My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day- Chapter 9 by Jerry

As soon as the words girlfriend and Anika escaped Shivaay’s mouth, Rudra and Om spoke “Oh My Maata” simultaneously as Pinky. Both his brothers were standing at the door and were invading the mother- son privacy. They decided to listen the whole conversation.

Pinky had form a thin layer of water in her eyes. She spoke “Shivaay beta am I not important to you to tell all these things with me. I kept asking but I always gained a negative response, why so beta ? Do I not love you ? Or will I not respect your choice ?” She kept weeping. He hugged her mother tight and apologized to the god for keeping him in this situation and telling her mom a lie. Had he not told his mother that he had a girlfriend she would make him marry and that he didn’t want. At least not now.

He kissed his mother’s forehead and said “I am sorry Mom. My intention was not to hurt you. It all happened in just a few days. Sorry mom, I don’t like the tears in your eyes and they are because of me. I am really sorry Mom.” Pinky nodded in negation and said “Okay I will not cry and yesss I am very angry with you but for how much time. I forgive you my bachha. I also liked Anika and was going to ask you about her only. Chalk now let me go ! I have to do the preparations.”

Shivaay did not knew what he said. They had barely started their friendship and he admitted her as his girlfriend. He was really messed up. He was thinking what to do next when his brothers gently paced into the room. Shivaay asked “You both here….?” Rudra spoke “We were thinking of a punishment to give you. You hided such a big thing. You broke the Obro code, bhaiya.” Shivaay was shocked that they too knew “You both were eavesdropping,no. This is wrong you should not….” “And what you did is right Shivaay ? Hiding such a big matter from us….” Om spoke. “Woh…actually….I ” “But bhaiya I am very happy that you chose Anika di. I really like her and at least someone will be like me in the house. Cool !” He exclaimed while hugging him forgetting all the anger. Om too joined the hug. “Obro Moment are the best” shivaay thought kissing the heads of his brothers.

“Okay bhaiya so that you are in a relationship I will teach you some basic points. Listen carefully.” Rudra became the teacher. Shivaay nodded and om giggled at his situation.
“First of all never tell a girl, she is fat or else you are gone. Say to her everyday that she is beautiful and flirt with her. No matter what, they love these pamperings and as I know you are a very unromantic person let me tell you how to flirt.” Rudra spoke.

He took out his phone and called on the number Vanshika. “Hey Vanshika what’s up baby. Are your legs aching too much ?” He pretended to be full of concern. Shivaay and om were clueless of what their baby brother was saying but they decided to listen. “No rudra. Why did you asked ?” Vanshika questioned from the other side. “Woh actually you were running in my mind since I woke up, so thought to ask.” Rudra said. “Oh love you shoo much shona, you are too cute.” Vanshika replied admiring him. “Love you too. Okay bye. Will meet you in the college” he ended the call. “You saw ?” He asked his brother who’s jaw had dropped. They both thought he is such a dramebaaz. Rudra was flicking his hair when from the corner of her eyes he saw Saumya. “Oh shit” he muttered. He thought “she must have misunderstood” as he saw her running fast towards her room. He excused him saying he has to complete his assignment and went. Om too went to attend a call regarding his work. Shivaay heaved a sigh of releif and headed towards Anika’s house.

He reached there and rang the bell. After some time a boy with crutches opened the door and asked “Who ?” “Shivaay Singh Oberoi” he answered softly. “I want to meet Anika. Is she there ?” “No she has gone to CCD.” “Ohh okay” he completely forgot about that. He was going when he stopped and turned towards the little boy. He bent down and asked “you are his brother, no ?” “Yesss ” he replied cheerfully. “Can I ask you a question?” He inquired. “Hmmm” he gave a not interested look. “Does your di have a boyfriend.” He spoke nervously. “And why do I have to tell you this ?” His sweet reply made him admire the little piece of cuteness more. “I am his best friend.” Shivaay spoke, doubtful thou. “oh so you are SSO. I know about you. Anika di has told me about you. Kanji Ankhon Vale Bagad Bills.” He giggled. “Now tell me.” He tried to control himself. “When a person who has went through so much in life, faced pain and betrayal, it takes only a extraordinary thing or a person to make her believe in love, make her feel wanted and no one has yet taken that initiative.” He wondered the child to be mature at such an age. Exotic. Shivaay ruffled his hair and headed towards his destination Cafe Coffee Day.

