Abhi informed Pragya that he has meeting regarding a concert and left from home. She went to Aaliya’s room to spend some time with her. After some time she went to her room to arrange her things in their room. She went inside the closet and opened the cupboard. It was a complete mess. She finds difficult to decide how to start arranging everything. She then decided to clean the cupboard and arrange everything. She pulled all the clothes and the other things that were placed in the cupboard to the floor. While doing so a diary fell down. She saw that and pick it up. She opened it and read ‘Abhishek’. Yes, it’s Abhi’s diary. She not even give a thought about deciding whether to read it or not. She just like that opened his diary to read it.

Starting pages where empty….

In one of the pages it was written my wishes…my hopes…my love…

She turned further pages…

And in one page it is written

‘Have to become Famous Rockstar –

I gave auditions regularly but never got chances. None of the time I was depressed. When I come back home after auditions Paati and Amma are there…always there to give me support. Even Aaliya too… They will be worried what will happen if I didn’t make it. They never asked me whether the audition is success or not. Amma will make me lay on her lap and caress my head. Paati will talk random things about the day. They thought they are diverting my mind. But they don’t know that I was not worried instead I was very happy to have them… they are my support…my hope…After Appa passed away… I was depressed Amma also…I decided to give up my ambition because I wanted to take care of my family…my family business…I told Paati about that…Paati didn’t said anything… She just said, ‘we will talk about it later’

Today I have become Rockstar…My Ambition…My Desire… everything is fulfilled…….It’s all because of Paati.. Yes because of her only I have become who I want to be…

That day after I talked to Paati she just said, ‘we will talk about it later’…may be she thought whatever she do to convince me will go in vain…she did so many things without my knowledge…she had called ‘Aakash’ my cousin brother and talked to him to look after my family business…she asked our company officials to train Aakash for a month to handle the business. Even Aakash did whatever Paati said without any complaints…she further hand-over our business in Chennai to Purab. He is managing our business in Chennai. She further sent the CD’s of my own compositions to many producers for asking a chance for me…

It’s been more than a month Appa left us….

One day I decided to talk to Paati for getting her permission to look after our business…I saw Paati in her room…Amma was also there. Amma was completely depressed after we lost my father…I went near Paati and sit next to her. I said ‘I need to talk to her’. She replied, “yeah Abhi even I need to talk to you. Let me complete first.” I just nodded ‘Ok’. She made a phone call and asked someone to come. After few minutes Purab and Aakash came in. I looked at them surprisingly and hugged them. Paati said “I will introduce them to you”. I was confused because I know who they are and looked confusingly at Paati. Paati further said, ‘Abhi meet Aakash and Purab our business partners and here hold this cover’ saying this she gave two envelope to me. I was shocked even Purab and Aakash. Before we could say anything she gestured us to stop and asked me to open and read what is there inside the envelope. I opened them and read it.

First one is a bond paper stating that Purab and Aakash are our partners and they are given 20% of shares to each in our business and I will be given 60% of shares. I looked at my Paati she gestured me to read the second one…

Second one is an official paper from a producer about my concert…

I become speechless… My Paati had did so much to ease all my problems… When Aakash and Purab protested about the shares she just replied them, “You both are really deserved to be the partners in the company. Don’t say anything else. Just work for the improvement of your company.” And she asked them to take the complete responsibilities until I achieve my goal. They both agreed for that… Tears started to flow from my eyes. I just hugged my Paati and cried. She consoled me. I was so happy that day. My Amma was also very happy for me. After my father passed away that is the first time I saw my mother smiling…

My first concert was a big hit. I started working on for all my concerts and albums thinking that it was my first…Now I have become quite a famous Rockstar….

Everything is because of my Paati…Without her I can’t even imagine what would have happened to my family…she is the pillar of my family… Backbone of my success… She is my everything… Our everything…

Love you Paati………’

The page was filled with above words…Pragya doesn’t know how to react….She too said, ‘Love you Paati’

She turned further pages….

It is written ‘Have to do concert in Chennai -’

This is only written in that page, nothing else… Pragya understood that is his wish which is not yet completed…..

She turned further pages….

It is written ‘Lovely family….Loveable wife….Kiddy Kids….Crazy life with loveable memories…’

Pragya just starred at the page and a smile formed in her lips. She thought, ‘I know I am his wife. Will I be able to become a lovely wife as he wish…Our Kids…What about our crazy life??? Only he needs to answer…’ She just closed the diary and kept it back in the cupboard. She started arranging clothes of Abhi. After a while Abhi came back. By that time Pragya started arranging her clothes. Abhi came inside the closet and asked her ‘What are you doing?’

Pragya: I am arranging my clothes. It’s very difficult to take it from the bag each time.

Abhi: Ok ok. Do you need any help?

Pragya: Almost done. Few things only pending.

Abhi: Ok, then I will give company to you.

Saying this he sat next to her. They started talking about random things and Abhi said Pragya about his meetings. That time Abhi saw the marriage Saree. Now only everything came into his mind. He decided to ask her.

Abhi: Pragya, I wanna ask you one thing. Shall I?

Pragya: Hmmm

Abhi: This saree you got in this ‘XYZ shop’ from Kanchipuram only na?

Pragya: [surprisingly] haan. How you know?

Abhi: You won’t believe if I say how I know?

Pragya: Please Aththan sollunga [tell me], how you know?

Abhi hesitated a moment because he was worried about Pragya’s reaction if he said that he selected that saree for Tanu. But still he said.

Abhi: I selected this saree for my marriage. I mean for Tanu. [said hesitatingly and contd…] but she said ‘that she doesn’t like this saree’

Pragya was silent for a moment…. Abhi got panicked without knowing how she gonna react…

Pragya: Aththan OMG….I can’t believe this…which means you selected saree for me… no no.. I selected the saree which you wanted to select… no no no I selected the saree you wanted your bride to wear for your marriage na…..[she said happily and enthusiastically]

Abhi got relieved and said , “Can say that way too…”

Pragya: What Aththan? Why are you saying , ‘Can say that way ???’ OMG wowwwwww…..see Aththan God also wanted us to be together in all ways… That’s why I have chosen this saree… You know one thing that day whatever saree Suresh selected I said no to all. Finally I selected this saree immediately after seeing this one. I am very happy.. I don’t know what to say…..

Saying all this and with utmost happiness she hugged Abhi tightly….Abhi was taken aback with Pragya’s reaction…But after a while he too hugged her back…

Episode ends here…

I know friends’ episode is too short… I had some work so I am not able to write a long one. But, next one will be long one, ok?…

Please let me know your comments. Hope I haven’t disappointed you. Please let me know your negative comments too.

Thank you all once again for the support….

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