My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day- Chapter 10 by Jerry

Shivaay pulled Anika’s cheek and said “Thank you Anika for helping me.” “Welcome but don’t pull my cheeks, like this ! I feel like a baby.” Anika complained, thou she used to try this on Saahil as she considered him as his baby brother. “You are” Shivaay spoke, “my baby” his inner voice said. “I am feeling hungry now, will you not bring anything to eat for your boyfriend !” He further asked her teasingly. She smiled and went ahead to bring his espresso and some lip smacking sandwiches.

He was looking through the window wondering about his life. All was going well until she entered his life. Not that she made him uncomfortable, he gets very well along with her, no. It’s just that it became a little sophisticated. He made her pretend to be his girlfriend, but why did she agree ? They both have met just a few days ago and on his insistence she agreed !! He was still wondering when she kept the tray on the neatly furnished table.

All the co- workers were nowhere to be seen. She was going when he called her “Anika”. She turned to see him indicating to the other vacant chair that was begging to be occupied. She said ” Mr Oberoi, I am also very hungry. I have skipped my breakfast today, as I was again late. So I am gonna eat with my friends. They will be waiting for me. Till then some other person will be here to take charge. So I cannot sit here. I am really hungry.” She completed the last line being little embarrassed. Shivaay wanted her to sit with him so he thought of some thing. “Anika usually who takes the charge when you have gone for lunch ?” He inquired. “My boss.” She replied occasionally. “And where is he now ?” He asked naughtiness hidden in his eyes. He knew he will win this argument. “Ohh ! He has gone with his wife again to spend some quality time.” She replied sweetly, “thou he is a grumpy man, he does everything that a girl wishes and obeys his wife.” He said “Dont you think he will be angry if something goes wrong. I know he has some personal enmity with you.” He chuckled. She glared. “So I think you should sit here with me. This way you can eat and keep an eye also.” He finished. He prayed that his trick works. Anika was numb for some nanoseconds and then said “What an idea Sirji !” “Shivaay” he corrected. “You should call me Shivaay as now you are my girlfriend.” “Just pretending” she said. “Whatever !” He replied. She brought her eatables. Together they chatted with their mouths full. They were contented in their hearts.

He then drove to his office.

“Rudra bhaiya” Priyanka called his brother. “Maa is calling you.” She said breaking the threshold. He covered something with his hands in order to hide it. “Okay Prinku, I am coming in a minute You go.” He said. “Hmm” she said walking back wondering what he was doing.

“Yaay…” Rudra screamed. “Thank god its completed.” He headed towards his room. Sorry, ex room. Saumya was sitting there completing her assignments. She looked sad. Large books were kept in her study table making her look more studious. He stood beside her and tapped on her shoulder whispering Saumya. She looked around to see him. She continued doing her work ignoring him. He said “Listen to me once. You misunderstood me. I was just showing bhaiya to practice it in his life.” “Rudra, I don’t want to listen…..” She stopped as he handed her a card. She thought “Oh my God, rudra made it himself, I can’t believe.” The front page was there with a boy saying sorry with his hands on his ears and a girl with a cute yet strict face. The card was coloured nicely using not perfect but nice shades.Inside there was written :
Saumya, please yaar I am sorry. I know that you have misunderstood. I was just trying to help bhaiya. I did not do it deliberately. Believe me, please. I don’t want to lose you. A friend like you is really precious. You are the one who I look when I am stuck in my studies and you are the only one except my brothers who I can look upon and rely more than myself. I am sorry.

“See I have made you thin too.” He was going to point out, when she hugged him tightly. He caressed her hair. “Even I didn’t wanted to lose you Rudra, I was just scared. I am sorry, I overreacted.” She said sobbing. She was touched by his gesture. She knew he didn’t give give his time to study, still he made this precious card for her. “Its okay” he parted. “Let’s go, everyone is calling us.”

