thnku guyz for trusting me.. i hv tried my level best that u lyk this part n sanskar too.

Part 1 Here


part 2

2months later
Sanskar was sitting in his room.. he was cryng holding his n swara’s marriage pic..
San” swara itz not fair… cant u wait for one more day… that day i hv sorted everything out… i want to tell u how much i luv… how much i care for u… atlast i can luv u without any fear… without thinking about ur security… n look u ditched me.. what u think haan i feel good when i hurt u… when i slap u …. look swara (shows his hand which has many scars) 1 cut for 1 slap…. i never want to force u for anything…. but i hv done that cz if i dint he may harm u … n i cant let anyone harm u… but u left me… u kno swara how difficult it is to hurt ur first luv… i wish if u were here with me”
Door bell rings…
He wipes his tears n open the door… he was shocked to see that person…
They both hug each other tightly…. for sanskar it was a dream come true…
They releases the hug n san says”m sry swara for everything… bt plz dont leave me… i cant live without u… ”
Swara:(guilty) no sanskar m sry m really sry it was my plan so that i can go away frm now i kno ur truth n i will never ever leave u…
San:(happy) swara u hv no idea how happy i am today
Swra: love u sanskar…
San: luv u too
Swra:(took his hand n put that on her belly) luv u three
San;swra tum.. oh god … why r u standing come Here n sit (happiness overloaded)
Makes her sit
San: u want water?? No no juice?? No wait lemne call ma!! No no
Swra was smiling seeing him
San: y r u smilinh haan
Swra: nothng but sanskar i just want to clear things first…
San: first come to room we will talk there..
Swara was going suddenly sanskar pick her up in his arms…
Swra: what r u doing?
San: pampering my both princesses
Swra: both?
San; ya u n our daughter
Swra: how u kno that its a girl
San: i kno.. look we hv reached..
Swra:m sry san that call was planned by me.. actully when i got to kno that m pregnent i was scared… thats y i want to go away frm u..
San:(sad) i kno that..
Swra: what(shockrd)
San:ya i hv serched the area n i hv asked ram n janki to stay away so thy cant claim ur body n tell me y u hv come back
Swra: (fake anger) if u want i can go back.
San:( teary eyes) dont u dare to go away
…both hugged…
Swra: actully i got to kno that how u saved me by marryng me..
swara after getting reports rush to baadi n there she found lock..neighbours tell her that sanskar asked them to leave… this makes swra more furious over him… then she planned her fake death n all .. after 2 months she got to kno about her family she rush there n heard eveything..
Janki:m missing swara
Dadi: we dont kno any girl of such name
Janki: ma she is my daughter
Ram: janki she is not our daughter
Janki: she is my daughter n thank god sanskar came n marry her otherwise app log to use bech he dete..
Dadi: to vo humare kisi kaam ki na h… paise he mill jate kuch
Ram; ryt ma bt that sanskar he luvs that girl madly thats y he has given us 1 cr n ask us to leave
Dadi: ya.. i thought that She is useless n after rape who will buy her..
Jank:stop it … she is my daughter not an article to sale…
Ram:(slaps) shut up we hv brought that girl up only to sale not to pamper her..

Swara who was listening all this was shocked she forgot what sanskar had ever done to her she just want to thank her n she left


Swra: m sry n thnku (cryng)
San:(cups her face) ssshhh dont be sry n ya… that day in party i hvnt raped u.. i hvnt even touch u
Swra:(shocked) what !! But !!
San: i bribed a female staff to remove ur clothes… cz if those guyz would come to kno that u r safe then they could done anything to u
*some guyz spikes her drink n he saw that so.. he approaches her n start talking n when she fall uncauncious he took her to room…n that guy said” u hv to snach eyerything frm her… if she come safe i will rape her”*
Swra: again thnku.. u saved me … my parents were not with me but u were… if u luv me so much then y u beat me… y u ..u… force me…
San;(guilty) first thing they are not ur parents
Swra: san they r…they hv given birth to me
San: no swra no… they r not.. ur so called father ram has kiddnapped u when u were 4… they hv a gang they just use to sell girls.. bt janki luvs u or else u can say that itz in ur destiney that they dont sold u at a young age..
Swra: what??!!! How u kno..i cant believe u
San: do u hv any pic of urs before 4
Swra: no.. they said that they were poor so they cant afford camera
San: everything was lie..
N swara someone was blavkmailing me that if i behave nicely with u then he will kill u.. n shreya…actully that was rehaan
Swra:rehaan . he was in rehab center so

**rehan is a brat who has eviel eye on swra.. n in nee year party he n his gang notise swara n san save her… he was a drug adict so he was in rehab centre**

