The Desperate silence (intense ardhika ) chappy -7

He was going through some papers. Suddenly something flashed in front of his eyes. He looked towards his table.

The gold pendant was shining because of the warm sun rays falling on it. He smiled reminiscing about the kiss. Short and sweet. Warm and sensual. Provoking and calm.

He picked up the pendant. Radhika . He mumbled. Radhika. He mumbled again.

“Mrs Radhika Mehra . Hmm not bad..but still not perfect” he said in amusing tone. Arjun thought for sometime. He looked the pendant again.

“ Mrs Radhika need of Mehra..perfect” he spoke while reminiscing all the moments of ‘his’ and ‘her’ together.

“ Sir we caught the guy ..who attacked Neil Sir three months before” said Arjun’s assistant after hurriedly barging in his room.

He gasped again “ Sir if you ..allow..we can drag him here in front of you …now” .

Arjun who was staring the pendant nodded in positive .

His assistant give few commands on his microphone and left the room .

“ you know whenever I am busy in romancing with you my wild imagination..the whole world at that hour only turned upside down..but honey I promise that when you will become mine then you will have my whole attention and time..” . Arjun said while staring that pendant.

“ Radhika” he murmured and laughed loudly.

“ Sir is our man ..Mr Rishabh Malhotra …distant cousin of Neil sir ..” said Arjun’s assistant and he throw Rishabh on the floor.

“ pls let me go..i was paid one million dollars to kill Neil Malhotra” pleaded Rishabh . “ who paid you ??” asked Reyansh (Arjun’s assistant) and hold his neck.

“ Dilip Diwan ..paid me to shoot him..pls leave me” . Rishabh started begging Arjun for his life and was crying loudly now.

Arjun jerked him away. He bend down and throttle Rishabh’s neck.

“ Don’t you dare to take my brother’s name again from your gutter mouth …you f**kard..what did you said million I will chop your body in one billion pieces….and you know what by doing this ….i will do a favor on your precious wife ..she must be bored of a douchebag like you” said Arjun loudly.

“ pls don’t kill me ..pls” . Rishabh pleaded again .

“ Sir ….order now …what we have to do” asked Reyansh and get stiffened.

“ Throw him from some cliff ..because I don’t give second chances” . Arjun ordered his men.

They all started dragging Rishabh .

Suddenly Arjun’s attention got diverted when a servant bring a bouquet of white orchids.

A card was also attached to it . Arjun smiled and opened it quickly .

“ Lesson no :- 100869…. Aggressive decisions can hurt a family person———By Neil Malhotra ( your eel ) “ .

Arjun put the card aside . He called Reyansh . “ hand him to the cops ..but make sure no bones in his body should remain intact” he ordered and disconnected the call .

“ Love you Neil …and thanks for the card “ mumbled Arjun .An innocent smile was glued on his face when he touched white orchids.

It was ‘his’ mother’s favorite. Step Mother. Prerna Malhotra.

That’s the reason that orchids was his favorite too.

Arjun chuckled when he read the word again .’eel’ .

Arjun was not able to speak properly even when he turned three years old. He used to call Neil as eel which always embarrass his brother in public.

He come out of his thoughts and moved down. Without having his breakfast he rushed to meet Neil . He need to apologize to him for his misbehavior.


Arjun was looking down adjusting his watch . He was moving towards Neil’s room when he bumped with someone.

“ what the…” scowled Arjun but stopped seeing the girl in front of him. He chuckled and was surprised to see the girl at Neil’s place.

“ hey you were there in the I right or am I right” said Arjun.

Sam smiled meekly . She then reminisced something all of a sudden.

A servant just passed by her and she picked a glass of water from the tray he was holding.

She quickly throw the water on Arjun’s face. The glass was empty now.

“ Yeah ..i was there ..and don’t you dare to go near my best friend again..for Radhika I can kill too” .

Before Arjun can react she stomped on his foot and moved down.

Neil who just moved out of his room saw Arjun drenched in water and then he looked towards Sam who was moving down the stairs holding a empty glass. He smiled after understanding the situation

“ I swear I will F**K ….” said Arjun but stopped in mid when he found Neil smiling while staring Sam .