As he the door opened he heard some gossips about Anika. ” You know what, tomorrow I got a scolding from the boss. If Anika ma’am had been there she would have saved me.” “And Yess you know what she have got scolded because of you. She is really adorable. I wish I could be like her.” The two waiters continued chatting as Shivaay moved ahead smiling at her down to wards nature. He spotted her doing something in her mind. May be calculations. He waved at her and she too smiled. She opened her palm to indicate five minutes with a incredibly cute face. He again smiled and sat on the last table waiting for her to come.

She came after 10 minutes and muttered an apology. He accepted thou his time did not went in vain, he was staring at her all through out guessing how could some one be so selfless, beautiful, humorous and intelligent at the same time. Anika glanced at him and then the other side to talk about something saying she’ll come in some time. She then looked there and there. He blewed over her eyelids to blow away the tear, she had. She closed her eyes in response. He wondered what happened and made a mental note to ask her some other time. He went close to her ear and said “Will you be my Girlfriend ?” She opened her eyes and it seemed they will pop out any moment. She said “What ?” “Will you pretend to be my girlfriend Anika ?” She was shocked and don’t know what to reply. She said “If I say no….” “You know Anika there was a Saint Relaswami ? You know he always taught us that we should help others and if we are friends then the word ‘not’ should not be in the dictionary. I think you should imply this in you life.” He stopped waiting for her to speak. “But….” She couldn’t complete “Please. I am really stuck. I need help. You will not be in trouble.

I will make sure of that. My mom wants grandchildren…” “What ?” She again spoked mouth open. “I mean…she want my marriage and till I find some one can you be the one.” He closed her mouth. After a lot of convincing she said “Okay. But my work…..” You can do it simultaneously. I will tell my mom about it.” He said. “But I have one condition.” She said “What?” He asked. “You have to do whatever I want. I mean even if I ask you to wake up at 3 to do anything.” She said mischievously. “Okay” he wondered what she’ll ask. They had a fist bump. “Deal” they said.


Heya cuties !! How are you all ? Long time, no actually I was again stuck. And for you information the saint was hypothetical. Do tell me your views, along with silent readers. Thank you for reading❤

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  1. Mehakchalag

    Amazing as always.I m very happy today first, i read your.Second,ishqbaaz wins seven awards.OMG today i m on cloud nine.

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Mehak. I am also very happy for the Ishqbaaz team, they deserved it. Congratulations?

    2. Jerry_36

      Mehak do you know when will The SPA will air on Television ??

      1. Jerry_36

        Thank you Mehak, once again?

    3. Mehakchalag

      no need to thanks yaar hum ishqbaaz wale h aur ishqbaazwale thanx aur sry nhi bolte..

      1. Mehakchalag

        ek dusre ko.

  2. OK it was Awsm
    But please make more rumya scene

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Rumya. I will try to include their scenes in the next chapter?

  3. Ahaana

    It was so cute jerry as always like u …
    itnaaaa saaaraaaaa cuteeeee??..
    but u make me wait so much for ur ff ?

    1. Jerry_36

      Ahaana di, thank you so much. Your comment always makes me feel good *smile*. I will try to post the next chapter soon?

  4. Woahhh…….post asap

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much for commenting Payal. I will try to post soon?

  5. Waiting for next episode

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you Kulsum for commenting. Will try to post soon?

  6. VHM

    Awesome, perfect, lovely, fabulous and then i am not getting any words…i was smiling all the way while reading…..thank you for this awesome chapter and congratulation for your OS Competition result……

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Harika di !! Your comment means a lot. So many beautiful words…? Really happy that my ff became the reason to your smile. Thank you once again❤

      1. Jerry_36

        And yess congratulations to you too di❤

      2. VHM

        Thank you so much Jerry

      3. Jerry_36

        Your welcome.

  7. Neha_Pheonix

    Awesome.. Jerry..Well, when I was reading, I was also listening the O Jana song! Hence, It gave me a special feeling to the episode and a vivid imagination to your writing.
    Love Shivika, their efforts paved them for many awards…and have a long way to go….Happy!
    Loved O Bro moments…waiting for the next..Love ya!

    1. Neha_Pheonix

      Also, partying die hard after many awards and I have to study!

    2. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Neha di !! O jaaana this song is itself beautiful and I can imagine your state while reading this. Really glad that you got the feel? Yess they have a long way to go. Will try to post it soon fi. Love you too❤

  8. Awesome update jerry ??….
    Our rudy baby is such a dramebaaz …. ????????…..
    Jerry isn’t it the same advice that shivay gave to rudy when soumya was upset with him in the earlier episodes of IB.
    And here rudy baba is giving his advice to billuji ???….
    Totally hillarious!! ???….
    And in the CCD scene, Anika got shocked ? ??…. And our SSO rocked ?????……
    Eagerly waiting for the next update…..
    Please post soon dear…..
    Love u ??

