The Desperate silence (intense ardhika ) chappy -6

Chapter-6 ( the attraction)
She opened her eyes and saw herself in mirror. She moved her fingers on her image on it. Her eyes blinked while caressing the old bracelet on her wrist . Her eyes got wet thinking about her mother . Her gaze shifted on her yellow colored golden printed gown. She looked herself again in mirror . Her hair were arranged in a bun . Few curls were falling down from it . Radhika looked towards her Radha maa. She nodded in negative and hold her hand. “no radhika you are going for the party alone ..this time I am not accompanying you …you are matured enough to be left alone .. Look at yourself honey …you are a complete woman now…and so beautiful ..after few years when you will get married ..then also you will ask me to come with you everywhere.” radhaa spoke while making her wear diamond stud earrings . She didn’t say anything . Radhika was nervous . For the first time she will attend any party . she took a sigh . She looked towards the basket full of flowers and the card in it . Radhika moved towards her table . She picked the card .

“hey beautiful …sorry for my behavior” ..Prince A.M . She was specially invited by the ruthless business tycoon Arjun Mehra . Radha maa received it two days before . Her family was also shocked like her. From two days radhika was very much pampered by her father and her sister Dia . But with Sia the one sided cold war was still on . Sia entered in her room . Radhika blinked many times as she cannot take her eyes off her sister’s outfit . The same was wore by some model last week in some fashion show of London . They were two slits in it . Left and right which exposing her thighs fully . When she turned radhika was stunned more . The whole back was visible up to her waist . Sia in that silver gown was really looking hot and se*y. Sia looked towards Radhika . Her eyes softened little . She was the carbon copy of her mother . Most beautiful woman on Earth for Sia . But then her eyes again become cold . She can’t deny the fact that she was Radhika Diwan her sister ..not her mother. Dia entered . Radhika looked towards her . Breathtaking is the most appropriate term to describe the beauty of Dia Diwan . Dia was wearing backless red gown The dark red lipstick which she always carry so confidently always leave radhika amazed. Her hair were opened with a red stylish hairband was making her look more young. “Look who is here .. The typical Indian Brainless bimbo”. Sia smirked towards Dia . “ Really ..miss nagging hippo” Dia retorted back . Now this was her turn to show her seducing smirk .

Radhika who was sensing the upcoming war clapped to get attention . This was her way to get the attention . “what “ both the sisters shouted together. Radha maa spoke “ girls you should now leave for the party” . Sia stomped out of the room . Dia whose eyes were fixed on radhika got wet reminiscing her mother. Mala Diwan was the famous actress of 90s and she died when she gave birth to radhika . Both the sisters hate her because according to them they lost their mother because of her. Radhika picked her clutch and rushed outside when Dia also left the room. Radhika lifted her gown little and started moving more fast . After a minute she stumbled and lost her balance . She closed her eyes quickly. “Mam are you alright”. Radhika opened her eyes . She looked towards the source of voice who was holding her too . Virat . Assistant of her father . She nodded and picked her clutch . She didn’t looked up again . She started moving forward . “ I can’t believe ..someone can look so beautiful” virat mumbled. Radhika didn’t look back . The way virat used to stare her often makes her uncomfortable . Virat had his own plans to get her .He is in love with her. He wanted her for all his days and nights . His aim was clear . He will snatch her virginity if she herself denied to surrender in future. Radhika rushed outside but frowned when she saw her family left her behind. She turned back but smiled when she heard the horn of some car outside her house . She rushed outside and saw the driver heading towards her . “Mam you are one of the special guest of Mr Mehra ..he asked me to drop you to the venue’’. Her lips parted . Special guest . The words were ringing in her ears . She looked towards the white limousine. Radhika was now much more nervous . She got inside the car. Radha maa smiled . She was in the balcony . “ is she is in the car” Neil asked Radha maa on the phone . “yes ..take good care of her” . Radha maa took a sigh and looked above . Clouds had already covered the sky and the stars are now invisible .