San: after releasing he strta blackmailing me he actully tries to harm u manytyms but U didnt notise..n the day we lost our child he missbehaves with uttra..he actully planed an agent at house …so i was unable to do anything…
Swra: who is shreya
San: she is my cousion n rehan kidnpped her… we couldnt find her ..everyone thought that she was in dubai but no..she was trapped..thats the reason u hv to bear all my tourcher(sad)

Swra: luv u sanskar
San: luv u too princeds
Swra: sanskkaarrr.(change topic)
San: hmmm
Swra: m feeling hungry…
San: what u wanna eat
Swra: ummm ha spring roles
San: wait let me order that..
swra: noooo … make the. for me
san: ur wish my command mam

**everything got sorted ap was very happy now n sanskar too but now sanskar’s struggle strts.. he has to deal with swara’s mood swings**


Sanskar came back home early n he dont find swara in room.he ask ap
San: ma where is swara.. mai itti der se serch kr raha hoon but vo mill nhi rhi
Ap:beta she is in garden
San:ohh so uttra n swara are spending tym together
Ap: swra is alone beta
San:(shocked n worried) n u allow her.. ma atleast be with her.. she is pregnent n u allow her to go alone
Ap: beta she is pregnent not ill n dont worry..

Sanskar ran towRds garden..
He was mesmerised to see his swara playing in garden actully she was playing in soil..her face got dirty with soil.. she was about to eat soil but sanskar hold her hand n give her angry look
San: swara what r u doing thi?
Swra: vo… vo.. nothing..
San : r u a kid… how can u eat dirt..
Swra: no m nt a kid bt m having one in my tummy.. so i can do anything on his behalf…
San: correction her .. itz my baby girl… n now stand up
He tries to make her stand but she resist… he think that applyng force can be dangerous to baby so he just simply lift her.. n take her to hall
Swra:(struggling)Leave me na.. i promise i wont eat dirt plz
San: no way
San put her down n make her sit on sofa.. he took out his hanky n wipes her face
San; look ma what ur bahu has done.. thats y i was afraid to leave her alone..she was eating dirt
Ap: swra u shld nt eat dirt
Swea: ma doc told me k i may hv craving for anything… n u too said that itz mormal
san: it doesnt mean that u can eat anythng(angry)
Ap:(smiles) beta itz not good ….

Days keeps on passing n sanskar’s care for swara has increased day by day..
RagLak also shifted to india n ragini n swara shares close bonding

San was talking with the baby
San: so princess only 4 months and after that u will be in my arms..
Swra: aahh!!
San:(tensed) what happned .. lemme call doc.. no no come i will takr u hospital
Swra: relax papaji.. ur princess also wants to be in ur is kicking… i wish i could meet my real parents..
San: u will meet them soon..
both doze off

Swea:(sleepy) sanskarrrr
San: ha swara bolo
Swra: m feeling hungry
San: what u want…
Swra: anything spicy
San: wait i wil make something for u……
Swra: ok bt please be fast..
San came back m saw swra sleeping peacefully
San: ohh god this girl is… mujhe jaga k khud so gai.. well anything for u swara..

Next day
Everyone was having breakfast shomi n shekhar enters the house(ragini’s parents)
Rag: ma papa aap
Shomi: howz my daughter
Rag: great

Swara was seeing all this with teary eyes… sanskar notices this swara make an excuse n left
Swra: ma i hv done…m going to rest
Ap: ok beta..
San too followed her..
Swra was standing infront of cupboard n was cryng holdind janki’s pic
San: swra dont cry
Swra: y me sanskar y me…
San: swra m with u trust me everything will be fine
Swra:hope so…
San: now come i hv a surprise for u
He took her to a room swara was happy to see that
The room was full of toys..frm teddy to car to barbie… everything
Swra:itz osm sanskar…
San: i kno afterall it is for my angel..
***ap came n told that he n dp hv to leave for banglore as some relative is ill n till that shomi will stay with thrm***

Swara n shomi found a unique affection for each other…

San came in his room n swara got shocked
Swra: today u come early
San: ya bt what r u hiding..(doubts)
Swra:(nervously) nthng..
San: swraaa …. side hato.
He was shocked .. then he stares swara angyly..
” swara whats this.. u r eating (plaster if paris)pop of walls.. swara itz not edible… try to understand.. itz not good for ur health”
Swra:(innocently) m sry bt i cant resist my self..
Sam: (hugs her) hmm..(in mind). i will do something about this… i hv to stop u frm eating such things… only 2 monthes more … but how.
He talks with shomi about her
Shomi:u cant do anything…
San: bt aunty itz not good for her health.
Shomi: beta ur wife is pro active… she will find another way..

