Desires (Episode 3)


Episode 3
The episode start with Neil was lying behind Samaira thinking how to say sorry as Samaira didn’t realized yet that Neil is behind her she was crying badly Neil couldn’t take it anymore he came more close and hug Samaira from behind and said
Neil:I’m really sorry please don’t cry
Samaira for a min become froze in her place she didn’t know what to do it was the first time Neil was hugging her like this and was saying sorry then after sometime when Samaira didn’t said anything Neil said
Neil:Samaira please look at me please
Samaira:no first tell me why r u ignoring me since last week and why r u mad at me she said this while crying and Neil said
Neil:first u stop crying like this please and look at me then I’ll tell u
Samaira:no what If u didn’t
Neil:I’ll promise saying this he try to turn Samaira and she turn to him both stare each other Neil wipe her tears and said
Neil:I didn’t mean to hurt u sorry
Samaira:don’t change the topic now tell me why u did like this
Samaira:don’t try to hide Neil else I’ll not talk to u
Neil:no no actually I…I don’t know how to say it saying this he get up from bed and gone toward window Samaira too came behind him and said
Samaira:u can’t do cheating like this Neil
Neil:ok tell me something
Neil: if a girl in front of u would get friendly with me or would hug me and put her hand on my shoulder how you’ll felt
Samaira didn’t understand and said
Samaira:what r u talking Neil and how is it related to ur anger
Neil:it is now tell me would u like if a girl would flirt with me In front of u and will get close to me
Samaira understand what Neil really mean and remember how mohit put his hand on her shoulder and give side hug to her she thought to tease Neil and said
Samaira:yeah I mean what’s wrong in this saying this try to control her laugh and came toward balcony Neil was shocked and came behind her and said
Neil:u won’t be jealous
Samaira:no why I’ll be

Neil didn’t like it and said
Neil:what do u mean why you’ll be u should be after all I’m ur husband for heaven sake
Samaira:so what’s wrong with it if a girl is flirting with u i know u r handsome so it’s normal girls will flirt with u and I’m proud of u because I know that u r my husband and u r not that kind of a man who will cheat on his wife saying this turn and was going but Neil hold her hand and said
Neil:did u just admit that I’m handsome and I’m ur husband saying this he turn to Samaira and she just realize that what she just said Neil came close and hold her from waist and pull her backward her back was touching his front her heart start beating fast so fast that she felt it will come out any moment Neil put his chin on her left shoulder and whisper in her ear
Neil:I know I never said it but I can’t see any man touching u or getting close to u it just feel like someone is throwing daggers on my heart i just can’t stand it u know before Amy’s death (Amy is Neil’s first wife) I got to know that she was cheating on me and I confronted her and she confessed and fought with me and left in car but by mistake she took the car in which I suppose to be because the breaks of that car was not working she did that she told me before dying even after knowing that she cheated me and was trying to kill me I tried to save her but I just failed and that car fall from cliff I didn’t told anything to anyone because I don’t want everyone to hate her because mom never liked her but she agreed to accept her because I loved her after her death when mom asked me to marry u I just agreed because I thought I wouldn’t ever fall in love again and it will also keep mom happy but I don’t know how I couldn’t stop my feelings I just fall in love with u so much that I start feeling if I ever really loved Amy or not because I never felt like this for her like I feel for u and that’s the reason I don’t like it when that mohit hugged u and saying this he closed his eyes and Samaira felt a tear fell on her shoulder she turn and Neil open his eyes and Samaira wipe his tears and hug him and said
Samaira:I’m sorry I promise nothing will happened like that ever again no one will ever come close to me or touch me promise saying this she tighten her grip and Neil hug her back even more tightly both stood there for sometime and then Samaira said
Samaira:even I want to tell u so something
Neil broke the hug and said
Samaira:I never loved raj (raj is Samaira’s ex husband) it was a arrange marriage but I was happy as he used to care and love but after a year when raj’s mother ask me if I can become a mother and she insist me to go and check up I agreed and doctor said I can become a mother then when I asked raj to do check up he refused and said there can’t be any problem with him when i insist he before Samaira could complete tears start flowing from her eyes and Neil hug her and said
Neil:ssshhh calm down its alright saying this he caresses her back with his left hand and put his right hand on her hair then he make her sit on bed and give her a glass of water after she drink the water he put the glass back and said
Neil:r u ok