“Di, I am feeling very nervous. I don’t know if this is the right time. I…..I am very confused.” Priyanka spoke nervously. “Believe in yourself Prinku. Prinku Pehlwan is the strongest.” Tia spoke encouragingly. “Yess Prinku Pehlwal is the strongest” priyanka spoke continuously as she descended the stairs. “I….I want to say something.” She said to her whole family standing in front of her. Tia held her hand tightly. “I am in love with Ranveer. I want to marry him. Few days ago he proposed me. He is a very nice guy, believe me.” She completed in one breath. She looked at Shivaay Om and Rudra and said, “Bhaiya please.” “Okay. Anything for you Prinku. Your wish granted.” Shivaay spoke. Everyone smiled listening this.

Prinku was utterly in a state of shock. She never thought that they will agree so easily. And her brothers, also agreed, this was not less than a dream. She pinched herself numerous time still not believing. She was gonna pinch her the 8th time when Om stopped her. “Aare Prinku, don’t do like this. It will become red then it will not look good in marriage, na.” Om spoke to her disbelief. “No, she will still look the most beautiful.” Rudra joined. And then everybody started talking about her marriage from lehngas to bangles. Everything ! “1 minute !! I am not understanding anything. Will anyone please care to explain. Please.” Prinku requested. “Okay, I will explain.” dadi spoke.

“Actually the day Ranveer proposed you, you told Tia about the matter. And when you went to college, Tia came to us and explained us everything. We were not ready to accept but she made us.” Dadi spoke. “That’s why no one came to college, rudra, saumya and not even Ranveer.” Prinku got the answer today. “You don’t know Prinku, mujhe kitne papad belne pade for making them agree. Then we all went to Ranveer’s home and everything was finalised. And not that your brothers easily accepted….” she said eyeing them”….they took many tests of Ranveer and asked various weird and stupid questions.” Tia completed.” “And why we would have not done that, she is our one and only sister.” Shivaay hugged Priyanka. Priyanka’s eyes welled up seeing the love and affection of her family. She went towards Tia and hugged her tightly, very tightly and spoke “Thank you so much Di. Thank you.” She patted her back. “Now no rona-dhona (crying).” Rudra spoke frustrated. He was done with the crying now also and earlier also. He couldn’t see his dear ones crying.

“How do you want your wedding Prinku ?” om asked. “Destination wedding” prinku replied shyly. “Yaaay” rudra roared. “We will then go to Goa” Pinky exclaimed happily. “Bhaiya anika did will also be there na, she will be also gonna become our family.”rudra asked. How can he miss his partner in crime. ” Yeah ! And sahil too.” Shivaay spoke. “Gauri…” Om tried to speak. “Of course Om” Jahnvi said.

“Goa, we are coming.”


Heya cuties !! I am really sorry for not updating but I think I will be regular from the next week as there will be a summer break. I hope you enjoyed today’s update. Do comment everyone along with silent reader. Thank you for reading❤

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  1. Alekhika20

    Nice update,cont soon

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you Alekhika for commenting. I will try to post soon?

  2. Sam-99

    Superb I love it

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you very much Sumitha?

  3. VHM

    Hey Jerry…today i am also trying to be early………now this is called Cuteness ”OVERLOADED” ….awesome , fabulous, fantastic, marvelous , beautiful, extraordinary and every compliment to you…….i am loving this dear VEDIKA……….

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Harika di. Yess, you are. ‘Overloaded’ yeah, thank you so much. All the beautiful words coming from you, means a lot. Love you❤

  4. Fati


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      Thank you so much Fati for commenting?

  5. Arthi

    I just loved it…… thank you frm next week ll get regular update………

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you Arthi. I said that I’ll be regular but I may not be able to upload it daily, as holiday homework will be there, but I will definitely try to post twice or thrice a week?

  6. Superb

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      Thank you dear for commenting☺

  7. Haridhra

    Yaaaay awsm n adorable epi yaar after a long time …. I felt so relaxed while reading this yaar …. I will just say that keep going my dr u will for sure rock in the future ..
    Love you Vedi…???

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Haridhra. I am really happy that you felt relaxed after reading it. Your compliment means a lot. Love you too?

