The Desperate silence (intense ardhika ) chappy -5

Chapter -5 ( past)

“He is not your brother ,leave him ” prerna shouted on her five year old son Neil . Neil moved back little . He was scared now of his own mother . “No ” he replied back meekly .
Prerna looked towards his son . “I said throw this shit out of my house ” she again shouted on him . Neil looked towards the six months old baby in his arms .

The soft small rosy lips were attached with each other . The little one was sleeping peacefully in his arm . Neil lifted baby more closer to his face . He look towards his mother . ” He is my brother..I can’t live without him ..he is my only friend ” . Prerna clenched her fist and move towards Neil . She hold his shoulder. “Look honey ..he is not your real brother ..he is your step mother ..his mother snatched all happiness of your mom’s life ..go and throw this trash out ” she spoke him and cupped his face . Her voice was broken . Neil looked towards the baby again . He smiled when baby smiled after waking up from his slumber . “My friend is awake I will play ” he shouted loudly in happiness . But his face frowned when baby started crying . Raheem who was the servant come there and saw the baby crying loudly . He rushed back to the kitchen. Prerna hold her head and sat on the chair . She irked more when she saw her son feeding the milk to the baby from the bottle .
“Arjun ..mama says good boys finish the milk quickly ” Neil kissed the baby on his cheek .
Little Arjun move his tiny legs in air . Neil laughed seeing the cute antics of his brother .

Neil blinked and he came back from the old memory . He was feeling guilt now . A minute ago he had slapped his brother . He never scolded Arjun for once in the past twenty seven years . In fact arjun was turned into a spoil brat because he was pampered by him a lot . Neil wiped the tears from his eyelids before turning back . Ten ninutes ago .Arjun was dragged from his room to his hall . After that Neil gave him a tight slap for his misbehaviour towards Radhika .Arjun who was now sitting on his knees looked towards his elder brother whose eyes were red in anger . He rubbed his cheek where he was slapped . “I am sorry ” he spoke and tried to get up . Neil pushed the chair which was kept in front of him . Arjun again went back on his knees . He again hold his cheek which was red and little swelled because of hard slap .
Neil climbed the stairs and treaded his steps towards Arjun’s room . He picked radhika who was unconscious and come down with her in his arms . Arjun clenched his fist . His gritted his teeth in anger. “Give her to me ” Arjun move towards Neil.
“Don’t show me your ugly ass again ..and about her . .if I found you near her …then be ready to face the worst consequences of my anger ” he moved out of his house carrying her with him .
Arjun took the hammer and smashed his car after they left . “I will snatch her from you “.

“Radhaa maa you should take care of her diet properly ,she is so fragile ..after few months she will become Mrs Arjun Mehra .. so you should take extra care of her . ” Neil handed over radhika to radha maa. “Thanks Mr Malhotra ” radhaa smiled . Neil nodded silently and leave from there . He come back home and move towards his study .

Arjun was throwing and breaking things . His room was mess now .ransacked . He pulled his own hair . All he want now is her . He badly wanted to mark her as his own . Arjun was determined now . By hook or by crook he know how to bring his things back . “First of all I have to deal with Neil ..then I will deal with that loon head diwan ” he muttered and laid on his bed .
Radhika gained her consciousness . She didn’t know how she reached back home . The last thing she remember that she was in lift . Radhika looked towards radha maa . She quickly get up from her bed . She stood infront of mirror and clenched her fist . After gathering her confidence she lifted her shirt up and her lips parted seeing the nail marks on her waist .she touched those marks and close her eyes.
“Are you virgin” .the question again strike her hard . She gasped now and sit on the chair . Radha maa put her hand on her shoulder . Radha maa turned when someone barged in the room . Sia move towards them . She pushed radhaa and grasped radhika’s hair . “Did you sleep with my Arjun in these two hours ..tell me what were doing with him in his house ..why did he lifted you in his arms and took you to his house .. tell me dammit ..are you snooping around him ???” Sia’s hold was now getting more tight . Tears started falling on radhika ‘s cheek . She didn’t even know that she was in his house . Sia pushed her too on the floor . She slapped radhika hard . Radhika hold her cheeks. Her gaze move towards her radha maa who was trying hard to get up on her foot . “Your Arjun ..since when ..Sia …” Dia entered the room with a bowl of ice cream in her hand . “Looks like I have missed a lot of drama here ” she mumbled when she saw radhika ‘s dishelleved hair . “Shut up you b*t*h .arjun will never choose your ugly ass over me …” Sia spoke with a evil smirk on her face . “Ugly ..really atleast I look a woman. ..but with that typical short and wide nose look like a pig Sia …nasty stinking nagging piggy Diwan … ” Dia retorted back and make faces .The room was now started filling with curses . It had become a battle ground between two sisters . Radhika somehow get up and help radha maa making her sit on her bed.
Dia; “Arjun will spit on you when he will saw your real face without makeup which is worse than an ogre “.

Sia; “He will stab himself before sleeping with you.. a woman whose body carry a lot of fat like a blue whale “.
Dia; “really sia ..if iam blue whale then what are you??. a tyranosauras …who is always after the flesh ..such a despo you are “.
Sia pushed her and stomped out of the room .Dia also followed her back . Radhika wiped her sweat when both left . She was applying ointment on the wounds of radha . She looked towards radha with lots of questions running in her mind . How? Why? What ? When ? . She badly wanted to know all the answers . Radhika closed her eyes and took a sigh. Her mind was only thinking about Arjun.It was difficult for her to assign some category to Arjun . Category where she put people according to their behaviour . Angel and. Devil . The humour was that she considered her sisters as angels . Radhika without asking anything moved out of her room .

