Desires (Episode 14 2nd Last Episode)


Episode 14 (Second Last Episode)
The episode start with nesam and their frds reach club Neil was holding Samaira’s hand and was staring her unblinkingly he was so mesmerized seeing her that he don’t want to take his eyes off of her Neil was thinking about Samaira and their lovely moments her smile made him happy he never thought that someday Samaira will become so important for him that for her smile he would be ready to do anything he keep looking at her but then came out of his thoughts when Samaira said
Samaira:Neil what r u looking at
Neil:I’m looking at my beautiful wife and I’m thinking that when we’ll go back hotel again
Samaira got confused and said
Neil came and whisper in her ear
Neil:because I can’t wait to get u in my arms again just like yesterday saying this Neil wink and smile Samaira softly hit on his shoulder and said
Samaira:Neil please stay in ur control
Neil:not my fault babe u r driving me insane with ur beauty saying this Neil entwined their hands and looked at Samaira with such intensity that Samaira felt she’ll melt with his stare and said
Samaira:Neil please don’t stare like this saying this Samaira lower her eyes and Neil said
Neil:u know u look so cute like this
Samaira smile and Neil smile seeing her smile then they enter in club and sat near bar Neil sat beside Samaira and order drinks for everyone but Samaira said she don’t drink so Neil order juice for Samaira they were talking and Samaira was sitting quietly Neil saw Samaira and said
Neil:what’s wrong babe
Neil thought something and said
Neil:Sammy I’ll be back in a min
Samaira:hmm ok
Neil get up and left tanu saw Neil leaving and said
Tanu:where did he left
Samaira:he said he’ll be back in a min
After sometime DJ start the music and said
DJ:this song is especially for Mrs Samaira on Mr Neil’s request saying this DJ start the song (this song is from movie “Race 2”)

Beimaan, Dil Bada Be-Imaan
Hota Nahi Aasaan Isey Hai Samjhana
Beimaan, Dil Bada Be-Imaan
Tere Liye Shaitan
Meri Naa Ek Maana

Neil came and extend his hand to Samaira she smile and give her hand in his and Neil took her on stage

Dil Jeete Yaa Main Jeetu
Dekhungi Dekhega Tu
Lo Dil Se Sharat Lag Gaye
Mujhe Toh Teri Lat Lag Gayi, Lag Gayi
Zamaana Kahe Lat Yeh Ghalat Lag Gayi
Mujhe Toh Teri Lat Lag Gayi, Lag Gayi
Zamaana Kahe Lat Yeh Galat Lag Gayi
Mujhe To Teri Aa Aa Aa Aah Yeah
Aaa Aa Aa Aah Yeah
Aahh Aah Aa Aa Lat Lag Gayi
Mujhe Toh Teri Aa Aah Aa Aa Yeh
Aa Aa Aa Aah Yeah..

Both dance together and then Neil spin her and took some step backward and revolve around Samaira

Roku Jitna Utni Bagawat Ho
Lagta Hai Aisa Haal-E-Dil Ki Tum Zaroorat Ho (X2)

Neil hold Samaira from waist and pull her closer

Mujhko Bhi Tu Zaroori
Tu Bhi Nashein Main Poori
O Kaisi Yeh Talab Lag Gayi

Mujhe To Teri Lat Lag Gayi, Lag Gayi
Zamaana Kahe Lat Yeh Ghalat Lag Gayi (X2)
Mujhe To Teri Aa Aa Aa Aah Yeah
Aaa Aa Aa Aah Yeah Aah Aa Lat Lag Gayi (X2)
Mujhe To Teri

Both dance freely and happily it was the first time they were dancing like this

Ek Tu, Ek Main, Ek Baat Hui Apni
Hairaan Hai Kyun Saara Jahaan
Jo Raat Hui Apni (X2)

Neil hold Samaira from behind and Samaira dance with him Neil felt really happy seeing Samaira happy

Mujhse Tu Aake Mila
Toh Yeh Hua Hai Sila
Ki Sau Tohmat Lag Gayi

Mujhe Toh Teri Lat Lag Gayi, Lag Gayi
Zamaana Kahe Lat Yeh Galat Lag Gayi (X2)

Mujhe To Teri Aa Aa Aa Aah Yeah
Aaa Aa Aa Aah Yeah Aa Aa Aa Lat Lag Gayi (X2)
Mujhe To Teri…

