My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day- Chapter 22 by Jerry

She stilled. She has never seen such a cute proposal ever in her life and nonetheless she could imagine him taking pains for it. He loved her, yes he did and finally he has accepted. She has heard many proposals, from a simple rose one to the exceptionally expensive rings one, but now the ice cream held more significance for her. It was a very thoughtful thing to do as Anika was never pleased easily. But how can she say yes to him. She likes him and of course there is no second thought regarding that, but love ? Its totally out of her fiction. She was not sure of that. She still has responsibilities as a sister. She likes him, yeah very much that no one could ever imagine. His tadi, which seems more than attractive, Kanji aankhein in which she sees the real him and his hair, gosh she loved them, never a single strand is out of his place. But the admirations stopped as she consider him as his ‘Best Friend’, at least for now.

She saw his eyes which were now filled with love for her, the way he was holding the ice cream was one of the cutest sights she had ever seen. How she wished never to stop herself from gazing this cutest sight but she has to.

“Billu ji, can I take a little time ?” She stuttered with all the innocence she could carry. “Please..” She added a little later. “Won’t you eat the ice cream Shaitaan Chuhiya, it will melt !!” He said. She looked at him with the bulging eyes. He understood her hesitation. “Its okay Chuhiya. I am happy that you were honest with me. But I will make sure you love me.” He said determination with his perfect, the-ready-to-die for smile.

She was happy, no it would be wrong to say that, she was overjoyed. She thought it will bring a little change in their friendship. But he was Shivaay and that day she discovered a new quality of him. Billu ji- the cute one.

Here Shivaay wasn’t disappointed, he was dancing. Maybe a little, but this would be the opportunity for him to make her fall in love. And his dear brother aka O had said that “The journey of love is more beautiful than the destination.” He was deep inside his thoughts when Anika bended a little and hugged him, of course keeping the ice cream at a safe distance, first love na..

“But I loved this way of proposing me, its quite unique. I mean I never thought that the great business man Shivaay Singh Oberoi himself will go on his knees to propose someone, and guess what that lucky one is me !” She exclaimed. Reality struck hard for him. He was still on his knees that were on the verge of crying, pity those knees of The Shivaay Singh Oberoi. She held out her hand and he placed his upon hers. They shared a brief moment with themselves in the another planet when they found that the ice cream was melting.

She grabbed the ice cream and began devouring it. “By the way, its awesome better that Uttu’s !” She exclaimed having the bite still in her mouth. He looked at her a little angrily. “Uttu…?? What the..?” He said to which she laughed. “Can we please not talk about him..?” He asked puupy faced. She tried pulling his cheeks as he does but it was a little rough. “Ouch !” He said rubbing it with his palms. “Sorry Billu ji !” She too said caressing that part of her cheek. “Is it okay now ?” She asked concerned. “Much better than the previous time.” He said eyes focused on her. “What will happen after marriage, if the level of concern is now this much !” He wondered blushing. She too got little shades of the cherry.

“How is it looking on me…??” Saumya asked Rudra showing him her new dress for the engagement. He checked her out from head to toe. “Beautiful !” He said still in awe. She smiled profusely. “But loose a little more weight, then it will look perfect.” He said jokingly. “Smash !” A sound was heard. Saumya slapped his back. “Get out of the room !” She said firmly. Rudra stared at her for a moment and then began wailing. She shut the door behind him and laughed hysterically. She wasn’t angry with him, she knew he did this to avoid the awkward situation and she knows that he isn’t serious the whole time. Thinking about him again made her smile.

Rudra held his back with one of his hands and went to Omkara’s room. “Teri Jhuki Kamar…” Om sang seeing his state and giggled. Receiving a glare from Rudra he shushed himself. And then he again giggled. “Hello, yeah Gauri, I am coming. Yaa, love you too.” Om said over the phone. As he ended the call Rudra clapped his hand and said, “Wahh O..this is so wrong. Here your brother is in pain and you are not even bothered.” He started mourning. Om smacked his head and mumbled “Duffer Singh Oberoi ! I will be back soon, I know you only must have done something to Saumya, and only she has the audacity to hit you !! Go and apologize. You know, I love you but I also love Gauri !” He said winking.

Rudra watched the retreating figure of his brother and then made up his mind to apologize. Yes, he loved that dress on her. It highlighted all her features making her look adorable. He wanted to tell so many thing but alas, he is SSO’s brother, ego is also important !

Shivaay’s POV
Well now, I have to pull up my socks. I have to make Anika fall in love with me. Yes, its hard to reject me as girls love me, but she is Anika, my Shaitaan Chuhiya, the most extraordinary one and that makes her special for me.

Recollecting my thoughts my mind wandered back to my mission to impress her. I called Khanna and asked him to now open the barriers of the entrance. Yes, I only made people leave that place so I can propose her in my unique style.

Few minutes hovered and now a bunch of people were there smiling all to themselves. Few kids were doing PT, the one we do it school that comprises the exercises and all that stuff.

“Shaitaan Chuhiya !” I called to her and indicated to stand by my side. I also began doing those fur raising exercises and in no time my muscle started aching. Now, was the time to do Jumping Jacks. I saw Anika from the corner of my eyes and saw that she was giving a sheepish smile towards me that held proud in her eyes and with an instant my speed of doing the PT rose.

While doing it I heard a creaking noise, but I just brushed it off.
End of Shivaay’s POV

Anika was busy watching her Billu ji doing all those practices so that he can make him look a little more better, but did he knew he already was the best. She giggled seeing him panting and continued licking the ice cream. Pity fluttered over her and she went towards him. “Billu ji, would you like to eat ice cream ?” She asked cutely. “Of course he said. Love increases by sharing !” He said winking at her, her pink flushed cheeks looked awesome in the moonlight.

As he was adoring her, her eyes seemed to caress his. Both were in their own LA LA land when her gaze went over to his pants and she instantly turned around not facing him a little red. He was confused. She indicated him to come close to her. He was surprised and went near her when she whispered “Billi ji, your pant is torn !”


Heya Cuties !! I am back with a new chapter. Hope you all are liking the developments in it. I am trying to continue it to little more extent so as you all can enjoy. Silent Readers, please do comment, I will be waiting for your feedbacks. Thank you for reading❤

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    ur story takes new sweet twists in all chapter which I luv the most
    Om Ru and Somu were adorable
    luved ShivIka the best but loved the end the most :p
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    Osam Jelly.
    Awwwww moments of Anika and Shivaay.
    Crazy Soumya an Rudra.
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      (sorry pressed the comment button by mistake)
      She had to do something which was out of the box and she did it and I really liked her attitude and I even liked the way how Shivaay easily accepted her point of view… every relationship should have this level of maturity ?
      Oh I can’t wait to read your description about Shivaay’s reaction after getting this jhatka…. I’ve already imagined it????
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    Billuji ke pants … Hahahaha.. awkwardness filled .
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