My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day- Chapter 11 by Jerry

“Gauri, I am not getting any ideas about my next painting. Can you help me. If you don’t mind we can go to the park.” Om asked hoping for the best over the phone. “Yaa sure Om, I will come.” Gauri replied and instantly put down the phone. She was feeling really happy and was blushing. There om was also overjoyed and hugged rudra in response. “Thank you yaar, if you were not there, I couldn’t even ask her about going with me….alone.” He said. “You are really master at these things.” At least there was something that om would be proud of Rudra. Rudra bowed down and said “Thank you, haan but don’t become Paraya Dhan after marrying her.” “Rudra you…” Om was feeling shy still was ready to hit his brother.

Saumya came into the room and looked towards Rudra. Now Rudra was again scared. He thought of all the possibilities and cried in his heart “I spent a lot of time making that card. If I have to make a new one again. Oh no ! How can Sumo always have a bad timing.” He made a puppy face towards her. “Om bhaiya congratulations. I am really happy that Gauri di will gonna be our bhabhi.” Saumya shifted his gaze towards Om. “Saumya woh…its nothing like that….rudra is a duffer…kuch bhi bolts hai !!” Om stuttered. “Its okay Bade Baal vale bhaiya. I understand.” Saumya hided her giggle and then looked back towards rudra. She raised her eyebrows in order to question him, why he looked tensed. Rudra happily nodded her head in negation indicating nothing. He smiled lightly, his sumo has now understood him.

“Sir, dadi is calling you.” The servant knocked the door. Shivaay moved his head up from the files and said a “Hmm.” While the servant went back.

“What happened Dadi ?” Shivaay questioned his dearest dadi, still laying in her lap. “Billu, I want to ask you something.” Dadi said caressing his gelled hair. “Ji daadi, boliye.” Shivaay was now eager. “Billu, I just wanted an assurance from you that are you serious with your relationship with Anika. I mean I know you are the best puttar and you will never do anything wrong, but still. I really like Anika and from the day I met her, I wanted her to be the bahu of you. And now when you have yourself declared that you love her, then promise me that you will always keep me happy. That day when she came our home she told me that she only has his brother Sahil as her family. She said she felt connected to me. And now I have considered her as my own daughter. So promise me.” Dadi spoke. Shivaay was in a dilemma. He does not wanted to give his dadi a fake promise but then he promised her that “Yess, dadi I will always keep her happy. No matter what, I will never let tears come in her eyes.” He promised to himself too. “I am proud of you Billu.” She kissed his forehead.

“Mummy hi, Shivaay has still not returned from the office. Its 9:30 now.” Pinky told feeling worried. “Pinky puttar he will return after sometime. He has some work. He told me to inform you. I forgot.” Dadi replied very well aware that he has gone to Anika’s house. “Oh, chalk its okay. At least he informed. I am now going to sleep.” Pinky said yawning.

Shivaay was going to knock on the door when Saahil greeted him outside. “Hey champ ! How are you.” Shivaay asked. “Me, I am toh fine.” Sahil smiled back.” What are you doing here. Its late. You should be asleep.” Shivaay asked concerned. “Yess, I was going to sleep. Today I am gonna sleep in my friend’s house. Its a night out. Anika di agreed to it with great difficulty still I am okay with it and haan, don’t tell Anika di, that I was playing here. I am just going. See you.” He waved at him. Shivaay shakes his head in disbelief and knocked on the door. After continuous tries, still Anika did not came so he went inside as the door was not locked. He searched her everywhere and then came to her room. He opened the door slightly and was shocked and enthralled. She was dancing on a Bollywood beat, swaying and twisting her waist. Laughing, jumping and murming the lyrics. And not to forget she was in her tee and shorts. This came as a surprise for him as he has never seen her in this avatar. He just stood there folding his hands watching her dance, body movements and her legs at time. Anika was busy dancing and when she was gonna do the wheel cart, she noticed him. She stood shocked, rooted to her spot, embarrassed. He was smiling and when suddenly she saw him, he threw his hands upwards in protest and said “What could I have when someone will look this beautiful. I can’t resist myself.” Anika blushed and then went to the washroom and changed her shorts into jeans, still looking pretty.

