The Desperate silence (intense ardhika ) chappy -4


Chapter – 4 ( the guarding angel)
“What’s the update ” a tall guy in mid -30’s was tossing his chair while looking outside the front large window .
“Congratulations sir ..Arjun Mehra had brutally snatched the deal from us ” a hoarse voice make him look back . The source of voice was in black suit with few grey strands of hair falling on the forehead . A man in mid – 40s smiled back in return . “You know Mr singhania ..i was not asking about that ” he retorted back.
All of a sudden the elder one’s face frowned . He gulped and spoked in a feeble voice .” I think he is love with Radhika Diwan ..recently Arjun had abducted that woman from some orphanage “. He said . The guy turned and looked towards his secretary . After a minute the room was filled with his terrific laughter which made his secretary to shiver more .
“I told Arjun ..Radhika Diwan is my deal ..but he had to barge in my game ” his face now lost all the humour and he banged his fist on the table.
“What so interesting about that mute girl ..that these two boys had started cursing each other ”
Mr singhania muttered .
“I dont like anyone roaming near my girl ” the man shouted at the top of his voice .
“Sir if Arjun is after her ..then you should forget about her ” . Mr singhania moved back little while telling his opnion to his boss .
” And to Defeat Neil Malhotra not his cup of tea” he replied curtly to his secretary .
Neil moved out of his study when he bumped with something who is not hard like his chest .
“What the f**k ..damn woman can’t you see ” he saw that girl on the floor searching something with her narrowed eyes . Neil scowled and his gaze fall on something . He quickly picked that thing from the floor ,pull that girl and make her wear that . She quickly wore her thick specs and startled seeing the person who had wrapped his arms around her . She smiled in return showing her braces . But her confidence went flying away from her when she got a stern look in return . She quickly detached herself from her boss and run away from there without looking back . He just stood there surprised looking at the direction where she left . An innocent smile played on his lips reminiscing the expressions of her face . He chuckled more realising that he scared the wits out of her . Neil moved forward when something come under his shoes . He again bend down and picked that thing . Her ID card . “Name ..Samaira khanna …age -24 ..address ..blah ..blah .blah ” he read those details about her . Mr singhania spoked from behind ” Sir want an intellignet P.A . ..on this short notice ..we were able to hire her only ” he told Neil further about her qualifications .
“But she is a nerd ” Neil said and he was smiling still remembering how she almost jumped back from his arms and run away .
“Sorry sir ..I thought she will be helpful in your work ” Mr singhania lowered his eyes after replying to his boss . Neil looked towards him but then he again looked towards that direction and chuckled once more .

“Sir we should celebrate our victory about the party ” Annie asked her boss ..with the back of her pen under her teeths .
Arjun looked towards her P.A who was all smiling and lost in her own world . He coughed to get her attention back . Annie clutched the file tightly seeing him looking towards her . She wanted to hit herself for blabbering infront of him . Arjun averted his gaze when his phone vibrated . A msg popped up on the screen . “Diwan sister’s at Sunshine mall ” . He took his jacket and headed out of his cabin . “Time to divide ” he spoked and entered in his elevator .
Radhika was quietly holding the shopping bags of Dia . Dia had already messed up the whole boutique . The sales woman were pulling their hair because of her infinite tantrums . Radhika’s gaze were fixed only on one thing . The ice cream parlour from where lots of kids are licking and eating their favourite ice -creams . Her mouth filled with her saliva seeing them stuffing her favourite flavours . She wet her lower almost fiffteeth time . Sia had already completed her shopping and now she was busy in some spa . Radhika looked towards Dia who was busy in trying some outfits and then clicking some selfies with them. All of a sudden something stricked radhika’s mind . After doing a big drama infront of her sister that how badly she needed to use washroom finally she was able to escape from her sister . Radhika who was pacing towards the parlour collided with someone . She looked towards the man who just hold her in Nick of time preventing her from falling on the floor . That man quickly pulled her more closer when he saw someone coming outside from the elevator . Arjun halted seeing the site . The younger one was in the arms of some man who had just attached her to his front . His gaze fall on the arms that had wrapped her tiny waist . He didn’t failed to observe her wide eyes which were staring the one who was holding her . “What the ..” Arjun moved towards them but again he was frozen seeing that man’s finger on her soft pink cheeks

The proximity between her and that guy had irked Arjun . He took two long steps and pulled Neil towards himself . “Hello Mr Malhotra ..” Arjun hugged Neil . “Stay away from my girl” they both mutttered in each other’s ears . Radhika looked towards arjun . She was already confused looking both of them . Arjun looked in her eyes . His nostrils flared more when his gaze fall on her waist where Neil had his arms around her . He detached himself and throw a fake smile towards Neil . Neil turned and looked towards radhika . She stiffened lil as now it was difficult to handle many intense look on her . Her legs were trembling . She was sure if it continued for more than a minute she would surely fall on ground leaving all her consciousness behind . Radhika lowered her head to stop their piercing gaze on her face. Her lips parted seeing their lower left arm. . Both had got inscripted something ..on but she find it odd as they the writings are looking alike.