Samaira:yeah thank u
Neil:its ok now tell me
Samaira:yes when I insist him to go for a check up he start beating me one day I fall unconscious and when I open my eyes I got to know that raj took me to hospital and i had an operation
Neil:operation what kind of operation
Samaira:he ask the doctor to do my operation because of which I can’t become mother now he did this because he was afraid that world will get to know that he can’t become father I told this to mom and dad and divorced him saying this she start crying and Neil hugged her tightly and said
Neil:alright I’m here don’t worry saying this he tighten his grip and after sometime Samaira said
Samaira:I know I can’t keep u happy I can’t give u child I’m not a good wife
Neil:hey don’t say like that please u r a really good wife u can’t become mother that doesn’t matter to me u r enough for me and Neil stop and after a silence of few second he said
Neil:I Love U
Samaira:what u just said
Neil:why u didn’t hear me or u want to hear it again
Samaira:umm actually
Neil:OK I’ll say but u have to say it too then
Samaira:what I have to say
Neil:that what is in your heart for me
Samaira smile and lower her eyes and said
Samaira:don’t u know
Neil:I know but I want u to say as I said
Samaira:but I can’t give u all happiness
Neil:what we can’t have child that doesn’t mean qe can’t stay happy ok suppose if the same problem would’ve been with me would u have left me or would u have married someone else
Samaira:no but if u can have ur own child then
Neil:I want my child only if the mother is u and if not u then I don’t want child
Samaira:but u deserve all happiness and I don’t want u to ruin ur happiness because of me
Neil:and who said that if I would have child only then I’ll be happy
Samaira:u love kids
Neil:so what we’ll adopt child from orphanage and more than that I love u so much that now I can’t love anyone else saying this Neil kiss on Samaira’s forehead and Samaira hug him tightly and said
Samaira:thank u so much Neil
Neil:I want to hear that 3 magical words
Samaira looked at Neil and both stare each other and Samaira said
Samaira:u said you’ll say first
Neil:I Love U
Samaira:I know saying this Samaira get up and was going but Neil stop her by holding her hand and said
Neil:that’s not fair u have to say that to me too
Samaira:I didn’t said I’ll say saying this Samaira laugh and run Neil too run behind her and said
Neil:not fair I’ll not leave u saying this both run here and there in room at last Neil catch Samaira and pins her against the wall and said
Neil:now u can’t escape from me without confessing ur love
Samaira:and what if I don’t
Neil came close and whisper in her ear
Neil:then I’ll not let u sleep tonight u know why because u r made to be loved and I want to ne that only person who can love u saying this he looked at Samaira and wink smilingly Samaira blush and lower her eyes Neil kiss her forehead and said
Neil:please tell me that u love me like I do
Samaira:yes I do saying this she smiled and Neil came close Samaira closed her eyes and Neil kiss on her lips softly and when Samaira reciprocate Neil kiss her harder Neil realized Samaira’s hands and put his hand right hand on her waist and left on her eight cheek Samaira’s hands moved from his chest to shoulder then around his neck after having a long passionate kiss both released to catch breath Samaira hugged Neil and said
Samaira:I…I love u
Neil hug her back and said
Neil:I love u too Sammy
Samaira looked at Neil and said
Neil:ur new nickname from me and only I’ll call u like that
Samaira:ok I like it
Neil:now shall we sleep I’m sleepy
Samaira:yeah me too saying this both came and lie down on bed Samaira on left and Neil on right as soon as Samaira lie down Neil hugged her from behind and said
Neil:r u happy
Samaira turn to him and said
Samaira:a lot saying this she smiled and Neil kiss her forehead and both hug each other and fall in deep sleep peacefully

Next Episode:Neil’s Excuses To Spend Time With Samaira ?
Hey frds h r u all
Here is the 3rd episode how’s it and thanks to all of u for liking my story this much love u all a lot and tc ???

Credit to: Angel

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