Arjun was more shocked now. “ No way …A nerd” he mumbled.

Neil come out of his trance when she was out of his sight . He looked towards Arjun who was smiling too.

“ What??” asked Neil while averting his gaze . He adjusted the sleeve of his shirt and again looked towards Kitchen.

“ Nothing …I will break her ego now…she threw water on me ..the nerve of her” said Arjun .

He wanted to see the reaction of Neil on his statement . He smirked when he get, what he want .

“ you will not do anything ..and stay away from her ..she is a nice girl” warned Neil .

Arjun chuckled but his smile fade away when he felt things near him spinning.

Neil turned and started moving back to his room when he sensed something wrong behind him .

He turned and saw Arjun holding his head . “ Arjun “ Neil shouted. Arjun fall unconscious on Neil . “ hey what’s wrong “ asked Neil while trying to wake him up.

Half an hour later:-

“ Mr Malhotra…you know …like his father ..Arjun is also a patient of Diabetes Mellitus….he needs to feed himself properly… he fainted because his sugar level went down abruptly……and you need to put alcohol away too… from him is not good for his health” said Doctor kapoor while handing a prescription to Neil.

Neil looked at Arjun and silently nodded .

Arjun gained consciousness after ten minutes. He saw a teddy bear near the pillow. “ what the F**k ….teddy bear” he scowled .

He then saw Neil moving out of his washroom.

“ what is this ..teddy bear??” Arjun asked loudly.

“ Yeah …for you ..just few minutes back Doctor told me that you are pregnant” replied Neil calmly.

Arjun glared Neil . He was about to say something in his defense but he stopped thinking about something .

He then cleared his throat.

“ Really ..but I don’t know whose child is this ..your employee’s one ..or mute radhika’s one …former had thrown water on me and later kissed me …now Neil you tell me whose child am I carrying in my weapon” said Arjun and smirked.

Neil looked towards Arjun. They both stared each other for long time.

Arjun took the teddy bear and spoke cutely “ it is still mine” . Neil smiled and then replied softly “ we both are yours” .

Arjun smiled and pulled Neil in the bed. He started punching him on his stomach .

“ What you said …pregnant ha …you know what now I am thinking the way you were staring that Girl …she must be expecting twins now” teased Arjun. “ Sam…..her name is Samaira “ said Neil and now he too started punching Arjun. They both laughed loudly.

They both gasped and laid on the bed. “ she was her best friend” . Arjun tell to Neil . “ I know” replied Neil .

“ Nerdy Sam with Mute Diwan..they are made for each other” said Arjun and chuckled. Neil too smiled.


Radhika was biting her nails . She looked the outfit which she was wearing in the party .

Sia wanted to look at it again. Someone gave her little information about the dress wore by the girl who was kissed by Arjun Mehra.

Radha maa entered her room with a shopping bag on her hand .

She quickly put Radhika’s dress inside the cupboard and took out another from the packet which is of same color of the dress worn by radhika in the party. Golden yellow.

She then put the empty bag inside the cupboard too . Sia after a second barged in Radhika’s room .

She picked up the dress and checked it .

“ the dress was golden yellow ..but it is not like mentioned by Dia’s friend..the dress that b*t*h wore who kissed my Arjun” she thought and after throwing the dress on Radhika’s face she stomped out of the room. Radhika thanked Radhaa maa from her eyes. Radha maa nodded and smiled meekly.

She was tensed about Sia’s growing obsession, Arjun’s stubbornness, Radhika’s innocence, Dia’s evil games and Neil..the man known for keeping his promise.

“ Sorry ..that I kissed her” said Arjun.

“ yeah…she would be a Malhotra soon know how to behave with her” retorted Neil . Arjun pissed off more.

“ the nerve of her choose you leaving me….my diamond ring….my radhika …my heart…it’s simple…or in short …no one can snatch her from me.. Not even a Malhotra ..even if there is ‘Neil’ too added in front of it. “ said Arjun coyly.

“ look she is mine..go and get someone else” he continued while looking outside the window.

“ and I know how to take my things” replied Neil curtly. Arjun did not wanted to do any fight.

He decided to move out. But before leaving the room he spoke without turning. “ I will never become like him…in my case …she will be only one” .

