Desires (Episode 8)


Episode 8
The episode start with nesam release each other to catch breath Samaira hug Neil and said
Samaira:I’m really lucky to have u as my husband thanks Neil
Neil:I’m more lucky to have a wife like u thanks Sammy for understanding me for supporting me for loving me so much I love u a lot
Samaira:u r the best husband of this world u think about me leaving ur needs and desires but Neil I don’t want u to go away trust me I love it when u
Neil looked at Samaira then smile naughtily and said
Neil:when I what babe
Samaira blush realizing what she was saying and said
Samaira:nothing saying this Samaira was going but Neil hold her hand and pull her he hug her from back and said
Neil:no tell me
Samaira:Neil please
Neil:ok let me say what I think u want to say
Samaira:ok tell me what u think I want to say
Neil:I think u want to say that saying this Neil remove her hairs from her right shoulder and whisper in her ear
Neil:u love it when I make love to u saying this he kiss her ear shell and Samaira immediately closed her eyes and Neil said
Neil:now say if I’m wrong
Neil:yes what
Samaira:u r wrong
Neil:really then tell me what u wanted to say
Samaira:I wanted to say that I love it when u
Neil:when I what
Samaira turn and said
Samaira:when u love me so much saying this she run and Neil run behind her both run here and there on beach then finally both stop and laugh then Samaira came and hug Neil and said
Samaira:I love u Neil and yes I love it when u make love to me because I feel like I’m being loved and u know why I don’t want u to go away because I don’t feel u r forcing me and u cared about me thank u so much for thinking about my feelings but I want u near me so don’t do anything like this ever again otherwise I’ll kill u
Neil kiss her forehead and said
Neil:I love u too Sammy and promise I won’t do anything like this ever again now shall we have dinner please
Samaira looked at Neil and said
Samaira:yes please I’m hungry now saying this both were going when Samaira’s phone ring and it was maa she attend the phone and talked with her then maa talked with Neil and before ending the call she talked with Samaira again and after sometime both came in near by restaurant there was music in background so Neil asked Samaira for a dance and both came on stage and song start Neil’s both hands were on Samaira’s waist and her both hands were on his shoulder (This Song Is From Movie “Shaukeens”)

Hai saaz tu, tera tarz main
Tu hai dava aur marz main
Dildaar tu.. khudgarz main
Hai geet tu, tere lafz main
Tu hai duaa aur farz main
Aazad tu aur karz main

Nesam were lost in each other forgetting the world they were in their own world the world of love

Hai shaam tu, taareef main
Tu chain hai, taqleef main
Tujhse mila to paa liya
Har cheez main
Hai khwab tu taabeer main
Maana tujhe taqdeer mein
Tera hua is bheed main, is bheed main

Neil spin Samaira and pull her backward her back was touching his front Neil’s hands were on Samaira’s belly along with her hands their eyes were closed and Neil’s chin were resting on her left shoulder

Hai teri meherbani
Ke andheron se hum muqar gaye
Hai teri meherbani
Ke bin jaane hi hum sanwar gaye
(x2 Repeat)

both were just moving slowly slowly lost in each other

Hai tu hi toh hai bewafa
Tu baarish meri, savera mera
Main tera hum raasta
Hai kasti teri kinara mera (x2)

then Neil turn Samaira and cupped her face Neil’s forehead was touching Samaira’s forehead and Samaira’s hands were on his chest then Neil said
Neil:I Love U Sammy
Samaira:I Love U Neil
Neil then kiss on Samaira’s forehead and Samaira hug him and he hug her back tightly

Hai Teri Meherbani
Ke andheron se hum muqar gaye
Hai teri meherbaani
Ke bin jaane hi hum sawar gaye

