Desperate Sprit ALOHA- SWASAN OS by Nilu

Hello friends, actually this is my first attempt to write an os. Hope u like it. The story is totally imaginary… Whatever came in my mind I wrote. Those who r not comfortable so they can directly skip. If I got good response then I’ll write more. Story may contains some mature scenes… Now no talk I’m starting it. Desperate Sprit.

Ñew Hamilton Ontario hostel. (Imaginary…)

Room no 1210. The rooms was filled of moans of passionate love making. Floor was fully messed with clothes.

“Ummm Sanskar…”

He stopped and pulled her hairs. “Ahh, it’s hurting…”

“Don’t call me that, it’s Sanky. Got it.”

“Ok.” He hold her waist and again started thrusting. They went different world of pleasure.

His eyes fell on her bosoms. “Hmm, cherry.” He started sucking it hard. “My favorite.”

She clutched sheet in pleasure. The way he took her buds between his teeth. She forgot herself.

“Stop…” She shouts.

“What happened, Swara.”

“Sanky… He is looking at us…” She said while gasping badly. She covered her bosoms. “He is looking at us.”


She pointed towards window. “There…”

Sanskar looked at the window and finds no one. Only dark night and white mist was coming inside the room from the window. It was snowfall outside. But their body was sweating badly.

He cupped her face. “No one was there. See only mist.”

“But Sanky… I saw him.”

He caressed her boss*m. And about to took it inside his mouth.

“I said STOP… He is looking at us.” Sanskar got up and closed the window.

“See now no one can see us. Shall I continue?” She nodded her head in yes. He cupped her face. “Swara, u know I don’t like disturbance…”

“I love u Sanky.”

“I know, that’s why I’m in ur hostel room.” He again engaged in his work. Swara saw some knocking at the window… A hand who was continuously knocking…

“Sanky… He is again knocking… He.” Before she could say further he captured her lips and started kissing her madly. He bite on her lips.

“I said no disturbance.” He said in Stern voice. Swara knew his anger.

She thought. “If I closed my eyes then, I would not see that man.” She was afraid but hide everything.

4am. Alarm ringed.⏰⏰.

She closed it with her hand. Sanskar was sleeping on her.

“It’s already 4am. Kavita and Kavya is about to come here.” She tried to removed him. Then she realised he was still inside her. Should she wake him up or not?

“Sanky!!!.” She called him in feeble voice.

“Hmm… Shona.” He again hide his face on her neck. Swara smiled listening Shona from his mouth. He hardly called her by that name.

“Sanky, please get up. Kavya and Kavita, they would come here at anytime.”

“5 minutes more Shona.” He hugged her more tightly. “I have to spend whole day without my teady bear.” She blushed.???. Whenever he called her teady.

4:30am they heard a knocked. At the door.

“Swara…” Swara woke with jerk. “Swara open the door.”

“Kavya wait a minute.” She found Sanskar was still sleeping holding her.

“Sanky… Kavya came.”

“Tell her to go…”

“Please wake up.”

“No.” He again cuddled her. “I don’t want to leave my Teddy.”

“But Kavya.”

“I think my Teddy don’t love me anymore.” He showed her his false tears. “It’s OK Teddy.”

She wiped his tears. “No, Sanky Teddy loves u a lot. But Kavya.”

They again heard a knock. “Swara please open the door. Warden will come at 5am please.” She was Kavita.

“4:55…” Sanskar shout. “Now leave Kavita and if u both came before that, the I’ll not leave u.” They ran from there.

Swara became afraid seeing his anger. He cupped her face. “Y my Teddy became afraid that was for them for Teddy only love.” He pecked on her lips.

“Now get up Teddy.” He was about to got up but Swara hold his hand.

“U r still inside me.”

“Oh, sorry.” He smoothly withdrew himself. “Is it paining Shona.”

“No, only first time it hurt now not that much.”

He kissed on her cheek. “Now my Teddy is use to me. Anything u want Teddy.”

“Yes, I want a book. But it isn’t available in library.”

“Ok, evening we both go for it. Ok.”

“But warden gives only 4hours outing…”

“Don’t worry Teddy. Now go get ready.”

