The Desperate silence (intense ardhika ) chappy -2


Chapter -2 (The wildness of his scent )
The formal suit and the shiny gold watch on his wrist with a look of wide frame stylish lens covering his eyes including French style beard like a seductive mini mask and the hair arranged erect with the help of gel had made the surrounding mesmerised and crimson red cloud was on the verge of showing the result of one intense glare which was thrown by him when he got down from his turbo and looked above the wild clouds ordering them to show their passionate way of meeting with the nature.

His eyes landed on the old palace of Dilip Diwan
The palace was surrounded by the date palms and an old banyan tree with lots of prop roots was making the nearby atmosphere eerie for intruders . But his eyes got mesmerises by the garden the gardener was putting ice cubes on the soil which make him lil startled . The thudding heart inside his chest was calming as the near by scent filled his nostrils with distracting aroma .He signed and now his focus again fulfill the attention of his deal .
The instant arousing smirk on his lusty juicy wine red lips throw his egoistic waves towards the palace .He took off his specs and put them in the gap between his chest and shirt hanging on it further.The palms entered in the side pockets of his pants and he entered in the rumoured emotionless cold hell .

“Welcome Mr Arjun Mehra I didn’t expect that you will come on time .Let me guess we all famous buissness tycoons are famous for two things -cruelity and punctuality .”Dilip who was standing at his favourite spot on the hall the cheap drinks counter was mixing alcohol with some other hard liquor.He moved and handed one to arjun .His face frowned when arjun kept it aside .”I don’t drink Mr Diwan ” this is agasint my troubling rules” he added and his eyes were gleaming by studying the dullness of heartless olddy .
“I thought me and you are alike ..but it seems like a your school good boy ..who is behaving like the bullying senior the one create a lot of chaos in school” Dilip smiled half a took a sip from glass thinking about the upcoming deal.
Arjun took his glass and put it on counter and his voice filled the room “I usually don’t interact the person when he is totally knocked off by nonsense liquids so for the meet u need to leave your mistress for some time”

Dilip pressed his lips and asked him to sit .
Their attention were diverted by the tapping sound of heels .A tall girl in her body hugging short tunic barely covering her thighs entered the hall .Her face seems to be pissed off little.
“Sia .. Arjun meet my intelligent princess my lucky charm Sia Diwan ..the former CEO of diwan group .” He added .
Sia who was done shamelessly checking out arjun throw a whatever look towards her oldy father .The long bruenette legs headed towards him to give her more tantrums to her surroundings .”Dad you didn’t tell me that Mr Arjun Mehra is your guest for tonight .”
She throw a seducing smile towards arjun .He also smiled back seeing the mannequin of fakeness ,a meat sack having layer of utter shamelessness .She winked towards him and rested her palm on the shoulder of her dad .
His phone vibrated a message on fb was shown
“Accept my friend request Mr handsome Mehra”
Sia was continuously trying to impress arjun in her charm .Arjun who enjoying the situation by ignoring her tantrums and making her hell angry .Her facial expressions and the fading color of her face making his ego satisfied .Sia Diwan the most arrogant daughter of dilip had only one interest rich se*y boys to whom she make them on their knees by her perfect curves.
But stil someone really had a competition when it comes to Dia Diwan .A complete idiot but a treat for any guy who just want relationships like clothes branded and but wore only once .
She entered the hall and Sia and dilip looked towards corridor .Sia smirked seeing the site .the servants were holding lots of shopping bags and then followed by Dia who hand was up in air lips protruded out in the pout and the phone was capturing her duck face .She saw her family staring her and composed herself .Dia was wearing hot pants with a looks and short tank top exposing her shoulders and her gleamy shiny skin . The funky jewellery was giving her an ethnic touch and the heels were adding the attitude on her face .

