Destined to be yours!!! Episode 11

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Ok let’s get into the story…

Episode starts with Abhi and his family landing in Mumbai. Abhi and Pragya walked together, while Aaliya, Parvathi and Paati walked together and they were going in front of Abhi and Pragya.

Abhi: Pragya, just wait here I will collect the baggage and come.

Pragya: Sure.

But she thought to join Aaliya and others so she moved forward from where Abhi asked her to wait. Suddenly she missed Aaliya and when she turned back it was crowded. She was not able to find Abhi even. She was looking here and there to find Abhi. But all resulted in vain. Finally she decided to ask the security people over there about the direction to baggage section. They guided her. There also she was not able to find Abhi. She doesn’t know what to do because her mobile is dead without power in battery. She looked around everywhere but nothing struck her mind. Tears formed in her eyes. When she turned around she saw a crowd of people surrounded someone. She just heard some celebrity is present there. And he is a ‘Rockstar’. She don’t want to go and see the celebrity as she has already missed Abhi. But something forced her to go and see through the crowd who is it? She tried not to go but unknowingly she moved towards the crowd. She made way for her in the crowd and move towards front. But she was not able to see who is that? as the celebrity was standing facing opposite side.

Pragya thought to herself, ‘who would be that ?’ she tried her best to see him. But no she can’t.

Pragya: Hey Mr. Rockstar turn na, I wanna see you!!! [she said to herself]

Rockstar felt like someone is calling him so he turned back. Yes it’s Abhi [Friends, I know you all know that is Abhi…]

Pragya was shocked to see her husband there… That too everyone calling him as a Rockstar… Everyone is trying to take his photograph and autograph…Media people are asking him so many questions…

Abhi also stood there without saying anything to the questions asked by the media people after seeing Pragya. No one around him is visible to him now…Only Pragya is visible to him…He came back to his senses after the repeated questions of Media persons…He smiled at them and asked them to wait for a moment and move towards Pragya…Everyone looked at him…Pragya is still in shock…Abhi went near her and said in her ears…

Abhi: Pragya darling, how you came here?

[Pragya just stared at Abhi after hearing the word ‘Darling’]

Abhi: Pragya, just hold my hands and come.

Then he show his hand towards Pragya and gestured her to hold it. Pragya holded it and Abhi took her near Media People.

Abhi to everyone, ‘I know friends you have lot of questions about who is she and who is she to me? Well I am very glad to introduce her to you all, please meet Mrs. Pragya Abhishek and this rockstar’s better half…No no the best half of mine’ saying this he holded her by waist. Pragya was shocked by his action and stared at Abhi. Abhi understand her and said her in her ears, ‘I am sorry to hold you this way. But please stay like this for a while for me…pls..pls smile…’. Pragya didn’t said anything nor did she move. She just smiled as Abhi said. Everyone started taking photographs of them…

Media People: Sir, when you got married? You didn’t informed us? Is that a love marriage? Is it a secret marriage? How you met her????

They asked him so many questions.

Abhi: I got married recently only with my close relatives. Definitely I will let you all know about my marriage but not now. I have to leave immediately. Please excuse us.

Saying this he moved from there along with Pragya. But he forget to take his hands off Pragya.

Pragya: Excuse me Mr. Rockstar I think introduction part is over.

Abhi: [confused at Pragya’s words] Yeah, it’s over.

Pragya: Then it’s time to take your hands off me.

Abhi: I am sorry. I forget. [Saying this he took his hand from her]

Pragya didn’t even talk a single word to him. She didn’t ask him about anything happened just now. They came near exit.

Abhi: Pragya, we have to go through that way.

Pragya: I know Mr. Rockstar

Abhi still confused… They both saw Aaliya, Paati and Pavithra waiting for them.

Pointing towards Aaliya Abhi said, ‘Pragya, our family is waiting there’. Pragya replied, ‘I know Mr. Rockstar. I saw them already’ and gave a cold look to him and move towards their family.

Abhi was thinking what happened to her? Why she is talking this way? Finally he understood that is because he haven’t told her about his profession. He decided to talk to her after reaching their home. Their driver was waiting for them. They drove towards their home.

Paati asked Abhi and Pragya to wait at the doorstep. She asked Pavithra to bring aarathi for them.

Pavithra took aarathi for them and welcomed them in.

Patti: Abhi take Pragya to your room. Pragya go fresh up and come.

Both nodded ‘yes’ and Abhi walked towards his room, Pragya followed him. They went inside their room. [The same room in ‘Kumkum Bhagya’]. Pragya just looked around the room but didn’t looked at Abhi and not talked to him.

Abhi: Pragya

Pragya: Yes, Mr. Rockstar [she didn’t looked at him]

Abhi: Ada Pragya, why are calling me as Rockstar?

Pragya: You are rockstar na, then I have to call you with that name only. I am right na Mr.Rockstar ?

Abhi: What is this Pragya? Look at me…

Pragya: It’s ok Mr. Rockstar. Tell me what you wanna say.

Abhi: Pragya, please don’t be angry with me!!!

Pragya: No Mr.Rockstar. I am not angry on you. You are a big celebrity, big Rockstar I am just small Pragya. What my anger will do you Mr. Rockstar?

[Abhi got fed up of Pragya calling him Mr. Rockstar]

Abhi: So, Madamji is angry on me.

Pragya looked at him angrily for a moment and turned back. Abhi went before her and holded her hand. He made her look at him.

Abhi: tell me why you are angry on me?

Pragya: why should I tell you Mr.Rockstar?

Abhi: Pragya stop calling me Mr.Rockstar.

