Hello guyz so as i said this tym i will write a two shot for a change… so here is the part one …

So lemme introduce characters …
SanLak are son of Ap n Dp n uttra is their daughter…
Swra is only daughtrr of janki and ram
Laksh n Ragini are married n settled in australia..

So here we go…




sanskar maheshwari a very responsible son n businessman he solely handed dp’s business in india

Swara a modern n confident girl but that incident changes everything… her own family behaves rudely with her.. she lost her confident … she is the one who believes that destiney is in our hand but now she believes that its in her destiney..


Its new year party everyone was enjoying… suddenly a grp of four guyz notices a girl.
Guy1: she is hot yr..
Guy2: seriously yr..
Guy3: i want her
Guy4: no i will make her mine… no one will touch her except me..
Guy2: r u sure.?
Guy4: damn sure(smriks)

He approches that girl n starts talking with her n soon his frnds spikes her she drink that she strted feeling dizzy

Guy: r u ok mam?
Girl: ya m fyn.. m nt feeling well so i think i should leave
Guy: ya sure
She strted walking n after walking some steps she falls down..n that guy take her to a room..
****next day****
As soon as the girl gain her senses she shouts n cries badly… then a guy in towel comes out n says”it was nyc experience miss”
Girl:(cryng) what sin i hv done y u did this to me i dont even know you ..

Guy:nothing itz just that u r…
Girl:(cryng) u dont deserve to be adressed as a human..
Guy: wear ur clothes..u will found them in room only n leave..

She covers herself in blanket n serches her clothes n make herself presentable..n reaches home


Dadi:(angry)where were u swara?
**yes that girl was swara**
She ran n hug janki….she was cryng bitterly…
Janki:(tensed)what happend beta y r u cryng…
Dadi: lado k hua..rona band kr na..
She just kept on cryng…
Itz been a week but still she hasnt speak anything..everyone was tensed… at last swara breakdown in janki’s embrace n tell her that a guy raped her in new year party..
Everyone was tensed they dont kno how to react… their landlord orders them to vaccuate the house asap as according to neighbours “impure” swara’s compny is not good for their daughters..

《Impure really?? Who’s impur actully what’s impure..swara or their thinking…?? My vote is with their thinking》

After that swara’s real struggle strts her family isolated her..they strts seeking proposals for her but no one is ready to marry her..
Then a ray of hope come ap n dp chooses her as their bahu..
Both SwaSan hvnt seen each other
All the rituals are done on same day…
Swara was looking beautiful in red marwadi lehngha n sanskar looks lyk a prince in off white sherwani both cant see each other as swara has a veil(ghonghat) n sanky has sehra on his face…
***they got married***

Post wedding rituals are done…ragini n uttra takes swara to Her room…
She was stndinding near window…rounds of thoghts were running into her mind…n it stops with the opening of door..
She was hell shocked to see her hubby…as if someone has hitted her with a truck… she fell on ground with a thud n strts cryng…
Swra: y me… i dont even kno u then y r u doing all this to me…
San:(eviely) dear i hv told u na… (in a husky voice) u r hot..
Swra: that day u raped me… u snached my dignity frm me… n today all this…

** that day the guy who was with swara in the room was sanskar maheshwari**

San: itz good now i can touch u … i can kiss u… i can sleep with u but tonight u r lucky cz m nt in mood… enjoy dear..

Swra:(keeps in cryng) itz in my destiney… i hv to bear this…


Swra was arnging his files in his study… he came n serch a file bt couldnt find that n he is out of control now…
San: wheree is my file swara
Swra: vo that..that is in nxt shelf
San:(fumes in anger) y u hv touched my files
Swra: vo..i.. i…was
Before she could say something he slaps her hard… he left n swara stand still there with teary eyes… she has become habitual now… cz she has no option left she have to live her lyf with him…

Swra rembers the day after her marriage it was 2nd day n he beat swara lyk anything only because she has putted her clothes in his cupbord
She calls home
Sra: hello dadi (cryng)
Dadi: what u want now
Swra:dadi i dont want to live here …sanskar is not a human.. he daily beats me.. he daily force me to Fill his lust…
Dadi:(rudely)dekh chhori.. tune badi kripa ki hai hum pe.. now u r married n we dont hv any relation with u..n rahi baat force krne ki…so he is ur hubby he has ryt on u…when u can sleep with an unknown then y u cant sleep with ur hubby… n dont u dare to call us again.. u r dead for us.
Swra: dadi i am ur laado.(shatted)
Dadi: my laado has died..

