Desires (Episode 2)


Episode 2
The episode start with nesam were doing pillow fight after sometime both stop and sat on sofa both looked at each other and start laughing Samaira was amazed sewing Neil laughing as she never saw him laughing like that suddenly his phone ring and he excused himself and gone in room to talk when he came back after sometime he saw Samaira sleeping he smile and stare her like that sitting beside her then after sometime Samaira wake up and saw Neil staring her both were lost in each others eyes then a sudden bell make them come to reality and both immediately turn there face and Neil gone to open the door it was maa, soha and riya they came in and Samaira get up from sofa and came to them they give her a gift and said Mrs Bose give it to them as a wedding gift as she was out of country for 1 years and now she just came so Nesam looked at each other and Neil took the envelope and said
Neil:what’s in it
Maa:open it and see
Neil open the envelope and get shocked he looked at Samaira and she stare him confused and maa said
Maa:its an 1 month honey she stop and then said

Maa:trip just trip saying this she give the tickets to Samaira and Samaira looked at tickets first then Neil both stare each other because both knew what this trip actually was no matter how much other try to make it a simple trip and suddenly Neil realized Samaira was in tears her eyes were filled with tears then Samaira excuse herself and gone in room and after that Neil too left and came in room she was in balcony he came and said
Neil:its ok if u don’t want but before he could complete Samaira turn and he saw she was now literally crying as both were good frd Neil came little close to ask her what’s wrong but before he could say anything Samaira hugged him and start crying badly he couldn’t stop himself seeing her like that and hugged her back tightly and said
Neil:sssshhhh don’t cry saying this he caresses her hair to calm down her both get lost in each other it was a moment both felt perfect with each other there was no need left after sometime Samaira realize their closeness and immediately separate herself from him Neil too came in sense and both look here and there feeling something strange after sometime Neil said
Neil:u can tell me if u want what’s wrong
Samaira don’t know how to say and she didn’t said anything then Samaira’s phone start ringing and she immediately took it and made her way out of the room after sometime Neil came out too and saw Samaira saying something to maa as maa saw Neil she said
Maa:Neil beta Samaira want to go somewhere so go with her
Neil:mom me how can i
Samaira looked at him and she felt sad as she saw he was trying to refused where maa was trying to convince him Neil looked at her and she turn her face not wanting to show him and he said
Neil:ok I’ll go

Samaira looked at him and then Neil said
Neil:I’ll just come in a min my phone is in room saying this Neil left and after sometime both came out and sat in car Neil asked where she want to go and told an address both reach there after driving of 15 min Neil stop the car in front of the house and Samaira get down the car Neil saw a man came out of the house with 2 of 3 month baby in his hand Samaira took kid in her hand and check her she was crying before but stop immediately after coming in Samaira’s hand Samaira was talking to that man and then he put his hand on Samaira’s shoulder and Neil fume in anger he couldn’t stand see any man touching Samaira and he was angry when that man give a side hug to Samaira Neil had enough he get down from car and came toward them and said
Neil:how much time will u take Samaira turn and can sense Neil in anger she didn’t understand what wrong with him and that man said
Man:hello Mr Neil I’m mohit saying this he extend his hand but Neil didn’t shake hand and he took it back Samaira felt weird and then Samaira give the baby back and they came to car they sat inside and Samaira saw Neil he was looking angry she don’t know why but she can see then after sometime both reach home and Neil gone in room as soon as he step in house he didn’t had dinner too days passes like that its been a week and Neil has totally change they don’t talk like they used to talk in fact Neil don’t even looked at Samaira and she somewhere feeling really bad and it was hurting her not having fight with him and having a support of him as she used to have she never admit but he was always her strength she still remember when they were newly married and her parents asked her not to continue her work as she is married but Neil support her and ask her to work if she want but now she was feeling something is not there some emptiness and she decided to talk to him it was night she came in room and saw Neil was in balcony looking up at sky she changed and came toward him he was behind him she knew that he know she is behind him but he didn’t turn to her and not even said anything Samaira gather some courage and said

Neil didn’t turn and not even said anything Samaira again said
But again he didn’t answer and now it hurts his ignorance hurt her finally she gone and lie down on bed and suddenly tears roll down her eyes and she start crying not knowing why it is hurting her this much why his ignorance make her feel like she’ll die with its pain after sometime Neil came and saw Samaira lying on bed he was angry and that’s why didn’t listen and turn he didn’t want to snap at her he knew what she is going to ask and he don’t want to answer her that’s why he didn’t talk but now it’s hurting him too suddenly he felt some sound he came little closer to Samaira and he realized she was crying she was crying badly and now he couldn’t stop himself he couldn’t stop his feeling he knew in this last few week his feeling has changed for her she become more than a frd to him and now he want her to know it he slowly lie down and Samaira didn’t realized his presence and cried badly hiding her face in pillow Neil can’t see her like that he can’t see her hurt because of him

Next Episode:U R Made To Be Loved… ?
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 2nd episode and I’m really thankful to all the people who commented on its 1st episode in fact I’m much more surprise that people loved my story so much and because of that I’m really happy love u all a lot

Well I wanted to introduce myself to everyone as I think some people think my some other “Angel” so I thought to tell my frds about myself a little so let’s start

Name:first was “Princess” but now “Angel” (not real name ?)
Age:maybe some people won’t believe but honestly my “17” going to be “18” (below is my date of birth wish me on my birthday please ??)
Date of Birth:6 August (tell me urs to and I will wish u guys too ?)
Why I’m writing stories:its because of my passion I love writing and I’m not at all professional at writing I just love writing a lot ??
Its my 7th story before that I have written 6th storstories which was appreciated by u guys and I love u all for that and in case who don’t knknow about previous stories I’m giving its title below

1st:Love Is All I Need

2nd:Hatred: A Beginning Of A New Love Story

3rd:When Love Is True

4th:Hate: The First Step Of Love

5th:An Imperfect Love Story

6th:A Beautiful Revenge

So here it is and tell me how’s the episode till then bye tc and love u all ??

Credit to: Angel

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