She wrapped herself in sheet then moved towards washroom. But he stopped her.

“My Teddy is feeling shy from me.”

She bow down her head. She was trying to hide her blush. “Please Sanky let me.”

“Okie.” He kissed on her cheek. She took her clothes from Almera and kissed on his cheek and immediately went inside the washroom, he smiled. He also wore his clothes.

Kavya knocked at the door. Sanskar opened the door. He gave her death glare.

“Sorry sir, it’s 4.55 so I came.”

“Hmm.” He didn’t said anything just started collecting his belongings which were messed on the floor.


Sanskar Maheshwari- Son of Rich business man. Ram Parshad Maheshwari. He is spoiled… Girls are ready to die in his charm. He used to be in relation till he finds interest on her.

Swara Gadodia-Sweet innocent girl. She is new in college. Junior of Sanskar. She loves him a lot. She hide her relation from her parents. Daughter of Shekhar Gadodia.

Sahil-Sanskar’s best friend. He has some different feelings for Swara.

Kavita-She Swara’s room mate.

“Help me.”

Sanskar and Kavya heard Swara’s voice. Sanskar immediately knocked the washroom door, he found it wasn’t closed. He directly went inside. Swara hugged him.

“Swara, what happened?”

“He is looking at me.” She hided herself more in his arms.

“Who? Swara.” She pointed towards wall. There was a… Was a….

“Lizard.” He giggled. “R u serious Teddy?”

“Please… Sanky.” Then lizard went from there. She was still hugging his. Even his clothes became wet. Sanskar caressing her back. She realised she wasn’t wearing anything. She closed his eyes with her hand.

“I have seen everything. I didn’t knew my Teddy looks extra cute in bathroom.” His eyes were still covered by her hand.

Outside the bathroom. Warden came.

“What happened Kavya? Who was shouting?”

“Mam, Swara saw something in washroom.”

Warden knocked the door. “Swara r u OK?”

Swara became afraid. “Yes… Yess I’m fine man.”

Sanskar kept his hand on her waist and pulled her towards him. “Sanky please leave me.”

“First remove ur hand. I want to see u.”

“No.” Warden again knocked the door.

“Shall I come inside?” Warden said.

“No, mam I’m fine.” Just then Kavita came inside and Warden scold her.

“Kavita u were not in ur room.”

“No mam actually…”

“I’ll complain against u.” She left.

Inside the washroom. Sanskar was kissing her. “Please ready remove ur hand.” He again kissed her.

“No, Sanky… Please go. Please.”

“Ok, fine I’m going. Now remove ur hand.” Swara took towel from one hand covers herself. Then she removed her hand.

Sanskar was mesmerised seeing her like this. Towel was covering her body and her expose part of her body was filled with water drops. Her fully wet hair lashed on her shoulder. With her hand she was holding towel. He moved towards her but she moved backwards.

“Please…” But he again moved towards her until she dashed with wall. “Sanky…”

He kept finger in her lips. “Sssh.” He touched his love bites on her body with thumb. “Teady is it paining.”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Teady, u never complained. I never thought, look at u how much I hurt u.” He never cared for how much it hurt her but this was first time he noticed this.

“I like it. Sanky. Because it was given by u.” He kissed on her forehead. “I love u Sanky.”

“Come fast.” He left.

“Sanskar when will u reply back to me. When u will say u too love me.” She wiped her tears.

Sanskar came out.

“Sanky, I made ur project file.” Kavita hold his hand. He jerked her hand.

“Give it to me. And if I didn’t get full marks then I will see u.”

“I know u will get full marks.” Sanskar took file and left from window.

Orchid International college. ?⛲

Sanskar was standing near his car with his friends.

“Sanky, how’s ur night.”

“She is just awesome, Lucky. I can spend whole day with her that would not enough for me.”

“Sanky it has been more than a month u r in relation with Swara. When will u leave her.”

“Sorry, who hell r u to ask me this?”

“But Sanky u never stay with any girl more than a week. Last girl was Kavita.”

“Don’t compare my Teddy with that cavity. U know our date of birth one after another. First mine then her. 7august mine and 8 August her.”