A week later
Swra enters the room..n saw sanskar packing bags
Swra: u r going somewhere?
San: not me we both are going
Swra: where??(confused)
San; guest room
Swra: but whyyyy(cutely)
San come i will tell u…
Took her to guest room
San: till ur delivery we will stay here
Swra:u hv renovated this room but why?
San: so that u cant eat PoP of walls..
Swra was shocked she never thought san would do anything lyk this he has putted tiles on the walls till ceeilng…
Swra strts cryng
San got tensed ” what happened shona y r u cryng”
Swra: u r so badd..(strts hitting him on chest)
San: thats imp shona.. i will not take any chance with ur health
Swra: everythng is ur fault..
San: what!!!??
Swra: m pregnent only cz of u … n u r torchering me… lyk this…
San strts laughing”swara u r so sweet”


Doc: mr maheshwari ur wife n baby is perfectly fine..
San: doc u hv told me about complications earlier
Doc: hmm bt it will not affect ur wife now u hv taken her care greatly… n ya be more careful only 1 mnth is left for her delivery
San: doc i wanna ask u somthng
Doc: ya
San: doc is there any way through which she can deliver baby without any pain… cz i hv read about this ….n it says that a woman feels unberable pain …
Doc:(smiles seeing his care) mr maheshwari thete is no such way.. she hv to bear that pain..
San:(tensed) bt doc .. science is developed now…
Doc: relax mr maheshwari.. after that u both will experience great happiness..

By the tym swara came n SwaSan left…


Sanskar was sitting in hall then he saw swara coming with ap uttra ragini n laksh.. she was looking dull.. pale..
San got tensed… n run towards her
San: what happened to u swra?

Lak: bhai vo she met her dadi in temple n she said lots of things to her…n after that she fall unconcious n we took her to hospital..
San: oh god.. i will not leave them.. bt firstly i hv to take care of her…
He took swra to room
Swra was all dull… dadi’s words were roaming in her mind
dadi: we hv seperated u frm ur family.. we want to make u a sl*t.. yes we want to sell u.. bt that sanskr saves u.. n that rehaan he was ready to pay 50 lak for u.. bt san paid 1 cr … dear he has also bought u… u r just an article to be sold

San got a phone call n he went down stairs
Suddenly he heard swara’s screem …
He opened the door n got shocked swara was cryng in pain she was holding side of bed only..n was sitting on floor san took her in arm
San: shona … shona ..
Swra: aahhh!!! Sanskar our baby..
San: kuch ni hoga…
Ap: beta i hv talked to doc she said it can be a premature delievery…so hv to take her hospital..
Swra was not ready to leave sanskar’s hand..
Doc: mrs maheshwari plz leave him.. ur condition is getting worse
Swea: aahhh!! Noo aaaahhhhhh !!! Sanskkaarrrr!!
Doc: mr maheshwari come in..or else her condition will get out of control..
Sanskar got in.. nurse give him mask n clothes to wear..
Itz been an hour but still swara is cryng in pain.. sanskar cant see her in this condition.. tears were falling off his eyes..
A tear fall on swara’s hand
Swra: saanskkarr!! Aahhh!! M fyn…aahhh!!!
San: i kno

After 2 hrs swara dilivers a baby girl..
San was plyng with his princess..
San: my princess is so beautiful… papa luvs her alot.
Swr:our princess is so lucky na.. she has her parents .. grand parents… chacha chahi everyone.. everyone is nt so luck na(sad)
San put a hand on her shoulder..
San(in mind)today u will meet ur parents swara.
They both go downstairs.. ragini hugs her tightly … then shomi
Swra: aunty what happned
Shomi: aunty ni beta maa
Swra: what?
San: ha swra..shekhar uncle n shomi aunty are ur parents n ragini is ur sis..
Swra:(cryng wuth happiness) how??

**ragini was swara’s chacha’s daughter… n swara’s chacha chachi.. first leaft swara on station.. frm where ram n janki kidnapped her… they also planned to kill shomi n shekhar so that they can get whole property.. bt destiney plays itz card n they both died in an accident.. after that shomi n shekhar adopted ragini..**

Swea: thnku sanskar i luv u.. u r a blessing for me..
San:no princess itz in your destiney..
Swra: ryt itz my destiney.. thats y i got everything back…i got u…i got my parents back… my child backk….

The End

So i hope u guyz like that too…itz for the first tym i hv written anything about SwaSan’s baby so may be it cant reach upto ur expectations..

Credit to: meher

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