My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day- Chapter 20 by Jerry

Nothing could be heard more precisely at that moment, except the laughter’s of elders which was discovered to be a bit weird. Poor Sahil couldn’t understand what was happening around him. He was expecting something else but now he thought, there was a other side of the coin too. He looked at all of them in disbelief. After the repetition of laughter show for 5 minutes, the elders suppressed it thou they had a hard time doing that. Jhanvi neared Om, Pinky neared Shivaay and Dadi neared Rudra and all of them commenced the act of pulling their cheeks. “Naughty boys !” They would say while they tried freeing themselves away from them. “Its okay, no need to feel shy. Its common in this time period of age, we would have felt bad if you hadn’t given your time to them, but its okay. We will not scold you, Chuperustoms !!” Said Tej giggling a bit. Sahil too smiled listening to him and wondered when his age will come and he will also do some flirting with Roll no. 36 and that too with everyone’s permission. He smiled sheepishly chuckling a bit.

The boys looked towards each other and the girls too gawked at their faces then made a small prayer in their mind, signed thumbs up and all the youngsters ran fast towards their room. They then remembered why running, is an important element in their life, its significance came to their notice now only !

Anika ran towards her room soon after deciphering the embarrassing situation that happened at the dinner table. She did not what to say. Her cheeks were a little hot. She remembered she was not actually the would be of Shivaay but now all the happenings are seeming like they are committed. Everything was so complicated to her. She just subsided the current things that were dancing in her mind and thought to go the way as it is, where the destiny leads thou she was a practical girl, this time it was hard for her to take a decision so she just decided to let some more time pass.

She took her handbag and went to her destination: Cafe Coffee Day.

Shivaay went towards the guest room where the deal would be taking place. Yes, even on the instance of Dadi, Tej has decided to that deal, because he considered it to be one of the finest deals. And he volunteered Shivaay for it. He happily agreed as deals were his first love.

Gauri and Omkara were busy with themselves only. Both were holding brushes in their hands and were ready to paint face of the other. She took the lead and slightly brushed the paint on her nose, little pointed one. He giggled and then ran to take the revenge, the revenge of love. And that was too love her more. Every time he saw her doing cute little things, his heart would beat profusely and no body could wipe that smile from Om’s face.

It was late in the night. Shivaay was waiting for the message from Anika. She had not picked up his calls so he decided to drop a message. After a few more minutes he saw that she replied. He instantly called her and asked “Shaitaan Chuhiya are you in your home now ?” “Not yet, I am just searching for the cab.” She replied nonchalantly. “What, you are searching for a cab. You wait there only I will come to pick you up. No ifs and buts. Ping me the address.” He said over the phone a little disturbed.

Few minutes later he was there with his lavish car. He stepped his one foot forward and then the second one, looked at the opposite direction and then towards her with full tadi. She stared him. “Okay, I know I am very handsome and girls are flat on me but still you can keep your eyes off a little. I am feeling shy, also close your mouth, you know mosquitoes are there a lot, so just thought to inform you.” He said smirking, his hands at the pocket looking dashing as ever. She again gaped at him, staying mum. “Mouth !” He told her again giggling. She instantly closed her mouth and fumbled for words. “Why did you make an entry like a hero ? Are you Hritik Roshan ?” She said pouting a bit. “Hero, of course I am, you didn’t knew that. People write stories on me, everything, biography and all still you are unaware it seems. And yeah, do I look less than Hritik Roshan ?” He said doing his signature step. “Wait !! You are comparing yourself with Hritik Roshan. I think you are misunderstood. He is HRITIK ROSHAN (loudly) and you are a billu ji, sweet se cute se billu ji !” She said laughing at the last line. He tried to look angry towards her but again for how much time he could, after all he loves her so much. “Will you go somewhere with me ?” He asked. “Umhmmm…at this time ?” She said trying to show him her watch. “I am in my uniform na..” She said as he remembered that and then he looked towards her and checked her out. “But you still look beautiful !” He said nearing her, removing some strands of her hair to the side of her ear. “I have brought a gift for you.” He says stepping back to his place seeing her a little nervous.

“Gift ????” She said rather screamed. He made her sit on the passenger seat. “I love gifts” she said forwarding her hand. He started the car and then gave her a box to which she opened immediately. It was an IPhone 7. She screamed in joy. “Thank you Billu ji, but how you came to know that I adored it ?” She said little confused. “Actually Rudra told me, when he was showing you his phone. You were praising it and said that you will buy it some day so I thought to this Shubh kaam( good work) with my own hands. So did you liked it ?” He asked very well knowing from her facial expressions. “I loved it.” She said as she began fidgeting with it.