“So, you seem very happy today. What’s the matter and what’s the name of the song on which you were tapping your feet ?” He asked. “Oh my God !” Anika exclaimed shocked. “Why are you alive in this earth. You are sure na that you are a human being,, I mean who doesn’t know this song !! This is…” She was going to say when he said “Okay, I got it.” “Hmm, that’s better for you but how come you don’t listen to these Fadu songs. They are ek dum Dhasu. You know…” She was again interrupted by Shivaay. “Hello !! I listen to Hollywood songs. They are just fab. You will love to dance on them. They are so Soothing.” He said. “Okay so you are challenging me that I Indian songs are not good. You know you should be born in US only. Why are you here ? And you like them so much then I am challenging you. Can you dance on them, like me, a khidkitod performance !!” She was in a full tashan mood. “Don’t challenge Shivaay Singh Oberoi.” Shivaay warned her. “But now toh I have challenged.” She applied some humour. “Okay, then wait.” Shivaay said. He took out his phone and connected it to the speakers and played his favorite song.

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
So the bar is where I go
Me and my friends at the table doing shots
Drinking fast and the we talk slow
And you come over and start up a conversation with just me

He came towards her and held her hands and started mimicking the lyrics as talking to her.

And trust me I’ll give it a chance now
Take my hand, stop, put Van the Man on the jukebox
And then we start to dance, and now I’m singing like

He swayed her around, held her from the back and leaned on her.

Girl you know I want your love
Your love has handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me

He left her and did all the hip-hop movements and she just stood there gaping at him with amusement.

Say, boy, let’s not talk to much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now follow my lead

He grabbed her waist and pulled her high and placed her to the opposite direction of where she was standing.

I’m in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do

And then the music stopped as his battery went dead. Anika clapped. You danced really well. I am impressed. “See I said no one can win from Shivaay Singh Oberoi.” Shivaay praised himself. “Stop showing that Tadi to me.” She said glaring. “So for what have you came here ?” She finally asked. “Why were you so happy ?” He replied by asking another question. “My dean has come true. I have got a promotion and is going to some other place for the next two weeks. I am really excited.” She spoke all glowing. Shivaay’s face dropped. “Oh !” He said faking a smile. “What happened ?” She questioned sensing him worried. “I came here to invite you to my sister’s Prinku’s wedding. But you’ll not be there. My family really wanted you to be there. But its okay. Your also important.” Shivaay said sadly. “Shivaay I am really sorry. “Anika felt sad for him. “Chalk let’s go to a walk ! It will be fun.” She spoke suddenly. “At this time ?” Shivaay asked. He was not shocked, now he was used to her shocking ideas. “Chaliye na…Shivaay” she spoke her name. She got the idea to change his mood.


Heya cuties !! I am back again with the next chapter. I hope you are happy about how the chapters are proceedings. You can give your opinions too, I will surely consider it. Do comment everyone along with the silent readers. Thank you for reading❤

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  1. Kanfi

    Hey jerry…
    Finally i read all parts of ur ff..
    I’d already read all ur OS nTS…
    Now coming to this ff…
    It is just ammmaazzing…
    Really loved it…
    New concept,,new plot….n no negativity yet,…
    Tia is also positivie…
    Loved it

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Kanfi. Thank you so much for commenting here. And I am really happy that you liked all my writings.
      For this ff, I am pretty sure you didn’t find any negativity and I hope I can entertain you further also❤

  2. Tanz

    I fall in love with your ff everytime i read it….It’s just amazing. The best part was ‘shape of you’
    I really felt the lyrics were what Shivaay actually wanted to say…BUT I am with Annika: How many ‘angrezi’ songs we might listen to, bollywood songs are still the best to dance on…ofcourse with a few exceptions..Keep giving such khidkitod updates….

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Tanz. Thank you so much for commenting. I am happy that you liked ‘shape of you’ dance. I am also with you and anika, the feel Bollywood songs have is just our type, na. And ha, there are always exception. Will try to entertain you further too❤

  3. Hi Jerry!
    This was sooooo good! I was imagining Shivaay’s performance. Imagine, if this turns true then? WOW! That will burn my TV like it did with yesterday’s episode when ShivIka’s chuda rasam was shown! And soooo SORRY for commenting late! I heartly apologize!

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Zainab.
      Thank you so much babe. Your comment always act as a booster for me to write more. Yes, indeed their Chuda rasam was awesome and super hot. Its totally fine dear, I am happy that you loved it. No need to apologize. Okay ?
      Good night dearie, sweet dreams❤

  4. Neha_Pheonix

    Oh! Anika wont be with Shivaay what a twist..Hm, lets wait and watch the FF
    Dancing idea..totally awesome
    WEll, as soon as Shape of You started..My mind was totally singing that songgg..with the tune..
    But ya I love Bolywood too..But English songs moree
    Short and sweet update yet fantastic
    Loved ittt!
    Love ya!

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Neha di.
      Yeah, you will have to wait for the fifteenth chappy. Thank you so much, am happy that you loved the Dancing idea.
      Shape of you, its my current favorite song, thou I am a Bollywood sipper. Ohh, your taste is nice then. Thanks again.
      Love you too di❤

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