“U forget mine birthday Sanskar.”

“Leave it Sahil.”

Then Sanskar’s eyes fell on a girl. Her short top was reveling her waist. In high heels?. She was completely in black. Sanskar’s mouth was remained open.

“Beautiful.” She came towards Sanskar and closed his mouth with her finger.

“Staring is bad Sanky.” He pulled her and hugged her.

“My Teddy is looking too hot.” He kissed on her cheek. Then he looked towards love bites on her shoulder. He kept her hairs on her shoulder and hide it. “Be carefull Teddy.

She removed it. “No, let other knows. Now I’m going bye.” She kissed on his cheek and left.

“Sanky, she is serious for u.” Sahil said. “It’s better to end this relation.”

“Enough Sahil. It’s up to me when I’ll broke this relation.” Sanskar left in anger.

“Sahil I think Sanskar falls for Swara.” Lucky said.

“Stup up. Sanskar can’t love her.” Sahil shout.

“Woh, buddy. Y r u overreacting? Cool. I was because Sanskar changed a lot. I mean he stop looking for girl.”

“Whatever Lucky. Sanskar can’t stay for a single girl. He wants girl on his bed that’s it.” He left.

Evening. Swara was waiting for Sanskar. Kavya and Kavita came there.

“Swara, come.” Kavya said.

“No, I have to go out. I have taken permission from warden.”

“But Swara, r u going alone.”

“No, Kavya actually Sanskar. I mean Sanky is coming.”

Kavita’s face expression changed. “Kavya u go, till Sanky come I’m with Swara.” Kavya left.

Kavita removed her hairs and pinched love bite on her shoulder.

“Aww. Kavita mam it’s hurting.”

“It will hurt u more when he leave u, like useless paper. Like he left me.”

“Kavita mam I think u should leave.”

“Truth will never change. U r with till u keep him happy in bed. He will leave u. U think dud he ever cared for u. Even I spend two night with him.”

“Kavita…” Sanskar called her. “What r u doing here?” He took Swara in side hug. “Teddy is she troubling u.”

“Sanky I’m getting late.” Kavita left.

Swasan left in car. In the whole car journey Swara was sad. She was continuously thinking about Kavita’s word. Sanskar guessed that something happened that Swara was hiding. They took book and left.

“Teddy r u feeling hungry.”

She nodded no. She was just looking outside. He never bother for anyone but he couldn’t resist.

“So u won’t talk to me. Did Kavita said something.” Swara remained quite. Sanskar turned the car in different path.

“Sanky it’s not the way to hostel.”

“Finally u spoke something.” She again turned her face. After driving something Sanskar stopped the car. He went out and also pulled her out.

“U have decided, u won’t talk to me. U know who am I? I’m Sanky. My one look is enough for girl.”

“Enough for sleeping with girls.”

“Who told u this?” She again turned her face. He cupped her face. “Did Kavita said this… It’s OK u don’t trust me. Then fine.”

She hugged him. “I love u Sanky. I can’t live without u.”

“I know my Teddy only loves me.”

“She said u will leave me when u become fed up of me. U only need me in ur bed.” Sanskar became quite Kavita was right. Then Y he was afraid to tell truth to her. “I know she is lying? U know I saw ur pic in her mobile. She said u spend two nights with her.”

He broke the hug and kissed her. “Y would I leave my Teddy? U know I can’t see my Teddy with anyone else. I’m addicted to u Teddy.”

She tightly hugged him. “I love, love u soo much Sanky. Don’t leave ur Teddy because ur Teddy won’t survive without u.”

“Ok, now we should leave.” They Sat inside the car. Sanskar started car but it wasn’t starting.

“What happened?”

“Don’t know Teddy it’s not starting.” Then someone knocked at the door.

Sanskar came out and Swara too. “Sahil what r u doing here?”

“Sanskar look weather is not good. It’s not possible to go back there is a probability of Strom u come with me. My Granny house is there.”

Sanskar looked towards Swara. “Her warden…”

“Sanky she will understand, come Swara.”