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Sophia. Rudra is really a big vala draamebaaz. Glad that you found it interesting and hilarious. Anika is shocked at his sudden urge to become his girlfriend and Shivaay rocked by making her agree. Will post soon. Love yaa❤

  9. Awesome update jerry ? ?….
    Our rudy is such a dramebaaz….. ????….
    Totally hillarious!!! ?????…
    In the CCD scene, Anika got shocked ???… And our SSO rocked ????…
    Please post soon dear ?..

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you once again?

  10. Surbhi Sharma

    Jerru (I said jerru only , hope it’s fine ) u know what , u nailed it as usual . Awesome .
    Did ur classes start ?? U too are in 10th na ??
    Try posting soon . ???

    1. Jerry_36

      Yess Surbhi you can call me Jerru. Thank you so much. Yess mine classes started from 3rd of April and will be going till 27th may and aftermath will be summer holidays, and then the regular school. I am in class 9th. Will post soon?

  11. Ruksy

    Loved it totally amazing

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Ruksy❤

  12. Wow…???…waiting for the next part…pls post it asap..

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      Thank you very much Sabhya. Will try to post soon?

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      Thank you Nikita di. Happy that you liked it?

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  15. Superb…. just awesome…. loved it….eagerly waiting for next….

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      Lilly di, thank you very much. Will try to post soon?

  16. Diyaa

    Very nice update Jerry. Shivika scenes were adorable. If only Pinky was this nice in real IB. And Rudra’s gyaan for pampering girls was marvellous ? and Saint Relaswami ? awesome. Nice work!

    1. Jerry_36

      Diyaa di, thank you so much. Glad you liked Shivika scenes. I also wish that pinky would have been sweet. Rudra is a brainy boy? Yesss saint Relaswami??

  17. Pooja26

    anika is tho !!!!!!! nautanki !!!!!!! 😉 😉
    amazing part……..
    loved it !!!!!!!!!!
    post asap…….

    1. Jerry_36

      No not anika, Shivaay is a nautanki. Thank you so much Pooja di. Will post soon. Take care❤

  18. Awesome….
    It was too cute….
    Rudy is hilarious….
    Sahil & Shivaay convo was superb…
    post d nxt asap… 🙂

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Shivika. Glad that you found it cute. Yess rudra is? Thanks once again. Will try to post soon❤

  19. Haridhra

    Ypieeeeee… Finally n This is 4 u my dr ????… Becoz u gave us such a cute n sweet epi… In tis epi Billuji rocked n Ani shocked but I hope this is the trailer ??..becoz now something else is cooking on Ani’s mind .. Vaaaah wht a jodi yaar ???.. So I hope to see Ani rocked n SSO shocked scenes in the near future..Love yaa u r really a cutie pie..

    1. Jerry_36

      Haridhra dear thank you so much?? I am really happy that you liked it. Yess this is the trailer, picture abhi baaki hai dost. Anika ke mind pe bahut kuch chalta hai, you never know. You will get their scenes more. Love you too❤

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    Nice part

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      Thank you Alekhika?

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    Awesome…fabulous part eagerly waiting for next update soon

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      Thank you so much Niriha di. I will try to update soon❤

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    As always it is cute epi??? look forward drr

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      Awww thank you so much Sumitha. It means a lot coming from you?

  23. Nilash

    From where should i start?? no words to describe the beauty…. and again you left me speechless…. spellbound and whatever words fits into this category…
    How can you think so cutely??? This was the question revolving around my mind from the starting. Jerry this time also you forgot to send me the link and i got late again.
    Now i should start praising every word of your post or else you will feel Nilash di’s comments are just useless. Ok the post is SHIVIKALICIOUS… awesomely awesome………. fantabulously amazing…….. and most importantly very cute

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Nilash di !! Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment? I don’t know what to say !! You left me speechless by your words. Thank you once again. Sorry, I was going to send you the links, but your comment appeared before it. You are not late. I never feel your comment to be less praise worthy, I always admire them. Love you very very much di❤

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  25. Thedreamsoul

    Mind-blowing episode Jerry ! I loved it .
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    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Sana !! How are you dear ? Thank you so much for commenting. Rudra is the master? Your precious comment means a lot. Will post soon. Love you too❤

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    Awsum one Jerry…I was waiting for your ff.. splendid job!!..go ahead with such marvelous imagination

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      Anagha thank you so much dear. That means a lot. I will for sure?. Congratulations for your new ff❤

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      Bhavana thank you so much dude. Rudra is sovereign. Glad that you loved the chappy. Will post soon?

