My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day- Chapter 12 by Jerry

It was the first time she said his name, so how could he deny to it. It sounded very sweet from her mouth. She looked stressed, maybe because he was upset. He had a sudden urge to smoothen the worry lines on her forehead, but then he restrained myself. She turned towards him and said “I have a great news, you know champa, my scooty, was damaged so I brought a new one, her name is Chalu. But I miss her.” Its not a new thing to listen to the names provided to her possessions, he was now kind of used to it. “So you sit at the back, and I will drive.” Anika said. “Wait ! No way, I am not gonna sit on this scooty.” He replied terrified. “Chalu” she reminded him her name. “Yeah, whatever.” He said. “Okay, so let me tell you according to the deal you have to do whatever I say. Remember ?” She spoke all beaming. He cursed the moment when he said to her. I mean he was Shivaay Singh Oberoi and he didn’t listen to anyone but she is Anika and according to the deal he cannot back out. He agreed and sat on the back of her scooty to experience the most adventurous ride of his life on her Chalu, god that name !

He held the sides of the scooty so as to not make her uncomfortable. She smiled a little, he saw that. While driving her hairs brushed his whole face and he didn’t stop that. It smelled something nice. They stopped at a ice cream parlor, “god I should have guessed that, her love for ice creams is never less” he thought She was an unpredictable girl. “Anika !!” He said. “Yes Shivaay. ” she replied with utmost sweetness in her voice. She knew how to apply butter at right time and take advantage of her voice. “Nothing” he said. “So today I will also eat ice cream” he said disclosing his love for ice creams. “You also like them ?” She asked excited. “Yeah ! I used to eat them, when I was a kid but since the time I became a business man I had a lot of responsibilities to perform, so never got time for it. But today, I think I should eat it.” He said. “Haww, this is not at all cool, because of the responsibilities you forgot ice cream, does someone betray something like that. But now as you have realised your mistake, its good.” She completed the lecture keeping her hand still on her waist, bending a little forward. “Maaf karde meri maa” Shivaay said defeated joining his hands towards her. She also smiled and then asked “So what’s your favorite flavor ?” “Double sundae” he instantly replied being nostalgic. She pinched him, touched the hem of his coat, crossed her fingers and said “Same pinch, red cross. Now you can’t pinch me.” Anika was proud of her act and regarded it as khidkitod. She never left a chance to surprise him and this time too. She was still a baby. She turned towards the ice cream vendor and said “Bhaiya two ice creams please.” She took one to herself and then gave the other to Shivaay.

Both were munching on it when Anika spoke “So Shivaay I will not call you Shivaay. You know I love to give nicknames, but Saahil is very touchy and doesn’t allow me so can I give you a nickname. Pucca, it will be a sweet one. So I choose Best friend for you. Okay ?” “On one condition, I will call you too, that only.” Shivaay replied. “Hmm” she said licking the chocolate that was just going to pour down. “So Best Friend have you ever thought that in the Hustle and bustle of your life, you will meet me. The great Anika. After getting this opportunity how are you feeling ?” She raised her eyebrows. “Hey this is toh Kapil Sharma’s dialogue, na ?” He said giving a all knowing smile. “Don’t tell me, you also watch it.” She hi- fived him. “No I don’t watch, I don’t have time for that. I saw Rudra doing that thing quite a few times, so I knew. You both are just crazy !!” He laughed. “Hmm, vo toh hai. Wait, what did you said that I am crazy, you are crazy, double crazy.” She told him angrily. “And you know what….” They both chatted and chatted.

“I will miss you Best Friend” Shivaay said as he kissed his forehead and drove back his home. “Me too” she murmured seeing his car from far.

Shivaay was going to sleep when he received a message by Anika : Best Friend I just received a message that my flight is tomorrow. So I am gonna pack and then sleep, as I have to wake up at 5, good night.
He kept the phone down and took out his laptop and started preparing for his tomorrow’s presentation.

It was four in the morning when he finished with his work. He was thinking about Anika. After she has came, he has begun to smile more frequent. She is like a moon in the darkness. If she would not be there then who will crack those silly jokes and behave like a child, when he is out from home. She is mature also when it comes to responsibilities. She is a perfect contrast of madness and sincerity. But she is going tomorrow he thought, no just a few hours from now and with that he looked at the watch. It showed 2 minutes past five. He wondered if anika would have woke up till now or she would be sleeping. He dialled her number as he regained his memory that she told him she is a kumbhkaran at sleep. Thrice Shivaay tried but there was no response from the other side. He again dialled and this time she picked up the phone and spoke “Who is there who is not letting me sleep ?” “Anika its me Best Friend. Hi. Good morning.” He greeted. “Oh shit !! Thank you Best friend for waking me up or else..chalo bye..haan. Thanks again. If you would have not been there what would have I done.” The call ended and he smiled again repeating the last line in his mind.

He freshened up and went towards the dining table where everyone else were present. “Good morning.” He wished. Everybody commenced having their food when Saumya came downstairs. “Bhaiya you know what I am feeling like to eat Chubby alive with a fork !” Rudra spoke annoyed. “Fork ?” Om questioned. “Manners, O” rudra spoke. Everybody smiled. “Chubby has taken my notes and I have to submit them tomorrow. And how will I complete he has submitted mines as his, and also I have to shop for Prinku’s wedding na.” He said. “Saumya” he spoke as his words were sugar. “I am not gonna help you.” She spoke nodding her head in negation. “You know there is Saint Relaswami who says we should help others, haina Shivaay bhaiya ?” He spoke. “Okay !” Saumya finally agreed. “You are the best Sumo, love you……friend.” Saumya regained her heartbeat after a second longer. There Shivaay was busy thinking about Anika and his memories with Saint Relaswami


Heya cuties I am back again with the next chapter. Do tell me your views everyone, along with silent readers. And many of you are confused reagrding Shivaay’s feeling so let me tell you, he is still in a dilemma and about Anika, you will get to know that soon too, there is a little surprise *wink* Sorry for the delay as I was busy in writing an OS. Those who haven’t read, here is the link –
Thank you for reading❤

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      Navz, thank you so much. I am happy you liked Anika’s cuteness as well as her childlessness. Saint Relaswami, he was in a previous chappy. First of all he is hypothetical and Shivaay made any name in his mind told this to Anika to agree her for the girlfriend vali deal. I hope you’re cleared now. Thanks again?

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