Desires (Episode 4)


Episode 4
The episode start with Neil wake up in morning and saw Samaira sleeping peacefully there was a cute smile on her lips Neil smile seeing her and suddenly someone knock on door and Neil get up to open the door he open the door and maa was standing there he take her blessing and said
Neil:good morning no
Maa:good morning beta is Samaira sleeping
Neil:yes mom
Maa:but she always woke up early in morning is she fine beta maa asked worriedly Neil smile
remembering last night and said
Neil:yes mom she is fine actually we slept late in night so that’s why nothing else
Maa smile and Neil realize what he just said and he again said
Neil:because we were not feeling sleepy that’s why saying this he look here and there maa smile and said
Maa:its ok beta I didn’t ask for any explanation u both r husband and wife saying this she took a step forward and said
Maa:Neil Samaira is really a good girl and I think she really like u or maybe love u please give her a chance give her a chance to be a good wife I’m sure she will keep u happy she had gone through a lot beta u might not know but she can’t become mother because of her husband she told me this before marriage when I saw her crying in her room while getting ready and there is more
Neil:mom I know everything and saying this Neil turn and looked at Samaira who was still sleeping maa looked at Neil happily and said
Maa:did she told u and do u want to give her a chance
Neil:yes mom she told me and we both want to give this relationship a chance
Maa hug Neil and said
Maa:I’m proud of u beta I’m sure u both will keep each other happy
Neil smile and then maa said
Maa:ok now listen take Samaira somewhere
Neil:where mom
Maa:aray u guys have honeymoon trip u can go day after tomorrow ok promise me u guys will go and will start u life happily
Neil:ok mom we’ll saying this Neil smile and maa said
Maa:now go and get ready and also wake up Samaira for bf
Neil:ok mom saying this Neil close the door and came beside Samaira he kiss her forehead and said
Neil:Sammy wake up sweet heart it’s morning
Samaira open her and smile seeing Neil she get up and sat on bed and said
Samaira:good morning
Neil:morning babe
Samaira smile hearing lovely names and Neil said
Neil:now let’s get ready for bf
Neil:I’ll go to take shower till then u
Samaira:I’ll arrange our clothes
Neil:thank u saying this he kiss her right cheek and gone to get ready Samaira smile and feel special getting Neil’s attention she arrange clothes and Neil came out in towel Samaira never saw Neil in towel before she felt shy and turn to other side seeing him Neil saw her and understood that she is shy he intensionally gone toward her and hug her from behind and said
Neil:shy babe
Samaira:Neil please let go na
Neil:what if I don’t
Samaira:Neil I’m already late today and I have to go center also
Neil:why can’t u take a leave we’ll go out
Samaira:I can’t take leave but I can come home early
Neil:why u can’t take leave
Samaira:actually Mrs shah wants to meet me
Neil:who is Mrs shah now
Samaira:she is wife of Mr mohit remember thay day we gone to meet him and baby
Neil turn Samaira and said
Neil:that Samaira moult who hugged u
Samaira laugh and said
Samaira:yes that day his baby was crying a lot and his wife was put of town for some work that’s why his wife asked him to call me and don’t worry he call me sister ok
Neil:then its fine no problem ok then go get ready saying this Neil took his clothes and Samaira gone in washroom after sometime both came for bf and then Neil was waiting for Samaira soha came and said
Soha:aray devar ji why r u standing in hall like this u r not going office today
Neil:actually bhabhi I was waiting Neil thought what to say and soha said
Neil:actually na I was that time maa came and said
Maa:what happened
Soha:maa I was asking why he is standing here is he not going office
Neil looked at maa and she got it and said
Maa:I asked him to wait for Samaira so he will drop her on her work
Neil:yeah bhabhi I was waiting for her
Soha:ok saying this she gone and Neil said
Neil:thanks mom
Maa:its ok but why r u still here
Neil:what to do mom Samaira is taking so much time
Maa:well after Samaira’s work finish come home get ready and go out with her spend sometime together and come home after dinner ok
Neil:but mom office
Maa:no beta no office today u guys should get to know each other a little bit more before going out for honeymoon
Neil:but mom
Neil:ok mom fine
Samaira came out ready and said
Samaira:sorry I’m little late
Neil:little u r 30 min late
Samaira:I’m sorry na
Maa:stop it Neil she is saying sorry
Neil:mom u always took her side
Maa:off course I’ll after all she is my daughter saying this smile and Samaira show her tongue to Neil and hug maa then both left Neil drop Samaira to center and gone office before going he ask Samaira to call him once her work is finish then they’ll go out Samaira agreed then Neil reached office and both get busy in work

Next Episode:Nesam’s Date And Romance ?
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Credit to: Angel

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