Swra was like a lifeless body Ap feels bad to see her this way… n she feels guilty that her son is reason behind her she cant understand that why he behaves lyk this with swara only

Sanskar came home n straightly went to his room swara was sleeping he fumes in anger seeing her sleeping he bang the door n bolt that…
Swra wakesup in shock n she knows today she is dead
San:(holds her tightly) how dare u to sleep before me…
Swra:(nervously) i… i.. was not feeling well..i dont kno…whn..whn ..i ..i..doze off
San: now let me make u feel well
Swra:(pleading) no sanskar plz no..not today.. i.. i cant…
San: u hv to pay for ur deeds…
He push swra on bed n starts forcing her…swra tries her level best to stop him but all in vain …she was in pain… her soule was screeming… tears are continously flowing frm her eyes.. she just want this night to be her last night…she dont want to live anymore….
She was watering plants suddenly some water falls on sanskar’s file..who was going to office..
San: what the hell cant u see(angry)
Swra:m sry.
San:sry my foot….why these flower pots are at entrence …u hv to face punishment
Swra: sanskar please.m sryy(cryng)

San: take these flower pots to garden…
Swra: san these are heavy i cant even lift it..
San; u hv another option too.. wanna do that
Swra: nooooooo i will take these pots..

Sanskar was sitting in hall suddenly he hears swra’s screem he rush to her … he got tensed to see her condition… swra was crying in pain…she was holding her belly tightly… pain was unbearable was reflected on her face…. sanskar took her in his arms n rush to his room he called doctor…
Unknowingly tears fell off his eyes.. he cares swara’s forehead swra too was holding sanskar’s hand tightly… too tightly that her nails got into his hand..
Itz for the first tym when swara shows her trust on sanskar n sanskar shows his love n care for swara
San:sshh nothng will happen to u swara… m with u na
Swra:(in pain) sanskar i cant bear this…aaahhhh!!!
San: hold on swra… i kno u r strong..
At the tym doctor comes n Ap n uttra too came back frm mandir
Doctor checks her n said” congratz mr maheshwari u r soon gonna be a father…”
San:(worriedly) swra is fyn na..
Doc: ya she is fyn bt seems she has lifted something too heavy thats y she feels unbrarable pain… she is weak so take care of her… n dont let her lift heavy thing
Ap has now a hope that this baby may change her son sanskar…

Sanskar starts taking care of her indurectly …. things somehow now becomes stable… but none of them showed love or affection after that day….

But one everything got changed drastically


Swara was standing on stair case .. then uttra came running n hugs swara n cries… she got tensed
Swra: uttra what happened y r u cryng..tell me
Then sanskar came n ask her same..
San: tell me uttra what happened
Uttra: vo bhai sone guyz tries to miss behave with me..

Swra n sanskar some how consoless her..

Sanskar was walking down.. swara calls him
Swara: one min sanskar..
San: what u want
Swra: answer
San: of what?
Swra: where r u going?
San: none of ur business
Swra: itz my business
San: m going to teach those guyz a lesson how dare they to miss behave with my sister… i will kill then
Swra: q apni siS k sth kisi ne missbehave kia to itta bura lga.. n when u raped me then?..
San was leaving …. swara hold his hand..
Swra: today i want all answers sanskar..
Sanskar:(angry) m not liable to answer u
He jerked her hand with a force… the force was so strong that swara cant make herself stable n fall off the stairs..
Swra roll down to the ground.. sanskar was numb
Swra was lyng in betwn pool of blood..
Uttra n Ap came frm their room…
Laksh n Ragini were at door step of MM n were shocked to see swra..

They take her to hospital…
Sanskar also went with them…doctor came out n said
Doc: m sry mr maheshwari.. ur wife has suffered a miss carriage.. we cant save the child but mrs. Swra is fyn..

Sanskar was shocked he has lost his senses… he dont kno how to react..

All went to her ward sanskar was about to enter her ward but Swra stops him
Swra: dont u dare to come in my ward mr sanskar maheshwari… u r a killer u killed my unborn.. get lost(cries)
Sanskar left without reacting…



Swra went somewhere n she has a file in her hand…

Same day in evening
Sanskar recieved a call frm unknown number

Prsn: m i talking to mr sanskar maheshwari
San: ya u r..
Prsn:i hv a bad news for y
San:(nervous) w.h.a.t??.
Prsn: ur wife mrs swra maheshwari has fallen off the cliff…n she is dead.. her body has been claimed by her parents n they told us to inform u only..

Sanskar was hell shocked he dont kno how to take all this he fall on his knees n cries his heart out…”ssswwwaaaarrrraaaaaa”

To be continued….

Guyz please tell me do u hate sanskar in this part or not..??.
And now u must be thinking that i hvnt included kritika’s idea of SwaSan’s baby…
Now swara is dead so how will that happen…
My answer is guyz hv patience… wait for next part till then keep thinking….
🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

Credit to: meher

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