Neil disconnected the call . He was wearing white shirt with black pants . He picked up his dull brown textured waistcoat . He adjusted his white and black printed tie. Neil looked himself in the mirror . The final thing he picked up his wide specs . “perfect” he murmured. Someone knocked on the door of his room . “come in” he ordered. Sam entered the room adjusting her specs . Neil picked his phone and looked towards her . Her simple plain black shiny gown was stuck on the corner of table . Neil smiled when he saw her getting irritated. “let me do it , lady”. He bend down . His gaze fall on her lips . Neil was frozen . The dark pink lipstick had now started showing its effects . His hold on the gown got loosened. Sam bite her lower lip . He blinked . The hair falling on her face was blocking his site . “ sir ..pls help me” sam spoke . He gulped and quickly averted his gaze. Neil helped her. They both took a sigh and looked each other. Sam smiled . Neil smiled too . Sam got someone who was interested in her smile not in her braces. They both stood up . “ sir are you sure want me to accompny you” she asked him.
“ I don’t like the people around me who are dubious of my decisions” he replied back and closed his wrist watch.
Sam bend her head down . He moved towards her and wrapped his arm around her waist . “ lets leave” he spoke and pulled her more closer.

Arjun was standing in the balcony . He was wearing black shirt and a grey shaded Armani suit. A black handkerchief was wrapped around his neck . His hand were on the railings and he was lost in his world . “ will she come” he mumbled. He looked towards his watch . “ where is Neil” he murmured again. Suddenly his phone buzzed. He opened the message . “ will be there in ten minutes .. and I will kick your ass ..if you didn’t stop thinking about her .. Ahh don’t put pressure on your mind ..your elder brother is a telepathic by birth .. I can well read your wild thoughts— N. Malhotra”. Arjun smiled. He thanked his fate that everything is alright between them. “ Radhika ..i can kill for you ..but the day my love forced me to raise a weapon on Neil .. The first thing I will do is to bury you alive in some ground with me..we both have only two choices live together ..or to die together..and from now the ball is in your court ..Arjun Mehra giving you that much privilege to decide his destiny too” he mumbled while playing with his lighter. The car entered in his mansion. Radhika was hell confused. All the guests were entering from the main gate. But her car turned and stopped to the other gate which was at the opposite side of the main one . She got down . Few people were only there. Just then her gaze shifted on black limo. The car halted near fountain. Her eyes widened when she saw Neil got out of his car. Sam got down and saw radhika staring Neil . Her lips parted. “Chashni” . She shouted. Radhika looked towards Sam . She was frozen . Sam ..with Neil. She thought. Both the girls were frozen . They both were staring each other.

“ great …miss nerdy two shoes …so miss Diwan is your ex- girlfriend ..i can’t believe you guys dated each other” he said when he saw their eyes filled with tears . Radhika gained speed and quickly hugged Sam. Sam rubbed her back . She cupped her face. “ Forgive me , please” Sam spoke. Radhika kissed on her palms . “ ladies ..stop crying both are looking horrible” Siddharth Singhania spoke from behind . Neil looked towards him . He smiled and hugged him . Sidharth is the best friend of Arjun . Neil treat him like his brother. Sidharth smiled and took out two roses. “ beautiful ladies usually don’t cry that much”. He gave one rose to radhika and one to Sam. Sam wiped radhika’s tears. Neil coughed to gain everyone’s attention. Sam moved towards Neil but he moved towards Radhika. “shall we” he extended his hand towards her. Radhika gulped and she blinked. Neil hold her hand before she could reply. Sam smiled . She started climbing the stairs .

Sam lil stumbled. She was about to fall but hold by someone in the nick of time. Her eyes were closed. Sidharth gulped. His focus was on her lips . Smoking hot . He thought. He bend down to kiss her. Neil who turned saw sam in his arms. He was stunned when he saw their lips inch apart. He avert his gaze and saw the vase on the table. Neil pushed the vase and it fall on the ground creating a loud sound . Sam opened her eyes and looked towards Sidharth . She almost jumped back from his arms. “Sorry” she mumbled. Neil asked her to go with radhika.
“dude..bad timming …you should have broke it after few minutes” Sidharth said showing fake anger.
Unknowingly neil’s fist got clenched inside his pocket. “may know the reason of your irritation” he asked him .
“ I was about to kiss her” sidharth replied and smiled.
“ I thought she is not your-type” neil replied back carrying a fake smile on his face.
“ her lips …I know she is nerd ..but bro open your eyes ..she has hot curves..a cute smile and her pink luscious lips ..just want to bite them” sidharth was busy in ranting . Neil closed his eyes . He also was about to kiss her an hour ago.
“lets go ..she is a simple girl and will never fall for a casonova idiot like you” Neil spoke moving forward.
“challenge ..i like it you watch Mr Malhotra .. She will beg for my love” sidharth replied and adjusted his collar.
“ we will see” neil retorted back and entered the mansion.

