Desires (Episode 15 Last Episode)


Episode 15 (Last Episode)
the episode start with nesam woke up in morning and get ready Samaira was really nervous Neil hold her hand and said
Neil: everything will be fine
Samaira:I’m scared what if the treatment didn’t worked
Neil:it’ll don’t worry and even if it didn’t worked we’ll adopt the child
Samaira:r u sure
Neil:yes babe now come don’t worry saying this Neil took Samaira out and they had bf and took elders blessing and then left to meet doctor both reach hospital and Neil ask the receptionist about Dr riya sharma and she told the directions and they came the nurse ask them to wait outside and both sat on bench Samaira was scared and nervous Neil saw her shivering and said
Neil:hey Sammy what’s wrong babe why r u shivering
Samaira:I don’t know I’m feeling really scared
Neil:don’t be everything will be fine trust me u do right
Samaira:more than myself
Neil:then just relax I feel like everything will be fine
Samaira:hmm u r right
After sometime dr called them and they came in cabin and Dr riya said
Dr:Mrs Samaira Neil right
Samaira:yes doctor
Dr:hello guys come
Nesam sat and Dr told them about treatment and after sometime both decide to go with it and sign the papers Samaira was not sure but Neil assure her that they can try and Dr also said in case its not gone successful there is not any harm even then both nesam sat in car and was driving to home Samaira was really scared Neil stop the car near ice cream parlour and said
Neil:come let’s have ice cream
Samaira:no I don’t want it
Neil:Sammy don’t be so scared I’m with u na
Samaira:Neil I don’t know what to do
Neil:come with me babe saying this nesam came inside and both had ice cream then both left Neil took Samaira on seaside and both spend sometime there then came home they had dinner and then came in room both changed and lie down Samaira was awake and was turning side to side and Neil was staring her at last Neil hold Samaira and pull her in a tight embrace and said
Neil:stop worrying babe please I’m feel like I made a mistake by signing the paper for treatment
Samaira:its not like that Neil I’m just feel what’ll happen if the treatment won’t be successful
Neil:it’ll be I’m feel like this now stop worrying from tomorrow ur treatment is starting and I’ll be with u always
Neil:yes promised jaan saying this Neil tighten his grip and Samaira also hug him tightly and both fell asleep

Next morning
Both woke up and get ready they had bf and then left to meet Dr riya as the treatment was starting from today they came and and Dr told them everything and give some medicines both left for home they came home and told everything to maa that the treatment is started from today and its a month treatment then days passes like that and Neil take care of Samaira a lot

After One Month
Nesam were sitting outside the cabin of Dr riya Neil hold Samaira’s hand and said
Neil:don’t sorry everything will be fine babe
Samaira:I hope so
After sometime Dr called them in both came inside and Dr give them report Neil open it and was shocked Samaira ask him what happened and took the report she saw and was shocked knowing that the treatment gone successful and now she can become mother both were in shock then Neil said
Neil:thanks a lot Dr
Dr:ur welcome and I wish u a healthy and beautiful baby
Neil:thank u saying this both left and came home and told everyone about treatment that its gone successful maa got happy and ask them to rest now both came in room and as they entered in Neil pull Samaira and hug her tightly and said
Neil:god Sammy I can’t tell u I’m so happy
Samaira:Neil I still can’t believe it we can have baby our baby
Neil:yes jaan we can have baby our baby saying this Neil hug her even more tightly and then both changed and had lunch after lunch both were in room when maa came and give them keys and Neil ask what is this mom and maa said
Maa:its our farmhouse key go there and spend sometime together
Samaira blush and Neil said
Neil:thank u mom
Maa:stay happy saying this she left and Neil turn to Samaira and Samaira blush even more Neil came close to her and hold her from waist and said
Neil:someone is blushing hard
Samaira:stop it Neil
Neil came more close and whisper
Neil:I can’t babe its been a month now and u don’t know how I just control myself in this month
Samaira hug Neil tightly and said
Samaira:thank u so much Neil if u haven’t been with me I’ll never be able to do this
Neil:Love u Jaan
Samaira:Love u too

In evening
Nesam get ready and left for farmhouse after sometime both reach there and get down from car and came inside it was decorated fully Samaira looked at Neil and he said
Neil:I told us to spend sometime together so I thought to make the atmosphere romantic
Samaira smile and said
Samaira:its beautiful saying this Samaira hug Neil and both stood there for sometime then Neil took Samaira in room it was also decorated then he lie her down and came above her both keep staring each other then Neil lean closer and kiss Samaira and she response then Neil switch off the lights and they consummate again

After 5 years
Nesam were standing outside some school and just then a small boy came running to them and hug Neil and said
Boy:papa I came on 1st position in whole school
Neil:wow nihal very good
Samaira:very good beta now let’s go
Nihal: mama I want ice cream
Neil:yes its celebration time let’s go
Samaira smile and said
Samaira:ok let’s go
The trio came in ice cream parlour and had ice cream they enjoyed a lot and then

They Lived Happily Ever After
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the last episode how’s it I can’t believe it I just completed 7 stories its all because of u guys if u guys haven’t supported me or loved my stories it won’t be possible thanks a lot all of u its means a lot to me really thanks a lot

Well I want to ask my which story u guys liked the most tell me please and I’ll be in touch with all of u with my story “Infinite” I hope u guys r liking it and I hope u guys also liked the 2 shots story which I posted it’s name is “It Was A Mistake”
well tell me how’s it till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???????????

Credit to: Angel

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