Swara hold Sanskar’s hand. They left. Swara felt someone’s hand on her waist. First she thought it was if Sanskar then she noticed that she was holding his one hand from other hand he was checking the phone. She became afraid. Sahil was on her side he was smiling.

“Sanky.” She took his hand and placed on her waist. After sometime she felt someone hand’s on her navel. She immediately hugged Sanskar.

“Teddy r u feeling cold.”

“Sanskar someone intensionally touching me.”

Sanskar slapped Sahil. “How dare u?”

“Sanky it’s not me. Look with one hand I’m holding torch and with other I was hoping this bag. It’s because of cool breeze Swara felt like that.”

They went inside the house.

“Granny, I came. See new guest.”

An old lady nearly 80years old holding a stick came towards them. She sat on hair.

“Hello Granny I’m Swara.”

“Hi I’m Sanky.”

“What kind of name is Sanky… Sanky sounds like hanky.”

Swara giggled. “Granny his name is Sanskar but he doesn’t like that name.”

“Oh, Sahil give food to the guest.”

Swara looked at the pic. “Granny who r they.”

“It’s me and my husband.”


Sahil severed them food. After dinner. They were sitting near bonfire.

“Granny u lives alone here.” Swara asked. “I mean this house is in the middle of forest.”

“Yes, sometimes Sahil came to meet me.”

“Teddy I’m feeling sleepy. Come.” Sahil stared them.

“No, Sanky…” She turned towards Granny. “Granny I heard old lady knows lots of story. I like hearing stories.”

“Teddy please.”

“U go, I’m with Granny.” Sanskar left with no option.

“Ok fine. I’m here but u have to sit on my lap. I want my Teddy.”

They sit around her. Sanskar was least interested on stories but tolerating because of Swara.

“It’s story of Aloha.”

“Aloha, what is aloha granny.”

“It’s a desperate sprit. This sprit consummate with different partners untill it gets the right partner…”

“Right partner.”

“Yes, right partner. If it got right partner then can’t fed of it. The became addicted of that partner. After that…”

“After that what happens Granny.”

“After that they get a power and a curse. Power to take look of any human they want. Each consummate increases their power.”

“What about curse Granny?”

“Curse if they stopped consummating with their partner. They never get peace. If somehow their partner dies…”

“What rubbish is this?” Sanskar shout. “This all is rubbish.”

“Sanky it’s just a story.” Swara spoke.

Sanskar lifted her in his arms. “Now no more stories.” He took inside a room and closed the door.

“Sanky, what happened to u?”

“That old lady was saying all rubbish.”

“I know.”

Sanskar cupped her face. “U know, I can’t live without my Teddy.” He kissed her. He undid her clothes. She blushed.

“I love u Sanky.” She opened his shirt. He placed her on bed. Then he looked towards her marks. He’s stopped himself and cuddled her.

“Good night Teddy.”

“Sanky Y u stopped?”

“Now can’t hurt u. Teddy I need on bed with me not for s*x but for cuddling. Promise u will not leave me.” She kissed on his cheek.

“I promise.” They slept.

Midnight Swara woke up. She shouting… “Sanskar… Sanskar…”

Sanskar woke up. “Teddy r u OK…” She looked towards him. She kissed all over his face…

“I love u…” She was crying. “U r OK…”

“I’m perfectly alright Teddy.”

“I saw he killed u. U…” She cried and hugged him. “U r my everything.”

“Hush Teddy I’m fine. It was just a dream.”

“No, Sanskar it was same bed. U were in this bed. Room was filled with moans. U were sleeping with a girl.”

“Girl who was she.”

“I… Was that girl. Then someone looked inside window through that door and he threw an ax towards u and…”

“I’m fine. Forget that dream.”

“No… I can’t…” He kissed her… Entangled his fingers with her.

“Now I can’t let u sleep. Now sleep no nightmare.” She started responding to his touch. Then Swara saw someone.

“He is looking at us.”

“Swara no one was there.” He busy in his work.

“No he is looking…” Sanskar covered themselves inside duvet.

“Now no one is watching.” She hugged him. She started crying. “Shona, it’s OK. I’ll stop if u don’t want this.”

