Desires (Episode 6)


Episode 6
The episode start with nesam it was mid night both were awake and was talking while hugging each other Samaira’s eyes were closed and Neil was caressing her hairs then Neil said
Neil:if u want we can change the honeymoon location
Samaira:well where it is first tell me this
Neil:god u don’t even know
Samaira:I didn’t read it on ticket ok
Neil:first tell me where u want to go
Samaira:ummm it doesn’t matter where ever it is I just want to go with u
Neil:awww sho sweet but still tell me na
Samaira:ummm Italy
Neil:because we r going Italy as tickets r for Italy
Samaira looked at Neil and said
Neil:yes my Sammy saying this Neil kiss her softly and said
Neil:do u have any idea how beautiful u really r
Samaira smile and lower her eyes then said
Samaira:stop praising me I’m not this much beautiful
Neil make Samaira look at him and both stare each other then Neil said
Neil:yes u r right u r more beautiful than I said u know I always go mad seeing u
Samaira blush and said
Samaira:thank u but what will happen when I’ll be old
Neil:I’m sure even then you’ll be beautiful and I’ll be mad for u just like I’m now saying this Neil moved Samaira’s hair from her face and both keep staring each other and then Neil came close and Samaira closed her eyes and Neil kissed her passionately he came over her and mumbled on her lips
Neil:I love u Sammy

Samaira:I love u Neil saying this Samaira finish the gap and kiss Neil after sometime both broke the kiss and Neil whisper
Neil:u won’t mind if we again
Samaira smile and Neil said
Neil:I got my answer babe saying this he kiss her forehead, eyes and cheeks then a soft kiss on lips and then he moved his lips on her shoulder he kiss her right shoulder and neck then on middle of the neck and then on left side while kissing her neck he cupped her br*ast and squeezed them gently Samaira moan and hold his hairs after a while Neil whisper something in Samaira’s ear and she smile then after sometime Samaira moan little louder and Neil mumble on her lips
Neil:its alright it will be fine ok
Samaira smile and nod Neil kiss her passionately and then after a long foreplay both hug each other and slept peacefully in each other embrace

Next Morning
Neil woke up and saw Samaira sleeping with a cute smile on her lips Neil smile seeing her and kiss her forehead and gone in washroom he fresh n up and get ready he came out of room and make bf he saw everyone haven’t came yet he call maa and said
Neil:hello mom where r u still
Maa:actually beta Mrs Bose ask us to stay here as there is some more rituals so we’ll be back till evening ok
Neil:ok mom bye saying this Neil cut the call and he in room he came near Samaira and wake her up and said
Neil:babe I’m already late for office and I want to have bf with u let’s have bf then u can sleep again please after that I have to go office
Samaira:please 5 min more saying this she slept again and Neil thought to let her sleep and get up he get a call and attend it and said
Neil:ok I’m coming saying this he cut the call and took a paper and pen he write down something and put it near bf and without having bf gone as he came out and closed the room door Samaira wake up and realize that Neil left she came near window and saw Neil sit in car and left she felt bad that he left without having bf and gone in washroom she took shower and came out she wear a red saree and then saw bf on table she came near and saw chit she open the chit and this is what he write

“Good Morning Sammy,
Sorry have to go there is important meeting I’ll see u at lunch and yeah have bf ok I made it for u for the first time hope you’ll like it and yeah call me after bf ok

Your Neil…”

