Desires (Episode 10)


Episode 10
The episode start with Neil wipe his tears and knock on door and waited for Samaira to open but she didn’t Neil knocked again but no response Neil get tense and open the door with the key he had he came in and get shocked seeing Samaira unconscious on floor he run toward her and pick her in his arms and lie her down on bed he sparkle some water but she didn’t wake up he immediately call doctor and after sometime doctor came she check Samaira then said
Dr:is there any problem between u two
Neil:no Dr but what’s wrong is she fine
Dr:no Mr Neil she Is really weak
Neil:weak but why
Dr:because of not having proper food and sleep seeing her it’s looking that she haven’t slept properly from some days and is not having food also she haven’t had food today also and if she had food then in a very less amount maybe that’s why she fainted Mr Neil there is must be something bothering ur wife so please take care
Neil:thank u dr and when will she wake up
Dr:after about half hour but don’t worry she will be fine if you’ll take care of her food and make sure she slept well and call me if anything wrong saying this Dr left and Neil sat beside Samaira and thought in his mind
Neil:this is all because of me I’m so sorry Sammy just for my happiness u did so much and hurt urself but I promise now I’ll do everything to keep u happy no matter what happens I promise babe I love u sammy thinking this Neil lie down keep staring her he kiss her forehead and hug her and waited for Samaira to wake up then an idea came in his mind and he call someone then he order food and fresh n up then changed just then food came and Samaira also wake up as Neil was in washroom Samaira thought she is alone she open the door waiter give the food tray to Samaira and said

Waiter:mam ur order
Samaira saw it was her fav food and said
Samaira:I think u r mistaken I didn’t order food saying this she was giving the food back but Neil came from behind and took the tray and said
Neil:I ordered the lunch saying this Neil took the food and pay the waiter and close the door then he put the tray on table and Samaira looked at Neil and said
Samaira:u but u were going out with ur frds right then how come
Neil hold Samaira from waist and pull her closer and said
Neil:yes babe but I came back because u were not coming
Samaira:u came back for me saying this Samaira looked and Neil in surprise and Neil hug her and said
Neil:yes babe I came back for u I want to spend time with you and we’ll be going out for shopping and then dinner also but right let’s have lunch u haven’t eat
Samaira:how do u know and when did u came I don’t remember anything saying this she looked at Neil and he said
Neil:actually when I came u were unconscious
Samaira:me but why
Neil:because u haven’t eat anything and u r not even sleeping properly Dr told me Sammy u r not taking care of urself why r u doing this huh
Samaira:it’s not like that Neil I’m fine i was just tired maybe but now I’m perfectly fine don’t worry saying this she smile a little and Neil said in his mind
Neil:I know why r u doing this but don’t worry now I’m here and I promise I’ll be with u always and now I’ll love u and will take care of u even more promise saying this Neil smile and Samaira said
Samaira:what r u thinking now
Neil:I’m thinking how beautiful my love is saying this Neil kiss on Samaira’s forehead

Samaira closed her eyes she felt so happy like really happy she was dying to get this attention of Neil and now finally she got it then Neil took her and they sat on sofa and had lunch then Neil ask Samaira to get ready as they r going out for shopping Samaira gone in washroom happily she fresh n up and came out wearing a Astonishing Blue Resham Work Floor Length Anarkali Dress Neil was ready seeing Samaira Neil was lost he keep staring her as she was looking really beautiful she was wearing jewelry and was having problem wearing necklace Neil smile and came toward her he stood behind her and said
Neil:I’ll help babe saying this he help Samaira and she stare him from mirror and Neil smile when he look up he warp his arms around her and kiss her neck softly making her shiver with his touch its been a long time since they get close in fact after Neil’s birthday Neil haven’t touch Samaira because of Neil they r not that much close now and Neil want to make their relationship like it was he want her to feel his love and as he said before that she is his princess he want to make her feel that she is still his princess Neil softly whisper in her ear
Neil:babe u r killing me why r u looking so beautiful
Neil:I love u a lot u know na

Samaira was so affected with Neil’s touch that she couldn’t said anything further Neil turn her and kiss her forehead and then ask her to open her eyes but Samaira didn’t open because of shyness and nod in no Neil smile seeing her shyness and said
Neil:please babe open ur eyes and look at me please look I’m so desperate for u saying this he removed her hairs and lock them behind her ear Samaira hesitate but then open her eyes and both stare each other lovingly then Neil lean down and kiss her softly Samaira immediately close her eyes feeling his lips on hers after a while Samaira also response to his kiss Neil tighten his grip on her waist and Samaira also hold his shoulder tightly after sometime both release to catch breath Neil touch Samaira’s right cheek with the back of his left hand and said
Neil:shall we go babe
Samaira:yes saying this she smile and this smile was hers the smile which was lost somewhere because of Neil which he was looking for and seeing it he promise himself to keep this smile always on her lips then Neil hold her hand and both left for shopping

Next Episode:Nesam’s Dance & Neil’s Surprise ?
Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is the 10th episode how’s it tell me and thanks for all the comments I’m feeling like my really doing great work and this is all because of u guys thanks really thank u so much everyone ok now tell me how’s it till then bye tc love u all ?????????

Credit to: Angel

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