A little later he observed her making sounds with the the polythene paper sheet which was meant to protect the cell. It had little balls kind of attached and she was busy bursting it. She would love the sound it make and commence doing it. He watched her in amusement and then smiled a little pulling her cheeks, “Cutie !!” He said as she frowned.

She was never a materialistic girl but when she saw that, she liked it at the very first glance. She decided to buy it with her own money but when she received that gift from her billu ji, she couldn’t refuse to it. How could she ? He was looking so happy all the while and she didn’t wanted to be a destroyer of that. His smile, the one thing that she liked the most about him and through which he looks complete just like a sweet, naughty lad. She smiled thinking of his gesture. “Drami Beach !” She said and he moved the car towards their destination and a day to be remembered that would have a lot of fun and sweetness dissolved. Yes, he is gonna confess his love to her, today !!!


Heya cuties ! I am back again with a new chapter. I know this is short and I promised to some of you for a long one, but couldn’t due to the studies. Also a big sorry for delay. And what Anika did, that bursting the bubbles, I also do that and yeah its fun, a little childish thing to do but still. Hope you enjoyed this chapter, the next one will be fun. Do shower all your love through your comments everyone, along with silent readers, I will be waiting for it. Thank you for reading❤

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  1. Alekhika20

    Nice update

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you Alekhika !?

  2. Sairish

    heyy Jerry di.. i feel you are elder than me and hence called you the same ….
    this was cuteness overloaded…totally enjoyed it while was a little short but absolutely fine as studies comes first …..i was waiting for it since ages it seems post the next one ASAP plzz
    loads of love

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Sairish ! But do tell me your age. Thank you so much, I am really happy that you liked it ! Yes, I also thought it was but seriously I am not getting time due to studies, see I am replying so late?
      The next one will take a little time ! Love you too ❤❤❤

      1. Sairish

        I am just 13

      2. Jerry_36

        Okay, well yeah, one year elder than you???

      3. Jerry_36

        Hey sorry, for the wrong emoji !

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and lovely dear… Love you…

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you tons Nikki di ! Love you more ??

  4. Madhuani

    What is this yaar??you promised a long one but came up with this CHINTUSA part.
    I’m now angry on you*fake anger*though.
    I’m writing this twice as first wasn’t posted don’t know why??
    About update it’s fantabulous.Each n everything is just awesome.
    Elders laughing,youngsters feeling michmichi,sahil’s roll no.36 talks just fabulous.
    N also shivaay going to pickup her n coming out with full on tadi,great.
    Finally confession coming up,right??
    Waiting for next.Hope you keep your promise this time*puppy eyes*plezz.
    Love you…Take care…

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Madhu !
      I am really sorry dear, actually now a days I am very busy with school work, they have given a lot of assignments and experiments, thus couldn’t reach your expectations. But still I will try to write more, but the next part will be delayed, really sorry for that. That’s really kind of you?
      I am glad that you liked every element that I included, thank you for reading it so precisely. Love you loads sista !?
      Yess, confession on the way…stay tuned. I will try Madhu ! Don’t be angry as now I am feeling guilty ! Take care❤

  5. Navz

    Hii jerry….how do u manage to write d story this cutely…i am in love with her every antic..sooo sweet of all elders.
    Waiting for cute confession of billu.

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Navz !
      Thank you so much. Awww, well I really don’t know, what I know is that yo thank you so much for a sweet compliment Luke this. Yeah, but the elders I are also not less, stay tuned for more entertainment. Yess, but maybe the next part will be a little late, sorry for that. Love you !❤

  6. Sanskriti (ME)

    Is He??? I mean is he going to confess!??
    I’m soo happiee yaar!!!.
    I loved every part of this epi!
    Saahil????… Badmash bacha!.
    The way elders were enjoying the embarrassment was fun to watch… I mean to read!
    This is short but I loved it so much.
    Hrithik roshan ?????
    Im not hrithik fan! But expect height everything is so comparable with nakuul.
    The way anika reacted to his entry!.
    Such a tadi kid I say this SSO is?.
    I liked this epi so much.
    And the thing which I’m liking the most is, I did comment fast this time!!
    Yayy!! I made it???.
    Love post soon❤

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Sanskriti !
      Well, yes he is really going to, let’s wait to see what’s in the store next, so stay tuned dear. Thank you so much, I am really Happy that you like this part. Yeshh, Sahil is a really badmash baccha.
      Glad that you liked the elders part too, they were taking full advantage of the situation. Yes, I will try to make the next one long. I am so not a Hritik fan, but Anika is and hence thought to include that element.
      Sacchi main Shivaay ke andar tadi koot koot ke paid hai !??, but you know it makes him look more dashing ???
      Yes, but this time I am late.
      Thank you for the awesome comment. Love you too.
      P.S. Any irada to post your ff, just waiting for it desperately !!