“Sanky is what is happening to me?” He kissed on her forehead.

“Nothing, u just thinking a lot.” He slowly went side her. “Just remember Sanky, think Sanky, speak Sanky nothing else.”

This was sweet and passionate love making. After sometime Sanskar slept but sleep was far away from Swara. Sanskar was sleeping beside her his hand was on her waist. She was caressing his hairs.

“Sanky, don’t know what is happening? Now I’m afraid if something happened to u.” Then someone removed the their duvet.

A man with ax in his one hand standing there. His face was covered with moustaches and long beard. His head was covered with turban.

“Sssh.” He kept finger on her lips. Swara covered herself with sheet. He caressed her lips.

“So sweet. U r mine keep this in ur mind. And if u want his life then again u both consummate will be his last night of both of u. Got it.” She nodded her head in fear.

“Please leave, I’ll do whatever u want.” He took his ax and about to kill Sanskar. “No please…”

He wiped her tears. “Hush, don’t cry. His life in ur hand.”

He left. She cried a lot. Next next morning Sanskar woke up and Swara sleeping. He Peck on her lips.

“Good Morning Teddy.” She woke up and immediately hugged him. “Hey Teddy I’m fine. U r again thinking about that dream. Come now we have to leave.”

After breakfast they left.

“Granny u take care of yourself.”

“U too.” Swara hugged her. “He is watching u…” She whispered in Swara’s ears.

“Teddy come we r getting late.” They left. The whole journey Swara was only thinking about that man.

It was half time in the college. Swara was sad.

“Hey Swara. Y r u sad?” Kavya asked.

“I’m fine.”

On the other side. Sanskar was searching Kavita. Finally he got her. She was talking to Sahil.

“I know Sahil, u likes her.”

“Kavita, don’t know Y Sanskar is not leaving her.”

“Soon, Sanskar will leave Swara.”

“In ur dreams Kavita.” Sanskar said. “What u thought if u tell all rubbish to Swara, she would leave me.”

“Sanky, sorry but that was truth. How could our kiss, we both r perfect for each other. We r in same class but Swara she is ur junior.”

“One thing kept in ur little mind. I’m with my Teddy till I want.”

“After that Sanky.” Sanskar turned and saw Swara. “When u became fed up of me u will throw me out of ur life.”

“No Teddy who told I this.” He tried to cupped her face. But she jerked him.

“Don’t touch me. U made me dirty. U need only in bed. I hate u for this. U never loved me.” She ran from there.

Sanskar tried a lot to talk with her but she didn’t agreed. After one week. Swara was going back to hostel. Sanskar stopped her.

“Teddy, I miss u lot.”

“Y, u didn’t got new bedmate?”

“What r u saying Teddy? U know how much I need my Teddy.”

“Leave my way Sanskar. I’m getting late.” He holds her hand. It started raining. He bends down on his knees.

“Teddy, I accept I was a bad boy. But after u entered in my life I never looked any girl I swear.” He kissed on her hand. “U know Y? Because I LOVE MY TEDDY. Yess I LOVE U SWARA.”

He hugged her. “I love u a lot.” She closed her eyes. She always wanted to hear this. He cupped her face. “U r my everything. Slap me punish me but don’t leave me.”

He kissed her. It was deep and passionate kiss. He lifted her in his arms and took her inside her car. “Do u still love me Teddy?” He asked while kissing on her navel.

“Yes…” She moaned. He started undoing her clothes then she saw a shadow outside the car. An ax was in his hand. Swara pushed Sanskar.

“Teddy what happened? U love me.”

“U proved u only want this… I hate u.” She left.

She went inside her room and started crying.

“I told u SWARA but u never believed me. He don’t love u.”

“Kavita mam. She is already hurt and u. Please leave her alone.” Kavya supported Swara. Kavita smirked and left the room.

“Swara u change the clothes. And don’t think about them. Everything happened for good.”

“Thank Kavya.”

“No worries. Swara next week I’m going out. Actually it’s my 20th birthday. U manage with Kavita alone.”