Pragya: I will call like that only. Mr.Rockstar! Mr.Rockstar!! Mr.Rockstar!!!

Abhi: Arey Pragya. Ok listen. You are angry on me that I haven’t told you completely about me before na?

Pragya: Haan. But I don’t need any explanations Mr.Rockstar. [saying this she turned her face]

Abhi dragged her and made her sit in the bed. He sit next to her.

Abhi: I am sorry Pragya. I didn’t told you that I am a musician and I am doing concerts and I am quite a popular Rockstar. I was about to tell you before our marriage but stopped myself from saying so.

Pragya: Why you didn’t told me before our marriage Mr.Rockstar?

Abhi: be…cause…because…I thought you won’t agree for our marriage. I don’t want to lose you. That’s why I didn’t told you. I don’t want to give you chances to say ‘No’ for our marriage.

Pragya felt very happy for what Abhi said…

Pragya: You could have told me after our wedding na Mr.Rockstar?

Abhi: After our marriage I didn’t get chances to tell you. To say the truth I forget to tell you. While arranging for our Reception only I remembered that I haven’t told you or your family about my profession but decided to surprise you after coming here. You got to know when people gathered me at Airport. Please don’t think I am a Rockstar and how you will get to all these. I am a very simple man to my closed ones [Before he could say anything Pragya cuts-off him and said]

Pragya: I know Mr. Rockstar you are very simple by nature. I am not afraid of that. I am feeling bad for you

Abhi: Feeling bad for me?

Pragya: Yes. Mr. Rockstar.

Abhi: Why still Rockstar???

Pragya: Sorry, sorry, sorry Aththan. Ok va?

Abhi: [Smiled at her] Hmmm ok. Now tell me why you feel bad for me?

Pragya: You will go for parties and all. And I will also accompany you na ?

Abhi: What doubt in that?

Pragya: No doubt. Your fans, your friends will hug you na?

Abhi: Yeah?!? [he said confusingly]

Pragya: If that person is a boy I have no problem. If it is a girl, then there is the problem.

Abhi: What problem? You know na that’s way of showing their love towards me. Why you have to take it serious? How can I avoid them?

Pragya: No no, you don’t need to avoid them. Just hug them back. But punishment will be there…

Abhi: Punishment ?!?

Pragya: Yeah. For one hug ten sit-ups. If hug number is more than ten then you have to do 100 sit-ups. That’s it…

Abhi shocked at her punishment and said.

Abhi: No Pragya. Please na. How will I do 100 sit-ups? Think about me once…

Pragya: No please and all…It’s final… And your punishment will be changed according to my mood. No more discussion…

Abhi without having any other way to go agreed to her punishment…He thought to himself, ‘Oh God! What kind of punishment is this? What I am gonna do?’ and he asked Pragya, ‘Pragya, can’t you reduce that to 5?’ Pragya replied to him saying, ‘will think?’ and laughed loudly.

Pragya: Aththan, you know one thing?

Abhi: what?

Pragya: I was happy after knowing my hubby is a celebrity. Ayyo, I controlled myself from jumping. If it is not public place I would have jumped in happiness. I need to tell Bulbul. She will also become happy after knowing this.

Abhi smiled seeing her childishness and pulled her cheek and said, “You are a specimen.”

Pragya stared at him.

Abhi: Go and fresh up. I will take rest till that.

Pragya: Ok.

She went towards the direction where Abhi guided. She came back immediately.

Abhi: Why you came back immediately? What happened Pragya?

Pragya: Aththan is that a closet? Or something else? I feel like I will be lost…Where is the bathroom?

Abhi: Very funny! Come I will show you?

He shows her the bathroom. It’s more than an hour. Abhi was waiting for Pragya to come out so that he can fresh up. But there is no sign of Pragya. He decided to knock the closet’s door.

Inside the closet.

Pragya got ready. Only pending thing is tying the knot [dori] in her Salwar. She never tied it in her lifetime. Only Bulbul used to help her. She doesn’t know what to do now. At that time she heard the door knock.

Abhi: Pragya, are you there?

Pragya: Yeah.

Abhi: What are you doing inside? Have you got ready?

Pragya: I got ready.

Abhi: Then open the door Pragya. [she opened the door]

Abhi: Why you took so time? Why you didn’t opened the door till now?

Pragya: Nothing. Actuallly…[she stammered]

Abhi: What happened?

Pragya: I have to tie the knot in my salwar.

Abhi: Tie the knot then.

Pragya: Act..tual…ly…. I can’t tie it. I tried a lot. But still not able to tie it. Usually Bulbul helps me but now…

Abhi: Ok turn….I will tie it…

Pragya in a shocked reaction said, ‘no. it’s ok. Please call Aaliya. I will take her help’

Abhi: For these small things why you are calling her. I am here na. Ur sweet husband.

Saying this he moved towards her. Pragya stepped backwards. She hit the cupboard door. There is no place to move further. Abhi holded Pragya and turned her around. He moved her hair aside. Pragya didn’t protest. She just closed her eyes. Abhi tied the knot. Still Pragya didn’t opened her eyes still.

Abhi: Pragya!!! It’s done. Open your eyes.

Pragya came back to senses. She stammered a bit and pushed him lightly and went out immediately.

Abhi thought, “it’s a nice feel”

Pragya thought to herself, “why I didn’t stopped him? But I felt nice”

Episode ends at the happy face of Abhi and Pragya…

Hi friends. Please let me know your comments. Hope I haven’t disappointed you. Please let me know your negative comments too. If I am dragging or boring please let me know, so that I can improve them in my future episodes.

Thank you all once again for the support

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