Destined to be yours!!! Episode 10

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Ok let’s get into our story….

It’s morning time. Abhi’s home…

Pragya got up early and saw Abhi still sleeping. She went to get ready. She came out after 30 minutes. Still Abhi is sleeping. Without making any noice she left the room and went

to the living room. No one woke up as it is only 6:30 AM and due to travel tired and all problems everyone is still sleeping. Pragya left with thoughts without knowing what to do.

So she just planned to prepare coffee for everyone. But she thought, “If I wake them now, it we be like disturbing them. No I shouldn’t disturb them. Let’s prepare coffee after one

hour. What to do now????” After thinking a lot finally she decided to do a pooja and then look around the house. She did pooja and then started to look around the house. She

went inside a room. She was surprised to see inside the room…

Yeah, It’s a room with Abhi’s photos holding guitar and singing or getting award… there she saw a cupboard with lot of sheilds…. And also there are some musical instruments…
She thought to herself, “he knows singing…what job he is doing? is that related to music? No, It can’t be. If so he would have told me. But we didn’t had time to talk till now. May

be he forget to tell me or he didn’t got time in all these confusions. But he said na, he earns more than what a family needs. I have to ask him. But, it’s just one day we are married

how I can ask him all this? I need to find. OMG, my curiosity is killing me. Hold on Pragya hold on, you can ask him later… May be these were from his college days… He knows

to sing well. OMG, my husband knows to sing. Wowwwww.”

She didn’t touched anything there. She just looked at everything. May be if she saw the trophies closely she could have understood that these are his recent achievements…
[Friends, Abhi has a habbit. He used to keep all the things he feel close to his heart like awards, photos, musical related things in his home at Chennai as he feel home here… And in

Mumbai also he has all the collections, but few things he used to maintain as a treasure in Chennai…]

After some time she went to kitchen for preparing coffee. Yeah, she found the kitchen while looking around the home… she checked whether there is milk and the remaining things

needed to prepare coffee. Everything was there. So she happily prepared the coffee. First she went to Aaliya room to wake her up. She saw Aaliya still sleeping. Pragya went near

her called her name. No response from Aaliya. She patted Aaliya’s cheek to wake her up. Aaliya stirred a bit and woke up.

Pragya: Good Morning
Aaliya: Good Morning Anni.
Pragya: Here is your coffee. Get up. Go fresh up and have this.
Aaliya: It’s ok Anni give me, I will have it now.
Pragya: No, first fresh up then only coffee.
Aaliya: Anni please.
Pragya looked at her without giving coffee. Aaliya understood she won’t get coffee without getting freshen up nor Pragya will leave her to sleep now. She just hugged Pragya and

went to washroom.

For Pragya, she is very comfortable with Aaliya and she looked like her Bulbul. After sometime Aaliya came and had her coffee.

Aaliya: Anni, coffee super.
Pragya: Thanks Aaliya. Take me to Paati room and give coffee to Athai.
Aaliya: Anni, you can give coffee to Amma also na?
Pragya: No Aaliya, Athai said she needs some time to accept me completely. I don’t know how she will react after seeing me. I don’t want to upset her on first day.
Aaliya: Ok Anni. Let’s go.

They both went to Paati room. Paati was already woke up and Parvathi is also there. They both gave coffee to Paati and Parvathi. Parvathi appreciated Pragya for her coffee and

asked her to go and wake up Abhi.

Pragya not even expected this from Parvathi. She just looked at her. Parvathi again asked her to go and wake up Abhi. Pragya said ‘Ok’ and left from there.

Pragya took coffee and stood at thier room’s door. She had a strange feeling. Till yesterday she didn’t felt anything different. Now she had a strange unknown feeling. Gathering all

her courage she went inside Abhi was still sleeping. She don’t kn ow how to wake him up. She called him slowly. No response from him. She called him so many times. But he

didn’t woke up. She was about to pat his cheeks. She move her hand next to his cheek. But something stopped her from doing so. She hesitated a lot. She thought of a plan and

blow air on his face. He smiled in his sleep. She just looked at his smile. He looked so handsome. She once again blow on his face. He started to woke up. She immediately moved

away from him. He opened his eyes and saw Pragya. He smiled and said, “Good Morning”. She just smiled.