“Arjun meet my another princess Dia Diwan ”
Dia come towards Arjun and a again seductive smile played on her lips .Sia rolled her eyes and clenched her fist as she didn’t like Dia’s approach towards the one whom she had targeted .He rubbed the salt on her wounds by kissing the knuckles of Dia .Sia ‘s eyes widened seeing that and her clutch got tight on her dress
Dia smirked towrards her sister and show her foot to the elder one .She also sit on the counch beside her dad and wrapped her one arm around his neck .Both the sisters were exchanging angry glares and their hearts were getting troubled because of excess jealously .
“Don’t worry about the deal Mr Mehra ..the plot is all yours ” Dilip entangled his fingers of both palm and stiffened little to match up with his physique to the one who was sitting in front of him.Here arjun’s eyes were frantic his heart unknownlingly searching for the younger one .
At the kitchen there was lot of buzz and mess can be observed. Few curses can be heard .A girl was peeping from the door .The red kurta and the dull white salwar adding her looks more vulnerable .The sweat droplets on her forehead is visible .She had come to know about the guest from the whole working staff of her palace .Radhika slowly moved towards the back door .The idea was already flopped as to seek she had to follow many barriers like the mind screwing security ,the working staff intense gaze on her all the time and the left role was completed by her crappy sisters .She pressed her lips and she lost in her world again .Something inside her was desperate to reach the outside the house . Her heart who had done masters in finding the ways for sneeking out of the palace was lil worried on the presence of the enemy inside their palace .She saw in the hall hiding behind the corner pillar of first floor .All she can obeserve the moving lips of two ruthless buissness tycoon and the exchange of smirks between them .Arjun was bored of listening the blabbering of the showpieces of Diwan’s .He mind was screaming to make his butt straight out of this poultry farm .He swapped his fingers on the phone and his gaze shifted upwards.

Radhika covered her mouth and started getting hiccups .Her senses make her hide behind the pillar again and she folded her hands looked upwards and started praying to her mother .
The mind was only blabering three heart skipping words which only muttered in her skull when she landed in some problem “Mom save me” .She bite her lower lip and again realization strike her mind again three words roam in her mind but these give her the tingling feeling all over her body “He saw me ” .

Down in the hall a blast had occurred inside his heart .He pressed his lips and his eyes still can see her hair as she still behind the pillar He understood the restlessness the newly aroused intense silent exchange of nervousness between them .Now their heart were doing the same actions together – the instant rapid pumping and the hard beats of the soft muscles was making both to press their lips and clenched their fist .The eye lock was for consist of ten thousand milli seconds only but it worked .The stubborn tycoon had shivering effect on his spinal cord. His attention got snatched and abducted by a pair of hazel eyes .The intensity of peak moment worked and the sadist result was that Arjun mehra was completely pissed off because he never liked the lame game of hide and seek .The girl had the guts to run away from his territory of lusty gaze and the thought of losing in front of any Diwan make him more irked .He smiled evilishly and mutterred ” Radhika Diwan now you will be doomed in my hell ” .The bucket of emotions were happy in his brain as they got some new friends desperation possessiveness and nervousness .

He got up and treaded his steps out of the house .Rest of them were shocked but he never bothered to throw any reason on their face .He halted and looked towards the clouds and moved his eyelashes .In the minute clouds open their heart because they were tired of blushing because of penetrating stares .Her heart skipped a beat seeing the rains .She quickly run outside of her palace as now everyone was dispersed and no one was in the hall .She liked rains but now it is an opportunity to seek out easily .He was sitting in his turbo when he felt an image in his rear view mirror .She was hiding near the tree looking here and there and slowly and wisely she was out from that side lowered wall by her jumping skills .He geared his car and in few seconds his car was out of that messed environment .She had her bicycle which was lying near her dad’s yard as hardly any security is present there She was all happy as the mission sneeking out was successful .

Her feet was treaded her mind towards the nearby orphanage .The clouds were pouring their feelings but softly .The rains were not at all heavy .His car was following the lil bicycle of her .The eyeballs were not rolling as they were glued to one postion to stare in one direction.
Her figure was well examined by him as he had that remarkable talent and he blinked as telling her that she had qualified the test to become mouth watering for hungry Arjun Mehra .
She put her bicycle after a long walk .”Little mute angels ” an orphanage with mostly mute children .He face frowned realising the extreme emptiness of her life like him .The grip on steering wheel was tightened when realisation strike his mind that Diwan are his enemies from many births .He chuckled on his thought of calling them enemies from his previous births .
Arjun got down and quietly moved towards her .
He landed a blow on her back and she got unconscious on the next moment .Her head must have collided with the ground leading to head on collision severe impacts on her but Arjun hold her and buried her to his chest .
He probably gone mad and he was realising this point but his heart turned a complete loon deaf to every revengeful thoughts .She got lifted by him in his arms and he carried her to his car .
He got on his car and saw her closed eyes and her face almost landing on his shoulder .
“F**k for the first time someone sit inside my turbo and see the result her scent is now filling the air inside ” he cursed and her head was now resting on his shoulder .
“You are abducted because you dare to show your guts no one never looked straight in my solve eyes Ms Diwan ” he spoked silently and then started on his humming mode “Hume tumse pyaar kitna yeh hum nahi jaante Magar jee nahi sakte tumhare bina”

Precap :- The insult and his desperation

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