My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day- Chapter 7 by Jerry

Anika came back from the washroom and started combing her wet hair. She began humming a song. She was in her denim jeans and a crop top. Much to his surprise she never looked less beautiful. He looked at her as she was caressing her hair nicely. At that very moment he felt the need to hold her close.

It had been a while since he was waiting for the cheerful girl to take her to Oberoi Mansion. Desperately. He did not have an answer for his urgency for which he woke up early. Just seeing her give him life- which was till now under control of his family.

Anika then woke up Sahil, with difficulty as he was busy saying the famous dialogue everyone uses nowadays- “Di just five minutes. Pucca promise will wake after it.” She made him ready and began combing his hair. Then she took the talc and started applying. Sahil denied “No di please it will not look good, you apply a lot.”Sahil how will you look handsome. Just little see’ she tried convincing. Sahil moved his face on all sides to escape from the torture and finally succeeded and walked away fast as he could. He reached the bus, which was waiting for him and said to himself ‘Bach gaye (escaped)’ Shivaay knocked on the door, utilising the opportunity. He saw sahil moving fast towards the bus. There anika was busy removing the particles of the talc from her eye that was there after arguing with her brother and then there was a knock on the door. Assuming the knocker to be a milkman she reached the door still rubbing her eyes. “Bhaiya ji can you come after an hour. Please.” Shivaay was agitated at her for calling him bhaiya but was now more concerned about her.Hearing no response from the other side, she closed the door, still trying to get that thing out. “Anika I am Shivaay. I came here to take you to Oberoi mansion but I think you need help this time, unlike yesterday” he spoke. “What, Mr Oberoi? What are you doing here. I would have came myself” she spoke surprised. ‘Do you need help Anika.” He was stiff. She nodded slowly. He took Anika in a corner and said “Open your eyes Anika.”Anika replied ‘No its paining. I will not.’ ‘Anika try once.’ She obeyed and slowly, really slowly started opening her eyes. He blowed holding her face gently with concern. Anika was nervous, now because of their proximity. She was feeling fine thereafter and opened her eyes fully. Their eyes met for a few seconds and then he gained his composure. “I am waiting for you outside. Come fast.” He ordered. As soon as shivaay sat in the car he started honking the horn. She muttered something under her breath and then went fastly towards the car. She sat there and began wearing her sandals. He watched her. He was bewildered. “What ? You only said to come fast so I couldn’t wear them. Now when you’ll start the car?” “Okay wait !!” He commence driving. “Oh shit I forgot to inform my boss. Wo toh mujhe kaccha chaba jaayege.( He will eat me raw.) “Then I will kill him. How dare he do something like that with you.” He was seriously angry. “I mean he will scold me. We say like that in Hindi” she replied giggling. Shivaay felt foolish. “I have told him already ” He gained a Thank you at his reply.

“Dadi I am not gonna go to college today” spoke Rudra.
“Dadi I will not go to the gallery today” spoke Om.
“Dadi we are also not going to college” spoke priyanka and saumya in unison.
“Dadi I have told you that I will be going to Myesha’s house but I am not going” spoke Tia.
“Dadi I came, today I am also not going anywhere” spoke Gauri heading towards the main door.
“And dadi today Shivaay bhaiya will also not go to office.” Rudra added extra information.
“What’s going on ? Why is everyone not willing to go anywhere ?” She questioned them.
“Because Anika did is coming to our house.” Everyone spoke enthusiastically. “Who’s Anika?” Dadi was not aware. “You are so outdated my granny” rudra spoke lovingly by holding her shoulders and making her sit.

“She is a manager at CCD and there bhaiya met her” Gauri spoke.
“Bade bhaiya is always fond of her” spoke saumya excited.
“They have something between them, definitely. My vibes are not wrong.” Tia added.
“He was willing to meet her in yesterday’s party too” om spoke.
“I saw bhaiya going to her after we all left the party. Secretly.” Rudra spoke.

It took Dadi no time to understand the situation completely. “She is the takkar ki ishqbaaz for Billu( she is the match for shivaay).” “Yess Dadi” spoke everyone. “You are a brainy dadi.” Dadi smiled at Rudra’s compliment.


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  1. This is small update dr……post soon and make sure it is a bit long….

    1. Jerry_36

      Sorry dear. Next time I will make it longer. For sure. Will try to update soon. Thank you for commenting☺

  2. VHM

    Super Awesome Jerry…i am not finding anymore words to let you know wonderful this is…keep going and keep entertaining us with such magical writing

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much di for your Wonderful words. It always encourages me. I will definitely write more❤

  3. Thedreamsoul

    Jerry omg what should I tell you . You are awesome and so is your episode also . Everyone giving introduction of Anika was funny . You are so talented dear , I love to read yours and update ASAP , I am waiting . Love you cutie ???

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Sana. You don’t know how happy I am to read your comment. I am improving all because of the wonderful writers here. I will try to post it soon❤

  4. As always…amazing…. u r just awesome…

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Zaveesha. Really appreciate it☺

  5. Pooja26

    awwww sooo cute chappy 😉
    plz make it longer dear…..
    post asap…..
    love u…

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Pooja di. Yes I will try to make it longer next time. Take care. Love you too❤

  6. Jerry dear, superb…post next part ASAP.

    1. Jerry_36

      Arpita !! Thank you so much. Will post soon☺

  7. Surbhi Sharma

    Awesome jerry . U nailed . But Itna chota epi kyu .