Then song end and DJ start another song but Samaira pull Neil and took him in a corner and whisper in his ear
Samaira:Neil thank u so much
Samaira:for everything I’m really happy
Neil get more close and said
Neil:thank u for coming in my life Sammy I just love u a lot u complete me and I don’t know when u become so important to me that I can’t even breath without u now
Samaira:I love u too Neil u know my world is just around u it start and end on u only saying this Samaira smile and as no one can saw them Neil lean closer and captured her lips with his in a passionate kiss Samaira also response and after having a long passionate kiss both release and Neil said
Neil:u look so beautiful Sammy I still can’t believe u r really mine I don’t know how I become so lucky that I got u
Samaira:I think u did something really good that’s why saying this Samaira wink and both laugh then they came back and had a chit chat with Neil’s frd Neil was holding Samaira’s hand he didn’t leave it even for a second then Neil’s frd gone to dance floor again and Neil looked at Samaira and said
Neil:what happened
Neil:tell me Sammy
Samaira:actually I was thinking we should go now
Neil looked Samaira smiling naughtily he lean closer and whisper
Neil:so eager babe
Samaira blush and said
Neil:what don’t u want me babe
Samaira blush even more and Neil said
Neil:it’s ok babe because even I want u that too really badly
Samaira smile and said
Samaira:Neil please stop it na
Neil:why ok tell u want me or not
Samaira nod smilingly but Neil said
Neil:not like this say that u want me like I said that I want u badly
Samaira:umm I…I but before Samaira could say further Neil’s frds came and sat after sometime Neil said
Neil:ok guys we’re leaving now
Tanu:why don’t go saying this she put her hand on his but Neil took his hand and said
Neil:we want to go now we have some important work saying this Neil wink looking at Samaira and get up holding Samaira’s hand and then they said bye to Neil’s frds and left they came back to hotel and was going in room but the receptionist call them and said
Receptionist:Sir ur mom was calling because she said ur phone is switch off
Neil check his phone and saw it was dead because of no battery Samaira said to Neil that she is going in room and Neil said he’ll come after talking to mom and Samaira gone she came in room and thought what Neil did and how much surprises he give and thought to surprise him also she immediately order some roses and candles it came within 10 min she immediately decorate the room and move toward the cupboard she thought what to wear and then took something and went to washroom Neil came and saw the room decorated he call for Samaira and after sometime Samaira came out of washroom and Neil get shocked seeing Samaira she was wearing his white shirt only the shirt came above her knees she walk toward Neil seductively she came close to him and whisper
Samaira:u want me to say that I want u right so yes I want u saying this she kiss on his cheek softly and as she was moving away Neil pull her back by holding her from waist and said
Neil:u r looking dam s*xy babe saying this he lean down and kiss her Samaira put her hands around his neck and kiss back and both kiss each other passionately after sometime both released and stare each other lovingly and Neil said
Neil:I’m feeling like I’m loving u for the first time its feeling so different today saying this Neil touch Samaira’s left cheek with the back of his right hand and kiss her right cheek romantically Samaira hold Neil tightly and said
Samaira:I’m also feeling like that
Neil came close and whisper in her ear
Neil:then let’s make it like that because I’m in no mood of controlling myself I’m going to love u a lot today saying this Neil kiss her ear shell and Samaira shiver with his touch Neil moves and kiss on her neck and shoulder he was kissing continuously Neil then kiss her on lips and Samaira response back then Neil lift her up and Samaira lock her legs around his waist Neil walk toward bed and lie her down he took off his clothes and came above Samaira he took off Samaira’s clothes also and pull blanket over then he kiss on her forehead, eyes, cheeks, shoulder, neck and then a hard kiss on lips then Neil switch off the lights and both get intimate then days passes like that and the day come when have to go back both of them were happy because off the treatment thing then they sat in flight and left

Next Day
Both reach home and met everyone nesam get fresh and then Neil told them about treatment and everyone agreed for nesam’s happiness nesam then had dinner and slept off as they were going to meet Dr riya next day

Next Episode:Last Episode
Hey frds h e u all?
Here is the 14 episode (2nd last) thanks a lot everyone for all the support and love I hope you’ll enjoy this till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Yaar angel plz, dont end it.nice epi

    1. I thought notto but i think now I should… Thanks

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    But will miss the series a lot?????

  7. Beautiful episode πŸ™‚

  8. Yes ragini i agree with u….episodes r always over romantic,So thank god its 2nd last epi i was irritated with this extra romance..hey angel if u want to write any story so write with concept,ur stories r without concept…write with storyline,othewise get lost from here

    1. This comment is deleted.

    2. @raj really if u r ao irritated then don’t read because I didn’t ask u to and I don’t give a dam if u don’t read it and u have problem not me so u better get lost from here

    3. @riya I didn’t ask u to read or u option

    4. @pratik look like u really know about these kind of s*x story because u said my stories r really hot and romantic than that so look like u know it well

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    Really awesome story πŸ™‚

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  14. Angel plus reduce romance in these stories yaa. I am a silent reader. Plsssssss plsssssss plsssssss don’t b over romantic.Ur concept nd story is good but plsssssss reduce romance. It is a very kind nd humble request yaa

    1. if ur silent reader then how come u commented today or u just want to insult me even more

    2. I will not get crores of rupees if I insult u. Every story has 1 positive and 1 negative aspect. If I insult u I will bash ur entire story but I really like the concept and ur storyline.And most importantly u don’t drag ur stories. I did not say ur concept and story is bad. I just pointed out the negative aspect of ur story. I know it is difficult to write an ff but as a writer u shud b ready to accept both +ve and -ve comments. U cannot only accept positive comments. Srrrry if u think I insulted u. My in tensions were not that.

