Desperation by Amore

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Here’s another OS by me… his is the story i had written long back and it was published on another site as well… please tell me how’s it

Once there was a girl named Zena living in the family of four, father-Chris, step mother-Nina, step brother-Zorro and herself. Her father hated her but her brother did not. Her mother didn’t love her but she knew that her son loves his beloved sister. Zorro went to city to complete his study. He was a well learned guy. He returned his village after 2 and half years, surprised by knowing his sister got married but he was not informed at all. He felt something fishy… He then went to the address provided to see if his sister is fine. There he met a man who told him that he is unknown to any girl named Zena. He then confronted his parents and asked for their confession. Mother said “Zena is married with all the rituals. Chris told me not to bother you as there was your exam going on and he did not want you to leave it”. Zorro then went to Chris to know what was actually going on. He found Chris in drunken state. He was in such a horrible condition that he could not recognize even his own son. He then informed the police about the incident and told them to find her out. Police department started investigation and found out that many other girls were missing since few years. Zorro worked with them a lot but they could not find the girls. Police suspected the case to related with “GIRLS TRAFFICKING”. During searching and investigating in various places, they found something that shrieked them… that was the dead body of a man.[quote_box_right]Police department started investigation and found out that many other girls were missing since few years. Zorro worked with them a lot but they could not find the girls.[/quote_box_right]

Zorro screams looking at the body as it was of Sanjit – Zena’s hubby. Everybody were shocked by this news. Chris was quiet, Nina was tensed and Zorro was in unable to gather enough courage to start further investigation. Police were in dilemma for their next step. They could not understand what to do next. Zorro could not think anything when he saw something in his table, a letter, where it was written about Sanjit to be a broker. He suspected that he was loosing any link to his beloved sister Zena. Zorro who informs his girl – Julie about the whole incident and ask for her help as she was the student of law. He told her that he cannot get any clue about Zena. She then instructed him to confront his parents as their behavior was quiet weird on Zena’s incident. Zorro then went to his father and had an emotional conversation with him. His father expressed his feeling towards Zorro and said how much he loves him. Chris was not ready to talk about Zena at all. Zorro was shattered when Chris said ” I don’t wanna talk about that girl. Now she will never trouble us”. After he said he got up and and headed towards his room. Zorro could not sleep thinking why his father said “Now she will never trouble us”? Was there something hidden? Then he went to his mother who said “Dear, you better not talk about her. You will only suffer if you do”. He could not get why she used ‘YOU’ instead of ‘US’?

Words from his parent were killing him from inside. He went to the police to tell them to arrest his parents as he suspects his parents behind Zena’ disappearance. Police did not believe him first, but they did after he told them about her relation with them and what they said. Police said that it was a personal matter and he cannot arrest anybody on the basis of suspection, they must get strong proof to do what he was saying. Zorro then gave a call to Julie and told her to come to him as he needs her support. The very next day Julie arrived. Zorro introduced her as his girlfriend who has come to meet him. His parents welcomed her and made her stay with them. She happily agreed and expressed her happiness towards them. Then Zorro started to search Zena with different methods and strategies. He involved his neighbors in his strategy. While investigation the policemen found out that Sanjit, Zena’s hubby was a broker who was involved in girls trafficking and he married Zena to sell her but she ran away. In a sense Zorro was relived when he realized that Sanjit could not take Zena with him. But still he was worried for her safety. When he informed his parents that Zena ran away from Sanjit, his parents turned pale. They had no words to say, they both were shivering. This incident made him sure that his parents knew about Sanjit before his marriage. Parents excused themselves and then went to their room. Here Zorro’s tears broke out and he was completely shattered when he saw his parent’s reaction. He wailed infront of Julie and said that he never expected his parents to stoop so low that they would sell her. He was so sure that he could take any step to make his parents confess their crime.

During the investigation, Zorro got to know about the debate between Chris and Sanjit that occured a year ago in the nearby temple where Chris was accusing Sanjit for cheating his family. Nobody could understand what the matter was. Sanjit told everybody that Chris was Zena’s father and he wants her to be at her father’s house after marriage. And Chris told that until and unless Sanjit give him handful of money he would not let him take Zena with him.

One day Zorro and his girlfriend – Julie saw father going somewhere early in the morning quietly. They decided to follow him. They reached to an isolated place following Chris where they heard voice of a girl. Julie suggested Zorro to inform the policemen till then she will follow him and continued following him. After following him for nearly 35 minutes he reached to a beautiful garden where she saw a mentally retarded girl playing. She informed Zorro and asked him to come as soon as possible. After he came, he headed towards the girl and to his surprise she was his BELOVED SISTER ZENA who did not even recognize him. His father was shocked to see him there. Then the cops arrived who confronted him making confess everything. Nina came there and too was shocked to see everyone there. Then Zorro asked them to tell the truth what actually happened in his absence.

Chris said that he got to know that Sanjit was a broker during marriage and even tried to stop him to take Zena with him but Sanjit played mind game and was successful to take her. Zena too believed him as she thought he was a good man and went with him. But she ran away when she realized Chris was not lying. While she was running she fell and was wounded. Both parents were successful to rescue her as Sanjit did not see where she was. Chris took her and as they were running, Sanjit attacked them from behind when they realize Nina was missing. To save Nina, Zena threw a stone that Wounded Sanjit. But Sanjit put knife on Zena and threatened Chris and Nina to kill her. Chris gave him a push and Nina pulled Zena. During the pull Zena fainted and got mentally retarded whereas Sanjit fell from the cliff and got stucked to the sharp tin leading him to cut into halves. He then said that they pulled the body and burrowed it. Chris then said that he always hated Zena cause she was a girl but now he is living in a guilt for doing so. They never wanted their son to see his sister in that condition so they brought her in the asylum for her recovery. Nina even said that the letter he got was written by them as they wanted him to feel a sigh of relief thinking Zena was safe.

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