  8. Surbhi Sharma

    Wow jerru !! It was so cute epi . I loved it . ???
    Post soon . ??

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Surbhi. Thank you so much. I am glad you loved it. Will try to post soon?

  9. Gayathri.visu

    Excellent!! I loved it….. Especially Shivika part.. Update next part asap dear.

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Gayathri di. Shivika are always good be it on television or any other ff’s? will try to post soon

  10. Sanskriti120

    Shivaay Aur anika hand in hand on goa beech…. Haye Haye Vedika…. Destination wedding prinku kliye hain Yaa shivika kliye??????….GOA?????..
    Jaise tumne update kia Maine episode pada Aur naach bhi liya….
    Onscreen ishqbaaz main toh kabhi nhi hosakta Aisa….. Gul maatha(gul khan) pata nhi kya karegi…
    And shivaay’s inner voice “MY BABY” ???.
    Rumya were as always cuteshhht??????. Tia was great…. You know meri ff main toh tia?????. Ek no. Villain hain…. Abhi tumhare story main usse itna acha dekkar bht achi feeling aarahi hain yaar…
    And cholly for extra laaaaarge comment… Bade dino baad comment kia hain isliye apne emotions pe control ka break aagaya nhi Jaa raha???.
    Post the next ssooonnn???

    1. Jerry_36

      Sanskriti !! How are you dear ?
      I also hope that all your imaginations come true. Goa me kya karne vale hai, yeh mujhe bhi nahi pata? Let’s hope for the best.
      Shivaay’s inner voice say much more, but he never listens, tadibaaz? Gul ma’am I also don’t know how she is gonna proceed further. Tia yess, I liked her as a positive character and hence made her good, thank you gal.
      No sorry for the extra large comment, I loved it. Emotions pe control chala gaya?. I will try to post the next one soon❤

  11. Mehakchalag

    Amazing.U again nailed it.The way u write is too good.Loved it.Keep writing.Waiting for next.

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you very much Mehak. I am really happy that you are liking my writing skills. Will try to post soon❤

  12. Nita D

    Hey Jerry….such a sweet episode…..Actually both(I read previous one now)
    This pretence is going to turn true soon….
    Shivaay-sahil scene was super cute and so was Rumya scene…..
    It was brave of Prinku to disclose about RV to the family….But thankfully Tia had already disclosed abt it to the family otherwise Prinku might have got not so pleasant reaction

    1. Jerry_36

      Hello Nita. How are you ? Open your exams went too gud !!
      I am really delighted that you found them sweet. Rumya- are always adorable. And sahil is a Chuparustom. Prinku pehlwan is the strongest, no?Hmm, all thanks to Tia❤

  13. Zainab

    Aww! Your chapters always make me say that!! This chapter was so good! Loved to the core!! Specially RumYa!! They are adorbs❤❤❤. You know, I was really hurt when I read the supplier that there will be another lead for Rudra. I really don’t like her. She is not good! Anyways, your chapter fulfilled it!! Loved it???. Post the next chapter soon dear!! I’ll be waiting!! Bye!!?

    1. Zainab


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        Its okay☺

    2. Jerry_36

      Hello Zainab. Awww, thank you so much?? Super happy that you liked it. Yess, you are correct about our Rumya. I am also sad about Rudra, I think no other person will be able to play the role more perfectly. Yess, I will try to post the next chapter soon. Till then you wait, haan !!❤

  14. Fantabulous update jerry? ?…
    Shivika were sooo cuuuteee…. ????
    Loved it…
    Destination wedding for prinku ?….
    And that to my favourite place GOA…..
    Lovely update dear…
    Post sooooonnnn dear!!!!???……

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you very much Sophia. Shivika?? are really cute. Yess prinku also has some of her secret wishes?. I am glad you loved it. Will try to post soon❤

  15. Superbb!!!! Update jerry…. Luv it…

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you Banita. Happy that you loved it?

  16. Awesome… superb…loved it…update soon….

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      Lilly, thank you very much. I will try to post the next soon?

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    Awesome….fabulous part loved it

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      Thank you Niriha. Glad that you liked it?