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      Thank you so much Pui. I am happy that I found a new reader. Will try to post soon?

      1. Itz all my pleasure to read ur ff .

  29. Gayathri.visu

    Jerry, its soooo cute…. Rudy becomes flirting teacher! Happy O’bros hug…even I m also happy. OH MY MAATA in CCD, Shivaay rocks n Anika shocks! But that deal, I feel Anika rocks n Shivaay shocks!!
    Waiting for next part dear….

    1. Jerry_36

      Gayathri di, thank you very much. Yesss for the deal part, I think something is up with her. I am delighted that you found it good. Will try to post soon❤

  30. Arthi

    I was wondering where u went in mid leaving the ff and here it is I just loved it and it was awesome ??

    1. Jerry_36

      Arthi di, I will never leave my ff in between so you needn’t worry. Thank you so much for commenting?

  31. Kehkasha

    This is so good Jerry…
    And the opening scene…
    I was imagining OmRu saying OMM
    And then pinky’s complaint….
    And then each and every moment…
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      Thank you so much Kehkasha di !! I am glad that you liked it. Really happy to see your comment. I will surely send you links, as you said that earlier too. Take care?

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    Sorry Jerry I’m late?
    This update was superb.The best parts about this were Rudra training Shivaay to romance and Shivaay asking Annika to “pretend” to be his girlfriend and other parts were also equally good…
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    1. Jerry_36

      Tanz, its totally okay. We are friends, no so no sorry, fine ? Thank you so much for commenting. But now Rudra is tangled? Glad that you liked it. Will try to post soon❤

      1. Tanz

        Yes we’re friends Jerry and yes now Rudra is in “aage kua peeche khayi “situation ??bechara…

      2. Jerry_36

        True that. But the author will solve this problem?

  36. Hey Jerry!
    Sorry for not commenting for ages! You are just awesome! I mean how do you manage to write such things with alot school pressure! Humse na ho pata hai! This chapter was completely cute! So their is a deal between our ShivIka! Now slowly Annika will also start loving Shivaay and then the question will arrise, will he accept me? Loving your Fan fiction! Keep writing and Congratulation to Ishqbaaz team for winning 7 awards and especially Shivika for Favorite International jodi! Omg! I am cloud nine!

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Zainab !!
      Its totally okay dear as we are friends. I love writing and whenever there is holiday in school, I write and most probably Sundays. School pressure is very much along with the coachings. Thank you do much for commenting. I am also very happy for the Ishqbaaz team. Your comment means a lot.
      P.S When are you updating your ff ?
      P.P.S Sorry to ask but still, are you a girl or a boy, little confused. Hope you don’t mind?
      Take care

      1. Haww! I am a girl. But its okay! Sometimes it happens. You know what, your question is making me laugh and upset too. Don’t know why but seriously I am not able to control my laugh. And about my fan fiction, i really don’t know when will I upload that. Maybe on 18th or on what day, I really dont know. I am telling you one thing and to others also (if they read my fan fiction), my whole family except my father knew that I am writing a fan fiction and one day father came to know about that (don’t know how). And you know that the topic on which I am writing is a romantic drama so I can’t tell him about this. I am in a great confusion what to do. My school friends are also waiting for the next part. And I am afraid of nothing except my father. I really love him but on the other hand afraid of him in the same quantity in which I love him. If I do tell him, don’t know what will happen wheather he will allow me to continue writing or will… Don’t know. I am 100 percent sure that my sister has told him because one day I fought with her and she must have spilled the secret.

        In my first comment, I missed the word ON. It was ” I am on cloud nine”. Sorry!

      2. Jerry_36

        Zainab, I am really sorry. I always thought you are a boy but few days later my friend told that its a name of a girl. I apologize if I hurt you.
        You know I was also in a similar type of situation. And my id is created by my father only? He never says anything, thou he understands more. I hope your problem gets solved. Will be waiting for your ff dear❤

  37. Anyakhan32

    Hello Cutiepie! ?
    The update was amazing. Omru were eavesdroping to shivaay and pinky’s conversation well it is a bad habit but siblings main ye sabh chalta hai.

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    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Anya !!
      Thank you so much for commenting. Really appreciate it. Sibling have a special fundamental right to do all the mischief.
      Rudra is a heart- stealer, without stealing your senses and then making you laugh hysterically how will he be Rudra?
      Yesss she is going to be. I hope I can entertain you further. Will post soon. Love you❤

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    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Zaveesha. No need to be sorry dear, I hope your exams went too awesome. I am glad that you took time and commented, love yaa❤

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