Samaira smile seeing Neil’s care and love she stare Neil’s photo which was on side table she call Neil but he disconnect it she call again but it was switch off suddenly she thought to give Neil surprise and pack the bf and left for office she came and ask the receptionist about Neil and she said he is in meeting Samaira sat in waiting room and wait for Neil to get free after an hour Neil came and saw Samaira sitting in waiting room he came and sat beside her and said
Neil:what r u doing here
Samaira saw Neil and said
Samaira:waiting for u
Samaira:to have bf with u
Neil saw the time and said
Neil:u didn’t have bf yet Sammy
Samaira nod no and Neil said
Neil:sorry but I had my bf
Samaira looked at the packed box and said
Samaira:its ok
Neil:but why didn’t u have it at home what’s the need to came here
Samaira:actually I thought u made it so we’ll have it together
Neil:u could’ve asked me then
Samaira:I called u but u disconnect it and then switch off
Neil:ooohh yeah I was in meeting
Neil:ok then go home and have bf ok I’ll come home late today
Samaira didn’t like as he ask her to go she felt he is angry but she didn’t said anything and then said
Samaira:late but u said you’ll come at lunch
Neil:yeah but there is another meeting anyway we r going Italy tomorrow na so I have to finish my work also
Neil:ok now u go I’m also going saying this he get up and left Samaira didn’t like as he was giving importance to work she know work is important but even then she didn’t like it she get up and saw Neil sitting in cabin his PA was there with him both were working his PA was standing close to him Samaira felt jealous but left for home after sometime she reached and had bf after sometime someone ring the door bell and Samaira open the door it was maa and everyone she greet them and maa ask her to pack her bags as they r going tomorrow Samaira agreed and gone in room and start packing their bags

In Night
Everyone had dinner and gone in their room respectively when Samaira came Neil was working she came and said
Samaira:Neil why r u still working
Neil:because I have to complete this presentation
Samaira:ok saying this she changed and lie down on bed she keep staring Neil and then said
Samaira:r u still angry with me
Neil looked at Samaira and close the laptop he put it aside and said
Neil:first tell me when i was angry
Samaira:u r not angry
Neil:no but why u thought I’m
Samaira:actually u asked me to go in Samaira stop remembering something and said
Samaira:let it be u r not angry na that’s it saying this she lower her eyes Neil got it that she is thinking he is angry that’s why he asked her to go in morning Neil make Samaira looked at him and saw tears he wipe them and said
Neil:what’s wrong tell me
Neil came close and hug Samaira and said
Neil:don’t lie tell me truly
Samaira:actually u asked me to go home in morning and left leaving me in waiting room so I thought u r angry because I didn’t wake up in morning and u left without having bf that’s why
Neil make Samaira looked at him and said
Neil:it’s not like that babe actually I was working and i took a break when I came out I saw u and because I was busy I asked u to go I’m not angry at all
Samaira:sorry because of me u had to go without bf and I also spoiled ur break
Neil:hey don’t say sorry and why r u thinking like this
Samaira:because the way u asked me to go I thought u r angry
Neil wipe her tears kiss her forehead and said
Neil:I’m sorry babe I didn’t mean to hurt u
Samaira:its ok my fault I shouldn’t have came in office I’m sorry
Neil:no its not ur fault I shouldn’t have asked u like that I could’ve said it softly right so I’m really sorry for hurting u babe
Samaira:I’m sorry too saying this she hug Neil and he hugged her back and both fall asleep

Next Morning
Both wake up and Neil gone in washroom to take shower after sometime Neil called Samaira and asked her to give his towel Samaira was arranging clothes for both she ask him to wait and then after a min came and give his towel she was going but Neil hold her hand and pull her inside and Samaira said
Samaira:Neil what r u doing
Neil:even u want to take shower na so let take it together saying this he took her in shower and turn on the tab as water start flowing Neil kiss her forehead and said
Neil:sorry again for yesterday
Samaira:Neil please don’t say sorry saying this Samaira hug Neil and he open her blouse knots and kiss her shoulder and neck then he looked at Samaira and lean down and kiss her Samaira kiss him back and both kiss each other passionately then Samaira push Neil out of washroom and said
Samaira:now go and get ready and let me take shower saying this she closed the door and Neil laugh then he get ready after sometime Samaira came out and get ready then both came out and had bf Neil left for office and ask Samaira to be ready and he’ll came from office as there is one meeting which he had to attend and then they’ll left for airport after 3 hours Neil came and they took elders blessing and then left for airport after an hour both reach and sat in flight then they reach Italy and in hotel where a room was booked for them as they came inside Samaira was so happy it was a big room with balcony and big windows then both fresh n up had dinner then fall asleep in each other embrace

Next Episode:Nesam’s Romance ?
Hey everyone h r u all?
Here is the 6th episode how’s it I almost completed half story as u guys know there r only 4 more episodes left as I mentioned before that this story is really short only of 10 episodes and I’m glad u guys really love it and for that thanks a lot ??? so how this episode tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???

Credit to: Angel

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