Destined to be yours!!! Episode 1

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Forget to inform, Pragya is professor by profession. And knows to sing as well as she can play veenai too good.

Here is the story….

Ranganathan and Sarla are searching a best life partner for Pragya. They have registered her profile in matrimonial site and are in full swing to find a best groom for her..

As for Pragya, she just wanted to get settled in life with the person whom her parents find to be her best life partner. And for Bulbul she wanted her sister to be always happy.
Finally… Sarla and Ranganathan’s mission accomplished…
In the living room..
Sarla : Pragya, I need to talk to you.
Pragya: Haan, amma.
Sarla: It’s regarding your marriage. I .. I want to know your expectations about your marriage…
P: (thinking something)
S: (after pausing for a while) are you in love with someone. We are ok with that too. We just wanted to know your opinion
P: no amma. I am not in love and also I don’t really know what I expect.
(bulbul enters)

B: Ayyo akka.. how you are able to say like this. You are really a rare specimen of this century. Apdiye unaku Marina beach la oru silai vaika sollidalam and winks at sarla… [Let’s inform to keep a statue for you in Marina beach ](Marina beach is in Chennai)
P: Ada Bulbul odai vanga pora. (Bulbul, I am gonna beat u)
(Sarla laughs at her children’s talk)
P: amma I am fine with whatever guy u find for me. I have complete trust on u and appa.
S: Ok Pragya. We have found a groom for u and ask Bulbul to bring groom’s photo.
P: Bulbul stop. Ma I am ok with this alliance and don’t want to see the photo now.
S : Arey Pragya, but
P: No but’s and no if’s. I am telling na I am ok with this proposal if u r ok with that.
S: Ada Pragya, atleast Mapillai (Groom) enna pandrarunavadhu therinjiko. (Atleast know what groom is doing… )
P: No amma. I trust you completely

S: Then shall we arrange for the engagement next week they want to get their son married within few months.
P: I am ok ma.
B: Akka .. amma.. won’t you ppl ask me for opinion.
S: (twisted bulbul ears) haan haan nee periya manishi.. un kitta permission kettu dhan ellam seiyanum.. (you have become an elder and we need to do everything after getting permission from you).

B: Amma valikudu vidunga vidunga [leave me ma it’s paining].. (she said this like a child)
Pragya and Sarla laughed at her antics and they share a family hug..
Later Pragya in her room leaned in the window thinking about her marriage….she is so restless and confused but don’t know the reason
Meantime in Mumbai…..
A huge crowd gathered in a stadium and shouting a single name…. everywhere it is his name being chanted loudly in the crowd….
A man is shown playing his guitar… yes it’s our Abhi.. Abhi The Rockstar…………… He has done so many concerts…But in this concert.. he is feeling so weird..he is feeling restless. Almost the concert is over and the song he gonna sing is the last song of that concert……..
The crowd is cheering Abhi..Abhi…Abhi….
But Abhi is still restless………

Screen ends on restless face of Pragya and Abhi….
What destiny have for these two… will they meet? Or they are not destined to be together….let’s see…..
Please let me know your review….

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