      1. agree wid u aliya

      2. @aliya sorry I was just having a bad day I guess I’m so sorry dear I really am

  15. Hi angel dearrr. …lovelyyyyyy n awesomeeeeee episode . …will miss this series…happy for nesam and her treatment. …’re amazing writer. ..n don’t worry about comments. …this is their choice to see in what way…..the romance n love you wrote here is very beautifully narrated n you are not overly putting it…see the movies nowdays n songs, even TV serials, there are lots of love scenes n lip locks…..nobody stopping that……this is the part of the life n reader’s own choice to read it or not….please angel don’t take it in negative way, the main thing is your message in each storyline….this is what I love here…n with romance, drama n action it is complete entertainment package… my sweeeeeet request. …plz don’t change your style n keep writing these amazingly awesoooooome stories. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. hi Roma thanks a lot dear this comment was needed badly and love u too

  16. Killing

  17. Angel darling..Write stories which u can ask ur younger sis or bro to read n feel happy to show the story to ur parents.Can u share any of ur stories with ur parents? Do u suggest this kind of stories to ur sisters or brothers to read? Think once..Sorry if I hurt u. Author had a responsibility to give a message to readers n when ur story read by teenagers, it shouldn’t effect their mind.U r fantastic writer but use ur skills in good way..

    1. Fine now tell me where were u since I start writing this story why didn’t u said that before

  18. Angel darling..Write the stories which u can share with your sisters and brothers n show to ur parents. Can u ask ur younger sis or bro to read any of ur stories? Can u show ur stories to ur parents? these stories will b read by the school students too who are equal to ur sisters n brothers. As an author u have a responsibility not to spoil their minds. U hav great writing skills. So use them in proper way.Sorry if I hurt u

    1. Hey angel we wanted to see their emotions feel their emmotions not overromance n ha plzz dont use words like s*xy n all..okk

      1. now u have a problem with my words also

      2. please I don’t want any suggestions

    2. please don’t say ur fake sorry and all because I don’t want it u already have hurted me now saying sorry won’t make it fine

  19. nice episode ….you are an amazing writer…….so it`s my humble request pls don`t get upset with above comments…………luv you dear……….tc

    1. Hey angel u have good concept but u drag it showing extre romance…i read many stories here like im yours,swasan ffs,an angel is my love,devil meets angel,how long i shall wait for u,khushi its my lifen deewana dil have also love stories but they didnt show this much of romance think about it take care

      1. please stop giving me suggestions I don’t want it

    2. thank u love u too n tc

      1. @silent reader stay out of it

  20. @ragini first if u don’t like it then don’t read it and stop this “sorry if I hurt u” thing because if u know it’ll hurt u shouldn’t have said it and if I really wanted to say this then don’t say ur fake sorry and all because I don’t want it and second u should first learnt writing english because its not “wright” its “write” and not “incompleat” its “incomplete” so u better don’t tell me what I should do or not

  21. Listen u Mr I’m not ur childhood frd so don’t so blo*dy jokes with me better stay away because if I lost my temper I don’t know what might I’ll say to u

  22. Angel plz write one story on swasan also na…nd ignore above comments…bashers work is only to bash leave them nd plz write your next ff on swasan…plzzzzzz nd don’t stop writing

    1. I’ll think about it dear

  23. Gonna miss nesam
    Romantic episode

  24. First of all disgusting behaviour towards Angel, what’s your problem bashers?? Just because she adds some intimate doesn’t mean she’s a selfish and gross girl, She has a story and she wants to write it. You know what else you shouldn’t say nasty slags against her… If you don’t like the ff, then why are you using nasty words and some of you tell her what gross stuff are you writing to us. you can’t even say some words properly.. (to the bashers)
    Angel is an amazing writer
    If you guys are so good then write one too (to the bashers)
    If you want her to stop writing so much intimate scenes, then you should ask her nicely..
    You guys don’t have to write harsh towards her.
    She’s amazing and her ff rocks.
    I will miss the ff a lot, love you Angel~Nusz

    1. Hey ur ri8 nusz!!!! they cant bash some1 like this..The way bashers write their thoughts its wrong..but im also silent reader here angel…plsss reduce romance n show more emotions m.ur ff r already good but when u improve it beacomes very good!!!!

