Destined (Epi-1)


So here I am with the very first episode of my fan fiction n so sorry for writing it so late…

He was awake at 5 I’m clock in the morning,which wasn’t surprising since he had to leave for Nasik to attend on a crucial meeting.In d past one year,his life had become entirely different from what it used to be.His lyf had improved greatly.His lyf had changed in all means n he had been transformed into a better human being only n only because of the interminable faith n trust she always had on him which encouraged him to do better.His stupendous accounting abilities had made him the most sought after Chartered Accountant in just 2 yrs.
Thereby as he went settling down his collar his eyes met the innocent puppy like sleeping face of his lady love. He gazed at her. He was stupefied to look at her gleaming beautyand alluring charm.He was deeply enamoured by her
natural beauty.H e went up to d bed n sat beside her.His pleasure was intense,he caressed her cheeks n arms,a bit clumsily played with her hair.He was ready to give away all his life just seeing her sleep so serenely.It was getting so irresistible for him.Just den d silence broke by d ringing of the door bell .Den was d tym when he was alarmed about his meeting with the foreign delegates.He rushed to the door &found Aarav standing on the other end.Aarav was the Assistant of C.A. Aryan Tulsi.Aarav was spindle legged and luked lyk a piece of driftwood but was an honest inauthentic,maganimous&an industrious guy.Aryan had a great trust on him.Aryan treated him lyk him younger brother.

Bhai,isnt it getting late,we should have left by now…said a worried Aarav

‘Ya’Ya’…just a minute ,Aarav …said Aryan

Aryan quickly rushed into d room,gathered his files,took in his blazer &den planted a small kiss on her forehead.
Soon d footsteps receded.

At 10 O ‘clock

As d bright sun rays penetrated through the glass window and fell on Aradhya’s face.After a while ,have been struggling wid d sun rays ,she finally woke up.It was a warm lovely day.She could hear d blackbirds whistling n d parrots circling the blue sky
She came up to her dinning hall where Nancy(their par cat) welcomed her by rubbing her legs .This definitely made a smile appear on her face.Suddenly her eyes caught the attention on a bouquet of carnations n daffodils.Dere was a small note in them which read-:
‘Good Morning ‘ ,Meri do foot ki dinosaur,Sorry fhad to leave early in the morning for a meeting but will definitely try to catch u up in d evening.Bye:)
Yours n only yours Aryan…

Paru was left distraught but den it was becoming a daily routine for Aryan to leave her sleeping in the dawn without informing her.

A little later

Paru was little depressed and was sitting around d kitchen table , hulling strawberries,brooding about Aryan when Aditi dashed to her.Aditi a 25 yr old bubbly chic,was a well spoken girl but at times behaved lyk an incessant chatterbox.She was a well tendered girl and had a revered blood line .She was good at poetry but was a gynaecologist by profession.She was a nice girl with a cheerful disposition but extremely outspoken n pretty smart.She was a loyal frnd to Aara.

‘Meaaaw-meaawwwww’…..shouted the prankster in a loud voice

‘Shut up : yaar’said Aaru coming out of her thoughts.

Okay okay, but u know Aaru ….that I was wondering how someone can be so finicky n can spend hours moaning n groaning about someone.

‘So now u hve also started , ha! Already I’m so upset!

Ooohooo come on Aaru,this is gradually becoming Aryan’s daily routine.I know u r Miss him dear…..but wait…let him come home I will not spare him for making my bestie so depressed.Now come on smile…..plz… na….said Adi (Aditi ) with a pout which made Aaru smile at her childish antics.

Paru n Adi had met at the table of Delmonico’s Cooking Studio and find their taste almost similar.Both d girls had lot of things in common luk thei birthplace,rented apartment,fashion sense n much more.

Both the girls prepared a platter of homemade cookies,lots of candy n a strawberry tart.Den both d girls sat down 2 watch a movie together.Both loved each other ‘s company.Both spent on a loony evening together Cooking,watching movie,gossiping,playing board games,clicking selfie n dancing all about.

Hope u guys enjoyed reading dis…..plz don’t forget 2 share ur comments below n plz ignore the errors….

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  1. Komal randhawa

    Amazing… Plz post next epi ASAP .. .?????

  2. Komal randhawa

    Amazing ??… Plz post next epi ASAP …

    1. Ahana

      Thank you Komal…..?

  3. Manya

    Hey Ahana ayushi here episode was awesome ???and Aryan is super intelligent bcoz to become to CA it takes almost 4-5yrs but he did it in just 2yrs??and I hope u will read my ff too our impossible love
    Sorry but I don’t leave a chance to promote my ff ?

    1. Ahana

      Thank you Ayushi….n yes i will surely read ur ff …..?

  4. Nice one
    This ur first ff right??

    1. Ahana

      Thank you Hritika

      1. Ahana

        Yes it is my first ff

  5. Nitha

    Ahana it’s awesome Dea?.post next epi soon…

    1. Ahana

      Thank you Nitha

  6. Very nyc epi ahana loved it?

    1. Ahana

      Thank you Sam

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