Pragya: Go fresh up and come.
Abhi: Ten minutes.
Pragya: No…Now
Abhi: 10 minutes plssss……
Pragya nodded no…..
Abhi: Ok.

He went for getting fresh. She went to bring coffee for him…. Both entered the room at the same time. Abhi looked at her confusingly as she brought coffee in a some what big

cup… She gave the coffee to him… He took the coffee from her and asked why you brought coffee in a big cup.

Pragya: This will be only sufficient.
Abhi: It’s more than enough. Next time give me in small cup.
Pragya : Ok

she got disappointed . Abhi noticed her but didn’t said anything. He was about to drink the coffee. He took the cups closer to his lips. But paused and said to Pragya,

Abhi: Pragya give me the cup.

Pragya was surprised as well as excited. But didn’t show it on her face. She gave the cup which she had in her other hand to Abhi and asked,

Pragya: How you know? You saw it?
Abhi: No.
Pragya: Then?
Abhi: I felt…

Pragya was so happy as he felt what she wanted to do. Yeah she wanted to share the coffee with him not now alone but everyday as he did yesterday. She was happy when he

shared the coffee the previous day. So decided to continue that daily. But she feared whether he will be ok with that or not. That’s why she hide the other cup from him and didn’t

asked him. But now she is very happy.

Abhi gave Pragya her share of coffee. She smiled at him.

Abhi: What????
Pragya: Nothing and smiled.
Abhi: Let’s always share the coffee like this from today
Pagya was cloud nine as Abhi was saying what she wanted to say. She replied him ‘Ok’ with excitement. They had their coffee. Abhi went to take bath and Pragya left to kitchen to

keep the cups. Pragya is in living room talkin with Pragya. Paati called Abhi to come to lliving room. He came…

Paati: Abhi, call Pragya’s parent.
Abhi: Ok, paati and got their mobile number from Pragya and called them and gave the phone to Paati.
Paati took the phone from Abhi and on the other end Sarla received the call. Paati and Sarla talked about normal things and then Paati asked them to come to their home for

discussing about the other rituals and reception party. Sarla agreed.

Sarla family arrived after two hours. Paati and Pavithra welcomed them in. Aaliya gave juice to them. They had a casual talk for a while and then discussed about the post rituals

and the Reception party. They finally decided to have two reception party. One at Chennai and other at Mumbai as the marriage happened so suddenly. They were not able to

inform their relatives about the marriage. So it is decided to have the reception within a week at Chennai and and on third week at Mumbai. [friends I don’t want to concentrate on

the post wedding rituals and the reception at Chennai]

Abhi asked his manager to arrange for the Reception party at Mumbai and invite everyone. He asked his manager not to inform anything to the media and keep his marriage a secret

until he comes there. Manager said ok for that.

Days rolled…

Abhi and Pragya were busy always with post wedding rituals, getting ready for the reception parties and all.. They didn’t get much time for each other…

Post-wedding rituals completed….Reception at Chennai also completed… They planned to go to Mumbai two days after the reception… Its day to leave to Mumbai…

Abhi’s family alone started to Mumbai… It is decided that Ranganathan family will go to Mumbai after a week as it is still two weeks there for the reception at Mumbai….

Ranganathan family went to airport to send-off Pragya and others….

Flight started from Chennai….. After few hours flight landed at Mumbai……

Episode ends here friends……………………..

Precap: Pragya was shocked???????????????????????

Thank you so much friends for your support. Please keep on supporting. Hope you all liked this episode. Let me know your comments. Please let me know if it is boring so that I

can improve it in my next episode…

Thank you all once again…..

Friends my lap is not working. I will be able to update on Monday only as the keyboard is not working. Today it was difficult to update but I managed to update. I am sorry…Meet you on Monday….Have a nice weekend….

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