Desires (Episode 7)

Episode 7
The episode start with Samaira wake up in morning and saw Neil sleeping she gone in washroom and get ready in beautiful Pretty Red Georgette Anarkali Suit then she remove the towel from her face and start drying them with towel she turn and water fall on Neil’s face and he woke up and saw Samaira getting ready he get up and came toward Samaira he hug her from behind and said
Neil:good morning Sammy
Samaira:good morning Neil
Neil:why u woke up
Samaira:its morning because
Neil:so what we can sleep even now
Samaira:no I want to go for bf
Samaira:yeah a lot
Neil:me too
Samaira:so then let’s go for bf
Neil:but I want to have something else for bf and for that we don’t have to go out
Samaira:really what
Neil:u I want to have u
Samaira:Neil u saying this she hit him and Neil run both run here and there and finally Samaira catch Neil and start hitting him with pillow and then both fall on bed Samaira was above him both stare each other and then Neil move Samaira’s hair from her face and lock them behind her ear Samaira closed her eyes feeling his touch and Neil turn and came above her and kiss her passionately then after sometime they broke the kiss and stare each other lovingly then Samaira push him and ask him to go and get ready Neil gone in washroom and came after getting ready both left and had bf in hotel restaurant and then roam the city some days passes like that its been 1 week but Samaira is not much happy as Neil isn’t giving time to her properly and working here also but she didn’t said anything

One Day
they came in some restaurant for lunch and there met Neil’s frds female frds they came and greet Nesam and Neil introduce them to Samaira
Neil:Samaira she is Tanu and she is Sasha
Neil:and she is Samaira my wife
Sasha:wow nice to meet u she is so beautiful
Tanu:yeah indeed she is
Samaira:thank u
Neil:hey why r u guys standing come join us
Samaira:yeah please
Both sat with them and Neil start talking with them the trio was talking and Samaira was just sitting they had lunch and Samaira now felt irritated she feels like she came in between they trio was not even looking at her as if she don’t exist just then Samaira’s phone ring it was maa Neil asked who it is and she told maa and then Samaira excused herself and came out of restaurant and talked with maa
Samaira:hello maa
Maa:hello beta h r u
Samaira:I’m fine maa and u and how’s everyone
Maa:everyone is fine and me too u tell me how’s the place
Samaira:its really nice maa
Maa:where is Neil
Samaira:maa he is with his frds
Maa:ok beta enjoy bye
Samaira:bye saying this she cut the call and turn but Neil was not there she look here and there and saw Neil and his frds were dancing she came in and sat there she wait for them but they were just dancing and dancing Samaira was angry she felt as if she don’t exist for them she couldn’t take it more it’s fine if he met his frds after a long time but still he shouldn’t forgot he came with her he should give some time to her also but no work and frds this is what exist for him and important nothing else she took her bag and left from there she msg Neil and came back in hotel she changed and lie down on bed and fall asleep on the other side Neil and his frds came back to table and saw Samaira was not there Neil took his phone and saw Samaira’s msg he open the msg and this is what she said

“I’m Going Back To Hotel”

Only this Is what she said Neil felt weird but didn’t said anything and after sometime left he came back to hotel he came in room and saw Samaira sleeping he changed and lie down beside her and fall asleep

In Evening
Neil woke up and saw Samaira she was putting her clothes in cupboard he sat on bed and said
Neil:why u didn’t wake me up
Samaira:I didn’t know when u came so I thought to let u sleep
Neil saw Samaira was serious and understand she is angry because for passed 1 week he is busy with work and now frds he came and hold Samaira and said
Neil:let’s go out
Samaira:ok saying this she move away from him and start doing what she was doing Neil hold her again and said
Neil:because I’m not able to give u time
Samaira:its ok
Samaira:because it doesn’t matter
Neil look at her confused and then she said
Samaira:yeah it doesn’t matter na because u have work and frds to be busy with so what’s my need I stay or not doesn’t matter saying this she turn and wipe her tears and start folding her clothes Neil felt bad and came toward her and said
Neil:its not like that Sammy u r misunderstanding me actually
Samaira:yeah u r right Neil work is important and u met ur frds after a long time so its fine I’m sorry I just overreacted I think sorry I shouldn’t have said like that please sorry saying this she wipe her tears and said
Samaira:I should go and get ready saying this she gone in washroom and closed the door and cried Neil felt really guilty and bad for not giving proper time to her and thought to tell her why he is trying to be little away after sometime Samaira came out wearing Hot Pink Shaded Pita Work Faux Chiffon Saree Neil was mesmerized seeing her he came and hug Samaira from behind and said
Neil:u r looking beautiful
Samaira:thank u saying this she smile a little and then both left they were roaming the city then suddenly Neil hold Samaira’s hand and she looked at him Neil said
Neil:what happened
Neil:then why r u so silent still angry
Samaira:no I’m not just like that
Neil:Sammy I’m sorry
Samaira:no Neil I’m sorry I know I shouldn’t have reacted this way it was wrong
Neil:no it was right I should give time to u
Samaira:its fine Neil I know ur work is important for u and u love ur work a lot so I should understand its just that I’m didn’t know this before but now I know so I promise I won’t complain I should adjust
Neil:no Sammy why will u
Samaira:Neil every girl do and everything can’t happen according to me right so u don’t need to think about it and trust me I’m fine and i understand that’s why I’m sorry
Neil:but Sammy
Samaira:Neil its not new for me
Neil:what do u mean
Samaira:actually raj used to work a lot like u do so u see I’m used to it so all ok
Neil felt bad as all this what he did used to happen with her before and Neil don’t want her to feel like that he wipe her tears and said
Neil:come with me
Neil:just come saying this he took her to near by beach as it was night the moon was full and it was looking beautiful then he said
Neil:u like beaches na
Samaira:yeah thanks Neil its beautiful saying this she came and start playing with water and get really happy as if she forgot everything what Neil did Neil came and pull her closer and hug her tightly and said
Neil:I love u Sammy and I’m really sorry
Neil:please let me say Sammy I want u to know why I’m trying to be little away because I don’t want u to feel that I just want u as a man its not like that I don’t want u to feel that u r here just to fulfill my needs as a man I want u to know that I love u a lot and because of that whenever I’m close to u I just couldn’t control myself I just don’t get enough of u I know I’m just too much but
Samaira make Neil look at her and said
Samaira:I’m sorry I don’t want to hurt u Neil
Neil:no I’m sorry because I know I hurted u I thought even u want me to stay away like he was saying but then stop and Samaira said
Samaira:like Amy
Neil nod and Samaira hug him and said
Samaira:no I don’t want u to stay away I love u too Neil and I know u love me and I don’t think like that about u so don’t blame urself and I love it when u love me so much saying this she tighten her grip and Neil also hug her tightly and said
Neil:its really difficult to stay away from u
Samaira:then don’t stay away from me saying this Samaira looked at Neil and wink Neil smile and Samaira laugh then Neil lean down and kiss her Samaira kiss back and both kiss each other passionately

Next Episode:Nesam’s Dance And Masti ???
Hey frds h r u all?
Here Is the 7th episode how’s it tell me till then bye tc and love u a lot ???????????

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