Destined (Epi-2)


So here I present to you the 2nd chapter of my ff.

As the clock struck 10 , the door bell rang. Who else could it be other than Aryan n Aarav ….wondered Aditi .Knitting her eyebrows she welcomed d duo .Aryan having understood her thoughts felt ready to compensate for his conduct.
Adi : 5TH TIME Aryan ,can u imagine for the 5th time u have done the same mistake.How can u be so irresponsible Aryan.

Aryan: Calm down!calm down Adi.I am ready to apologize to Aradhya
Apologize !said Adi not letting Aryan speak further .Several times u have apologized to Aradhya but then what the same old routine
It is not like that …..said a convincing Aarav but soon became loss of words as he met with Adi’s frosty glares…..n then went Adi carping all way long.
I have had enough of your rebukes Adi n that is it…I know I am at fault but I am ready to apologize foe that so what is the problem….said Aryan .
Aryan I know u realize your mistake but what about Aru ha!ALL DAY LONG she is somber , shamming to be happy n least frazed about what is happening .In this condition do you think it is healthy for her to take so much stress…….said Adi

I understand ,I completely understand what u wish to say.I KNOW THAT Aradhya n our unborn child need my time n guess what I have taken a week off just to spend some time with MY BETTER HALF n my BABY
ADI: That is a great news Aryan…so glad to hear that!so now finally u r getting on the right track,now go in …she is waiting…………..
Aryan:Yes , but firstly thank you Adi for taking so good care of my Aradhya n our baby,really thanks dear,words fall short to express my gratitude to u.
Offo Aryan come on yaar. Aru is like a sister to me n yes I am the masi of the baby so even I have some duties towards them ….now go in.
Adi came upto Aarav N whispered a short sorry to him for those frosty glares.Come on Adi ,I know u better u were boiling with rage so u said that ,u really didn’t mean that n nor did I
N den went Aarav n Aditi discussing about some trivial matter.

As Aryan entered in ,there he saw his lady love freeting her cosmetic drawer . He went on putting his arm around her waist.Aru den slipped her arm under hid and across his back and he put his arm around her shoulder so that she was nearly engulfed by him.Hw firmly held her against him n placed a small light kiss through her hair,half on her left cheek,n half on her ear n den he whispered SORRY ,I know u r upset aradhya n I am sorry for not informing u before leaving but u know what u r at fault for this and not me
Me !!me !! how mean Aryan
I mean ur beauty ur innocence …everytime I tried to wake u up ,I was hauled by your innocence ur beauty n on a serious note Aradhya I left at 5:30 in the morning so u only tell me would it be healthy to wake u n the baby at that early hour….

Baby ,o really Aryan do u really remember that I am carrying a baby inside.No actually in these days I thought that u had forgotten dat ur wife is pregnant I mean u used to leave at that early hour n returh god knows when .Almost AFTER three days I am seeing ur face do u even know how worried I was for u .All day long I was engrossed in your thoughts only I know……I UNDERSTAND how busy u r but me n your baby demand only a short span of time from your hectic schedule.
Aradhya I know yaar but I had been so busy these while but I promise that this will definitely never get repeated now….please forgive me noow….plzzzzzzz,sholllllllyyyyyyyy n he went on until he was forgiven by ARU

Soon after crouching down Aryan diligently placed his hands on Aradhya z baby bump n went on daintly debusing it n whispered to the tiny creature ‘Daddu is so sorry jaan ….but daddu promises that he will never do it again n now u n ur mumma will definitely get what u require n dis is a pakka wala promise from daddu z side……ur daddu is eagerly waiting for u to come out n the moment u come out I will shower all my love n blessings on you.I WILL love u from the moon and back my jaan . Sometimes I might scold u or might even shout on you but remember that UR DADDU will always love u unconditionally .n den he planted a small kiss on her belly ARU WAS LEFT TEARY EYED seeing this perfect moment.DIS moment was indescribable for her…….

I hope u guys loved it n please don’t forget to share your comments .please ignore the errors n HAPPY READING

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  1. Its Awesome 🙂

    1. Ahana

      Thank you Alia

  2. Ahana dea???Dz was really,really touching epi dear..Dont knw y..But i lyk dz part so mean..I love dz Kindfull Aara?..Ua writing skills r really amaizingg…ماشاالله
    No more next part Asap

    1. Ahana

      thank you Rebba

  3. Manya

    Superbbb Ahana ?❤️??post soon ❤️

    1. Ahana

      thank you Ayushi

  4. Komal randhawa

    Amazing ????????

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  5. Ahana your writing is pretty awesome.its like I am Reding a novel pls post as soon as possible

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      thank you so much Sayali

  6. Nitha

    Ahana dea ur writing fantastic, ??hearttouchng,esp tat part wn ary spk to his child in aru’s womb it was so real ?I felt as if I was watchng through my eyes.. Plzz continue posting..

    1. Ahana

      thank you so much Nitha…..

  7. It was just awesome

    1. Ahana

      thank you Diya

  8. Ahana.. d epi was really very awsome pls.. post d nxt prt soon…

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