His eyes were searching for her. Radhika wore a silver mask which covered her face partially. She entered the party . Sam wore the black mask and smiled. Radhika was stunned to see the decorations . Her eyes widened more when she saw her sisters hanging out with their father’s buisness rivals. Suddenly lights went off . The spotlight was on the stairs. Everyone was mesmerised seeing the front site. Arjun got down from the stairs.

He was wearing the grey mask. He looked towards them. Everyone started greeting him . Arjun was searching for Radhika. Neil was standing at the drink’s counter. Dia who was openly checking him out moved towards him. Sia smiled and she moved towards Arjun. Neil’s eyes were fixed on Sam who was giggling when sidharth murmured something in her ears. He gulped down the whole scotch. “ hey handsome ..” Dia hold his hand. “ Miss Diwan…good to see you” Neil offered her drink like a true gentleman. Dia moved closer to Neil. She inhaled his scent. Her chest moved up and down while inhaling his seducing cologne. She closed her eyes and attached her front to his. “ lets go for dance” she mumbled in his ears. He hold her from her waist, “ I thought u want to spend some time with me” Neil murmured on her lips. He tucked her hair strands behind her ear. She blushed and whispered “ like alone” . He smirked and bite her right cheek “ like alone”. Sia moved towards Arjun. “ hello .. Mr Mehra” . Sia took his drink from his hand . She took a sip. “ Sharing filled the distance between friends” she spoke and offered him the same glass. “ well ..well how about sharing nights and bed” he wrapped his hand around her waist .

Sia closed her eyes when she saw his head bending down towards her. Arjun rubbed his thumb on her lips. She hold his shoulders tightly . He smirked little. Arjun attached his left cheek to her left one and whispered in her ears . “ it will be more fun to sleep naked with your little sister.. Actually her bosoms attract me more than yours ..which are miles away from perfection” he planted a wet kiss on ear shell. Sia fumed in anger. He detached himself from her. She took another drink and gulped it down in one sip. “ you will beg for me Arjun Mehra” she muttered . Arjun showed her thumbs up. Arjun who heard this before turning smirked more. “ all the best” he mumbled. Radhika who was moved back little frozen on hearing a scowl . “ Damn ..woman can’t you see” . She turned and saw Arjun cleaning his suit and palm with tissue paper. Her lips parted. She can’t believe that she spoilt the suit of the man who is carrying the powers and face of angel but possess a devil soul inside him . “ common apologise” he asked her. Radhika gulped and hold her ears. Arjun chuckled seeing her way of apologizing . “ cute apologies are accepted Madam .. By the way your beautiful name” he asked her further. She blinked and looked straight in his eyes. His gaze then fall on the mole of her neck and on her collar bone. He was shocked and he smiled little. “ you come” . He was excited now. Arjun moved closer to Radhika . Before he can hold her he was pulled by someone else. “ hey buddy” Sidharth hold him and give him a bone crushing hug . Arjun cursed his own best friend infinite times in his mind. “ when did you come back” Arjun asked him . “ yesterday” he replied him. “ you didn’t tell me” Arjun punched him softly . “ I want you to give a surprise” he retorted back . “ well we will talk after the party .. Now I want you to explore some young flowers” . Arjun indicated towards the group of women and winked towards him. Sidharth cleared his throat “ stop objectifying me” . He spoke and smiled . They both laughed and hugged each other again . When siddharth left ..Arjun turned and again started finding Radhika . “ now where is my butterfly” . He murmured.