It had been two weeks since Sanskar was away from Sanskar. Today was Sanskar’s birthday. Swara wanted to wish him.

“Sahil, can u please help me.”

“What kind of help? I’ll help u I’m not like Sanskar.”

“I want to meet ur Granny. Please don’t say no.”

“But Swara.”

“Please Sahil.” She started crying.

“Swara, don’t cry. Y u want to meet her, she was dead 6 year ago.”

“What!!!! But who was she?”

“She? What r u saying.”

“That night. U said u met us, u said ur Granny home is here”

“I think u must be mistaken.”

“She was there she talk me about aloha…”

“What u said…”


“How do u know about that, Swara that is a desperate sprit too dangerous. If she wants anything she gets it at any cost.”

“But that spirt is a man.”

“No, Swara. Aloha is a desperate sprit of women who only prey a man. Who born on the same date when she born.”

“How do u know this much Sahil?”

“My dad was killed by an Aloha. He wrote everything in his dairy.”

“Please show me.”

Swara read the dairy.

“Swara, that Aloha spirt took my father when I was very Small. Aloha consummate with her perfect match, her power were consumed in an axe. And took that partner with her. And they kills their partner when they…”

“When they was about to give birth to new girl.”

“Y only girl?”

“They only give birth to girl only. They first thing new born baby girl feeds is her father’s blood and when she was pregnant dad wrote this dairy and before the day of delivery he send this to mom.”

“But Sahil, Y u didn’t complained.”

“No one trusted us. Dad got punishment of spending one night with that Aloha. She threatened him to kill me and mom that’s why dad went with her.”

“But I saw a man. Everytime I was with Sanskar he stared us. He said he would kill him. And in that house.”

“Wait Swara, do u know the way.”

“Yes.” They left for that house.

The house was in very bad condition. “Sahil I’m afraid if they.”

“Swara they r weakest during day, they are most powerful during night or…”

“Or when two soul consummate… The energy realises for they love making makes them week, it pinched them a lot.”

They went inside the room. They searched. Whole house then Swara got a ax. This was same one. “Sahil it’s the same ax, wait something written in it.”


“What does it means?”

“I don’t know Swara.” Then Sahil got something… It was a pic of a man and woman.

“What happened Sahil? This pic… Granny said it her husband pic.”

“Swara he is my dad.”

“What!!!?. That means…”

“Swara, today is the same day my dad died and it’s Sanskar’s birthday too..”

“That means, that man was actually a girl. She did all this so that I should stay away from Sanskar and she…”

“Swara we need to save Sanskar…” They left from there. Swara was thinking who must be the girl…



“She must be Kavita… May be she took ur gesture just too fool. As per ur dad’s dairy aloha can adopt anyone look only in night… I’m damm sure she is the one because that day she said me to stay from Sanskar.”

Swara and Sahil started searching Kavita and Sanskar. She saw Kavita.

“Uncle one chocolate cake.”

“Kavita.” Swara slapped her. “How dare u… U thought u will take my Sanskar like ur mother did…”

“Swara stop it. Not a single word for my mother.”

“Y not? Ur mother is a Aloha. She is blo*dy…” Kavita slapped her.

“Not a single word. My mom is no more… I agree I love Sanskar, but what rubbish u r saying… Aloha… Aloha is a protocol of networking…”

“If u r not then whose birthday.”


Then swara reminded everything. Kavya knew that Swara was going with Sanskar. She always said her to stay away from Sanskar. Swara told her all problems.

“Where is she… And Sanskar?”

“Swara, she will take Sanskar with her.”

“I know Sanskar will not touch her with her willingness.”

“Swara, Sanskar will not touch Kavya but Swara…”

“No, I can’t loose him. Please, please help me… Thinks something where they would be.”

“Same place, Swara might be that house.” Swara and Sahil left from there.

Sanskar was driving car. Kavya was kissing on his cheeks.

“Teddy I’m so happy u forgave me.”

“I love u Sanky. Today we will again become one.”

“But Y u r going Granny’s home. We can do it hostel.”

“Because Granny made me realise that how important u r in my life.”

They reached there… They went inside the room. “Teddy where is Granny.”

