My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day – Chapter 3 by Jerry

Shivaay was sleeping soundly. He was hugging a pillow and smiling rather sheepishly. The duvet was nowhere to be seen. Nobody could say he was the same arrogant business man, whom everybody knows, if they had a glance of how he sleeps. He woke up, stretched his arms and then again thought of the incidence that took place a day ago. He blamed her for peeping in his dreams.

Anika at her house was sleeping hugging a teddy, at times snoring too when suddenly her phone rang. She cursed the caller and picked up the phone without seeing the caller ID. She spoke “who is there? Does anybody call this early? Keep the phone, call me at 7 and let me sleep !!” She was very much awake at night, playing with her baby brother who complained her to give him some time. Anika too felt that many days have pass since their walks at his favourite places. So they went ahead and chatted to their fullest.

The person on the call said “miss anika let me remind it is already 8:35 and you have not show to CCD. Today there is a discount so many people will be there. I am going out with my wife so manage everything. And wake up early or you will be out of your job !!” He finished being annoyed. Anika threw her phone on the couch and yelled “uff work life sucks !!” She freshened up in 20 minutes and went out. There she met her lovely aunties and grandmas saying “anika beta again late today !!” She smiled helplessly and reached CCD in another 20 minutes huffing and puffing.

He freshened up and went to the breakfast table saying greetings to everyone. Suddenly there was a new entry at door. Pinky exclaimed happily “oh my maata Tia, you here !!” Shivaay went over to her and gave her a hug. He then bent a little and said “hey champ how are you? See uncle is here.” He was always overjoyed when he saw Tia. A man came from behind, held Tia’s hand and greeted everyone. The all began chattering at the dining table. Dushyant spoke “shivaay I need a help from you. I am going to Singapore for a few days so I cannot leave tia alone. So I brought her here and also she was very excited to meet all of you. Hope you don’t mind…” Shivaay glared at him and said “dushyant this is not done, you are asking a favor, its my duty brother ! Tia is my best friend cum sister. You need not to worry. I am glad that you brought her here. Haina tia !!” He winked at her and she gave a broad smile.

While dushyant was going tia spoke “I ‘ll miss you baby. Come back soon.” She was sad but didn’t show as she doesn’t want him to cancel his deal. He gave her a bone crushing hug and gave a quick kiss on her cheek and waved “goodbye. Will come soon.”

He called shivaay for a moment near him and said “shivaay you have to take extra care for her as she is five months pregnant and has mood swings. Hope you can manage.” He completed being a little embarrassed. Shivaay smiled and said “of course dushyant.” Both went in their respective cars to reach their destination.

Shivaay took a long route that goes through CCD so that he would able to see her once more. His hands from driving automatically stopped when he saw her there managing everything. He thought why not go inside. He remembered that he forgot to take his espresso in the morning today so there was an excuse he can put.

He went inside and sat on the corner table. She came and greeted him and again said “thank you for saving me that day and really sorry too.” She apologized. Shivaay being in his usual tadi said “I was getting late and if I had told the truth then I have to stand there while your boss will be giving you a lecture. That’s why I saved you !!” She murmured tadibaaz and left from there not before asking the order.

Soon there were a whole bunch of people crowding in the CCD. Shivaay saw that she was continuously moving here and there checking the preparations. His gaze never left her. Suddenly he saw while walking she twisted her leg causing a sprain in her ankle. Still she moved with pain. He went to her and said “can’t you see you have sprained your leg, you go and rest. Other people are there to take care here.” He was annoyed. He wanted to pick her up on his own and then put her to sleep but restrained himself. She ignored him and started walking when suddenly she was once again about to fall. She didn’t felt the hard surface. She opened her eyes to see him carrying her in his soft yet strong arms. She composed herself when she felt him again holding her wrist. He took her to the table where he was sitting as all were full. He made her sit there and glared at her not to move again.

She agreed thereafter. Sitting there nothing to do she asked “I am getting bored. Let’s talk.” He was now getting late for office but he knew if he’ll leave then she’ll work again. “Okay, only for sometime. He asked ” so who are in your family, mamma papa sister brother….” She interrupted him saying “only brother”, water clearly visible in her eyes. He did not know what to do. He held her hands assuring everything is fine. She felt relaxed and nodded her head slightly.

He left from there after making sure that she doesn’t gets up for sometime. He reached office and began doing his work but his heart still not leaving her thoughts.

He went home and relaxed, had an obro moment, made French toast with peri peri sauce, discussed some issues of his office with his badepapa and gave a surprise gift to his mother-a diamond necklace. After making sure everybody including tia slept he too dozed off thinking about her again.

