Desires Lust and Love ( a shraman ff ) Chapter 1 ~ I met him~


Guys yup me back with another episode.!!!! Thanks a lot for u r comments xoxo…!!!

Episode 1 ?

I met him~

Every girl has a dream of her charming boy of course I too always had dreamt of my Prince Charming but as u know life doesn’t always go like tat how we want??? Right…!!! Same with me I saw a person getting down from the car…!!! My heart started beating at a faster rate ….!!! He get down I met him he was so hot ghosh. Looks like a huge crush??❤️❤️….!!!! He left from there though I was sad but I composed myself and gone to my home heavy heartedly don’t know when I will met him again….!!!!

@ next day :

I was watering my plants in the garden when my favourite my puppy snoopy came to me and sit on my lap I caressed his hair and kissed him he smiled and jumped over here and there I laughed at him steadily…!!!! Then tat person came who I met yesterday he said hi to me we talked for few mins and he left I hope to meet him again soon…!!! God knows when the day will come!!!!

The end~

So guys how was the update…!! Hope it was up to the mark…!!! So it’s a bye from nixi…!!! Love u all…muahhhh…!!

Next update: tomorrow ?❤️❤️??❤️

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  1. pretty preeti

    Nix it was very short
    It was nice but short
    Its ok agla vla bada post kr dena
    I forgotten to ask ur age
    I m in 9 BTW and u
    Di aur not
    Love uuuu

    1. Nixi18

      Thnxx pretty preeti yup sorry ????

  2. Nikita

    It was cute..
    Can you try to make it longer?

    1. Nixi18

      Thnxxxx nik ???? will definitely try

  3. Anushika

    It was really nice but pls make it a little longer.

    1. Nixi18

      Thnxxx anushika ??????

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey nixi !!! Very nice dear ..
    Bt plzzzz try to write a lil longer han ..
    Post soon ..
    Take care ..

    1. Nixi18

      Thnxxx Fatima???????

  5. Marie

    Hey nixo (can I call u dat 😉 if u don’t mind………) well it’s very short update yr n Han awesome also…..!!!! So plz plz post ASAP ASAP can’t wait fr the nxt amazing prt
    Love u darling…..!

  6. Kristen

    Nice but make this long

  7. Different…
    After reading the intro….I didn’t feel like that the episode will b like this…I mean i thought it nsy strt like a handsome hunk..surrounded by girls according to his charector..but its different..
    Don’t misunderstand..I’m not saying I’m disappointed…I’m saying I felt its different from my thoughts..???????

  8. Nice episode ?

  9. Ariana

    it was a nice epi. Crush at 1st sight!!!! The wy she is waiting to meet him again sounds fun. Pls post soon nd make ur epis longer if possible.
    take care

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