      1. Sanskriti120

        Cholly!!!! Was hell busy!!! I will post soon?????????

      2. Jerry_36

        Okay, will be waiting ! 🙂

  7. Jerry i am in luv wid ur writing???????

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Naymaz Di ! Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment dear. Love you❤

  8. Niriha

    Awesome….lovely update eagerly waiting for next part update soon

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Niriha !
      Thank you so much, I will try posting soon but still let me tell ya the the next part will be delayed a little !?

  9. AMkideewani

    Jerry what should I say only word is coming from me OUTSTANDING???

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey dear !
      Thank you so much. I am really glad that you liked it. Love you sista !?

  10. Dhar

    Sahil nailed it yaar,…… Jerry plzzzz plzzz do post the next update ASAP….. I’m waiting for the dream proposal…….. Shivaay is soooooo cuteeeee …. This is just awesome

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Dhar !
      Thank you so much, Sahil nailed it and me….??? Dear, I will try to post soon, but I don’t know when, but will surely try. Yes, you wait, sabar ka phal meetha hota hai ! Thanks again?

  11. Pui

    Omg! Jerry! Cant control myself anymore.
    Please post the next part asap. Luv u so so so much ??

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Pui ! Thank you so much, I am so happy that you liked it. Try to control sweetie, I will try to update soon. Thanks for such a cute sa comment. Love you too dher Sara !!???

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    Wow jerry, waiting for the confession

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      Thank you so much Shivika, glad that you liked it. Wait a little more…??

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    Superb.. Can’t wait for the next one ??

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      Hey Arya ! Thank you so much. Please wait a little more dear !❤

  14. Zaveesha

    Awsomeness and cuteness overloaded….u write so beautifully dear…u always made me (nd I’m sure all.the readers) smile from ear to ear…It is always a bliss to read ur work…
    Nd yaa one more thing…today when I read ur TS It all started with cycling…as I have not read it then coz I was not a reader here then…it was so amazing…tooo good…love all ur works…
    Nd take ur time in posting episodes…all the very best for ur studies…
    Stay happy
    Keep smiling
    Stay blessed…
    Love from my side…

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Zaveesha !
      Thank you so much. I am delighted that I am able to make you and others smile through my writings, seriously its a great achievement for me too.
      Ohh, It all started with cycling, yeah one of my previous works, I am so happy that you took your time to read it and loved it, it was my first short story kinda??
      Okay, thank you so much for your wishes, will surely study hard. Love you too dear❤

  15. Pooja26

    sahil is just awsm 😉 😉
    i really love to brust those bubbles 😉 😉
    but anika will be anika 😉 😉
    fantastic part yr….
    loved it !!!!!!!!
    cliffhanger!!!!!!! nooooooooooo
    haaye propose marne wala h yr…. kaise kr rhi mere saath ,,,,…. janta maaf nhi karegi jerry tujhe 😉
    jldi se post kr warna …… u know what i will do with u 😉
    post asap
    tc…. baby

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Tom !
      Thank you so much. Sahil, yeah he is plus cute too na??
      High- five dear, I also love to do that even now, loads of fun !!
      Glad that you loved it. Yess, a cliffhanger !!????, yes he was gonna propose.
      You know I love getting dhamki from you, its sounds so cute, see I know its already more than a week and I am not able to update, sorry for that, but I don’t know when I can, will surely try to post soon. So no gussa, okay??
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    Cuteness and sweetness overloaded..
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      Hey Chhaya Di !
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      Thank you so much Harika Di !
      Really happy that you loved it. Your comment boosted me up, I will try to post soon, if possible !?

  18. Wow!!! Shivaay is going 2 confess his luv….. Can’t wait lng yr post soooon…
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    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Bunny !
      Thank you so much dear. Yes, let’s wait !! I am so happy that you found it good. Well, then a high five dearie, its one of the awesomest thing I found. Will try to post soon?