There was a knock on his door, he opened to find Tia standing there. She said “shivaay please can you fetch me a ice cream. My baby is really hungry. Please…” She completed with puppy eyes. He nodded and went ahead as promised to his friend. Everyone was sleeping and so were the drivers so he himself drove in search of a ice cream parlor.

When he reached there he was shock out if his wits. There was she in this chilly cold sky, at this hour of night munching on a ice cream.


Heya cuties !! I am back again. Little early and hope you are fine with today’s update lenght. Tell me your reviews about this chapter too. Do comment along with silent readers❤

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  1. Again that was a cute episode…with cute shivika moments…???

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much sabya?

  2. Hey jerry!! That was such a great update. Shivay is having anika in his dream, that’s soo cute?. Hopefully tia is not in between shivika. Was waiting for the update and as always you gave a khidkitod awesome update ? ????

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Sophia !! Thank you so much for commenting. Yeah that was cute indeed. For tia you have to wait some more time?

  3. Thedreamsoul

    Beautiful jerry , do update soon 🙂

    1. Jerry_36

      Sana di. Thank you so much. For sure?

      1. Thedreamsoul

        Hey jerry , how old are you ? And yeah I will be waiting for you update 🙂

      2. Jerry_36

        Hey I am 14. Will post soon☺

    2. Thedreamsoul

      Wow , you do write so well . Anyway I am 15 and call me Sana dear .

      1. Jerry_36

        Thank you so much Sana❤

  4. Nita D

    Nice update Jerry….
    Wase why do I feel that Anika’s gonna misunderstand Tia to be Shivaay’s wife…?

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Nita. You will have to wait. You live in Gujarat, I visited this year only. It was beautiful☺

      1. Nita D

        Well how do u know that??

      2. Jerry_36

        You posted no, in adeeba di’s update..?

  5. Awwww… D last part though a shock fr sso , seemed cute

    1. Jerry_36

      Payal di, thank you so much !! You will witness more fun in the next update?

  6. awesome… beautifully written… please make it longer hehe…waiting waiting for the next update

    1. Jerry_36

      Jane thank you so much for commenting. I will try to as I have classes. Will try to post soon dear☺

  7. Dhar

    Hey jerry awesome episode, shivika moments were too cute , n i hope that lady baba doesn’t come in between

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey dhar, thank you so much for commenting. Yeah for lady baba, you have to wait more..☺

  8. Navz

    Cool..super cool.and cute episode..liked it.

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Navz. Happy that you liked it☺

  9. Superb epi dear…. loved it

    1. Jerry_36

      Lilly di, thank you so much☺

  10. Ahaana

    it was so cute jerry just like u……..

    1. Jerry_36

      Ahaana di, thank you so much for commenting?

  11. Vincy


    1. Jerry_36

      Vincy thankuuu so much☺

  12. Hey Dr that was a nice , cute epi … N off course even I have a strong feeling that ani gonna tnk lady baba as shiv’s wife .. Let’s hope for good … Hmmm

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Haridhra thank you for commenting. Happy that you liked it. Okay so let me put you in suspense…??

      1. Raita phail gayi … I tnk I going to die out of suspense… Hmm anyway Dr plz post it soon yaar ..

      2. Jerry_36

        Yeah dear ☺ You will not die?, I will surely try to post soon??

  13. Ruksy

    Loved the update totally amazing

    1. Jerry_36

      Ruksy dear, thank you so much??

  14. AditiB

    thhhhhhaaaaannnnkk uuuuu so much for keeping Tia out of the scene…hope there’d be some cute ice cream laden ShivIka moments.

    1. Jerry_36

      Your welcome dearest Aditi?? yeah !! You will surely visit some cute moments between them. Hope you like it.

  15. Surbhi Sharma

    Hey jerry . U rocked it yr . It was amazing. Post soon.

    1. Jerry_36

      Surbhi di !! Thank you so much<3 Glad that you liked it?

    2. Surbhi Sharma

      Oye jerry !! I am not di – vi . Same age hai yr (I think ) . I am 14 yr , so no di and all .
      And post ur ff soon ha .

      1. Jerry_36

        Yeah you’re correct ! So hi surbhi !! Will post soon☺

  16. Hie jerry..! as usual ur update was amazing..i just feel awsome when i read them..i really feel happy when i read them and get into some other world..can’t express in words how muchhh..i loved it…:-*:-*:-*:-*post d nxt one asap..egarly wating it..! Ty for such nice ff..!

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey somya !! I always look eager for your reviews. It makes me feel really happy that you find it interesting. You needn’t thank me dear, a big thanks to you for your encouraging words. Love you❤

  17. Archisha

    You are an awesome writer yr. I am in love with your ff, again. ❤❤ Post soon

    1. Jerry_36

      Archisha dear, thank you so much. Even you are a wonderful writer. Will try to post soon?