Neil didn,t responded to him with his words. All of a sudden he was feeling empty.

For Arjun , his dad and mom both designations was for Neil .

Arjun never felt that much empty without his dad. He got everything that he demanded from Neil ..even a showered only by a father. But Neil he was now tired too ..tired of fighting with everyone . Neil lost in some memories.

13 years back:-

“ the Mehra property case is cleared now Neil ..Many people were claiming on the property owned by Your father…but now as you are the legitimate heir of Mr Mehra …so the property is also transferred on your name” said Mr Grover while showing the property papers to Neil

“ And Arjun is the illegitimate heir he didn’t get any share …. Many years back you fought with everyone to give Arjun the name of Mehra’s and you won too …but when it comes to property regarding worth five hundred crores..then I think ..court will listen only when Arjun himself took some steps” he continued .

“ then make new papers ..Mr Grover ..because I want everything on Arjun’s name “ ordered Neil strictly.

“ you are naming everything on Arjun’s name….Neil think once more” said Mr Grover who was perplexed after listening his order.

“ I don’t need any advice …when it comes to my brother” replied Neil sternly.

“ you boys ..are really too much …Arjun is only 16 now ..but yesterday he beat the shit out of some guy who badmouthed about you….Neil you have given Arjun too much freedom…. Day by day he is becoming more stubborn, more rebellious , his demands never ends ..and your love don’t have any vision” said Mr khatri and sighed.
“ on his 18 th birthday …I will make him the solo heir of Mehra Property….i don’t love my Dad….and my mother she is desperately waiting for Arjun to turn 18 …then she will throw him out of this house without giving a single penny…. I know at that time I will have to leave his hand ..but at least I will not let him go like a beggar ..he will go like a king” said Neil and a single drop of tear fell from his eyes.

After 2 years :- ( Arjun’s 18 th birthday)

Neil was all smiling , surrounded by his kitchen staff , preparing a chocolate cake for his brother.

“ some strawberries …god when he will see this ..the first reaction of my iron man will be …cheez ‘ eel’ ..from whose chick’s birthday party stole the cake” murmured Neil and laugh.

After doing some icing on the cake , he put some candles on the tray . He looked at the wall clock .

It was 11:55 p.m. He ordered his staff to leave and put the present , the Mehra property paper’s which were wrapped in silver shining paper on the table.

After a two minutes, he was heading towards Arjun’s room .

Neil opened the door , all smiling . “ Happy ..Birth….” he stopped seeing the site infront of him.

Arjun was on the ground , unconscious with the blood oozing out from his wrist.

Neil shouted. He quickly rushed towards his brother. “ Arjun wake up man ..somebody pls help …Amaal …Armaan ..god someone call the doctor” . Neil was crying vigorously.
‘” Arjunnnnnn” .

Neil come out of his memory and wiped his sweat . He then moved out of his room and was frozen when his gaze fell on his mother who was deeply conversing with Arjun.

“ well …my son’s rival is last I am glad that you are showing your true colors mother like son” . Prerna said and make faces.

Arjun took a sigh . “ is your pain in joints …the doctor Neil consulted will be here after a month …but his assistant Raghav Arora is my close friend ..he will be there in our country by tomorrow ..after that things will be more easy for you” . He said and bend down to touch her feet.

Prerna didn’t move . Arjun touched her feet and smiled. “ this is the place of your blood …under my feet” . She said and move towards the kitchen.

Arjun smiled meekly . He then looked up . Neil quickly hide himself behind the pillar. He then saw Arjun leaving the hall.

Arjun was in his car now. His eyes were wet . In his life till now , he was carving for the love of a mother. He was all alone . First god snatch his parents , then he got separated
from his brother and now his own brother is hell bent to snatch his love.

“ love “ Arjun mumbled.

“ I don’t love her” he mumbled again.

“ Arjunnnnnn…..Arjunnnnnn…… can’t love her…….though you said to Neil that you will not become like dad …but that doesn’t mean that it is important to love your own wife….she is a just a challenge ..which I will only win” he shouted.

Arjun drove his car . He unknowingly headed towards Diwan Mansion.

He took out his phone and called someone.

precap :- still thinking

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