Her slumber got broken when she found them staring each other. Radhika was now having butterflies in her stomach . She never become centre of attraction among her friends ,family .and now here she can saw two handsome man giving their precious attention to her . But her mind snapped back one word .why. Then her mind got diverted listening the groans of the muscles of her stomach . Again her mouth watered seeing delicious ice -creams . Her steps treaded her body towards parlour but a spark ran through her spine when she got pulled many steps back by someone . She looked towards the owner of the strong arms who just dragged in the elevator . Arjun didnt liked Neil around her . They are the worst rivals by their profession. In a moment she realised that the person dragged her is the one who bring her back home on that day . Neil didn’t say anything when Arjun took radhika with him . His eyes were fixed on her wrist which was clutched tightly by Arjun . They both entered in elevator . Arjun pushed her inside . Radhika collided with wall and stumbled . She somehow balance herself . She looked towards Arjun who turned back after the door was closed . He moved towards her . She also moved back when saw him moving towards her . Arjun didn’t like her act of getting scared all the time . Many questions started playing with his head . What she was doing in the arms of that Casanova ?. How did she know him ?. Why didn’t she backed off when he was holding her ?. Did she know that Neil Malhotra want her for himself ?. He moved back now . Slowly he rested himself on the wall of elevator . His gaze averted towards the button on upper wall . Arjun quickly pushed it with his thumb . The result was in a second as the lift stopped in between two floors . Radhika who was scared being alone with him got more panicked seeing his antics . Her confidence was now getting down ,slowly leaving her again . She jumped gathering all strength but her fingers didn’t reached above . Arjun put his palm inside his pocket and was smiling seeing her attempts to start the elevator . Radhika saw him smiling . Devil . She thought looking him smiling at such an odd situation which is created by him only . “Are you done ” he asked her raising his eyebrows . Radhika didn’t replied back . She turned her face and continue her work . “Need help” he again asked when he saw her exhausted . He was observing her now . The first thing striked him about her that she is the cutest thing that he had ever come across .But his eyes narrowed when she put her palm on her waist while looking towards the button . His clenched fist got open and he hold her arms which make radhika gasped further when her back collided with wall . He had clutched her arms so tightly that her mouth opened to led out a painful moan yet the voice was inaudible. Her eyes were brimming with tears . She looked down while breathing heavily . Arjun jerked her little to make her look up in his eyes . He asked her now the straight questions that was roaming in large skull . “Are you virgin ?”. Radhika who was struggling in his arms frozen listening his words . It was like someone had put hot wax inside her ears. Her clenched got opened and she carefully slid her hand from her side to slap him hard . She was about to slap him when he hold her arm and pressed her body more with his hard one . She lowered her eyes . Radha maa told her that how a woman should away from those men who are not her relatives . and here a stranger is almost touching her in all the way that he should not . Her cheeks got pink-red shade because of the embrassing situation arouse in that lift . Now arjun pinned her arms above her head clamping her fingers with her . She didn’t even flinched but just looking deeply in his eyes trying to read the present state of his mind .”Answer my question” he warned her . Arjun cannot handle her silence further . In a minute he hold her tiny waist by his large palms on both the side lifting her body up on her toes and shouted at the top of voice .” Answer me you b*t*h ..or else ” he halted when her eyes dropped down . He moved back and she fall on him . The lines on his forehead occurred more now . She fainted in his arms . “Radhika ” Arjun lightly slapped her but still she didn’t even sighed . He quickly opened the button and lifted her in his arms . Arjun had now tears on his cheeks . He was cursing himself for torturing her so much . His steps were gaining speed by every passing minute . Arjun get inside his car . “Hey Radhika ..what’s wrong with you ..hey open your eyes woman ” he wrapped his right arm around her shoulder and pulled near his face . One palm was on her cheek and he was resting his head on her . He was cursing himself now for scaring her badly. He turned his face and remove some hair strands from her small face . Arjun planted a kiss on her forehead . He asked his driver to pace the speed of his car .

“Low sugar level ..she needs to take care of her diet …and have her meals properly ” Doctor provide a diet chart to Arjun and he asked him to strictly follow it . Arjun thanked the doctor for arriving at his one call . He then remember how she was heading towards the ice-cream parlour. He got relaxed thinking that nothing was serious . He moved towards the closet but halted seeing his own reflection on the mirror . He looked himself . Arjun moved his fingers on his almost swollen eyelids . What the hell . He muttered . After his father’s death he never cried for once in his life not even in his worse conditions too. But today the thought of losing her make him let out all his surviving emotions out from his heart . He smiled and his gaze averted on her . She was lying on his bed . He was realising that all his steps towards her will create hurdles for his motive . Its just that he didn’t want to stop now . He had already made his mind that he will be do anything ..will bear any pain but he will snatch her from this ruthless world at any cost either by hook or crook. His hawk gaze had already scanned her million times from her head to toe. Perfect . He mumbled and chuckled too . He felt a pain in hid heart realising that no one is bothered about her in her absence in their life . He brought her from the mall to his home but her sisters are not even concerned about her safety . Arjun rested back on the counch . Why Neil is after her? . This question distract him from her .

Neil entered in arjun’s house pushing few security guards and climbed up the stairs . He just barged in his room . Arjun stiffened seeing him in his room . Neil took few long steps and landed his hard fist on Arjun’s face . He looked towards radhika for one still his eyes remained devoid of emotions . He punched hard again on his face . Arjun stumbled backwards but he didn’t stopped him . “She is mine ” Neil shouted and tried to punched him again . But Arjun raised his eyes which were now scanning the floor . He hold his fist by his palm . Neil looked towards him with more angry glares . “The hell ..she is only mine .. and don’t you dare take her name from your mouth”.

Precap :- their fight and party

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