Then song end and everyone clap for them both looked at each other and smile then both came back and had dinner and after dinner they left for walking just then Samaira excused herself and said she forgot her phone in restaurant and will be back in a min Neil asked her to wait and he’ll come but she said she’ll go and ask him to wait for her and Neil said ok Samaira came in and took out her phone from bag and call someone and said something then she came out and both walk for sometime they came back to hotel but before entering in room Samaira asked Neil to go and bring ice cream Neil asked to come with him but she said she is tired and asked him to bring in their room Neil agreed and left after sometime Neil came and as soon as he entered he was shocked as the room was decorated beautifully with candles and roses he came forward and saw “Happy Birthday Neil And I Love U” was written with rose petals on bed Neil turn and saw Samaira looking at him smilingly then she came forward and said
Samaira:how’s the surprise
Neil:how do u know and when u did this
Samaira:remember ma called when we were going for dinner before ending the call maa told me and I lied that I forgot my phone I wanted to call here so that I could ask them to arrange these candles and roses and that’s why I sent u to bring ice cream so that I could decorate this
Neil:but u shouldn’t have done all this there was no need to do this
Samaira felt bad as she thought he didn’t like it that’s why he’s saying like this Neil saw her lost and said
Neil:what happened
Samaira:sorry I didn’t know that u don’t like all this if I would’ve known then I’ll never do all this I’m sorry but just give me 5 min I’ll clean all this saying this she was going but Neil hold her hand and said
Neil:look at me
But Samaira didn’t look up at him as she had tears in her eyes because she did all this for him but he said what’s the need to do all this she thought to surprise as it was his first birthday with her after their marriage so she wanted to make it special but he didn’t like it Neil make her look at him and said
Neil:why r u crying and who told u to clean it and that I didn’t like all this
Samaira:u said I shouldn’t have don’t this so I thought u don’t like all this
Neil:its not like this actually no one have ever done anything like this for me never so I didn’t expect this
Samaira:no one give u surprise before
Neil:no one
Samaira:not even Amy
Neil:no not even Amy saying this he look away as Neil had tears in his eyes Samaira make him look at her and said
Samaira:don’t be sad from now I’ll do everything for u saying this she wipe his tears and Neil hug her and said
Neil:thanks a lot Sammy for loving me and doing all this for me
Samaira hug him back and said
Samaira:Neil thank u for making me realize what love really is and I love u a lot
Neil:I love u too Sammy saying this he tighten his grip and both stood there hugging each other for sometime then Samaira said
Samaira:ice cream is melting
Neil looked at Samaira and said
Samaira:ice cream u brought it na so it must be melting so we should eat it now
Neil:ok saying this both had ice cream and make each other eat also then both lie down on bed and was talking then Neil said
Neil:where is my gift
Neil:yes its my birthday na so my gift
Samaira:ummm ok close ur eyes
Samaira:just do it na u want ur gift or not
Neil:ok babe saying this Neil closed his eyes and Samaira came close to him she came on top of him Neil was about to open his eyes when Samaira said
Samaira:no cheating Neil otherwise u won’t get ur gift
Neil:ok sorry sorry
Samaira lean down and softly kiss on his lips as Neil felt Samaira’s lips on his he hold her waist and kiss her back passionately then both release and stare each other then Neil came on top of Samaira he switch off the lights and pull blanket over them then both get intimate

Next Morning
Samaira wake up and saw Neil sleeping she was in his arms he was holding her tightly Samaira softly kiss on his forehead and try to get out of his hold but Neil didn’t let go and Samaira get it that he is awake and said
Samaira:Neil let go I know u r awake
Neil open his eyes smilingly and pull her closer and said
Neil:when u know then why r u going babe saying this he put her on bed and came on top of her both stare each other lovingly and Neil said
Neil:thanks a lot Sammy this birthday is my best birthday and the gift was out of the world thank u so much
Samaira blush and Neil said
Neil:don’t blush like this it make me mad for u even more babe
Samaira:Neil please
Neil:what please
Samaira:let go
Samaira:I want to go for bath
Neil:ok but I don’t think u can go alone
Samaira didn’t get it and said
Neil came more close and whisper
Neil:because after last night I don’t think u would be able to even stand on ur feet
Samaira hit him on chest and said
Samaira:Neil don’t be so shameless
Neil:what shameless I’m just saying what is true
Samaira push him and said
Samaira:give me it shirt
Neil:why babe u can go like this
Samaira look around and saw Neil’s shirt on floor she took the shirt and wear it then get up from bed and said
Samaira:see I can go
Neil:really then go saying this Neil laugh and Samaira stare him angrily and said
Samaira:hahaha very funny huh saying this she gone in washroom and Neil said to himself
Neil:god thank u so much for giving me Sammy I love her a lot saying this Neil lie down again and after sometime Samaira came out and sent Neil for shower then both left for bf after bf both roam and then Neil took Samaira for roller coaster ride she was scared but Neil took her Samaira didn’t open her eyes even for once during the ride then when they get down Neil asked her to open her eyes and Samaira did and said
Samaira:please never took me to this ride again its so scary
Neil:awww my babe when I’m here I won’t let anything happen to u
Samaira:I know saying this she smile and then both had lunch and then on beach they spend the evening there and then had dinner and back to hotel when they came in hotel both were shock to see someone there in lobby

Next Episode:2nd Last Episode
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 8th episode I’m sorry for late update actually was busy with brother’s wedding and didn’t get time to write and comment and I was thinking to end this ff also because I don’t think u guys r like it u guys r might be boring as in beginning I got so much comment because of that I was thinking to add some more episode but now comments r reducing and someone also said that my all stories r same and not good so because of all this I’m little sad and thanks for commenting on Arya’s season 4 and for those who didn’t read I’m giving the link below and yes maybe I won’t come for 1 or 2 days as I’m just little upset and disappointed but I’ll surely complete my stories which I started and I’m sorry if I hurted anyone or if I’m being rude because only u guys r to whom I can say what I feel sorry once again and thanks for all the support and love

Credit to: Angel

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