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      1. My age is 13.

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  22. Diyaa

    The update was very nice Jerry. Loved the various cute scenes of Shivika and Rumya. Now that Neha is quitting, and since I wrote about Rumya they have become very special to me. So I really liked their scene. The card was so cute!!

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Diyaa di for commenting. I am glad that you liked both the couples. Rumya are special for me too? You liked the card- actually I wanted to try something different?

  23. Awesome….
    This Shivaay is so sweet d inner voice~”My Baby”….
    Rumya scene was too cute….
    Just Imagining Shivika in Goa….
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      Thank you so much Shivika. My baby? true… Rumya, thanks once again. Hmm, just go on imagining. Will post soon?

  24. Hey jerry..!! How’s uh.?? I really enjoyed reading dis was so amazing..loved a lotttt…thanks for ur beautiful post..nd sorry for not commenting on ur last the nxt one u loadsss..♡♡♡???

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      Hey Somya. I am fine, what about you ? Thank you so much for commenting. I am happy that you liked the update. Its totally fine. Will try to post the next soon. Love you too??

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    Jerry yaar Jale par namak mat chhidko?
    I was also going to Goa for vacations but now the plan changed and we are going somewhere else…….Nahi to waha par Oberoi family se bhi mil leti…..Chali koi nahi….
    The EPI was amazing.I had to read it in 2 shifts due to yesterday’s IPL match but the team I was supporting lost so nothing good in watching it…
    Tia is really emerging as a wonderful and amazing person in your ff and I love her this way.I loved Rumya too. And I think Shivika have become good friends or maybe more than that….
    I am sorry for such a long and pakau comment.
    I’m waiting for the next part ?

    1. Jerry_36

      Tanz, sorry. I did not knew that you were going to Goa, else you would have attended Prinku’s marriage? Thank you so much for commenting. It means a lot. I am happy that you are liking Tia’s character. Shivika’s part is still in progress. Its totally fine, I love long comments? Yeah ! I will try to post soon❤

  26. Navz

    Wow Jerry!! Ur writings are more cute than Ur name..hahaha.chooo chweet brothers.and Tia u have completely changed her character ..soo lovable…my rumya??…sweet babies gonna miss them in serial.(crying Navya).
    Good going Jerry..waiting for next.

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much. I am glad you found the update more cute than my name? Happy that you loved Tia in this ff. Hi- five, me too very sad about Neha’s exit. Will try to post soon❤

  27. Woww dear it was awesome as usual…i have came after giving my paper nd ur ff somewhat relaxed me…i love ur wtiting style…i was waiting for the next episode…u r awesome and fabulous….

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      Thank you so much Zaveesha. I am happy that it acted as a stress buster. I am overjoyed by reading that you love my style of writing. Like really ? Will try to post soon dear❤

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      A very happy vala birthday dearest Zaveesha. May god give you all the things you wish for. Enjoy your day dear, all the best. Greetings are from the bottom of my heart❤❤❤

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        Sorry for late reply I didn’t saw ur comment…now I was just surfing nd I opened ur ff nd again I got a surprise…thanks a lot again…

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  28. Fabulous jerry…
    Was waiting for your ff since ages (wink) sorry just kidding.
    Again a big wala sorry for not commenting earlier.
    Shivaay being naughty bf (oh god) n anika reminding him as it’s just to pretend was good.
    Destination wedding for prinku good one though or is it for our SHIVIKA.
    Rudy being cry baby always.
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    1. Jerry_36

      Madhuani, thank you very much. You are a regular reader, wow !! Happy that you commented. Its completely fine, you don’t need to be sorry. Yess, maybe the wedding of prinku will be more memorable to Shivika? Rumya, yess, thanks. Will try to post soon. And of course, we are friends❤

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    Wow … awsum work Jerry..i was eagerly waiting for this..Iam in love with your writings!!!…?

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      Thank you very much Anagha. I am very happy that readers are liking my style of writing. Love you❤

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    jerryyyyyyyy very cute part like u my lil sis I love the sisbro bonding

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      Awww, Nila di, thank you so much. I am glad that you loved the sisbro bond?

