Desires (Episode 13)


Episode 13
The episode start with Neil wake up in morning and saw Samaira sleeping peacefully hugging him Neil smile and kiss on her forehead softly his phone start ringing he end it immediately so that Samaira won’t get disturb he wear his shorts and then call back it was tanu he was in balcony and said
Neil:yes tanu
Tanu:where r u ?
Neil:I’m in room why
Tanu:let have bf together

Neil:umm ok wait I’ll tel u after sometime
Neil:I said na after sometime saying this Neil cut the call and came inside he saw Samaira was not there he came and knock on door of washroom and Samaira came out in bathrobe Neil smile and said
Neil:hi s*xy
Samaira:what u want
Samaira:Neil I’m going
Samaira:to take shower u knock that’s why I came out
Neil:really then let me help u with it sagging this Neil smile naughtily and Samaira said
Neil:what saying this he pull her closer and kiss on her cheek in a romantic way Samaira close her eyes and Neil then kiss on her lips softly and Samaira whisper

Neil:Sammy I love u so much saying this he kiss on her neck and then on shoulder Samaira hold him from shoulder tightly and Neil said
Neil:u r driving me insane babe I’m going mad in ur love
Samaira:i…I lo…love u…too Neil
Neil looked at Samaira and said
Neil:u know I just love how u response to my touch saying this he touch her cheek with his thumb and Samaira hug him shyly Neil hug her back and said
Neil:shall we have a bath now
Samaira:no I’m going first
Neil:fine u go inside first then I’ll come

Neil:yes saying this Neil hold Samaira’s hand and took her inside both took shower and came out they changed and Neil said
Samaira:what happened Neil
Neil:when u were sleeping tanu called and ask to have bf together so I was thinking if u don’t mind can we have bf with them today
Samaira:yes Neil why not I won’t mind
Neil:ok then let’s go

Samaira:ok saying this both came out and Neil inform tanu and Sasha came they order bf and was talking suddenly Samaira looked at Neil he winked and smile Samaira said in a low voice to Neil
Samaira:Neil leave my hand please
Neil:no way
Samaira:Neil please na
Neil:ok on one condition

Neil came little more close and whisper
Neil:I’ll tell u when we will be alone saying this he look at Samaira and smile naughtily Samaira smile and then they had bf after bf Neil and his frds were talking and Samaira was staring Neil smilingly as now it was not hurting her she was feeling more close to Neil now she was more open and feel free to say anything to him now he made her a lot comfortable with him she felt as if their souls connected now she came out of her thoughts when Neil hold her hand she look down at their entwined hands and then at Neil he shows as if nothing happens and keep talking but in between their talks Neil always look at Samaira and smile at her which make her happy and made her feel special then Samaira’s phone ring and she saw it was her frd she told Neil that she is going to talk to her frd in room and Neil said ok Samaira came inside and they talked and her frd told her something and then after sometime Samaira end the call and took her laptop she was thinking about what her frd said and then she search something and call someone and said
Samaira:is this Dr riya sharma
Dr:yes who’s this

Samaira:hello its Mrs Samaira Neil actually I want to talk about something my frd told me about u
Dr:yea Samaira go ahead
Samaira:actually saying this Samaira tell Dr about how her ex husband Raj made her unconscious and operation and if there is any treatment so that she can become mother and Dr said
Dr:yes Samaira there is treatments for this kind of problems u can come to hospital with ur husband to get more information
Samaira:thanks and how much there r chances for it to be successful treatment
Dr:well normally 50% but in ur case there r more then 80% because it was a operation otherwise u can become mother
Samaira:thank u so much Dr as soon as I’ll be back I’ll connect u
Dr:ur welcome and sure

Samaira:thank u once again saying this Samaira cut the call and said to herself
Samaira:thank u so much god now I can give Neil happiness of begin a father also I just hope everything goes well I have to talk to Neil about it saying this she smile and came out she came and saw tanu was sitting where she was sitting Samaira feel like asking tanu what is her problem but when Neil saw Samaira he get up from his chair and make her sit there and took another chair and sat beside Samaira she feel happy see Neil’s care and smile Neil also smile and said
Neil:now shall we have ice cream
Samaira:ice cream
Sasha:yeah we were waiting for u to come so that we can have ice cream
Samaira:for me
Sasha:yea this Neil said till u won’t come he won’t go to get ice cream and didn’t even let us go to get it
Samaira looked at Neil and smile Neil also smile and said
Neil:fine now which flavor do u guys want


Samaira was about to say but Neil said
Neil:mixed for us Right saying this he looked at Samaira and she nod smilingly then Neil left and came after sometime with ice cream and sat back on his chair while having ice cream Sasha said
Sasha:so how many days r left here
Neil:umm just one and a half week only
Sasha:really is that only Neil
Neil:off course days passed so fast I felt like just yesterday we came saying this he looked at Samaira and wink Samaira blush and Neil hold her hand under the table tightly making her blush even more then after having ice cream tanu said
Tanu:Neil let’s go club tonight what’s say
Neil looked at Samaira and said

Neil:do u want to go
Samaira:yeah I don’t have any problem
Neil:ok then we’ll go tonight saying this Neil smile and then nesam left to roam for sometime while they were in park Samaira told Neil about treatment and Neil was happy and said
Neil:if u want to do this go ahead I promise I’ll be with u
Samaira hug Neil tightly and said
Samaira:thank u so much Neil
Neil hug her back tightly and said
Neil:babe control urself let’s go back to hotel first
Samaira looked at Neil and said
Samaira:Neil u

Neil:what me u hugged me so tightly jaan what can I do
Samaira hit him lightly on shoulder and Neil laugh they both talk while coming back to hotel they came in their room and order lunch and both fresh n up then they had lunch and Samaira lie down on bed Neil get up from bed and close the curtains and lie down behind Samaira he hugged her and Samaira turn to him and hug him and both fall asleep

In Evening both wake up and Neil first gone to get ready for club Neil came out of washroom wearing blue jeans with white shirt he was looking handsome he ask Samaira what she is wearing but she didn’t tel him and said it’s a surprise and ask him to go out she’ll come after getting ready Neil first refuse but then Samaira insist and Neil gone out his frds was already there they ask Neil about Samaira and he said she is coming after sometime Samaira came out and awestruck seeing Samaira she was looking out of this world in Blue Strapless Floral Printed High Low Dress Samaira came and said
Samaira:shall we go
Neil:yeah saying this Neil hold Samaira’s hand whisper
Neil:babe u r looking really beautiful
Samaira smile and said
Samaira:thanks u r also looking really handsome saying this both smile and left

Next Episode:I’ll Love U Till My Last Breath

Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 13 episode as I said before 15 episode will be the last episode of this story so the next one will be the 2nd last I hope u guys had enjoyed this story and I’ll be stay connected with u through my new story “infinite” I have already posted it’s 4 episode and will post the next one soon so tell me how’s this till then bye tc and love u all a lot ???????????????????

Credit to: Angel

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