Desires Lust and Love ( a shraman ff ) Intro


Guys and girls this is my first ff…….hope you guys support me……..!!

Desires love and lust ( Shraman )

Intro :

Shravan Kapoor : a big devil womaniser has so much of lust and desire for sumo dutta….!! A big handsome hunk every girl dies for him….!!! Belongs to a very rich family….!!!

Suman dutta ( sumo ) : a girl with high ambitions and dreams wants to become something big and make her parents proud…!!! A pure and innocent soul a well self respected girl who values her dignity the most…!! Loves and cares for everyone is a bubbly cute sweet smart and beautiful girl….!!!

Raj and deepa Kapoor : parents of shravan pampered him a lot from childhood till now..!!! Don’t know his son real deeds…!!!

Akash and akansha dutta : parents of sumo loves her the most…!!!!

So guys how was the intro???…!!!! Hope u will love it…!!! So it’s a bye from nixi…!!! Love u all?????…!!! Take care xoxo..!!!!

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  1. Intro was quite interesting.
    Post the episode soon ?

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxxxx zainab will post asap muahhh take care…!!!

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey nixi !!
    Very nice intro dear ??
    Seems interesting nd unique ??
    Post first part soon ..
    Take care ..

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxxxx fatima muahhh love u loads take care will post asap….!!!

  3. Kristen

    Awesome n this is my frist ff of ek dujey ke vaste which i read plz continue n update fast

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxxxxx kristen oh i m glad will sure update fast no i mean i uploaded already at few hours back…..!!

  4. Ariana

    Hiii…The intro…Hmm its so interesting. Shravan’s character sounds unique. Eagerly waiting for the epis. Post soon.
    Take care

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxxxxx aru…..can i call u tat??? well hope so next part posted by me: -)take care byeee muahh love u loads

  5. Marie

    Hey nixi darling it’s great n awesome strt!!! Plzzzz plzz post ASAP ASAP ASAP I can’t wait !!
    Lots of love!!

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxx maria i posted next part lots of love muahhh take care..!! huh impatient girl rofl just kidding sorry if i hurt u….!!

  6. Nikita

    Heya Nixi !!
    Shravan’s character sounds superb..
    A different twist..
    Do post soon !

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxx nik i posted next part yes shravan is different here and total opposite of wat he is in serial i always like something new things well muahhh love u loads take care…!

  7. pretty preeti

    Nixi different storyline seems interesting
    Post soon
    Love u

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxx pretty preeti next part posted love u too muahhhh take care..!!

  8. Obvio nixi
    Loved the intro
    Shravan seems to be interesting
    Looking forward for it….

    1. Nixi18

      welcome my pleasure next part posted yes shravan defo interesting and little grey shade too he have main role here many shades u will defo see here…!! cause i m the writer…!!

  9. Hi I’m sona…
    I welcome you and your ff.. behalf of the edkv family and telly updates…???????
    Nice intro..
    And try to b regular..dear?????
    All the best …
    Hope this ff gives u lot many friends???

    1. Nixi18

      thnxxx sona…!! yup sure i will and next part posted…!! hope so well certainly don’t have idea welcome pleasure is mine thanks a lot for your wishes xoxo…!!!!!!!!! love u loads muahhh take care……!!!!!

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