Radhika who was looking towards Arjun bumped with Neil . “ Miss diwan ..lets go for dance” . He dragged her to the dance floor. Arjun who was looking for radhika halted and turned his gaze towards the couples dancing slowly on the soft music . His fist got clenched when he spotted her with someone. Arjun observed the guy who was with her . After a minute his eyes got narrowed more. “ F**king Neil Malhotra” he muttered. He gritted his teeth. His jaw clenched and he stiffened. Arjun started moving towards him . He hold the wrist of some girl and dragged her on the floor. His face frowned when he saw the girl with specs. Sam was startled as he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to his chest . Her eyes widened more. Neil looked towards them . Sam was uncomfortable with Arjun. He was taking all his anger out by dancing sensuously with her . Neil was irked . He understood that Arjun was hell angry. But seeing sam uncomfortable he twirled radhika and left her hand . Arjun who was waiting for this quickly leave sam and hold her. Sam was now in Neil’s arms. She moved little back to get away ,but Neil turned her and plastered his front on her back . Radhika shivered . She struggled to get herself free from his ironic grip . But her all attempts went invain. Arjun was now all smiling . He kissed on her nose . She was frozen. Her lips parted more now. Sam who was feeling butterflies in her stomach gasped when neil hold her both hands and folded them on her front. His lips were wet and when he landed on her shoulder , her heart skipped a beat . Her head landed on his other shoulder and she closed her eyes. Arjun rubbed his lips on Radhika’s face . She closed her eyes when his hot breath fall on her lips . Her palms rested on his chest. That was enough for Arjun to lose his control . He bend down and quickly captured her lips with his juicy one. All other couples parted from each other and looked towards them . Neil and Sam both opened their eyes . They looked each other and composed themselves. Arjun was kissing her hard. A tear fall on Radhika’s left cheek .

After a minute he softened when she also started responding back . She opened her mouth to let his tongue enter in her mouth. Neil quickly called someone and the lights went off again after two minutes. Arjun whose eyes were closed was now biting her cheeks . He was kissing everywhere on her face . Eyes , nose , lips , cheeks. Ears he kissed on the mole of her neck .she breathed heavily. All other people were giggling, laughing, and few were mocking . Some were jealosus too . Neil pulled radhika from him. Arjun tried to hold her back but failed . After a minute hall was filled with lights again. Arjun started looking around for her but didn’t find radhika. Sia who just come there after listening the buzz created on the floor also started looking around . Dia was heavily drunk and sid and her were busy in cuddling each other at some corner. Neil dragged Radhika with him outside the hall. She was crying and trying to free herself from his hold . “ get in the car” he opened the door of the car. She was confused. “ Get in ..if you want to save your reputation” he asked her controlling his anger . Radhika was now more perplexed but she get inside the car . He asked the driver to drop her home . Sam who came running outside started moving towards radhika. “ Chashni” she called her loudly . “ not now …and you should also leave” neil called his driver. “ but sir” she stopped when Neil glared her with red eyes. She lowered her head and nodded.

After the party:-
Neil was standing near pool. He was holding the whiskey . After a miniute Mr Grover who was Arjun’s uncle brought him near Neil . Arjun was heavily drunk . He was singing some songs . “ Heaven’s on fire, I was made for loving you , let’s put the X in..” He laughed and started getting hiccups. “ I kissed her … I want those strawberries more .. Bring her back to me .. I want her now” he hugged Neil from behind . “ do it” Neil spoke . Mr grover was confused. Few mens came forward and put heavy iron chains on Arjun . They tie his hands with small rope. “ am I arrested for a kiss…” Arjun laughed loudly. “ throw him in the pool” Neil ordered. Mr Grover was shocked . He came forward to stop Neil but halted when Neil indicated him to stop . He shout from there only . “ Arjun can hold his breath inside water for ten minutes easily” . Arjun was thrown in the water. He started struggling after a second . “ when he is not drunk”neil retorted back. Arjun tried to come on surface but drowned more because of chains. Neil took a sip . Mr Grover jumped in the pool after three minutes . He somehow bring Arjun outside the pool . “ you boys are too much , crazy f**king loon heads” . He cursed them more. Mr Grover pressed Arjun’s stomach . He started coughing after a minute . Mr Grover took a sigh of relief. Neil pulled his hair. He lifted his brother in his arms and moved inside. Neil took off Arjun’s wet clothes . He laid him on the bed. Neil sighed heavily. He kissed on Arjun’s forehead. “ I will punish you harsh if you try to become like our father.. I will never let you become that devil are my angel Arjun” . He pulled the blanket over him.

Precap:- the fight ..the love

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