      1. @savya thanks and I’ll surely do it

    2. Yes I understand you, but you shouldn’t say harsh words to her.
      Explain it nicely to her.
      I know sometimes there is scenes that you guys don’t like.
      But if you tell her nicely she will think about it and tell you guys.
      But don’t judge anyone about it.
      I don’t like intimate scenes too.
      But the story was really good, I liked the love story.
      I hope you understand catty, I really don’t like fighting and I love others smiling aha~Nusz

    3. @catty look my family knows I write so please don’t ask again n again

  25. i agree with Nusz(T!B!H!) pls dont give nasty comment against angel.

    1. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)

      Me too nusz….is rigt….everyne….story….is.beautfuill….

      1. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)

        we shld als help each other out…

  26. Thank you so guys, just smile and help each other out.
    If someone is doing something wrong they lead them to the right path!!!
    Remember what everyone says Happiness and kindness is really important in this world!!!
    So please support each other and tell them not to do this nicely and they will understand
    because harsh words hurt.
    Everyone is amazing and awesome~Nusz

  27. angel sis don’t feel sad u r amazing writer.don’t stop writing ok sis.

  28. hi angel dear
    i m a silent reader of ur ff
    i didnt comment on ur ff coz of busy schedules but after reading bashing comments abt u i couldnt resist myself dear

    ur story is very nice and good concept dont stop writing the way u like coz how every one have their own opinion like that every writer also have their own style and way of writing
    there are many people who likes ur work dont be sad
    its ur story u have the right to write the u want

    love angle
    update next one soon

    1. sorry for the typos mistake
      love u angel

      1. it’s ok love u

    2. thanks a lot manju means a lot and love u too

  29. Dear Angel,
    It is high time that all the people who are speaking bad to stop it…. πŸ™ Angel was i feel is some one is taking their revenge here….that too not u angel it is for some one….
    Dear feelings are part and parcel of our life it is equal to romance…. i never felt it was bad…it is a part of the story…. if we read others it will be huge like this… all the famous novels contains romance …. for those novels they get prize tooo πŸ˜› so i want these people to ask these questions to the writers of that novels…. and also to the people who gave awards…..

    Angel….you are doing good job so dont ever feel for these ….. i can understand your feelings but still i am asking you to be brave and strong….we are here to support u πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Best wishes dear πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. thank u so much love really u made me feel so good thanks a lot dear ?

  30. Hi dear angel..first time I am commenting..I am also one of the ff writer. I just wanna say one thing..Just follow ur heart. Do wat ur heart says. U r awesome writer n ur story had good msg too.So continue as per ur style..Critics are necessary for everyone in life coz they make us strong n improve ourselves..So keep going.. As a writer u had right to express ur a reader they can express their thoughts too but in proper manner n not in vulgar manner.They should have that sense.We can’t change such ppl n waste our time..anyways pls don’t take it to heart.Be as strong as the female leads in ur stories who are courageous to face anything. Love u dear… next part n pls forget everything..

    1. Hi thanks a lot dear u just make it so easy for me thank u so much once again love u and u too tc and I’ll post soon dear

  31. Angel u r really really awesome……pls dontcstop writting bcoz of some blo*dy ****************(fill it with watever worst bad word u know)……dinot care for their comments……anyways……pls understand this clearly…….there r many who luc ur ff……..even i do luv ur ff…..?????

    1. awww thanks a lot dear

  32. Angel……dont caemre a damn for the bashers…….pls….,pls……its a request for me………..if they think its sooooo romantic then they should stop reading it……….and moreover they should have read abt all these b4 thats why they r lyk this…………i really hate those people who see s*x as only as lust…….on my p.o.v it is just a very pure form of u showing ur luv that u luv him/her till eternity……..and that u trust him/her……….sooooo…..pls dont dont get upset with those bashers……….pls…..pls….pls……its a request from ur fan…….u have a really really amazing writing skills angel…….pls…..pls…….donot stop writing….pls…..,

    1. thank u so much for understanding me thanks a lot

  33. *care

  34. Angel u r doing a gr8 job from ur side ur r just writing what u feel is correct n this way the story goes 4 an author don’t spoil ur mood 4 such people who don’t understand or value ur work….. keep doing ur work n mostly importantly enjoy writing ur ff luv u???

    1. thanks a lot dear love u too

  35. Hai angel dr… due to net problem today oly I read the story ma… nd also seen such irritating comments too..
    U just don’t worry for them dear..
    Who nd all said just don’t have any sense dr.. everything should be told in a proper way… Hurting others is very bad thing..
    U r an awesome writer dr.. Don’t end up ur passion for those people dr..
    U should write more stories nd sustain in this situation too .. for anyone who want to be a great nd different person nd aiming high may have such difficulties. . So u just overcome from tat dr…
    Continue ur writing. . Keep on gng in ur way…
    All the best dr..
    Till then take care. .

    1. thanks a lot dear u too tc and thanks once again

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