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you much Surbhi di. A big vala sorry for small one. But a puccca promise for a longer one next time?

  8. AditiB

    Really good stuff dear….the way shivaay is being restless is what I liked the most…keep giving such amazing parts….and yaa…a bit longer if possible…

    1. Jerry_36

      Aditi thank you so much for commenting. Really happy that you are finding it good. I will try to give you more awesome parts. And yes will post longer one❤

  9. Seriously jerry… I dont have words to explain…
    You are getting better n better day by day…I really liked how everyone was giving introduction of annika…Nd shivaay’s caring n loving nature is sooo adorable..Totally loved it!!
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt…update asap!!

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Bhavana !! I am very delighted by reading your comment. Its all because of your motivation. Glad that you found the description good. Shivaay is a cutiepie. Will post soon Bhavana. Love you dear❤

  10. Outstanding…Your ff is just fantastic…

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Mehak. Really glad that you find it fantastic☺

  11. Hi jerry! ?. Loved today’s episode?. Anika assuming shivay as doodhwala??..They were too good ?.
    You know what dear, I think my comments are kinda repetitive but what to do, your ff always leave me speechless and I don’t have words to describe it ?. But still I will say, eagerly waiting for the next update. And pls post soon. And next time a bit longer pllleeaassseeeeee ☺☺☺☺????…..

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Sophia !! Thank you so much. I am glad that you liked today’s chapter. No not at all I love your comments. And thank you so much for such beautiful words. I will try to post soon that too a longer one❤

  12. Silverfish_trex

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  16. Vaishalijha

    Jerry my girl you just made my day, such an interesting episode of CCD ❣️Really loved the way everyone was introducing our Anika.. Shivay’s caring side was so adorable.. Anika the great assuming our SSO as doodhwaala was so funny, you really portrayed our typical Anika very well, I have no words for appreciating your writing skills, Keep up the good work darling.. Can’t wait for more, Post soon.. Love you ?
    And yeah sorry for such a big comment.?

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Vaishali di. Thank you so much for appreciating. Happy that you found the description cute. Yesss dhoodhwala shivaay?I am in a super awesome mode after reading your comment and I like long comments. So no sorry’s. Will post soon. Love you too❤

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    That was a very cute update Jerry! I loved the family scene ?

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    Awesome jerry…i have no words to describe how good it is!!! Shivaay being soo desperate to meet her,to talk to her,to go close to her..soo cutely described.???

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      Thank you so much Navz. Really happy that you liked it. Yess shivaay is seriously having a tough time❤

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    This is not fair Jerry. Its very short update…

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    1. Gayathri.visu

      By the way I forget to mention that ur dp is soooo cute. I loved it!

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      Hey Saumya !! How are you doing dear ? Ohh, so that was the reason you couldn’t comment. I thought you have lost interest in this one. No need to be sorry, I know parents are very concerned about child’s studies sometimes, and its a good thing. Hope your exams went well.
      Really happy that you commented and seriously you were thinking about my ff in your examination hall. Awwww thank you so much? I have a future in writing, I think that’s a huge compliment. Love you❤

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        Saumya how could I be angry on you. You are so cute !! I was busy so couldn’t reply, sorry. I am good. Congrats dear. That was so sweet of you to say like that…Love you too Saumya❤

  33. Nilash

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    now about this part amazing, awesome, fabulous, fantastic and what not. the way you shared everyone’s space is just awesome. the way mr. shivay singh oberoi was desperate to take Anika to OM was fabulous and the way you described the bro-sisso bond was amazing.
    lastly the chapter was fantastic. post the next chapter soon. waiting for it and yaa do not forget to send me the link. love you loads dear

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Nilash di !! Really sorry, I didn’t knew you wanted links, but I will surely send it to you from now onwards.
      And thank you so much for all the lovely, sugar coated words? Really glad that you liked the way of my writing. Bro-sisso, was the main theme of the real ishqbaaz but now its only shivika. Thou I am a shivika fan I loved these family moments. So you gonaa have lots here.
      Will post the next chapter soon. And yesss will send you the links. Love you too❤

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  36. Anyakhan32

    Cutiepie this was amazing! just loved it!
    Annika assumed shivaay as milk man and called him bhaiya! LOL i can clearly iagine shivaay’s face at that time.Sahil is such a nautanki baaz! he didnt wanted to apply talc on his face well my cousins brothers always did this and my Aunty is like *nOTHING can happen to them* It’s a natural response from all the chotu buoys!
    And the way you showed the scene in OM was adorable all of them don’t wanna go to their work because Annika is coming and dadi also come to know that her billu had got his takaar ki ladki!

    Lova Yaa,

    1. Jerry_36

      Anya thank you so much for commenting. Anika can predict any thing? You are absolutely correct, my baby brother Kunj always does that and refuses to it, so thought to put this scene, a little realistic one. Really happy that you liked the descriptions. Dadi is *antaryami* Love you too❤

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