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      Thank you once again Alekhika❤

  32. Thedreamsoul

    The whole chapter was cute , Cute and cute . Omg , I loved it and your ff is my favourite ! Shivaye and Anika’s scene was awesome and sweet . Rudra making card for Soumya , that was so cute and I loved it . Hey yeah the last scene was mindblowing . I really like Tia . Destination wedding , I m really waiting and you are really a wonderful author and I love you Jerry but I think I love your ff more ??? .

    1. Jerry_36

      Sana, thank you so much. I couldn’t believe that my ff is your favorite, oh my god, I am in cloud nine. I am glad that you liked Shivika.
      Tia- yes, I am trying to give her a proper character. Destination wedding will be Awesome?
      I am overjoyed that you love my ff more that me ( wink)??
      Love yaa more

  33. Ruksy

    Loved it totally cute update

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      Thankyou so much, I am happy that you found it cute❤❤

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    I am loving the cute moments between Anika and Shivaay! Anika is so cool, dedicated and responsible. Now, cheers for enjoyment in destination wedding. As, prinku said this, Goa came into my mind and there it is they are going. Obiviously, Shivu will take his goa..let’s see what’s in the store for them.
    Love ya!

    1. Jerry_36

      Neha di, thank you very much. I am glad that you are liking Shivika. Yess, congratulations to you too for her wedding? Prinku and you are very much similar?? Hmm, how can Shivaay leave Anika !! Love you too❤

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      Thank you so much Aashi. I am glad that you liked it. Yeah ! I will try to post soon. Of course you are my little sissy❤

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      Thank you so much Pui. I am really delighted that you liked it?

      1. Its my pleasure ?

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    Hiii Jerry…. a verrryyy biiiggg hug to you dear. I know you were waiting for my comment but I got very busy and went to my masi’s place for some urgent work. I am sorry please don’t be sad.
    And who said that your Nilash di will not like your episode. I love to read all your episodes.
    I loved the way that you included every character giving them equal space. Thank You so much for this. And Jerry Prinku pahalwaan part was the awesomely awesome for me and Rumya part was the second awesome part.
    I am very sorry for commenting this late. From next time I will surely try to comment soon. I am sorry dear.
    Waiting for the next part very eagerly. And HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS
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    1. Jerry_36

      Hello Nilash Di. It’s okay, I know I sometimes act like a foolish? I am glad that you read and commented.
      That is so sweet of you to say like this Di. I am in cloud nine after reading your wonderfully amazing comment. It means a lot to me.
      I am glad that you Liked prinku pehlwan vala part and Rumya part?
      Aare no sorry Di. I said Na it’s okay? and yess thank you so much. I have posted the next part too Di. Love you❤

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    Destination Wedding!Woo hoo..!! I always dream to have a destination wedding and you are doing this.Yaar I’m jumping around because of this.

    It will be fun seeing them in goa!Yaay! aND NOW Annika sahil and gauri will be also there.

    Obros are so adorable as well as protective brothers! They love their prinku pehalwaan very much.I could imagine the condition od ranveer when they have taken his test. One principle with Mom and Dad and he being the naughty kid whose test is being taken under their guidance.LOL

    One of the best quality of this FF is that you are showing Tia a sweetheart! As I have said before I always wanted Tia to be a good character and your are making my wish come true throught this.Thankoo very much Baby!

    Shivaay’s teasing behaviour was lovely and cute.and I would love to see more of this in the coming updates and I know I will get it.

    Do update it soon.

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    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Anya !!
      Its totally fine by me as long as I know you are reading and commenting? Okay so there is a Hi- five. I also always dreamt of destination wedding.
      About Anika I am not sure but about two hundred percent !
      I am glad that you understood the dilemma of Ranveer. Pity him? These brothers are na overprotective.
      You don’t need to thank me, I too wanted Tia to be a positive character.
      I am overjoyed that you enjoyed the update through and through.
      Thank you for taking out time and writing this big comment. Love you❤

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