  18. Awesome….Caring SSO….
    After coming across ‘Tia’ I thought u r gonna include her…
    Thanks for keeping her out…
    waiting fr d nxt…. 🙂

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Shivika. Tia’s track, I am little unsure about it. You will have to wait dear..??

  19. Jerry… u know what, no matter how much i read ur ff I’ll never get satisfied with ur updates, u know, its like an aajeb sa bookh to read more???.. Plzzz update the nxt part asap! Cant wait to read it…
    Nd u nailed it today… Really cute update..

    1. Jerry_36

      Bhavana, no problem dear. I am happy that you like them. Yeah ! I will try to post soon. Thank you so much?

  20. Hey jerry my sissy hope u dont mind…how r u?? Anyways UTS superb yrr..cant express how i m feeling now after reading ur ff….dear..anyways poat asap..will be waiting..

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Adeeba di !! Yeah I am your sis and I don’t mind. I am good di, how’s you. I am really happy that you liked it. Yes, I will post soon. Bbye?

    2. I m also fine jerry

  21. The update was awesome and Tia being a positive character is much much better than the negative one.Shivaay is falling for Annika but he is the great Tadibaaz,I think he won’t accept this soon.
    Waiting for the next part.

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much for commenting Tanz. I always wanted tia to be a positive character. Yes, he is the biggest tadibaaz?
      Will post soon dear.

      1. Jerry,I love your profile pic…Its so cute..

      2. Jerry_36

        Thank you so much Tanz dear❤

  22. Pooja26

    again she amazed him 😉 😉
    loved it !!!!!!
    post asap……

    1. Jerry_36

      Pooja di, thank you so much. She is amazing, no. Will post soon. Take care?

  23. Ashwathy

    Really superb…… Waiting for next part…….

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you Ashwathy. Will post soon☺

  24. Diyaa

    Hi Jerry. It was a very interesting update. The cute Shivika moments were of course lovely but Tia’s entry added interest to this update. Loved the scene you ended at. Eagerly waiting for the next update ☺

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Diyaa di !! Thank you so much. I am really happy that you liked, my efforts didn’t go in vain, yeah !! Last scene will be a treat to watch. Will surely try to update soon di?

  25. Gayathri.visu

    Jerry its beautiful!!! Shivika scenes are so cute… I also feel Anika will misunderstand Shivaay-Tia as husband & wife. But later Tia turns to be cupid in Shivika’s love story! Post next part very soon Jerry…..

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Gayathri di. For Tia’s part you have to wait for some more time. Glad you liked it. Will try to post soon?

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      Hey Banita di ! Thank you. Will post soon?

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      Thank you so much Harika di. Yeah I will surely try to post soon?

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  29. Shubhadra

    Hey Jerry!! Sorry for being late…Ok… Very late…But I just read all 3 parts …I totally love it!!!…So fresh, offbeat,cute,warm and what not….I absolutelyl love it…….!!!!Loads of love… Keep rocking!!!!????

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Shubhadra di !! You commented, thank you so much di. No need to be sorry, even I am late commenter? Thank you tons !! Love you❤

  30. Sam-99

    superb dr…………..

    1. Jerry_36

      Sumitha di, thank you so much. BTW when are you posting your ff?

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    1. Jerry_36

      Savera di, thank you so much !! You are an amazing writer too. Will try to post soon☺

  32. I don’t have words to describe it…just simply adorable…

    1. Jerry_36

      That was so sweet of you dear. Thank you☺

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you Alekhika☺

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    1. Jerry_36

      Aryaraju, thank you so much☺

  34. It is awesome dear

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much di☺

  35. Hey !
    Loved this story. Shivika are adorbs.
    The icecream part was funny:D….
    Only Annika has the tendency to do weird things at unusual time. 🙂
    Im sure Tia has an interesting role to play in their story.
    Keep it coming Writer.:)

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Jenny !! Thank you so much for such a sweet comment. Really appreciate that. You will get to know the reason why. Yes tia gonna be playing a interesting role. Happy that you liked the story dear☺

  36. Vaishalijha

    Jerry dear I’m so sorry for such a late comment, was busy with work. Now coming to this part of CCD, dear I have no words to express how much I loved reading it, it’s so amazing that now I can’t wait for more CCD.. ??
    Pls post it soon..?

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Vaishali di !! Its okay. No need to be sorry as I am always in the category of a late commenter. Thank you so much for your kind words. Will try to post soon☺

  37. Neha_Pheonix

    Wow….its like read more and more…….A idea abour cool…Loving this ya..dear

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Neha di ! You find it interesting… Huge compliment. Love you☺

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