  19. Tanz

    Amazing update Jerry ?……such a cute one….. everything was wonderful. I think Saahil has a serious crush on roll no. 36???and the elders had a lot of fun in the teasing session leaving all the youngsters red as a tomato ?….Anika is in love with HER Billuji but she just can’t decipher it…but I’m sure she’ll be able to when Shivaay proposes to her…. it’ll be so much interesting…. I’m waiting eagerly…
    And Jerry dear, even I love bursting those bubbles… It’s nothing childish ….It never was…. It’s a very serious work ?????
    And it’s absolutely alright for you to give more time to your studies… I really have no problem with that and I wish you excel in your studies ?… So all the best again.
    Till the next part, take care
    And love you ❤

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Tanz !
      Thank you so much for such a long feedback, just loved it like anything. Sweetest and the most awesomest comment???
      Really delighted that you loved this chapter. Yes, maybe that’s partly true???
      Yes, who would have left that golden chance to tease their children, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I wrote.
      Please wait a little more, I will surely try to update it soon.
      Well I love that line, ‘Its a very serious work’, true that????
      Awww, thank you for your wishes and I too wish the same for you or more than that.
      Love you too ❤

  20. Anagha

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    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Anagha !
      Kuch toh kaho???, thank you for such a sweet feedback, absolutely adored it. Ohh, take care…..I am so happy that you loved it dear sista !!
      Glad that you liked the Rikara scene. Drawing is your first love, wow mahnn…that’s super cool. Well Hritik Roshan, its a no as I am not a big fan of him thou his dance moves. I included him as Anika has mentioned him several times in real ishqbaaz too.
      Awww, thank you, thank you !! Love you more❤

  21. Abbi

    JERRY!!! Okay I don’t have words right now, this was beautiful. ❤
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    A pure chapter, indeed.
    Okay please shutup! That wasn’t short at all, it was lengthy one in all means, according to me.
    You got great skills sweetheart, love you loads. ❤❤

    1. Abbi


      1. Jerry_36

        ???its okay

    2. Jerry_36

      Hey Abbi !
      Thank you so much. I am overjoyed that you loved it. Aare, I wish that I could write as flawless as you and you are saying about means a lot to me❤
      Okay, so glad that you found it lengthy as I tried my best to make it long. Thank you again for the wonderful comment.
      Love you ❤

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      Hey Sabhya ! Long time dear, how are you ? Thank you for the review. Will try to post soonish dearie ❤

  23. Awesome….Loved it….
    Youngsters were thoroughly embarrassed by the elders….
    Saahil & his crush on Roll no. 36….
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    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Shivika !
      Thank you so much. I am really happy that you loved it. Yes, the youngsters had a tough time facing it???
      Yes, with full tadi ! I love the way he do that❤❤
      Yes, he is goons do that. Please wait a little more, love you?

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    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Sophia !
      Thank you so much. I am very happy that you loved it. Yes, the seriousness of the childhood, roll number 36??
      Okay, me to do that, same pinch sista ! I too enjoy it very much specially the way it makes the sound.
      Yes he is. Stay tuned dear. Please wait a little more…thank you so much for the wishes dear. Will try posting soonish.
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      Hey Gayathri di !
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      Hey Nila Di !
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      Hey Ashlyn !
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    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Nilash Di !
      How many times o have told you, not to say you are late, I am happy as long as you read my updates and give the reviews?
      Thank you so much for the extra large comment, didi you made my day and I am sorry for replying so late to you. Your words just make me go numb.
      I mean how can you do itni saari tareef of the same person but still I love you for that !!! Yes, I know they have already said thank you to me, sachhi mein Nakuul and others called me???????
      Jokes apart I am really happy that you liked this chapter. Es chotu se chapter ke lite itna long comment, no words to thank you.
      IPhone 7, yeah????????
      Di, thank you so much for all the beautiful words that you send it to me, can’t thank you enough ! I know you are also busy but still you did such a long comment, sparing time for your little sister, really it means a lot. Yeah my exams ate starting from 29th and that k you for the wishes, I will surely rock them.
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        *thank you !
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      Hey SK !
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      Please do tell me, I don’t have any clue, getting very curious now. Please tell me !

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    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Zainab !
      Thank you for this long comment, adoring it now also???
      Glad that you liked everything in it and also the Hritik Roshan scene…it reminds you of something, I am also thinking something, are you talking about ‘that’ thing…??
      You know Omru scene I added for you my sweetie pie !!yes and yeah you have already commented !!???
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      Thank you for commenting again !!
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      Hey Fati darling ! It’s okay…
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