“Who cares about his step brother ” someone asked Neil when he was going through one of the file from the pile kept on his table .
“Mom”he mumbled.”You didn’t sleep till now”he asked prerna.” Professionally he is your enemy ”
Prerna spoke from his behind . “And the credit goes to you . .that my brother is a successful buisness tycoon ..just like me …well thanks for that ” he replied back and smiled . “You mean your step -brother right “prerna muttered and clenched her fist . Neil was frustrated now . “Why do you have to add this word ‘step’ all the time ” he took a heavy sigh and pulled his sleeves up . “Because your mother really want her son to realise the truth “she replied casually.
“And I want you to understand that Arjun has no connection with the betrayal that Mr Anuj Mehra gave you ” Neil looked straight in the eyes of his mother .
“You know that woman snatched all my happiness and now I will not let her son to snatch all the happiness of my son .” Prerna’s jaw clenched and tears started brimming in her eyes . “Mom ..he is the reason of my happiness …if you can’t love him back ..pls stop cursing him …he hate his own mother because his mother is the reason for your grief ..he considered you as his mother what do you want from him …I am tired of seeing my brother alone …Arjun is my life ..and my heart breaks every time when I found him becoming more ruthless day by day .” Neil tried to hug prerna but she jerked him away . Prerna stomped out of his study . Neil pulled his hair and now he started banging his fist on the wall.
He was now sweating badly . All he wanted to hurt himself more . His knuckles got bruised and blood started oozing out of his hand . Neil halted when he heard some voice . He looked towards the small room attached to his study . He ignored it and move towards the door when he heard that voice again. He treaded his steps towards the room.
Arjun was lying on the surface of water in his swimming pool . He was thinking about Neil’s concern towards radhika . He smirked.Time to use his cards now . He mumbled . Still Neil ‘s interferance had made the situatipns more complicated for him . ” Arrange the party in my house this weekend .. call all business man ..rivals and friends ….including their family too .. make sure that everything should be perfect ..I will not accept any apology in future “. The call was disconnected and he laid back closing his eyes . A smile played played on his lips reminiscing the way he moved his fingers on her bare tiny waist . He wanted more now .
“What the hell ” Neil entered in the room and saw some books lying on the floor . In the mid was Sam whose glasses got covered with dust . The dirt had also covered her hair which were open reaching down to her waist . She sneezed again . She looked towards Neil and moved back little . “Sorry sir foot …I …slipped …got unconscious ….and then now ..Its just an allergy ” she stammered more when he come closer . Neil lifted her in his eyes . She scream closing her eyes . “Will stop screaming …I am just helping you out ..miss nerdy two shoes ” he spoke and rolled his eyes . Sam slowly open her eyes and look towards his face. Her heart skipped a beat when his cologne filled her lungs

Her eyes were scanning his face . She saw his lips moving . “How innocent is his eyes …must be a vessel of castiel …that’s why he is so cute.” Sam was lost in admiring the beauty of the man who was carrying her in his strong arms .”I am asking you third time ..miss khanna. .what were you doing in that room ” he pulled her closer to his chest . Sam blinked many times and he smiled seeing her nervousness . “Actually sir ..Mr khatri told me to find an old file from that room ” she told him . He put her down . Her face frowned losing the warmness around her . He bring the first -aid box . She was startled seeing the caring side of him . All she read in magazines and papers that he make people go crazy near him because of his creepy mood swings. Neil was about to apply the antiseptic on her knee when Sam moved back . “Sir ..I will do it myself ..thanks for helping me ” she took the cotton from him . He was about to get up when she holder his palm . “Sir you knuckles ” she moved her fingers over them. Sam didn’t realise when her eyes got filled with tears .
“Miss khanna …patch yourself up and …get back to your work have already wasted my lot of time ” he move towards his table ..pull the chair and sat on it . Again Neil was engrossed in his files now . It was seven in her wrist watch . Sam banged her head . She get up and started putting her things in the bag . “First clean your wounds ..miss khanna .. and then play with your bag ” Neil spoke while checking some files .
“No sir …warden will kill me ..I have to leave ” she replied back . Sam started to run but stumbled little when the pain on her ankles increased. “Easy miss khanna ” he spoke still sitting on his chair . She was now little irritated . “My name is Samaira ..u call me Sam ” she took off her heels and pick that up .

“Okay ..Sam .can pls stop retorting back ..because I think iam your boss ” Neil raised his eyebrow when she look back .
“I will drop you young lady ” A man entered wearing formals . Armaan his employee who always want womens to warm his bed and the most striking thing he had no problems with nerds too. Neil looked at him . He was shamelessly checking out Sam infront of his boss. Neil know the consequence of this help . He know that if Sam left with him ..tomorrow morning she will be at her room of her hostel but will be sleeping naked with Armaan at his penthouse . Neil was not bothered about her. But still after knowing some facts ,he cannot back off from helping her . “Don’t worry Armaan ..your boss is alive ..and I will take care of her ” Neil spoke and winked towards Armaan. Armaan smiled back a fake one . He left the room and mumbled to himself .”hot curves man ..boss will get lucky tonight ..with nerdy Sam ” he giggled . Neil look towards Sam. She was sneezing till now . “Let’s go ..I will drop you ” he took his jacket and started moving out of his study. “Sir ..I will manage ” she replied back meekly . “I know ..miss khanna ..but your warden also need some explanations for being late ” . Sam smiled showing her white braces . Neil avert his gaze and mumbled .” Man ..a hot nerd .. ” he rolled his eyes again .

Radhika was standing on the terrace of her house. All she wanted to jump in the swimming pool from her terrace . She was crying covering her face . Now she was really tired of her life .

Precap :- the hot liplock in party .

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