“She went out, she arranged this room for us.” She hugged him. “I love u Sanskar.”

“Love u too Teddy.” She removed his shirt. And threw him on bed. She stared undoing her clothes… She kissed him.

“I love u Sanskar…” Sanskar stopped her. “What happened Sanky.”

“I’m not feeling good Teddy.” She hugged him.

“Please Sanky.”

“Ok Teddy.” He continued…

Here Swara and Sahil reached there. Swara directly went inside the room. Sanskar was about to open her dress.

“Sanky, she is not me.” Sanskar stopped seeing Swara. “I’m ur Teddy she is aloha, she is Kavya.”

Kavya strangled Sanskar. Swara moved to Save him. “One step more. I’ll kill him.”

“No u can’t…”

“I can Swara. If he is not mine then I can’t let him to be urs.”

“Leave…me…” Sanskar spoke.

“Ya, Swara it was me. Sanskar then men which Sanskar used to say was me only. I found him after spending 20years, perfect match. I knew Sanskar was a play boy so one day I would got him, but no since he met u he changed Swara. I just wanted to proved her mental. But that thing didn’t worked. So that night me and my mom planned everything.” She loosened her grip. “U know how much it hurted me and my mom when u both consummate. That dream was just to make u afraid Swara that if presence near Sanskar is harmful for him but that’s not true. Ur presence saves him.”

Swara winked towards Sanskar. “Kavya, if u don’t want to kill me then, I’m ready to be yours. Everyone wants a powerful wife. I want to become ur perfect match.”

“U r trying to fool me.”

“No, I’m serious.”

Then Someone stabbed Kavya, she cried. “Ma…” It was Swara who killed her with ax. Kavya fell down on floor.

“I CARRIED MY DEATH. Kavya only this ax can kill u.” When Swara entered inside the house she asked Sahil to searched the ax.

“My…mom..!!! She will not leave u…” Swara burned her body. They came out of house. Swara hugged Sanskar.

“I’m sorry, sorry to hurt u. I thought…”

“It’s OK Teddy I deserve punishment. I hurt u a lot.”

He was about to kiss then someone stabbed his back. Sanskar turned and found it was Sahil.

“Sahil, u…” He fell down.

Sahil hold Swara’s hand. “Poor girl. I lied to u. Aloha spirit can be male or female.”

“But u was helping us? Please leave me.”

“How can I leave u Swara? If Sanskar is perfect match for Kavya then U r for me. Our date of birth is same. Tomorrow, u and me.”

“Leave my hand.”

“U helped me to kill this Kavya. How can I let my sister to be more stronger than me. Yes Swara Kavya is my sister. But mom always supported her. I want to be most powerful.”

“Sanskar please get up.” Sahil checked his breath.

“Aww poor boy died. Sorry Swara.” He left the ax there and lifted Swara in his arms.

“Sanskar,… Help me please.”

“U know Swara, I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

“Sahil, I love him.”

“But he is dead.” As Sahil said this Sanskar attacked on his back with axe and Sahil fell down.

Swara immediately went towards Sanskar. Sanskar took lighter… And burns his body alive… Swara hugged him.

“It’s OK now everything will be alright.”

“His mother will kill us.”

“She can’t do anything. An Aloha dies if her children died without consummate with their correct partner.”

“How do u know?”

“Because I’m one of them.” She broke the hug.

“U, are…” He cupped her face.

“Sssh, I’m joking Swara it’s nothing like that.”

“She will come here at anytime. She will not leave us.” Swara cried… “What to do…” Then she got an idea. “Come with me.”

They went in the car back seat. “What happened Swara.”

“Love me Sanskar.”


“Trust me. She can’t touch us she will be here at anytime.”

“Ok.” Then both of them engaged in love making. Whole night they stopped when sun ray disturbed them.

“We r safe now.”

“She will again came Sanskar.”

“Teddy, that axe.” He wore his clothes and came outside.

“If we will destroy this…”

“Yes this will work…” Then burnt it… And then leave their life happily.

Hope u guys liked it… If u like then I’ll write more else this is my last post for SWASAN. Ur friend nilu?.

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